Trump's million march seems more like a two-bit frolic

Trump's million march seems more li…

Trump leaves behind a s...

The Patch is the Attack

The Patch is the Attack

The Patch is the Attack ...

According to soothsayers, the world faces the beginning of the apocalypse in 2021

According to soothsayers, the world…

Apocalypse now Surel...

North Korea's propaganda channel portrays the country as an outpost of the Garden of Eden

North Korea's propaganda channel po…

Strange propaganda channe...



About the futility of war...

Die Stem van die Apartheid (2/1999) - Shadows of the Night- the Murder of Dr Robert Van Schalkwyk Smit

Die Stem van die Apartheid (2/1999)…

Die Oranje Vrystaat Th...

Heirlooms missing: A reader asks for help

Heirlooms missing: A reader asks fo…

Pearl ear clip with d...

Perhaps Trump sets the execution method for himself - The legacy of Donald Trump (1)

Perhaps Trump sets the execution me…

Trump's whimsical legacy ...

Trump falsifies the presidential election in front of everyone

Trump falsifies the presidential el…

Update  November 4th...

The American Election 2020 (1)

The American Election 2020 (1)

Donald Trump - a disgrace...

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Trump's million march seems more like a two-bit frolic

Trump leaves behind a shambles that once called itself the USA

Now, Trump has completely blown it in Georgia too.

He can hound, lie and declare the election absurd.

Trump is the worst example of a demagogue in office.

It is clear from his statements in recent days that he will never give up doubting the Democrats' victory.

His milkmaid calculation will end abruptly today.

The winner of the election is Joe Biden. Even Vice-President Pence has to admit that, albeit probably meekly. If the result is confirmed today in Washington.  

Meanwhile, left and right supporters are brawling in the streets of Washington. 






The Patch is the Attack

The Patch is the Attack

A current assessment of the SolarWinds hack

Hartmut Pohl[1]



The attack was first detected by the affected IT security company FireEye[2] around December 8, 2020; FireEye warned against the use of its security products, but denied that stored, unpublished vulnerabilities (zero-day vulnerabilities) had been read. The perpetrators manipulated an update of the network monitoring platform Orion of SolarWinds Inc. in such a way that a backdoor (currently two have already been published – may be more next week) was installed in the approx. 18,000 of the approx. 300,000 customer systems (supply chain attack). Customers are the public sector in the USA, Great Britain and the world's largest companies in all sectors (defense companies, technology companies, banks, consulting, pharmaceutical/chemical, telecommunications and raw materials companies) in North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and in Germany[3] too like all the states of the European Union.

Given the immense impact of the attack (copying of data and programs and manipulation of programs), the attack is likely to continue to be studied in detail[4] - and also imitated, and attack documentation (despite an expected very high price) will be sold like hot cakes to criminals and interested security agencies. Companies and authorities should therefore prepare themselves by taking preventive measures. The probability of occurrence is rated internationally as very high.

U.S. federal agency systems were also compromised in the attack, with the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issuing an emergency directive instructing all federal agencies to immediately shut down affected Orion products.

The SolarWinds cyberattack is not an isolated incident. Microsoft[5] alone has sent more than 13,000 warnings to customers in the last two years. The aim of the backdoor installation is to remotely control systems globally at this manufacturer's customers. At present, the perpetrators seem to be only partially concerned with financial success (extortion). This also applies to attacks in the healthcare sector; they are currently not (yet?) targeted specifically at individual patients.

The methods used by perpetrators are consistently at a very high technical level and demonstrate years of experience. Such specialists can be found not only in all industrialized countries, but also in so-called developing countries. However, such attack techniques are not researched and taught at public universities. The first criminal attempts date back to the beginning of the 1970s in Germany.

Summary and ideas

Attacks on IT systems are increasingly being carried out by companies specializing in them.

By escalating to the many victims of an attack (here approx. 18,000) the expenditure for the attack preparation sinks to about 500 K$ with an expected revenue of currently 500 - 10,000 K$... in each case per victim. Prefinancing is possible by organized crime or intelligence agencies. Further such technically well-crafted attacks can therefore be expected.

The attackers planned and implemented the attack over about 3 years. Between the first unauthorized access and the spying out of data and programs alone, about 6 - 18 months pass; this has already been pointed out by international studies (also in German-speaking countries).

An illusion is the frequently encountered opinion that once IT production is up and running again, the attack has been averted. In any case, restarting is not a sign of averted attacks. Unless at least the exploited attack points such as undetected security vulnerabilities (zero-day vulnerabilities), backdoors, covert channels and the like have been eliminated, renewed attacks must be expected. This is likely given the market power (technical capabilities, core personnel) of commercial hacking companies. The powerlessness in the face of the hacking companies also shows the helplessness of the affected U.S. government agencies.

Theoretically, only companies whose financial creditworthiness was considered sufficiently good by the perpetrators were attacked. The perpetrators attacked repeatedly (when the opportunity arose).

1. Current situation on the Internet

Politicians and also decision-makers largely lack an understanding of the risks of attacks on (their own) IT. Accordingly, the IT manager is asked whether everything is safe. Therefore, independent advice from 'outside' is not sought at all. Especially since the attackers usually proceed cautiously to conceal the attack from the victim for up to several years.

2. Perpetrators

Of course, it was the Russians (Pompeo knows); but it was the Chinese (Trump guesses). Much speaks for Korea - but only because a Korean word was 'found' in the source code (maybe rather North Korea)? If you can't think of anything else, the hackers were at least 'close to the state'. All this is nothing more than the usual political propaganda of politicians (cf. the 'rogue states'), which can only be clarified in a technically extremely complex way.

Basically, a typification of perpetrators according to script kiddies, freaks, hackers, crackers, etc. seems outdated. The diverse and complex attack possibilities require competencies and personnel in all areas of cybersecurity that cannot be provided by individual companies, municipal administrations or private individuals[6].

In the last 5 years, companies have developed internationally that carry out new attack procedures developed worldwide according to the motto 'Crime as a Service (CaaS)’[7] against payment for clients.

A distinction between perpetrator groups[8] such as script kiddies, insiders, hackers, hacktivists, cybercriminals, state-sponsored groups, 'intelligence agencies' (government institutions such as security agencies) are a thing of the past: Increasingly, hacking groups are commercialized - i.e., attacks are carried out by specialized companies under contract for a fixed fee or a revenue share of, say, 30% (ransomware). A corporate structure with minimal departments such as personal, marketing, accounting and production etc. is in place. Thus, it is carefully analyzed whether and how the company intended as a victim is actually liquid to the desired extent (profit orientation). The personnel strength of attack companies is up to 20 employees - with up to 15 IT specialists; free-lancers are brought in for special tasks.

3. Affected parties

Many U.S. federal ministries and companies have come forward or been published. The German Federal Office for Information Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik BSI) has informed affected German companies. In fact, probably 18 - 35 thousand SolarWinds customers[9] are affected, with a total of more than 300,000 worldwide.

4. Attack targets

The reports about reached attack targets are diffuse. Apart from marketing statements, it must therefore be assumed that valuable company data were spied out (security tools, exploits, medical devices) and that manipulations were also carried out on control data of production processes (IoT[10]) for vaccine production[11] and for the production of chemicals and medicines: Sabotage. Use for terrorist purposes cannot be ruled out - but has not yet been proven. One of the targets is likely to be data in (private and public) clouds (e.g. Microsoft Office 365 accounts).

5. Attack sequence

Overall, this hack seems to have a technical significance comparable to the ongoing (!) hack on the German Bundestag[12], Stuxnet[13] or NSA[14]. These attacks together show used techniques of the state of the world attack technology; here only the SolarWinds hack is referred to:

A. The first evidence[15] of unauthorized manipulation of Orion updates dates from October 2019 - also about 14 months before the attack detection.

B. The exploited attack points of SolarWinds systems are as yet undisclosed or even unidentified. The only possible attack points are unpatched, unpublished, or even undiscovered vulnerabilities. Experience shows that unpublished (zero-day vulnerabilities) - at least vulnerabilities not known to SolarWinds or at least not patched - are exploited for this purpose (initialization of the attack: March to June 2020). As long as this entry point is not identified and patched, the following steps can be repeated at will by the attackers.

C. The two (or more) groups of attackers make themselves independent of this vulnerability by installing (at least) two backdoors in the SolarWinds system. These backdoors are not published or identified by SolarWinds.

D. To make the tampered update appear authentic, the update is correctly digitally signed[16]. Code signing is one of the most important security measures of global software companies. If the signature can be forged, it opens the door to any abuse of authentication and integrity checking in the first place.

E. In the source code of the update, the malicious code is obfuscated (steganography); in operation, the runtime environment is checked to see if it is a corporate network or, say, an analyst's workstation.

F. With an update for the SolarWinds Orion Business Software manipulated with almost 4,000 lines of code[17], a backdoor was installed in the customer system (Orion Monitoring Software) for the first time[18]. As long as a backdoor is not identified and closed, the following attack steps can be repeated at will.[19] This applies analogously to the second backdoor that has been published meanwhile[20], as well as to any further backdoors.

G. Further backdoors are realistic. As long as not all backdoors are identified and patched, further similar attacks must be expected.

Through the backdoor, further - possibly also updated - code from a command&control server is infiltrated or a (also permanent) connection between attackers and the target system is generally established. Thus, files are transferred, executed, the system is parameterized, system services are activated and deactivated, and computers are rebooted. The transport protocol is similar to the SolarWinds protocol.

H. The backdoor is conveniently embedded in one of the SolarWinds modules installed in the target system. If the attackers know of other software (such as standard software from vendors like Microsoft) in the target system, the backdoor can be installed there as well. An attack lasts as long as the backdoor can be exploited. In other words, the built-in backdoor is the linchpin. Attackers build in several backdoors for resilience reasons; after identifying a (first) backdoor, the victim often believes that the attack has been repelled and is therefore over. In some cases, they even ask for 'proof' why they are still looking for further backdoors. 

Of course, further steps by the attackers are possible, such as copying and deleting (all) data of the attack victim and encrypting (ransomware). Copying of security information is especially relevant when unpublished security holes are collected - e.g. for law enforcement purposes. Even before the investigation was completed, such theft was denied by FireEye.

I. After this attack was discovered, the backdoor was identified by the manufacturer and closed with a (signed patch); it can be assumed that the attackers do not use the (closed) back-door anymore. At this time we can only speculate about the use of other backdoors.

J. There is often more than half a year between the installation of the backdoors and their exploitation - the period can also last up to 18 months. The decisive factor for this duration is that the attackers want to be sure that the victim does not notice their attack.

Basically, it cannot be proven that a system is backdoor-free. This means for the mentioned hacking cases like NSA, Bundestag a proof cannot be provided. And it also does not mean that the cases are actually closed. However, the attackers will move cautiously not to give any hint of their activities.

6. Damage and amount of damage

No serious damage assessment can be made because of the person-year effort. Official estimates are likely to remain secret.

The attackers also used novel malicious code that was not (yet) stored in the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) multi-billion dollar intrusion detection system 'Einstein'.

A cleanup of the known manipulations is expected to take far more than 6 months.

However, the USA also attacks other states in this form[21].

7. Protective measures after attack detection

The manufacturer recommends updating to the latest Orion Platform version 2020.2.1 HF 1 as soon as possible to ensure the security of the environment. However, it is doubtful whether a simple update of the Orion Platform is sufficient to eliminate an infection, given the complexities involved. Anyone who has used the compromised software builds has no choice but to check and forensically analyze the affected systems. The signatures of the two published backdoors are available for this purpose.

Identifying backdoors is easy if they are at least partially known, as in this case. It is more difficult to identify more backdoors, especially those that have not yet been detected or have not yet been published. The latter requires a sophisticated methodology. It is easier to identify backdoors that misuse documented input or output interfaces.

The scope of recovery measures depends on the value of the processed data and controlled processes (risk analysis) and ranges from a simple update of the Orion software to immediate disconnection from the Internet, installation of new devices and software, and a check of all stored data; after all, attack software can be stored anywhere - in (standard) software, in firmware and microcode of devices and controls, and also in data. Only after a new really comprehensive check can the system be put back into operation.

Simply attempting to restart without further action can be negligent. Anti-virus programs and installing the latest updates etc. can also help against this particular attack[22]. However, these measures are unlikely to detect modifications to the attack. Affected parties should carefully consider whether the successful attack should be made public.

8. Preventive measures

Commercial and government intrusion detection systems are of little use if they fail to detect documented attacks. Legal measures[23] such as the requirement to report attacks within 60 calendar days fall completely flat in the face of detection of attacks only after at least 6 months up to 18 months - 13 months in the SolarWinds case. The impression is created that the U.S. authorities are developing excellent attacks, but are not in a position to adequately protect themselves against attacks by third parties.

In Germany, great emphasis is placed on surveillance (decryption of all communications) of citizens - monitoring Internet traffic and protection against criminals seems neglected. The recurring crypto debate can therefore be described as a distraction of citizens from the real risks of the Internet.

Politicians must ask themselves how they intend to guarantee the fundamental right to physical integrity[24] - for example, in hospital cases and in the supply of vaccines[25]. Attacks such as the SolarWinds case discussed here can no longer be detected, investigated or even repelled, even by well-funded companies.

The aim of politics must be to identify attacks and warn companies and authorities in good time by pointing out previously unpublished security loopholes, backdoors and covert channels. Such an initiative belongs in the IT security law.

Two basic techniques for identifying backdoors and covert channels[26] are the analysis of a system's resources and a thorough static source code analysis. Experience shows that only 30% of covert channels can be detected thanks to tools.

Not very helpful is the Microsoft suggestion[27] to create a signature about the attack practiced in SolarWinds and compare it with current data streams - comparable to anti-virus programs. This may detect the SolarWinds hack, but hardly any other.

A constructive approach to the topic is the 'Internet Governance Forum' (IGF)[28] of the United Nations and the 'Council to Secure the Digital Economy' (CSDE) of the IT and telecom industry.

9. Final assessment

The total damage can only be estimated by those affected (companies and authorities) with great effort - and only if logs have been created automatically at various levels.

Further, attack vectors - beyond the 2 published backdoors - are still likely to be identified - possibly not even using the Orion software; in any case, all statements such as "was not spied on, not sabotaged" are not technically justified. In addition, the 'usual' security errors can be seen, such as publication of passwords, too long reaction times after malware detection.

If the impression is given here that this case is one of the few exceptional ones, the impression is wrong. Comparable attacks - perhaps not with this scope - are commonplace. Accordingly, 5 days after the case was published, the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued an emergency directive asking U.S. agencies using SolarWinds products to forensically analyze the case and block network traffic to addresses outside the organization. Agencies without the appropriate expertise should immediately shut down the products due to possible compromise.



This paper represents the released executive summary of a confidential audit report security testing a German company.



[1] Prof. Dr. Hartmut Pohl, Geschäftsführer der IT-Sicherheitsberatung softScheck GmbH Köln – Sankt Augustin


[3]  For example, the source code base of Windows (Microsoft) was successfully accessed (; so far unconfirmed (but probable) are accesses to the supply chain, which - as with the access to the SolarWinds supply chain - enabled backdoors in over 85% of all computers in the world. The political and economic consequences were studied decades ago (, but were not understood: Worldwide, almost all computers and thus the Internet can be shut down by attackers within a few days or even abruptly. Terrorist interests (sabotage) cannot be ruled out.






[9]  A rough (unconfirmed) overview of CISA can be found on the Internet ( Belkin, Cisco, CrowdStrike, Deloitte (since June 20019), FireEye (with CIA involvement), Intel, Nvidia, Siemens, VMware. A number of US government agencies were also compromised by the malicious software. For example, the hackers reportedly managed to penetrate the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Treasury, the Department of Commerce and the Department of Energy, and the systems of the U.S. Atomic Weapons Agency, airport networks such as Austin, the NSA, ... Thus, the sectors affected are telecommunications, aerospace, and defense and health care. Furthermore, companies in Great Britain and Turkey are mentioned, as well as cloud/hosting providers in particular, such as Amazon, DigitalOcean, Microsoft Azure. Also, the UK National Health Service, the European Parliament and NATO.

Classic ransomware attacks, on the other hand, seem to be those on Aida, Funke, Hetzner, Symrise, etc. The German government stated that there were no accesses to its systems.

Simultaneously, Microsoft has also admitted to a successful attack - although it has not published how long the attackers have been active in Microsoft networks. (!

Since the attack took place months ago, some companies no longer have the forensic data that is essential for a full investigation.







[16] For reasons of practicality, the message (in this case the update) is first hashed and this hash value is encrypted into a check digit using a (strictly secret) private key from SolarWinds. Only with the corresponding public key the check digit can be decrypted again, so that the update appears authentic from SolarWinds and unchanged. The unauthorized use of the signature method therefore requires that the attackers could read and use the private key without authorization!


[18] Backdoor or trapdoor. Concealed (undocumented) sequence of instructions (programs, program parts in hardware, firmware, microcode and/or software) that enables access to an IT system by bypassing the security system (access control system).

[19] Therefore, a kill switch was installed on the associated command & control server, which automatically deletes the back-door when called by the manipulated software.

[20] Web shell 'Supernova' embedded in Orion code by another attacker.

[21] In June 2019, The New York Times reported that U.S. Cyber Command had penetrated Russian electric utilities deeper than ever before and deployed malware.





[26] Covert channel. Logical channel that is not intended for information transmission - nevertheless enables unauthorized and covert (non-documented) transmission, i.e. exchange of information and thus violates the security policy of the IT system. Two classes of covert channels are distinguished covert storage channels and covert timing channels. A covert channel is a channel that allows information to flow between at least two cooperating entities in a manner that is contrary to the security objectives - without being controllable by access control, i.e. it violates the security policy.




According to soothsayers, the world faces the beginning of the apocalypse in 2021

Apocalypse now

Surely humanity is used to a lot from psychics, fortune-tellers and prophets who emerge from the historical mothballs every year again to deliver the spooky predictions for the next twelve months.

This time, however, it seems different.

The seer from the Balkans, called Baba Vanga, accurately foresaw the events of the past twelve months almost 30 years ago. It should be noted that Baba Vanga has been dead for three decades. 

She predicted Corona or COVID-19. Many of her predictions did not come true in the predicted years, but they did come true later, such as the September 11, 2001, attack on the World Trade Center, the 2004 tsunami disaster in Thailand, and other events that instilled great fear in humanity. 


Unfortunately, the seer from the Balkans has nothing good to report for the year 2021. Strange events that will cause Vladimir Putin to fall victim to an attack to be carried out by an employee of his bodyguard.

She has no good news for Donald Trump either, the American autocrat will suffer from a mysterious disease. This disease disintegrates his brain, as the woman put it when she was alive, leaving him a deaf, disoriented man.

Unfortunately, things don't look good for humanity either. In the year 2021, when the Earth's orbit is also supposed to shift due to a strong solar flare, there are violent floods everywhere and fights for living space.

Further trouble threatens humanity, especially in Europe, from invading marauders who are gradually depopulating Europe with chemical weapons and then taking it over. There are to be fierce terrorist attacks on the continent. These acts of war are to continue until 2025, leaving the continent of Europe simply deserted. Allegedly, three dragons will unite into one and wipe out humanity. There has also been speculation about whether biological weapons will be used to fight in Europe.  

After these changes, Europe's economy is said to collapse completely.

There is to be famine and constant warfare.

In addition, it is reported by Baba Vanga that the first mission of humans to Venus is being prepared. However, this is being done secretly and behind closed doors.

However, she had one piece of good news for the year 2021, that a cure for cancer will be found, literally this disease will be locked up with iron. As she put it.

The seer from the Balkans had the same visions about the year 2021 as the seer Alois Irlmaier and the prophet and doctor Michel Nostradamus had already had in the Middle Ages. All three prophesied a year of catastrophes for 2021. We know from Baba Vanga that she had a hit rate of about 85% in her predictions. We can only hope that she was wrong in 2021 and that none of the bad events will actually happen.


North Korea's propaganda channel portrays the country as an outpost of the Garden of Eden

Strange propaganda channel

For those who didn't know, North Korea has found an instrument of international self-promotion. In YouTube.

The unknown beauty from the channel, depicting the horribly distorted life in North Korea, portrays the country like a branch of paradise. 

None of the insane video shoots correspond to the lived truth in Kim's socialism and the sectarian structure of the Juche, the state doctrine in North Korea. 

Of course, this channel completely misses the realities and does not show the concentration camps, the hunger, the oppression, but simply the delusion of the regime in Pyongyang. Human rights are trampled on in the country just to ensure the possibility of survival for the Juche and its vile officials. 

Here are some of the Echo of Truth videos that one can only marvel at. 




About the futility of war 

The adventures of a German female soldier in Afghanistan are the focus of the story. 

Afghanistan, a country of opposites, at war for decades without peace. The helplessness of the German armed forces, which ultimately only implements political decisions, but quickly realizes that the liberated people did not want to be liberated and cannot and do not want anything to do with Western-style democracy. In the end, what remains are destroyed ideals, a broken health and illusions of a better world that cannot exist because it is not wanted.


Afghanistan is set in the mountains of the Hindu Kush, in a German armed force military camp. It is about the ephemeral friendships, about the troubled relationship with the Americans, about enemy encounters and offers of peace.  About dead mercenaries and tattered peacemakers who have all gathered in the country to wage war and ultimately lose it. The young soldier's story is about the madness called war - of a non-commissioned officer who goes treasure hunting and slowly loses his mind. Death is like the friendly neighbor who goes his way between faith and money. In the end, everyone is left as a loser. Even at home that has long ceased to be one. 

From February 1, 2021, in our shop as an e-book.


Die Stem van die Apartheid (2/1999) - Shadows of the Night- the Murder of Dr Robert Van Schalkwyk Smit

Die Oranje Vrystaat

The Vrystaat smells of spicy bushes, not Diesel like yesterday on the army truck, past ostriches and zebras, along with dull-faced SADF soldiers sitting on the back of the truck being carted to the front. Cannon fodder for a proxy war between the great powers. 


I have realized in the last few hours reading the newspaper cuttings, South Africa is ruled by a cult. Ossewabrandwag - my people, my God.
The eagle looks like one of the NSDAP.

Interestingly, this organization was founded in February 1939 and wanted to enter the war on the side of Germany. The Afrikaner Broederbond is recruited from this Afrikanerdoom environment, and it  formed the National Party of South Africa (NP). The sect party provides the prime minister, in this case the obstinate and extremely dangerous P W Botha, called the Great Crocodile, even less flattering in Afrikaans: Die Groot Krokodil . He was born in Paul Roux, just over 100 km from here. He is a concrete-headed racist and capitalist. Botha will not release Mandela from prison in his lifetime. Nazis survived here in other guises. Scary to think if Hitler had won the war. 

In the folder I received from the editor are also newspaper cuttings of a crime that, as one of The Star's journalists in Johannesburg lately wrote, was one of the most heinous in recent decades. That may be saying something if people are allowed to be tortured to death.  Just disappear in a bright blue Ford Granada or a yellow SUV on the loading bed. Or simply slaughtered at home, tortured to death in police stations. Etc.

The murder of Dr Robert Van Schalkwyk Smit - the trail leads to Germany

One of the great mysteries is the death of Dr Robert Van Schalkwyk Smit and his wife Jeanne-Cora. The case is still fermenting in the collective popular soul of the Boers here. Since this regime in Pretoria can only be cracked from within, Smit became an absolute risk for the party. But this risk had a long history.

What had happened? 

Smit was one of the most successful South Africans who, although he also came from the political sect of those who rule this country harshly, also wanted to expose corruption. This was, of course, about "Muldergate" and also about other dirty tricks that the NP came up with for its internal opponents. 

There are countless rumors. 

The rumor that is probably closest to the truth is that of the two German murderers who, for whoever, were deliberately directed to the scene of the crime, committed the ugly deed and then disappeared again. 

The trace of the writing on the wall "RAU TEM" (Randse Afrikaanse Universiteit - Tegnies En Moord) "leads into the circles that remained of BOSS. Who knows who gave the order? Probably in their midst are also exiled Rhodesian's who just lost their homeland three years ago with the "Lancasterhouse Agreement".  

"RAU TEM" is said to be a group of the Boss (Bureau for State Security) (Buro vir Staatsveiligheid (BSV)) and there is nothing good to report about the terrorist group that has meanwhile been dissolved in the "Muldergate" affair. 

It is interesting to note that two years before the murder, when the South African embassy in Germany moved from Cologne to Bonn Auf dem Hostert 3, the secret nuclear papers disappeared without a trace under the eyes of the GSG 9 (!). The Bonn public prosecutor's office and the South African Secret Service (!), which was acting on German soil in this connection, jointly came to the conclusion after intensive investigations that the papers were gone.  


2013-08-20 Ehemalige Botschaft der Republik Südafrika, Auf der Hostert 3, Bonn, Ansicht aus Süd-West IMG 5087.jpg

Former South African Embassy in Bonn / Germany

Von Foto: Eckhard Henkel / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0 DE, CC BY-SA 3.0 de, Link

It is also interesting to note that Foreign Minister Pik Botha and Van Schalkwyk Smit were neighbours in Washington when both were on equally diplomatic missions for the Republic. 


Pik Botha.jpg
By <a href="" class="extiw" title="d:Q41529430">William Fitz-Patrick</a> - <a rel="nofollow" class="external text" href="">Photograph 1963-18A, White House Photographic Office: 1981-89 Collection</a> (see large PDF with description and link to photo contact sheet <a rel="nofollow" class="external text" href="">here</a>. From the <a rel="nofollow" class="external text" href="">The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum</a>, Public Domain, Link

There was probably a nuclear axis between Bonn, Brasília and Pretoria. Smit, otherwise top of the class of the NP, was well-informed about the red threads of corruption. Perhaps he was blackmailing Dr Eschel Rhoodie, the propaganda chief of the NP. 

Van Schalkwyk Smit was, of course, no orphan. He ran the country's largest insurance company, Santam, and was certainly involved in countless actions of the apartheid regime in Pretoria as the head of it and as the representative of the International Monetary Fund.

Van Schalkwyk Smit is said to be the originator of the trick that is being carried out by the thousands in Mauritius, the Seychelles, Taiwan and Hong Kong through South African shell companies. 

The goods subject to the embargo are simply exported to the respective countries and from there to South Africa. This is also how the sanction of the Federal Export Office in Eschborn near Frankfurt is to be circumvented. In addition, there are dozens of flats all over the world through which almost everything is sold and bought. 

What took place that evening in Springs in the Transvaal can only be conjectured. The police, when they do investigate, always investigate favoring the Botha government and its regime lackeys.
Allegedly, the perpetrators stayed for hours in the bungalow in Springs and literally tortured the victims there. Or even returned once because they had forgotten to take something with them.  It was probably about documents from the nuclear deals. The investigations are so watered down that no one knows anymore what Pretoria pretended to be in the case, what the result should be or was.  Dr Van Schalkwyk Smit came later home. 

By this time, his wife must have already been executed by countless knife wounds and targeted shots to the head, following a torture. Smit died shortly afterwards. Whether the perpetrators were looking for something or just had a targeted murder mission remained entirely open in the investigations of the South African police. The statements of the lead detective, a brawny Boer, range between Smit was dragged halfway down the lower floor and Smit was already dead when he tried to unlock the door in the hallway. 

A leaked report said that the flat, mainly the kitchen, had been searched. The perpetrators also left the inscription "RAU TEM" there.  It is unlikely that documents on South African government corruption were stored there. As Dr Eschel Rhoodie said in England last year, there are said to have been countless bank accounts in Switzerland, he was on the run via Ecuador to Great Britain and from there to France, where he was then arrested. 

Did Smit know before his death to report what was then exposed months later as the "Muldergate Affair" in 1977 in Pretoria?

Millions of South African rand, currently worth between US$ 1,20 and US$1,50 per Rand, which a high purchase value, had been embezzled to influence the press, to falsify the news in a way that was desirable for a dictatorship that wanted to stay in power for a long time. The Citizen or The Burger was chosen for this purpose. An idea that came from the head of BOSS, Hendrik van den Bergh. One of the most odious figures and guarantors of the South African dictatorship. 
Allegedly, according to an inquiry report, Balthazar Johannes "B. J." Vorster, Botha's shamed predecessor, was involved in the whole story. Now he lives in Cape Town. Isolated and reviled by the local Boer celebrities. 
The mastermind and string-puller for the government in Pretoria was Connie Mulder (Petrus Cornelius Mulder), an obscure character even for the brown henchmen in Pretoria.
They unceremoniously excluded him from the NP holy grail when things got too hot.

The Washington Post reported on the bad who-dunnit penned by the propaganda department a few years ago. And yet journalists here on the ground think that South Africa's only opposition paper, the Rand Daily Mail, has been completely undermined and the Boers are taking revenge on Helen Zille's article on the death of (Bantu) Stephen Biko

The only credible lead

Mad Mike Hoare and his gang of murders
No one has had any real interest so far, but perhaps that will change in the years to come. Through a statement to the Erasmus Commission, a former judge of the Transvaal Supreme Court came into action who knew a South African Airways pilot who gave a statement about two Germans who had come to South Africa from Lutton Airport (UK) for the £40,000 job to murder van Schalkwyk Smit and his wife. These two Germans were part of Mad Mike Hoare's Commando 5 in the Congo. There, daily murders with the leaving of graffiti was normal, as one can see from numerous pictures of the time. 
So, it is not surprising that the chief of the mercenaries in the Congo known as Mad Mike, whose most famous platoon leader was the unfortunately "legendary" Congo Muller, is also said to have been involved in the murder of the van Schalkwyk Smit couple. This, however, leads back to the influence of the South African government, which did not want to get its hands dirty with overseas mercenaries.

What the South African Airways pilot really knows only means that he has testified that two Germans accepted the order to murder the couple. This murder must have come from the "Muldergate scandal" with the accounts held in Switzerland and Germany. To make matters worse, evidence from Dr Eschel Rhoodie is said to be in a secure location, presumably in a Swiss bank vault.

This fact was reported by the New York Times, one of the absolute opponents of apartheid, as early as 1979, but unfortunately this lead, which is the most credible and the most likely, was not followed up. Mad Mike, the Irishman, had carried out similar actions in the Congo during the Katanga crisis. Countless of his comrades-in-arms were Germans who were better off fighting in the Congo in the 1960s than facing prosecution by the courts in Germany for crimes committed during the Nazi era. 

A staircase joke of history is that Matt Mike now lives in South Africa and not so far away from what happened in Springs, in the Johannesburg area. What Schalkwyk Smit and his wife could know, the perpetrators certainly took with them. Congo-Muller, however, who revealed his true soul in a pathetic interview, drove off to the next battle with a skull and crossbones on his bonnet whenever he was needed for a murder in Katanga.

It would have been a simple step to find out who Mad Mike's mercenaries were from Germany and compare them with the entry documents to the Boer Republic. The clarification of the heinous crime, however, was not wanted. The murder of Schalkwyk Smit and his wife was desired to deter the enemies within. 

Now that the shadow of night is settling over the Vrystaat, I am going to the takeaway and will eat a Boerewors and drink a Castle Lager. 


Heirlooms missing: A reader asks for help

Pearl ear clip with diamonds, private photo, kasaan media, 2020



Unfortunately, the photos are years old, and they cannot be displayed better with all the effort of modern technology. 

One of the readers has lost her jewelry. How, that is not clear. When - also not.

It may have happened within the last five years. 

But the personal value is high and connected with many memories, which are purely personal. 

She asks for help from everyone who can contribute something. She is not rich, but these pieces mean a lot to her. 

Hints, if someone has seen the pieces somewhere. Or knows them. 

Please use the comment function. Many thanks to all. 

A reward is not offered.


A comparative piece, private photo, kasaan media, 2020

A comparative piece, private photo, kasaan media, 2020


A comparative piece, private photo, kasaan media, 2020


Perhaps Trump sets the execution method for himself - The legacy of Donald Trump (1)

Trump's whimsical legacy - that of a break clown


Accountant of death


On 24 December this year, there will be a new regulation on how prisoners are to be executed at federal level. Trump himself still wants to make the execution of eight prisoners possible, contrary to all traditions that a president who has been voted out of office does not allow this to happen.


Now the execution continues with gas, electric chair and lethal injection. This speaks for a high degree of sadism and Trump's personal pleasure in letting people die. A master of life and death. Like other right-wing despots in history.


In the final phase of Trumpism, the President's duties revolve around the death of his countrymen. It is characteristic of Trump to still determine these absurd possibilities of execution.


Trump, as the world knows, is great at murdering and destroying.  


He leaves a trail of blood all the way to the White House, which runs like a red thread through the whole country.


That's all he was capable of.


He used every opportunity to remember Gettysburg and the Secession.


According to Trump, a way must therefore be found to finally bridge the gap between white, rich, black and poor in the United States of America. After all, to guarantee liberation from National Socialism in the 1940s, the United States sacrificed some 170,000 of its compatriots, thus laying the foundations for being a nation of world renown.


Donald Trump sacrificed 250,000 of his fellow countrymen to remain in power and not to expose himself to personal trials. Trump was a disgusting sexist with the claim of corruption and because he could not do better, also with the claim of a nationalist spoiled to the point of caricature, who no longer knew and could not find his way behind his fascism à la Trump.


Electoral fraud with Trump


The OSCE had observers all over the US. Therefore, Trump's bold claim about the third world country USA cannot be true because nobody has observed the alleged election rigging.


The Donald Trump brand no longer exists. At best the man who in the USA demanded genocide for his ends, like a Roman emperor in the arena celebrated by the eternally disappointed. Trump's speeches are strongly reminiscent of those of the dictators of the 1920s and 1930s. He vilifies the New York Times, he vilifies anyone who does not agree with his sometimes already stupid opinion. Even Richard Nixon, who was called Honk, was an absolute boon against him.


Trump worked with the Mafia. The Mafia had been his backbone since the early 1970s. Organised crime taught him the contempt that he now held against the law and his critics. Any demagogy was just what he needed to stay in power, and to earn a little more from the suffering he inflicted on the people, and that ultimately enabled Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to get into the White House.


Political Mafia boss and sexist trump


Will Donald John Trump be on trial when he returns to New York?


Yes, he will be on trial because America as a state must prevent such a president from running for office in 2024 because the Republicans must get out of the Nazi corner and basically serve the democracy that has always been built up.


The political Mafia boss Trump must stand trial.


How can it be, even if there is little truth in the accusations, that countless women who were once sexually assaulted by the self-confessed narcissist and psychopath are now coming forward?


How can it be that he pays hush money to a porn star like Stormy Daniels if he wants nothing to do with her?


Whoever claims that Donald Trump never started a war in the world may be right, he was too stupid to do so. He called for war in his own country, and this is something we know from Nicolai Ceausescu and Erich Honecker, from despots like Hitler.




And Trump must be careful not to become a victim of his execution methods, if he can be proven to have committed the Covid-19 genocide out of greed, which is otherwise the case with Trump and his lackeys.




That is his legacy.




Trump falsifies the presidential election in front of everyone

Update  November 4th, 2020



Trump has given the USA the characteristic of a dictatorship



Update  November 4th, 2020

Trump obstructs the election: As expected, Donald Trump declared himself the winner before the votes were counted. He forgot to mention that countless votes in the post offices have not yet been counted. How an incumbent president can declare himself the winner by electoral fraud is understandable to anyone, but it shows that Trump followed this plan from the beginning. Trump attacks legitimate vote-counting efforts and claims fraud without proof. For the normal observer, it looks more like the Democrats will win the election. From Georgia, for example, news is coming in that the election is incomplete. Meanwhile, Trump is trying to prevent votes that have not been counted from being counted. Even the Republican electoral lawyer calls Trump's claim an "agonizing moment"





The American Civil War of 1861-65 has not yet been dealt with, however much the generations that followed strove to forget Richmond, Gettysburg and all the other bloody battlefields.  


Now Trump comes along and tweets his hatred from his soul.


Trump is the most wretched thing that mankind has produced.  He serves white racism in unrestrained disgust for his profit.


He is a repugnant despot who has driven more than 200,000 Americans to their deaths. Through personal greed. It is a good third of the victims of the Civil War of 1861-1865. Trump accepts tens of thousands more victims to remain in power because he has to fear personal consequences for his actions.


He is a murderer and must therefore be punished. Everything else from the right are protective assertions to keep a disgusting despot in power. Trump has sold himself as the man with billions, he owns nothing, he is nothing. He only wants to win the election because otherwise he would end up in prison. That is where he must end up. He has torn the country apart. He has not kept any of his election promises, except those that have personally brought him money. Whoever votes for Trump chose terror from his ranks, disinformation, injustice, probably civil war. Those who vote for Trump vote for the contempt of a godless man who cages children. Whoever votes for Trump votes for the right-wing thugs who attack an opponent on the road. Who chooses Trump chooses the lie and the clan, the right-wing racists and the thugs. He manipulates the courts, threatens judges and tramples the law underfoot. Now he even plans purges in his second term of office, etc.




Trump is a perverted monster, he has more than 200,000 Americans on his conscience. He has facilitated an American genocide.  He, the self-promoter, doesn't care. Trump is the most disgusting specimen of man at the lowest level of what is called civilisation. Trump thinks of himself and his corrupt lying clan.


He forces the 2nd US civil war and knows nothing about Gettysburg because he does not care about human life. Trump morally rapes the minorities in the USA every day because it brings him profit, not because anyone understands what he is doing.


Trump prefers to play golf and blackmails the weakest in society. He was close friends with one of the most disgusting child molesters in society:  Jeffrey Epstein. He hates women, he hates everything that doesn't make money. Not one of his brazen election promises has he kept. He has exposed the USA to international ridicule. He is a demagogue like Mussolini, and we have long pondered what positive things he has done during his term of office. Unfortunately, nothing came to our minds. Not even after days of searching.


Whoever elects him will again choose the blood of the battlefields! The American people do not deserve that.


Vote for Biden to find your peace.  


The American Election 2020 (1)

Donald Trump - a disgrace to humanity


MAGA "Make America Great Again" was the motto of the psychopath driven by political and confused hallucinations who for years led the white, racist America. In contempt for humanity, which at the end of the Covid-19 genocide, Trump worked just for his re-election, could only disgust a normal person. But Trump was known for his failures decades earlier. Everyone who voted for him knew what a narcissist he was. 





By U.S. Government -, Public Domain,  


Already at his inauguration he saw what others did not see. His magnificence, framed by the Ku Klux Klan, went down in the history books in Washington. The speech itself was the weakest that was made in modern times. None of the promises were fulfilled by Trump. 








Trump even danced on stage during the election campaign, thousands of Americans were fighting for survival against the epidemic at that time. Humility did not suit him, but he chose the dance of the devil on the graves of the Covid-19 victims.  Victims who, through his unconditional will to be re-elected, had to give their lives. This was well known to the right-wing financial anarchist from the White House. 




An American president who should be held responsible for every dead person. Later in court. The American people must and should hold a dictator to account. They must stop the next despot, from the right or the left, from trampling democracy underfoot, as Trump did in all his political ugliness and disinformation. In fact, he did nothing else, except for the tirades on Twitter and the puppet theatre that gathered around the American autocrat.


He was always great, always to be found in the superlatives of his achievements. None of his deeds during his term of office could achieve anything. Except the rift through American society, which will not heal for decades. 


100% Kona Coffee




Trump hated Obama and everything that Obama had certainly done right in his time. The would-be dictator could not understand environmental and climate goals. He isolated America all over the world for a few more dollars, installed guys like Grenell in Germany, for example, who cynically presented American politics. 




A president who wants to break with the custom of taking power peacefully because anything that does not confirm his election must be fake. 


He made America small. Donald Trump managed to destroy the American dream. Of course, he did this not because he is simply a self-promoter and a right-wing hate criminal who never distanced himself from right-wing paramilitaries, but because it served him and his ailing companies. Trump was not the one who invented democracy, but the one who wanted to erase it from the American minds. 


The relationship with some dictators in this world improved, regardless of whether Trump was now perceived as repulsive by his other allies. NATO, an alliance that had lasted for decades, had become a carcass in recent years.


He wanted to exchange Puerto Rico for Greenland after a hate speech. Or sell it or buy it in addition. 


Some of what Trump said filled democrats of all nations with increasing nausea. 


The disdainful mammon


Money meant everything to Trump. In his day, financial interest was put above human rights. He caused millions of Americans to starve. His bizarre appearances in front of the White House and elsewhere were often reminiscent of those of a military junta in Latin American countries where civil war had broken out in the 1970s as a result of the despots of the time. Trump also promoted this in his country. Not tired of comparing his racist achievements with Lincoln's abolition of slavery, of classifying his dirty, perverted imagination as incomparably higher and of looking for a suitable rock on Mount Rushmore for himself to sculpt. He would have liked best to remove those that actually belonged to Rushmore. Trump certainly does not belong in the ranks of those who had to see the polarizing despot as their successor. He dismantled everything and led the USA as a Mafia family. 





The Cosa Nostra from Trump-Plaza and its Don


Anyone who elects Trump to office for another four years will have to accept that he will undermine democracy in the United States and vote for a lifetime dictatorship of the Trump clan. 


Donald Trump has proved in recent years as president that he is neither up to the job nor capable of understanding the simplest facts. He befriended dictators like the North Korean Kim Jong-un, a show without results. 



Trump cultivated a radical hatred of everything he was intellectually unable to process. And there was a lot of that. He, Donald John Trump, is responsible for the fact that the antifa and the radical left in the USA became so strong. With his stupid speeches, with his decrees via Twitter and his dance around the fountain of money. 


One cannot deny that Trump put the worst qualities a person can have at the top of his list of priorities. Out of sheer stupidity and greed, Trump decided to glorify Covid-19 against all warnings of a harmless cold. 


He wanted to build a wall against illegal refugees in the south of the USA to stop the storm. He did this not for political reasons, but for profit for one of his bankrupt companies, and for this he imprisoned children with publicity.



A commercial for Trump's Eternity, which he used in a kind of republican fascism. 


Part 2 : The difference between "Sleepy Joe" and Trump

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