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Trump heralds the end of Twitter - a presidential order is in preparation

  • Published in U.S.

Update May 28, 2020

Twitter and Trump


With the social network Twitter, Trump had a friendship that seemed unbreakable. He was able to slander, lie and hate political opponents as he was pleased. 

While the number of Corona victims in the USA rose to over 100,000, Trump pondered the November election. He is preparing for the inevitable defeat. Nothing else interests the dubious despot in Washington. Thus, in his own Trump cosmos, he found that postal voting can be put on a par with electoral fraud. Trump did not care that there had again been deadly riots against black people in the USA. In Corona, he is not interested in, this money-hungry shopkeeper's soul from the White House is fixated on retaining power at all costs. 

Twitter let Trump's effusion this time with a fact check on the timeline. With the result that Trump was found to be lying. That was right and proper. 

Trump immediately started rumbling and announced that he wanted to regulate Twitter or close it down completely. Then this morning, word came down that he was going to issue a "something" order. A presidential order was being prepared, the White House said. 

Because the exposure of his propaganda lies during the election campaign could be his end. It is assumed that Trump will have Twitter censored in the future or close it down completely. 




With abstruse conspiracy theories on the dubious election victory 

The Americans do not have it easy at the moment. They are not to be envied. The USA is ruled by a president who obviously does not seem to be at the height of his intellectual power. Trump reveals that the US $ means more to him than life. As with any demagogue, it shows that the foundation on which Trump stands is fragile and porous.



For those who have not yet noticed, Donald Trump is becoming increasingly inventive as the election date in the United States approaches. He's a greedy president who puts his profit before the people's. Based on determining questions, he shows his absolute incompetence or dissolves the press conference. 

For months, Donald Trump has been knitting together the legend that the Chinese cultivated a virus in a laboratory that would have caused far fewer deaths in the United States than the experts had predicted.

Trump is opening the economy, a decision that may open the door to thousands of more deaths. Trump wants to make it possible.  In the spirit of "America First"...

Trump, who has proven that human life means nothing to him, is now telling stories about the virus that originated in China. It no longer has anything to do with reality, which he brings in "fake facts". 

According to agency reports, he no longer wants to talk to China's leaders. He had previously called Xi his friend, like so many whom he had perceived as his inner circle of world politics. Trump lies and cheats the American people out of more lives, which he is happy to accept for another election victory. Now he wants the figures for the Corona crisis to be manipulated downwards. He doesn't want the dead to hurt Trump in his campaign. Like any dictator, Trump speaks in superlatives he is not ashamed to name. 

Anyone who observes Donald Trump will, unfortunately, note: Trump has not grasped the virus either intellectually or in its dimension and is now looking for a pleasing scapegoat, which this time he cannot search for in the Democrats, but only in China. His lectures become more and more abstract and stammered as the days go by. Meanwhile, Trump is pawing at the toady lickers of his system, firing critics, pondering the punishment of all those who think differently. Trump escalates the violence against members of society who are unsuitable for him. He has succeeded in turning the USA into a dictatorship tailored to his needs. 

That and the death of thousands are the achievements of the US President and his miserable claqueur.


The Donald Trump Scam

Donald Trump Scam

These days, many of these mails arrive in the mailboxes of Internet providers. It is again the attempt of a group of unscrupulous crooks to exploit the Corona crisis. Not without an end in itself, the perpetrators mention the ruler of the White House.

Many readers respect the "President" of the USA. However, you should be careful what you trade with Trump after Atlantic City. Now this writer uses the instruction of Donald Trump, which of course does not exist. 

This time even Trump is probably clueless.

Trump's tall tales and fake news make these scams possible at all. 

No one in his right mind can overlook the mistakes and contradictions that result from the nonsense. 
This payment does not exist, the address as well as the name comes from an identity theft. The number is probably from Google Hangouts and serves the perpetrators as a "serious paint". 
Hands off, never transfer address data. The perpetrators would use this information unscrupulously for further scams. Move the mail into the digital trash can. 





214 Broadway, New York,
NY 10038, United States.
Unclaimed Asset/Assets Re-united,
USA International Remittance Department
Tel: +1 (650) 300-8647
Fax: +1 (646) 805-9453
Our Ref: JPMCB/CTB/6x780/19.

Attention Beneficiary
In fight against corruption in the Banking system and in pursuit to re-build a good relationship with foreigners by the President of the United States of America.
We wish to inform you that every files and reports concerning international payment of all the foreign beneficiaries was brought to my office in the Order and instruction of the U.S Department of States and U.S Department of Treasury.
I must confess that i shared tears after seeing your unclaimed and uncompleted transactions, It was a national slap and a disgrace to this Country after noticing that your have paid for all the fee to receive your fund but your funds never got to your bank account because of the selfish interest of the banks and Individuals mandated to transfer and release your fund to your bank account.
The U.S Department of States and U.S Department of Treasury has approved a compensation payment of US$4,500,000.00 in your name which shall be transfer to your bank account through an online, We will create an online bank in your name and you will transfer your fund by yourself through our online to your bank account.
We chose to transfer your fund through an online banking so that no Agency will notice or stop your fund. Sir, you shall receive this compensation fund within 3 working day, if you comply with our instructions and adhere to our directives.
Get back to us with your information as listed below.
Your Full Name:
Phone number:
Age and Occupation:
Next of Kin:
Scan Copy of your identification
Thank you for your mutual understanding and cooperation as we wait to read from you soonest
Yours Faithfully,
Dr. Harold Williams
Tel: +1 (650) 300-8647
Foreign Remittance Department"


Trump- a disinforming and scolding lout in the biggest crisis since the 2nd World War

  • Published in World

He lies, he bullies, he looks for scapegoats. That's all Trump's got to offer. 


The American president has blocked payments to the WHO. He justifies this because Trump lies WHO failed at the beginning of the Corona crisis when the virus from China became a threat. 

The truth is: Trump himself has made the mistakes and is now looking for a compliant scapegoat whom he can hold responsible for the failure of his policies, for the ever lying and ever nagging self-promoter. He, Trump is intellectually completely overwhelmed and tries it in attack mode. 

America can no longer afford Trump.

The world can no longer tolerate him and his psychopathic nature. 

Trump is not a doer. He is just a harmful troublemaker who does not know how to deal with democracy and therefore treats the critical press as if it were a dictatorship.

Trump is no longer appropriate for the times. Under his incipient megalomania, he wants to become the US dictator of the 21st century. 

Trump is becoming such a great disgrace to the democratic apparatus of the United States that now even the governors of the US states are mutinying and no longer want to listen to his eternal self-praise sloppiness. Trump cannot do anything else. He is not capable of mastering a crisis. For him, money is the means of choice to overcome any crisis—money that doesn't belong to him, but on which he now wants his insignia printed. Just to show: "This is Donald Trump. I gave you the check, so vote for me too." He abuses the office of President of the United States every day to excess. 

Donald Trump is too simple-minded to see necessities but brutal enough to let his countrymen die for election victory. Trump develops more and more into a dictator far removed from American ideas and into a nationalist who only brings shame to the world and above all brings shame to his people. He is not able to interpret and satisfy the elementary needs of the American people during the Corona crisis. 


Trump is an insult to the United States.

Trump is a liar and a rabble-rouser, which he does best. He is a disinformation. Donald Trump obfuscates. He doesn't think twice when he can call innocent people names. Donald Trump is incapable of criticism when he gives his daily briefings to the world public, to which even the favourite radio station of the American despot no longer wants to listen. Fox News. Nobody wants to have anything to do with him. He, the centre of the world, is now once again the one who has to put up with questions about his presidential administration. He can't. He doesn't want to either. 

Just when you see Trump, you think you have a sick man in front of you, who doesn't think before he says something, but only starts yakking away, without any sense or reason. During a pandemic that threatens humanity, withdrawing money from the United Nations Organization shows just how stupid Donald Trump is. He is not a businessman, at best, an unfriendly lout. Trump is a simple failure. He is the biggest loser of the whole Corona crisis because the virus has exposed him unscrupulously and presented him for what he is: a simple liar and cheat on his people. 

America must quickly draw consequences against this president, who is not suitable for the people before American democracy is severely damaged by the brainless actions of its would-be president. 


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