Trump's million march seems more like a two-bit frolic

Trump's million march seems more li…

Trump leaves behind a s...

The Patch is the Attack

The Patch is the Attack

The Patch is the Attack ...

According to soothsayers, the world faces the beginning of the apocalypse in 2021

According to soothsayers, the world…

Apocalypse now Surel...

North Korea's propaganda channel portrays the country as an outpost of the Garden of Eden

North Korea's propaganda channel po…

Strange propaganda channe...



About the futility of war...

Die Stem van die Apartheid (2/1999) - Shadows of the Night- the Murder of Dr Robert Van Schalkwyk Smit

Die Stem van die Apartheid (2/1999)…

Die Oranje Vrystaat Th...

Heirlooms missing: A reader asks for help

Heirlooms missing: A reader asks fo…

Pearl ear clip with d...

Perhaps Trump sets the execution method for himself - The legacy of Donald Trump (1)

Perhaps Trump sets the execution me…

Trump's whimsical legacy ...

Trump falsifies the presidential election in front of everyone

Trump falsifies the presidential el…

Update  November 4th...

The American Election 2020 (1)

The American Election 2020 (1)

Donald Trump - a disgrace...

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About the futility of war 

The adventures of a German female soldier in Afghanistan are the focus of the story. 

Afghanistan, a country of opposites, at war for decades without peace. The helplessness of the German armed forces, which ultimately only implements political decisions, but quickly realizes that the liberated people did not want to be liberated and cannot and do not want anything to do with Western-style democracy. In the end, what remains are destroyed ideals, a broken health and illusions of a better world that cannot exist because it is not wanted.


Afghanistan is set in the mountains of the Hindu Kush, in a German armed force military camp. It is about the ephemeral friendships, about the troubled relationship with the Americans, about enemy encounters and offers of peace.  About dead mercenaries and tattered peacemakers who have all gathered in the country to wage war and ultimately lose it. The young soldier's story is about the madness called war - of a non-commissioned officer who goes treasure hunting and slowly loses his mind. Death is like the friendly neighbor who goes his way between faith and money. In the end, everyone is left as a loser. Even at home that has long ceased to be one. 

From February 1, 2021, in our shop as an e-book.


Afghanistan money scam

Gold found in the mountains of the Hindu Kush

At the moment the "John Miller Trick" is spreading like a virus through the internet again. Well known, but readers are still falling for this advance scam. There is no John Miller, probably it is a call center or internet café in Romania, who writes such a story.

John Miller is an old acquaintance who is always spreading the story of the treasure in the Hindu Kush.

The best thing is to throw the mail into the electronic wastebasket. Quickly, without no delay.

This is the original text, probably transferred directly from a translation program.

"Please spare your time in this matter

I'm John Miller, currently with the US Army. As an American Major I was delegated to Afghanistan because of the war/terrorism.

I have been in Afghanistan for some time.

I have decided to contact you because of my personal interest, from which you will also benefit. I choose to trust my life's fortune in your hands. At the moment I am in a position of 12 million US dollars. During one of our operations in Afghanistan, I and my team discovered some abandoned treasures. (Raw gold, stones, etc.) In fact, I and my comrades divided these boxes by vote. When I came home and opened my own box, I discovered that it contained cash of $12 million. Since then, I've been depositing that box in a security company. Although the security company doesn't know the real contents of my box anyway, I'm still worried about repositioning this box because of my constant dreams etc. I felt more comfortable and relaxed every time I remembered your name. However, I have decided to take the risk of keeping this money with you until I retire from my military service. We'll talk terms soon, as I have your answer. Please respond to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. I remain John Miller"


An unknown fate - 31 July 2001, Frankfurt-Nied

Dead girl from the Main, July 31 2001, BKA- Wiesbaden, 2019

There are criminal cases that are so horrible even years after they have become known that they burn themselves into the memory of everyone.

One of these still unsolved cases is that of the girl who was fished out of the Main by passers-by on July 31 2001, shortly before three o'clock in the afternoon, in Frankfurt-Nied, at the level of a local recreation area.

The female corpse was wrapped in a leopard pattern duvet cover, weighted down with a parasol stand.


Picture Girl FFM, parasol stand, BKA, 2019 Girl FFM, Nalas, BKA, 2019

Leopard skin duvet cover, a girl from the Main, BKA, 2019

The umbrella stand of the ELFE with the type designation 505KE was distributed in the Federal Republic of Germany by various DIY stores, including, as the publication of the BKA showed, by OBI, HORNBACH and Praktiker.

The only good traces were the nalas, knots that are used to ponder bloomers, which pointed to the region in the Pakistan -Pakistani-Afghan border area.

Who knows the young woman?


Did she perhaps live in the vicinity of the Afghan embassy in Bonn at the time?  It remained a mystery how she had entered the country.

Can anyone provide details of an honour killing in this context?

Or maybe someone noticed this girl in connection with a purchase. She was very skinny and was only 1.57 tall when she was found. Two rib fractures caused by blunt force injuring the lungs and spleen were fatal.

The criminals assume that the unknown woman has been severely maltreated for years. The cauliflower ear also pointed this out. Numerous burn scars all over the body, partly reminding of cigarette burns.

Who can give information about the Nalas, who recognizes the knots? One of the ribbons is white; the second ribbon is striped along with purple and white.

The young woman, who was born around 1985, was repeatedly the victim of massive violence during her lifetime and, during the following autopsy, showed numerous bone fractures that had never been treated.

Police officers paid for the funeral back then.

The homicide group "Leopard" is no longer available. If you know anything, please contact the administrative office:

Police Headquarters Frankfurt/M.

Technical commission 11

Homicide 3

Phone: +49 (0)69 755-51108 or +49 (0)69 755-53131

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