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The beauty of Scotland


Without competition

Scotland is unrivalled in Europe; it is of an extraordinary beauty that is to be found in the wild and rugged landscape. Scotland is one of the destinations that every traveller should have seen at least once. The aspirations for independence have been very widespread in the north for many years now and have been more than justified since the United Kingdom left the European Union.

Scotland does not need Britain, but Britain needs Scotland!

The demands which the Scots make on Scotland to be part of Europe are perfectly understandable. Therefore, it is only fair to support Scotland in tourism, in the fight for independence, which is also historically justified. Scotland is one of those countries that always has something to offer and something for everyone. It is not just whisky, not only the rugged valleys. It merely is thus the man, the Scot himself, who is said to be miserly, which is not true. It's the way the Scotsmen deal with life in the unreal north of the British isle.  

London is far away, and they don't want anything to do with Britain these days. On the contrary, one is ashamed to belong to a system of political gamblers in London.

The blue and white flag of independence is not only a symbol that has developed since Mary Stuart but has grown over the centuries. Scots can stand on their own two feet. Many Scots fear that the disgusting nationalism of the British will lead them back into the past and thus into dependence on London.

The Scots feel restricted in their independence by the British, and not just since the bizarre EU exit referendum in 2016. It is a particular nationalism for Scotland that leads in the right direction, namely towards Europe.


And many Scots think: "It is time for us to leave the central government in London and go our ways." They've had enough of the British's capriciousness and a big mouth.

Those who travel through Scotland can experience something at every corner that they cannot see in the rest of Europe. The landscapes, the palaces, the dilapidated castles, Scotland, offers everything. It also offers forests, lakes and of course Loch Ness. Loch Ness is one of the most famous sights. Whether the Scots themselves believe in Nessi is not, is something you can find out. In any case, it is a crowd-puller—this creature, which is said to live in this dark and temporarily fog-covered lake. A real "sighting" was a tree trunk or an optical illusion. So for years, no one has known if Nessie exists. Researchers went into the lake by submarine, found nothing. The Loch Ness is very deep, at the bottom very muddy. There can't be a creature like Nessie. Still, after all, the belief in it brings valuable visitors into the tourist area of Scotland. Edinburgh and the surrounding area are beautiful places where the visitor can find pleasure for days. Edinburgh is a city that has grown out of its history, a city that is focused on culture and in the future. The bagpipe player in a tartan skirt is, of course, a must. You don't have to like the music, but it sounds interesting.

Scotland seems to have arrived in the modern age. Very different from many parts of England. It's a country where you can admire nature. And not only nature but also history, which is vividly reflected in Scottish hospitality.


Here are a few impressions from Scotland:

Alexia Zarna-Merchez, Baden-Baden

Alexia Zarna-Merchez, Baden-Baden

Bass Rock aus der Ferne, dram/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020


Alexia Zarna-Merchez, Baden-Baden

Bass Rock, dram/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020

Alexia Zarna-Merchez, Baden-Baden   

Alexia Zarna-Merchez, Baden-Baden   

Alexia Zarna-Merchez, Baden-Baden Northern gannet, Bass Rock, dram/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020


Alexia Zarna-Merchez, Baden-Baden Northern gannet, Bass Rock, dram/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020


Alexia Zarna-Merchez, Baden-Baden  

Alexia Zarna-Merchez, Baden-Baden  

Black Water,  dram/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020

Alexia Zarna-Merchez, Baden-Baden

Blair Castle,dram/mcvth,kasaan media, 2020


Alexia Zarna-Merchez, Baden-Baden  Bagpipes Blair Castle, dram/mcvth, kasaan media,2020

Alexia Zarna-Merchez, Baden-Baden  Cairngorm Summit, dram/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020

  Alexia Zarna-Merchez, Baden-BadenBlair Castle,dram/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020       



Alexia Zarna-Merchez, Baden-Baden

Blair Castle, dram/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020

Alexia Zarna-Merchez, Baden-Baden  

Dryburg Abbey, dram/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020

Alexia Zarna-Merchez, Baden-Baden  

Duncansby Head,  dram/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020

Alexia Zarna-Merchez, Baden-Baden

Dunrobin Castle,  dram/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020

Alexia Zarna-Merchez, Baden-Baden  

Edinburgh, Castle, dram/mcvth,kasaan media, 2020



Alexia Zarna-Merchez, Baden-Baden   

Loch Garry and Glenn,  dram/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020



Alexia Zarna-Merchez, Baden-Baden

Loch Ness,  dram/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020


Alexia Zarna-Merchez, Baden-Baden Melrose Abbey, dram/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020



Alexia Zarna-Merchez, Baden-Baden

Melrose Abbey, dram/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020



My Gomera (1)


As if from a tale by Jules Verne

La Gomera is the most beautiful island of the Canary Islands. The volcanic island, with its bizarrely shaped rocks of cooled lava, is one of the most impressive formations in the Atlantic Ocean. Those who live here can say to have arrived at least in an antechamber of paradise at the southern tip of Europe.

Only 40 km away from the main island of the Canary Islands, Tenerife, and approximately at the height of the Moroccan city (Moroccan Western Sahara) Tarfaya, La Gomera offers ideal climatic conditions.  

After the end of Franco, a lot has changed here, although Gomera was already an insider tip in the times of the Spanish despot. At that time the hippies reviled by Madrid and the backpackers came to the island. From approximately 1970, more Europeans came to the island. Gomera is already a little, no very much Africa, not only when the Kalima (wind from the Sahara) comes. Also, the mentality has adapted to the African continent. 

The splendour of nature is unique. Under palm trees on the European mainland already extinct butterfly species fly. In the cool, almost fairytale forest further up, mountain streams flow like in the Alps. The fauna and flora are of unique beauty, especially in the Garajonay National Park. Moss-covered trees, which seem to be from a novel by Jules Verne. It is also the loneliness of some houses that makes the magic. The terraces are used for productive agriculture. 

The capital San Sebastián de La Gomera is located in one of these bays. The roads are relatively right, also in the hinterland and the valleys. Just come with us if you can't take a holiday at the moment: 

View to the sea south near Garajonay, hjk/mcvth/kasaan media, 2020



Cedro, hjk/mcvth/kasaan media, 2020


Las Hayas, hjk/mcvth/kasaan media, 2020

Casamatte in the rocks near La Dama,hjk/mcvth/kasaan media, 2020


A typical farm in the south of Garajonay National Park, watch out for the prickly pear cactus, hjk/mcvth/kasaan media, 2020



Marina La Gomera, hjk/mcvth, 2020


Agriculture in terraces and valleys, mostly tomatoes and potatoes, in the background the Teide on Tenerife, hjk/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020


Palm trees and sheep and goat farming on a small farm south of the national park, hjk/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020


Mercedes Benz, W124, 1978, hjk/mcvth, 2020

These vehicles can be found all over the island; one could almost assume that they are to be exploited thereby the general public. You can find cars, real oldtimers, for which a lot of money is paid in the rest of Europe, which do not exist anymore and which are slowly becoming rare here on the island.


Mercedes Benz, W124,1978, hjk/mcvth, 2020

Church of the Assumption in San Sebastián de la Gomera, hjk/mcvth,kasaan media, 2020


An abandoned house at the southern end of Garajonay National Park, hjk/mcvth,kasaan media, 2020


Surf near Valle Gran Rey, hjk/mcvth, kasaan media, 2020

  Washed up a shipwreck, southern coast, hjk/mcvth, 2020


Washed up a shipwreck, southern coast, hjk/mcvth, 2020




10-year guarantee for Fake Breitling

Catch of African rackets on the Canary Islands

Always illegally on duty

(Santa Cruz) A moment ago the taxi driver was not yet a chauffeur, but delivered from his trunk on the Costa del Silencio - in one of the side streets - the goods for the numerous "flying dealers", collected the money. Countless inconspicuous packages changed hands.

 Multitalent major supplier for Breitling and Chauffeur




Copyright by kasaan media publishers,2017

In these packages: Breitling Fakes, Rolex imitations and other plagiarisms from the clothing industry. The Goods are sloppily processed, judging by the crates, from a backyard in China. Among Breitling watches, there are metal parts that can rip the wrist of an unsuspecting customer and quickly cause deep and heavily bleeding wounds. The Breitling costs 149 euros. The seller claims to have received the goods from the Swiss watch manufacturer. B Selling goods or old goods, he says and shows his vendor's tray full of counterfeit goods. A fake Breitling warranty certificate is available for this purpose. Stamped, of course. A ten-year guarantee on a more than cheap watch, which can undoubtedly be seen as a danger, promises the sellers, who are watched by an attendant from across the street. Of course, none of this is true.

 Seller of plagiarism sits at the table

All Copyrights by kasaan media publishers,2017


The Swiss watch manufacturers will certainly not be happy about this news.

Currently, the flying merchants on the Canary Islands are flooding the streets and beaches with boxes full of Breitling Fakes.


Tourists are warned. Not only because of the considerable risk of injury, but the authorities are blowing the African traders to storm. The shops on the islands had complained about the almost pushy nature of the sellers. It's been going on for months. Anyone with a watch like that

"caught", need not be surprised if he pays substantial fines, the watch is confiscated.

The same applies to "Lacoste" shirts and Calvin Klein bags and cheap sunglasses.

Probably, an insider tells us, the watches are landed with small boats, Africa is not far away. As well as the drugs come to the Canary Islands, he thinks.

Numerous checks have been carried out in recent months, but the flood of fake mobile phones and watches does not want to stop. The police always confiscate goods. But the vendors turn up in restaurants and cafés with new stock five minutes later.

Another problem, especially for tourists, are the illegal taxis, one can only advise against using such a vehicle, as they are partly not insured and registered. The drivers are pushy and impertinent. They threaten tourists here and there and show fake taxi licenses.

Africans are locked into strict hierarchies, some of them refugees who have to pay off the traffickers by selling plagiarisms.

Those who do not buy are aggressively mobbed or insulted. The flying merchants are under pressure; you can feel that in every place.

"The problem can only be overcome if the authorities in the Canary Islands take tough action," says one trader, and he is probably right.

Next episode: Loverboys and fake Rolex


Shabby handbag

kasaan media, 2017

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