Beirut: Everybody knew about the explosives, where they were going and what they did - but everybody did NOT do anything! - Why?

Beirut: Everybody knew about the ex…

Beirut: Everybody knew ab...

The Rhosus - Ghost ship of the disaster in Beirut

The Rhosus - Ghost ship of the disa…

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Scammer-Greetings from the closet

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It is urgently necessary ...

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Beirut: Everybody knew about the explosives, where they were going and what they did - but everybody did NOT do anything! - Why?

Beirut: Everybody knew about the explosives, where they were going and what they did - but everybody did NOT do anything!   



The blast wave is through, the smoke has settled, and Beirut is extinguished as a city. Up to 300,000 are homeless, and the number of dead and injured is continually rising. (We reported HERE)


It seems that the shock wave in the air and the shock wave through the earth hit what could be called "southern quality cement" and made it crumble. From the foundations up the walls to the roof of the residential towers, everything has become quite crumbly. 

Therefore uninhabitable.

As soon as the summer ends, the rain falls and then moves into the open crevices, the case gets worse. Destroys then also the steel in the concrete. Collapsing buildings will now be part of everyday life in Beirut, continuing the catastrophe and causing more deaths and injuries.

Reason enough to ask a few other uncomfortable questions that are not covered in the reports. 


The small coastal freighter "Rhosus" under the flag of Moldova and with the Russian owner Igor Grechushkin, who runs a shipping company letterbox company in Cyprus, buys 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate in Georgia in 2013 and wants to bring it to Mozambique.


And now let us play detectives:


Question one: Could the ship Rhosus carry 2750 tons?

It could. If you leave out enough fuel, you could have filled the capacity of the ship with 1600 m³ of cargo (without outer packaging).


Question 2: Could the ship then still travel this far to Africa?

No, it could not. It probably had to make a fuel stop every few hundred sea miles.


Question 3: Did they in Africa know that this cargo was coming?

No, they did not. But Beira in Mozambique should have known because this kind of dangerous cargo has to be declared. But this cargo was not stated in the port of destination.


So the freighter with its explosive cargo arrived near Beirut, had a breakdown and headed for the next port. That was Beirut. From then on the trouble started, because the shipowner, Igor Grechushkin, could not be reached anymore. And it also turned out quickly that the crew had no more supplies, which the authorities didn't find amusing, because the journey should have lasted until Mozambique. Money was also not there—neither for berthing fees nor provisions and certainly not for the repairs of the vessel.


That was then even in utmost corrupt Lebanon a bit too much, and the steamer got chained, which made the cargo now a problem for the authorities.

The authorities made warehouse 12 available and transferred the now confiscated cargo there. 

Why warehouse 12?

Perhaps also because it does not belong to anyone. At least no owner can be found at the moment. That may be a coincidence. Or bad luck. Or a consequence of what passes for a land registry in Beirut. The bottom line is that no one wanted to pay rent, because after all, the ammonium nitrate was stored there until a few days ago. In this context, it should be mentioned that the owner of the warehouse still hasn't contacted Beiruts authorities, especially since his property is now also located in a flooded crater.


Question 4: Is that normal in Lebanon?

Yes, it is, especially when it is worth it, for everyone.


But why should something like this be worthwhile? 

It's simple. The answer can be found on the timeline. In 2013, what is commonly thought of as civil war in Syria began. The good people rebelled against the evilest dictator Assad. Good and evil quickly found helpers and Syria became what we see in pictures today. Or not anymore. Towns disappeared in mountains of rubble, and cultural monuments vanished into dust. This is what happened to Aleppo and Palmyra.


 The latter was anyway only a 2000-year-old photogenic ruin, which was close to the author's heart.


So Syrians, Kurds, and ISIS henchmen - often with changing alliances and with the support of the Americans and Russians - bombed everything to the ground, looking on photographic motifs like Hamburg, Cologne, Tokyo, or Hanoi after the war.


It was clear that this did not make the people there particularly happy. And so they moved to all the countries and created what we know as a flood of refugees. Which then led to inevitable internal conflicts throughout Europe. At the end to social divisions to common cracks. To radicalization between good people here and evil fascists/racists there.

This issue has influenced certain elections in Germany as well. Certain parties have floated into the parliaments.

Question 5: What does this have to do with the ship and its cargo?

The explosion in Beirut did not cause 2750 tonnes to explode. Instead, the size of the crater and the damage it caused indicate that 800-900 tonnes of ammonium nitrate were converted, possibly enriched with other substances, it has been refined. In the narrower sense of increased performance. The smaller explosions taking place in the run-up to the main bangs and the colour of the smoke suggest that this is the case—also the sparking during the more minor explosions.

So if, and thanks to all known gods here, only 800-900 tons exploded, where did the rest of the explosives end up?

And here the answer is quite simple: where it was needed! 


Question 6: Is it worth it? 

The price of ammonium nitrate is 45 euros per kilo. One ton of pure ammonium nitrate costs around 250 euros (25 cents/kg) with a quantity discount depending on the supply situation. Here alone, the profit margin is enormous. Only it was not sold by the kilo, but by the ton. But from a local supply, which was easily accessible and circumvented all later embargoes. It was the discounter with zero risk surcharges for everyone who knew about it and could use it that way.


Question 7: Cui bono? Who benefits from it?

This question is not easy to answer in Lebanon. There is hardly a more corrupt country than this very country. The government may be elected, but the bottom line is that it works with the local mafia, has to take clan interests into account and enjoys the interference of various states and NGOs. 

And that in this context the confiscated ammonium nitrate was not stored safely can be assumed—neither safe to handle nor theft-proof. 

In short: it just so happens that a ship with a cargo arrived in time to help smart local business people to make a considerable fortune.

The reason why the Russian shipowner did not get in touch maybe that his son has been studying IT in Scotland since 2014...


Question 8: Who knew about it? 

Who knew that hundreds of tons of explosives were being shipped into the Syrian conflict? 

Were those people murdered with this load?

Who were also driven to flee with it to MILLIONS?


All of them! And the reason is as simple as it is obvious. Beirut is not in southern Chile. Nor in Indonesia. It is not 130 kilometres north of the Israeli border, over which rockets are sometimes fired with pleasure. Gladly also self-made. And therefore Israel has a vital interest in knowing where this stuff comes from, how the terrorists obtain the material. And where and from whom. This even goes so far that the Israeli secret service Mossad informs our authorities about terrorist explosives storage facilities in Germany. And they haven't heard of 2750 tons?


After the official outbreak of the Syrian conflict, this very port of Beirut was probably the best-monitored port in the world. For surveillance flights, a shift plan certainly had to be drawn up, so that reconnaissance aircraft and drones did not collide over Beirut. Of almost all nations that did not already have warships cruising off the coast.


It is known, for example, that in 2018 ISIS bought large quantities. With money from oil smuggling to Turkey, which they extracted from the then still occupied northern Iraq and "exported" with tanker convoys. Despite boycott. Who does not believe it may ask the sons of Mr Erdogan. According to "rumours" they were the "importers". 


And now to assume that the BND (Federal German News Service) didn't know anything is illusory. At the time of the cold war, the BND, which was ridiculed by many, had a better map of Moscow's sewers than its city administration. And of all regions, from which now refugees of all colours were streaming en masse, did he not have this region in mind? Didn't he know about the ammonium nitrate? Half of Beirut did. The local sources of the BND must have almost undercut themselves (!) to sell this information.


Question 9: And why has this not been stopped?

This is where it gets interesting. On the one hand, the misery of the Syrian population was THE topic. The evil Assad is throwing barrel bombs at residential neighbourhoods. The Islamists are blowing up churches and their faithful and enslaving Yezidi women. The latter, after all, was something that prompted Ms Bremermann of the BAMF (Federal Asylum Authority) in Bremen to make individual "favours" to Yezidi migrants. So it was certainly discussed.

Then, of course, all the excellent reports of the neutrally acting white helmets, which in constant succession showed us the effects of these self-built bombs.

They were followed by great selfies with the Chancellor, who happily grinned along. And, of course, knowing that there was a trail from Beirut to Syria whose crumb trace consisted of ammonium nitrate. It was almost already signposted. That the BND did not report this to the government is simply unthinkable. Especially since our gooey-looking refugee coordinator, Altmeier would undoubtedly have liked to have taken the opportunity to soften the flow of refugees by taking away this source of supply. That is logic. One would want to accuse him of that, especially since the mood in the population was boiling. At least since the Cologne Night 2015/16, however, they have not been quite so confident.

Since January 2016 there should have been a rethinking of what the contents of the warehouse in Beirut were prepared to accept as harmless.

And this suggests that they were probably not interested in reducing the misery in Syria.


Lebanon is French territory of interest. So Macron hurried there and was greeted as a murderer. Now that makes sense. Of course, the French knew about the freighter, its cargo and the ongoing business. Just like the Lebanese, the French knew that all other nations knew it too. Of the war profiteers. Of the uses to which it was put and the misery it caused and of the consequences, now visible, for Beirut itself.

Beirut may be corrupt like anything else, but the people there are not stupid. And then honest in their need.


The author may not even begin to speculate about why this stockpile of explosives for radical and extremist mass murderers was not dug up with international action. It's not like the Lebanese government could have threatened to use nuclear weapons.


Why did Israel, which certainly had justified and historically justified concerns for its security, stand by? That only happens when there is an agreement. Reliable agreements that the explosives will go exclusively to Syria. Otherwise, there would have been riots in Israel itself. Or "unexplained accidents" in Beirut. After all, Mossad is not precisely known for its restraint.


Why the USA and Russia watched is relatively clear: it did not concern them. They only flew over the war zone and had no troops of their own in the danger zone. And probably also helped themselves via intermediaries for their faction from the camp. They can't even be blamed for that.


Assad, Kurds and ISIS and other factions have certainly helped themselves. It seems that Assad's barrel bombs also contained enriched ammonium nitrate. And the ISIS explosives that blew away the World Heritage Site of Romans, Greeks, Persians, Sumerians, Assyrians and others in the region probably came from parts of it.


The question is, why was Frau Merkel involved in this?  

WHY has Mrs Merkel been through this so far? 

Uninformed? Certainly not. She was probably informed. She has also been notified with certainty about the cargo of this ship of risk for the greater region, which caused the refugee flows in the first place. The internal division of our country which has so far made possible customary cowardice in addressing sensitive issues? To sit them out? Most likely!

That may even have been their primary motivation. Especially back then. And especially then and especially to Cologne, where all the politicians ran around with panic in their eyes. The trivialization of the Night of Shame even continues to this day.

Lack of own options? Probably not. She was also quietly involved in the conflict between Greece and Turkey. Putting pressure on the Lebanese government would have been a cinch. It would have taken no German chancellor for more than ten minutes.



As detectives said: If everything can be logically excluded, then what is left at the end, however improbable, is the truth!



The author therefore really hopes that NOTHING more than question remains here. All possibilities have been named. Because if not, then what will then gladly be ridiculed as conspiracy theory could actually be the truth.




In the end, there remains one hope and one request.



We should hope that parts of the explosives did not get to Europe via the Lebanese clans. Too many times, our state has been threatened with the alleged presence of AK47 and grenades not even seriously to question it. Just now.

And then there is the request to help the Lebanese. Beirut has become almost uninhabitable, and winter is approaching. And it's getting freezing in Lebanon, too. Especially in the mountains, where many people now have to seek shelter with relatives. We don't have to look away here as well. Because if they don't succeed, they too may have to flee. And there we can help better - and also cheaper - than to welcome hundreds of thousands here again. - Even as a tip to Mrs Merkel!


The Rhosus - Ghost ship of the disaster in Beirut

A biblical catastrophe for the compatriots of Michel Aoun


One can only wish the Lebanese people strength in this catastrophe.

Lebanon has always helped, within the scope of its possibilities.

Now it is up to the international community to help Lebanon.

Without ifs or buts.

You can read about the events and the enormous damage caused by the explosion here in detail. (German)


Where is the ship? Where is the "Rhosus"?


The history of the ship that finally transported the disastrous cargo, ammonium nitrate, to Beirut, actually on its way from Georgia to Beira in Mozambique, is becoming increasingly ominous.

It is unclear what happened to the ship that was chained up in Beirut in 2013 after an out-of-inspection.  In this plot, which could not have been invented more excitingly by a screenwriter, the Rhosus looks like a message in a bottle of the later events that led to the catastrophe in the Lebanese capital. It is misjudged that the Rhosus was not at all designed to be loaded with such materials.   

The three-kiloton explosion with the devastating damage was one-fifth of the Hiroshima bomb. One can not imagine.

The shipping company of Igor Grechushkin

In 2013, a Russian named Igor Grechushkin ran a mailbox company, a shipping company in Cyprus, which maintained the Rhosus during the crossing from the Black Sea when it was wrecked with alleged engine damage. The shipowner was informed that the crew was without sufficient means of subsistence and pay in the port of Beirut. The shipowner made no contact, did not answer. He did not care about the ship. Apparently, the freight and the ship was written off, and shortly after that, the shipping company went bankrupt.

In the course of the Lebanese police investigation, numerous port authority employees were arrested.

Unfortunately, the whereabouts of the Rhosus has not yet been clarified. Some sources claim that the ship was in port shortly before the explosion and is still under the rubble. Others say that the ship was scrapped in Bangladesh. The third possibility is that the vessel is sailing under a different flag in the shores of Africa. There would also have been enough ammonium nitrate on board the ship to trigger the first explosion. Part of the raw material, which is essential for the production of fertilisers and explosives, would have been stored in the warehouse in Beirut. Another part would still have been on board the ship. Despite seven years of warnings about the bomb ticking in the harbour.

Now it had exploded because of welding work. Whether that's true or not, it's hard to understand.



Orient Queen

If you look at pictures of the harbour in Beirut, you can see on the right side a ship lying on the left side, two more ships sunk, of which you cannot know if they are destroyed or not. Meanwhile, the Orient Queen, a cruise ship has sunk.


غرق الباخرة السياحية Orient Queen

— Cedar News - أخبار بلاد الأرز (@cedar_news) August 5, 2020


The story that is told about the Rhosus does not seem very credible. Allegedly, the ship should have been rescued from distress at sea in October 2013 due to engine damage. The captain would have explained that they were on their way to another country, not even Mozambique, loaded with ammonium nitrate when they ran out of supplies.  They would have liked to catch some supplies, and at the same time, there would have been a problem with the machine. The information is not trustworthy.

The Rhosus was then subjected to an inspection, and a whole series of problems were found, which the ship immediately revealed. At the time, the vessel was stranded in Beirut and only the captain, the chief engineer and the third engineer, and a Ukrainian, remained on board.  



Teto Shipping in Limassol was the shipping company based in Cyprus. Apparently, according to information from Lebanese state television, the owner was paid the insurance for the ship and cargo.  Boris Prokoshev, the captain, only saw it as necessary to bring the men home, not the freight worried him.  The Russian businessman Igor Grechushkin denied any responsibility in the newspaper "Izvestia". The former owner of the ship began blocking Russian journalists on social media. Igor Grechushkin loves to ride a motorcycle but does not want to comment on it. According to several reports from news agencies, his son studies computer science in Scotland.

The reasons are manifold because the Lebanese authorities did not want an abandoned ship to stay in the port, with a cargo that could explode at any time, the owner had to pay a fine. Whether this is true is doubtful. Especially since, according to reports, parts of the cargo were already missing before the explosion. Where did parts of the load go?

Last but not least, Cornelder, the operator of the port in Beira, told the Portuguese news agency, Lusa, on Wednesday that they were never informed that a ship, a ship carrying 2750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate was en route to Mozambique.


Idi Amin Dada, the clergyman and Western Union (Part one)

The inventiveness of the industrious scribes, traffickers, smugglers, con artists, seems to know no bounds.

Now we are opening a whole blog called, which we are attaching to and to make the stories of these people public before this scammer mafia can make a profit or commit damage. The blog is kept in English, as the scam is mostly sent in English. We now merge several blogs from the past into one. Since 2005 we have collected the stories of the scammers.

Apart from the madness that was communicated to many victims there, Sabina Joneh was one of the most successful programs of the scammers of Côte d’Ivoire, until the program Alina came. These are programs that the stations buy. Like at a market. The stories are written professionally and are adapted for each country, like Nigeria and Ghana, Ivory Coast, Rwanda etc. Often you run into the same programmes, but with different actors, from all the good Lord countries. Yes, the business of God is always started to explain the purity of the mob.

We publish the original mails, because, we do not want to alter any text.

From time to time, we will comment on the stories.

But the best stories of years, we have collected, we will bring in a book.

The Best Scammer Stories, Cover kasaan media, 2020

And suddenly another despot from Africa came to life. With so much money, you can also sometimes rise from the dead. Anytime.

Von Archives New Zealand, CC BY 2.0,

A lawyer named Idi Amin Dada recently wrote about an incredible amount of money, diamonds and real estate in a safe in Zurich, Switzerland, which he urgently needed to dissolve before a new law came into force in Switzerland. In the past, he freely admitted, he would have been a prizefighter and then gone into politics for a few years. Through the military, he would have enjoyed a good education. Which, remained in the dark. Probably a torturer and dictator.

A few days later, an alleged official of Interpol in Bern, who happened to have just arrested the “evil Idi Amin Dada”, wrote that he had confiscated a suitcase full of money and other effects, which he now wanted to share with us as a brother and sister. The suitcase must have been very, very heavy, as he demanded that we contribute to the costs of any transport. He groaned in numerous e-mails about his lousy salary, but he gave a hint to go to the nearest Western Union office to transfer 1,500 US$ to him from there. Later, the amount halved when we did not react after days. Then he threatened to take legal action against us.


He remarked that he could also inform his colleagues in Germany; after all, we would have agreed to the deal. Nobody had written such a thing.
After two months he gave up wholly unnerved.

For all the comedy in the stories of these people, one quickly forgets: these fraudsters pose a danger of financial loss and even physical damage. Usually, the lively exchange begins with an unsolicited e-mail communication from an unknown person who then pretends to be someone else or pretends to be a minister of a country that does not exist at all.

Advert, kasaan media, 2020

There one should donate for the liberation struggle. In return, one receives worthless shares in a fabulous gold mine, for example, from Indiana Jones or his widow after the victory over the terrible despot. Some of you may feel a little bit pissed at the assembled celebrities. The sometimes hilarious stories amused us.

Especially during the Christmas season, the friends crawled out of their holes and played with the loneliness of many people in our time.
Apart from that, these contemporaries have it in for the money from the rich industrial nations and nothing else, but already for visas to the Schengen area.

To get you in the mood, here is the mail of a particularly long-lived specimen, which has sent out hundreds of thousands of mails under different names for years. The structure of the story is always the same: poor girl captured by evil rebels during the war, in many different countries, she was looking for her Prince Charming. Probably one day she will be kissed awake by the Senegalese police…

Many Europeans, Americans and Asians fell for it.

Called Escape&Visa / Scam

From: Miss Sabina Joneh (alias Sary etc.)
To: undisclosed recipient
Sent on: Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at 08:45
Subject: Hi


I hope everything is good over there in your country. If it is, God is almighty. My name is Miss Sabinah Jonah, of the Mende tribe in BUAKE, Cote d’Ivoire. I am 22 years old. My father was the King of our tribe until his death, and also one of the richest, very reputable businessmen (a cocoa trader and supplier of agricultural materials) who did business in Abidjan, the capital of Côte d’Ivoire. It is sad to say that my father was poisoned by his business partners; the murderer was my uncle’s younger brother.

A main street of Bouaké Letsgoforward

The family plotted and poisoned him with the accusation that he was a big sponsor and supported the restoration of the democratically elected president LAURENT GBAGBO, the former president of Côte d’Ivoire. Before my father’s death, in February 2007 in a private hospital, in Abidjan, he secretly called me to his bed and told me that he had deposited the sum of five million, five hundred thousand US dollars (USD $ 5,500,000) in a bank in Abidjan. He used my name because I was the only child, as the following beneficiary, of the fund.

By Voice of America/M Motta – VOA News (US Government), Public Domain, Link

Now I have the deposit receipt and all important documents that the bank received from my late father when he deposited the money. I believe that the people who murdered my father are seriously after me. My father’s younger brother succeeded in claiming my late father’s landownership. I’ve been hiding all this because he’s still looking for me seriously. He believed according to our culture, because I am a woman, that I know exactly about my father’s landowners, because I am married by the family to another man. I really do not know what to do. This is because I have suffered a lot of setbacks. I flee from one place to another. Now I live in a remote village with a pastor of the Apostolic Church and his family. The death of my father actually brought sorrow into my life.

I am interested in your support. I beg you to help me to transfer this money to your country as soon as possible so that I can come to your country and continue my education there while you look for a very good deal for both of us so that the money will bring enough profit.

Now allow me to ask you these few questions: –

  1. can you honestly and gladly support me as your sister / daughter?
  2. can I trust you completely?
  3. what percentage of the total amount will be fair for you after the money is in your country?
  4. can you arrange for me to come to your country to further my education and secure a residence permit in your country for me?

Please consider this and contact me as soon as possible.

Miss Sabina Joneh"


Apart from the fact that there is neither the clergyman, he is a contact person in London, who only makes sure that the money comes in via WU, nor is there, of course, a deposit, only the intention to receive money and visas. One could almost suspect that smugglers and scammers got together in order to earn money on the visas.

The deposit papers are fake. But not the passports of the girls who are queuing up to come to Europe.

Note: The press department of the Senegalese embassy in the Federal Republic of Germany did not want to comment, just as the Senegalese government did not answer any e-mail. Neither did the cited telephone company.



Tristan Bruebach - more than 20 years after at the crime scene

Tristan Bruebach - more than 20 years after at the crime scene (June 27, 2020)
A miserable but never forgotten crime
Our guest author Sunny Beatz follows the traces of the last hours of Tristan Bruebach. Every reader can imagine the perpetrator's atrocities very clearly in this sequence.

We pay the author great respect.

The crime must never be forgotten. Here you can read the story of Tristan Bruebach.

In the afternoon, shortly after four o'clock, I started my journey from Frankfurt / Main - equipped with a city map and my camera - in the direction of Hoechst, to get a personal impression of the scene of the crime and its surroundings in the murder case "Tristan Bruebach".

After a short orientation phase in the entrance area of the station, I first decided to visit the Bruno-Asch-Anlage, which was located in the eastern direction of my position. According to the female witness, the last time Tristan was seen alive here was at 3:20 pm sitting on a park bench.


Bruno-Asch-Anlage | © SunnyBeatz

According to the information board, the plant was "overhauled" towards the end of autumn 2019.

So I had to assume that today's appearance is not the same as in 1998. However, a passer-by told me on my inquiry that "not much has changed here. The benches were renewed."

I first walked the path on the right to the end of the layout.


Bruno-Asch-Anlage | © SunnyBeatz

There is also an information board, as well as a smaller, paved square with a conspicuously large number of male alcohol drinkers.

When I observed these people, I immediately remembered the description of the above witness, who said that she saw "two foreign-looking, male persons" sitting on the bench with Tristan.

This description could have been a good 90% of the people present at the station and its surroundings on that day.

After his stay at the station, Tristan is said to have set off in a westerly direction to the Unterliederbach tunnel.

At the end of the layout, I went to the opposite side of the tunnel and went back towards the station.

Bruno-Asch-Anlage | © SunnyBeatz

The measured time to pass through the installation (directly, at average speed, measured about 3 minutes).

Tristan is said to have walked between 15:20 and 15:30 from the Bruno-Asch-Anlage to the south entrance of the tunnel. There he finally died.

For this walking distance, I measured the time of about 5 minutes. Depending on the walking speed, the time was reduced to about 4 ½ minutes.

(© OpenStreetMap contributors / License: ODbL, note:

Back at the station building, it becomes immediately noticeable that the entrance area, as well as the immediate surroundings, are exceptionally well frequented. I met here apparent commuters, pausing construction workers, people who were in the various cafés and conveyance stores and countless young people who were loitering there.

Especially the young people seemed to watch the events at the station very closely.

To get to the southern entrance of the tunnel, I walked past the station building and the bus stop and then turned a little further right onto a smaller path.

I want to point out explicitly that the tunnel is by far not as fluctuating as the station area! It is much more isolated and can only be found today if you know the area.

Way to the place of the crime (southern entrance of the Liederbach tunnel) | © SunnyBeatz

After following the path mentioned above for a few meters, I first came across the trail mentioned above, from which the 12-year-old witness claims to have seen a man with a black cap and a blond, long ponytail crawling up the path shortly after Tristan's murder.

Path to the place of the crime (southern entrance to Liederbachtunnel) | © SunnyBeatz


The trail at the south entrance | © SunnyBeatz

Due to the high vegetation in the current season (end of June 2020) it is neither possible to reach the river bed in front of the entrance nor to have a view of the whole southern entrance.

Scene of crime (southern entrance of the Liederbach tunnel) | © SunnyBeatz


Scene of crime (southern entrance of Liederbach tunnel) | © SunnyBeatz

I then left the trail behind me on the right side and followed the path further on.

Surprisingly, a few steps further on, I found another path towards the river bed before the southern entrance.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to descend there either, as it was an extremely steep slope.

A few meters further on and turning right, I reached a place from where I could take more photos of the river bed in front of the southern entrance. Here I saw for the first time that some parts of the Liederbach were not dry, contrary to my expectations.


Riverbed in front of the southern entrance of the Liederbach tunnel | © SunnyBeatz

I looked around there for a while and then decided to go back the way I came and visit the north side of the tunnel.

If you go back the same way, you also pass a playground very close to the tunnel.

The playground near the south entrance of the Liederbach tunnel | © SunnyBeatz

To reach the northern entrance of the Liederbach tunnel, I entered the station building for the first time, which had to be crossed.


Entrance area Bahnhof Hoechst | © SunnyBeatz

After I entered the entrance area shown above through the right door (seen from the inside), the first thing I noticed was the red convenience store.

After a short comparison with the video recordings of Tristan at the station, it should have been taken from exactly this convenience store.

The wall phones should have been installed in the area next to this kiosk in 1998. Today they are located on the opposite side, next to the travel centre.

I then went through the building towards Adelonstraße, where I turned left at the end.

Station Hoechst /exit in the direction of Adelonstraße| © SunnyBeatz

If you follow the route to the northern entrance of the Liederbach tunnel, you will first pass a building of the GRC on the right side of the sidewalk and a little further on a playground, which is located directly at the Liederbach tunnel.


The path towards the north entrance / Unterliederbachtunnel| © SunnyBeatz

North entrance Unterliederbach tunnel / surroundings | © SunnyBeatz

I first looked at the immediate vicinity of the north entrance, where I noticed that there are relatively many places in the vicinity where (possibly) children are staying. On both sides of the tunnel, there is a children's playground less than two minutes' walk away, and the young people mentioned above also seemed to use these places.

After arriving at the north entrance of the tunnel, I noticed - as on the opposite side - that the gate was open.

Nobody seems to be bothered by the fact, as a passer-by later told me that this had probably been the case for quite a while.

"In the past, they used to close it again and again, although today it is sometimes open for weeks. I don't know when they do that either. I often walk by here with the dog. In the morning, at noon and in the evening I go for a walk, and if it was still open in the evening, it was suddenly closed in the morning with my first round. Do they do it overnight? Must be..."


Northern entrance Unterliederbachtunnel - Standing on the bridge | © SunnyBeatz


North entrance Unterliederbach tunnel - standing in the river bed | © SunnyBeatz


Unterliederbachtunnel - Standing behind the grid |  © SunnyBeatz


This is where my crime scene inspection ends.

I took some more pictures of the surroundings, talked to a few passers-by on my way back and then drove home - packed with impressions and emotions.

In the following article, I will report about these impressions and my findings.




25 years after Srebrenica - the victims are unforgotten


It was a harsh but fair judgment against the Devils General.

The verdict was passed and for the former Serbian General Ratko Mladić it symbolically means the death penalty.

Many of the victims wanted him to hang. The civilization that sentenced him forbids this forever.


He was removed from the courtroom by the presiding judge after a tantrum at the moment of the sentencing.

A prison sentence, even at his age, was justified.


Ratko Mladić is too old to see freedom again. He is 78.


Karadzic's henchman Ratko Mladić, once general of the Serbian army, was sentenced shortly before in The Hague by his earthly judge.

He was led into an adjoining room where he could follow his sentence on a sofa for which the world had waited 22 years.  


Ratko Mladić shone with inhumane, particularly reprehensible behaviour through the genocide of the "non-Serbian" population under "Directive 7", which he had to implement in Belgrade in the 1990s for his boss Slobodan Milosevic.

The result was the worst genocide since the Second World War. Mladić did not fail to use cruel killing and torture, and his army used rape as a weapon.


Ratko Mladić was the most fearsome butcher in the Balkans, who was also accused of taking UN peacekeepers, who were completely overwhelmed by the case at the time, hostage to his aggressive and expansionist policies.


In false camaraderie he was seen by many Serbs as a national hero. For him, war was the total annihilation and extermination of entire ethnic groups. To fight the dirtiest war, he went to the mountains above Sarajevo.

Place near Sarajevo just before the war, kasaan media, 2020


The stations of his bloody craft are many: e.g.: Gorazde, 1994. He was responsible for the three-year siege and starvation of the former Olympic city Sarajevo. More than 10,000 people gave their lives, among others by snipers.



In Srebrenica, 1995, he kept people like animals in a concentration camp and executed children.


He created a bloodbath that the world only hesitantly understood, people were kept behind barbed wire, emaciated to the bone. From then on, evil had a name. Many of the mass graves have yet to be found.


On his more than ten-year escape from the International Criminal Court, he danced at many weddings protected by old cliques in the Serbian military apparatus.
Unfortunately the case did not end there, it was certain that Mladić appealed against the verdict. Years later the verdict was confirmed.


The victims are unforgotten and also the helplessness of the international community of states at that time. 





Mysterious elephant deaths in Botswana

Dead pachyderm

The news from the South African state is alarming. Hundreds of dead elephants have now been found.

What's happening at the northern tip of the Okavango?

The carcasses of the animals, some of which died miserably, were found near a waterhole in Seronga. According to observations by animal welfare activists and gamekeepers, the animals seemed disoriented and lethargic before they died. This time the infectious disease anthrax is eliminated, not as found in contaminated soil some time ago. As the Mmengi reports, after questioning the inhabitants of the surrounding settlements, a human element was identified as the trace of the cause. 


Even if the government in the distant capital Gaborone still excludes the participation of poachers, it could be the preparation of a monstrous act. Ivory is always in high demand, and the pachyderms are also downright slaughtered as meat suppliers for the partly poor population in the northern territories. 

Mr Oaitse Nawa has been quoted in numerous media, and he is a mouthful when it comes to the elephant population in Africa. He said that water holes where elephants drink might have been poisoned. He also believes that poachers in Africa are capable of anything. It should be mentioned that the animals still (!) had the tusks except for a few. 

Quote from Oaitse Nawa on
He was suspicious that the poachers could have sent scavengers that went around collecting tusks of dead elephants to poison the water sources.



A few days ago, according to the Mmengi, four poachers were shot who were hunting for rhinos. Others escaped the Botswana Defence Force (BDF). 

Now carcasses were also found in Eretsha near a waterhole. In Gaborone, it was circulated that Covid-19 is said to have jumped over to the elephant. This cause is almost impossible. So the search for the reason continues. Meanwhile, samples have been sent abroad, with the help of which the cause is to be identified. 

We will continue to report.


Scammer-Greetings from the closet

Published with kasaan shop in August 2020 for Euro 9.99  for the ebook

A new completely brainless story of a certain John Suger circulates through the social networks and is sent unsolicited by e-mail as a letter of compensation from a powerful sounding organization.

Nothing about this email is true, do not answer it.

Do not disclose your personal data.

The data would be used to facilitate further crimes. If in doubt, contact the police.  This is the original mail from the probable West-African scammer: 


"Greetings Sir/Madam,

This is to acquaint you on the outcome of our meeting with U.N International Financial Investigation Unit and the Association of Better Business Bureau to compensate scam victims upon due verification, we have jointly approved US$1.5m (One million, Five hundred thousand United States Dollars) for every confirmed victim. Your E-mail address was generated through the computer ballot system as one of the selected victim to receive this compensation.

However, adequate arrangement has been put in place and approved to transfer your fund through a telegraphic wire transfer in anywhere in the world.

Finally; for the purpose of proper verification of your claims, it is imperative that you furnish us with the following of your details necessary to process release/remittance of your payment:

Your Name:
Your Residential Address:
Country of Origin :
Direct Mobile Phone Number:
Copy of you Identity Card:

You are expected to forward the above information to the Authorized Payment Center.

Thank you.

Yours in service,

Mr. John Suger"


Update: Strange leads to Gibraltar - Wirecard involved in money laundering in international narcotic deals?

Money laundering professionals at work?


Again, the trail leads to Gibraltar through many mistakes and confusion of whole mailbox batteries.

Did the managers of Wirecard prepare the money laundering of the international narcotic trade and the darknet for different crypto-currencies?

Did Wirecard already launder money for the international drug mafia via the Dubai branch?

Oliver Bellenhaus, who seems to be involved in a whole network of unrelated companies via various British firms (we reported) could provide excellent information on this. After he arrived in the Federal Republic of Germany, he too is in custody on remand. In 2010 and 2015, Wirecard came under investigation by the Munich public prosecutor's office on suspicion of money laundering. Nothing happened of it.

 Now, however, things look different.

The US authorities are currently accusing Ruben W. of having installed fake sites via such a "complex network" of letterbox companies and online payment service providers and of having found a way to sell marijuana illegally in violation of the SAFE BANK Act throughout the United States, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. 

When Ruben W., who lived in Luxembourg, was arrested and people close to Wirecard tried to get the fallen star of the Californian marijuana scene out on bail, numerous institutions listened carefully. Once again, the traces lead to well-known trusts in Gibraltar, as one can hear from the scene.


Various investigators are currently investigating the question in the USA, Singapore and the Philippines.


End of a time travel

Now the Management Board of Wirecard must have decided to file for insolvency proceedings given the threat of insolvency. No journalist can see through Wirecard’s corporate network, which is designed like a bulwark, and no one can say what happened on the Philippines, in Singapore and Dubai’s letterbox batteries. 

Investors are amazed at the rapid decline in the price of the shares, which allegedly arrived at Zero. Billions in assets have been burned. The Bank of America lowered its outlook to $1 per share, which would mean that the stock would soon reach the penny-stock range. However, the stock isn’t worth that much more. EY, as an auditor, assumes that Wirecard was involved in large-scale fraud. The brutal and partly inhuman suppression of investigative journalism towards the Financial Times by the German BaFin speaks volumes about the understanding of subjecting Wirecard to state control. The despicable lucre justified every transaction that was supposed to make investors richer. It did not matter whether Rami El Obeidi, the “secret service chief” of the Libyan National Transitional Council after Gaddafi was involved in strange financial flows. In this context, it became known that Wirecard also started to spy on critics. 

According to information from several agencies, Jan Marsalek, who is now wanted with an arrest warrant, intends to turn himself into the authorities in Munich. Marsalek is also speculating on a deal with the public prosecutor’s office to escape a possibly long period of detention. Meanwhile, Marsalek, who acts as a phantom, is said to be in China. 


Watching with history

Meanwhile, the omissions of recent years are becoming increasingly evident. It is impossible to explain to any of the investors why no action was taken when the connection to Wirecard became apparent in 2017 in the “Paradise Papers”. Even back then, it was all about illegal online casinos, offshore gambling providers and the trail into the darkest corners of the Internet. In 2008, Markus Braun had to vehemently advocate that the balance sheets were in order, as rumours were growing that something was wrong with the Aschheim-based company.


Wirecard was the brutal, unbridled capitalism of the dotcom awakening, which was able to make the most of financial slaves such as Gibraltar and Andorra or Liechtenstein. Wirecard developed into an economic system within the financial apparatus. In the beginning, it was only about the billing of pornography, which was downloadable in 1999, and the beginning of online gaming, which boomed from the end of 2004. In the streets of Gibraltar, the company founders and trustees recommended Wirecard as a solution for any profit maximization. 

It was no secret that falsely registered prepaid credit cards from gas stations were also used for criminal business. Wirecard did not care about this fact. Thus, bundles of cards loaded with 100 euros from the gas station could be used for transactions that made Wirecard rich. 


Those who spoke against this were quickly brought into Wirecard’s reality, into a vacuum without laws. That was tolerated. Or those that the former KPMG manager Markus Braun had made his own. Big questions about where the investment of the foundation of the DAX group came from were wiped away or suppressed. Nobody had anything to want. Over the months and the following years, many journalists realized that money had been provided for the initial business from gloomy sources. 

Since then, twelve long years have passed. Nothing happened, at some point, the scene calmed down. The trail already led to Gibraltar. Braun was able to wipe away the pressure that was weighing on him in 2008 with a memorable interview.

But now it looks different.

However, one wonders how it could have come to the point where the prepaid card broker Wirecard was able to lead Commerzbank and Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW), the Dutch ABN Amro and the Dutch ING by the nose. In this context, Wirecard today looks like any other pyramid game.


Questions about questions remain

Have funds been laundered via cryptocurrencies from offshore paradises?

Also,, where you could allegedly pay your credit card bill with Bitcoin, as well as TenX, will have big problems. 

We remember that the trail of Julian Hop’s TenX led to the trustee densely populated mailbox paradise at the southern tip of Spain: In early 2018, the company WaveCrest, which managed the VISA license in Gibraltar, collapsed. TenX was without a permit. What ultimately led to a cooperation with Wirecard is not clear.


 It is unusual in this context that the first official measures against Wirecard were taken in Singapore. People did not sleep there.

Here, too, the question remains, was money laundering carried out via BitCoins and the celebrated BitCoin card trick?

Why the people of Aschheim embellished, their balance sheets can only be explained by money laundering. Wirecard was a Trojan horse without reins.


Jan Marsalek is wanted


Marsalek was Braun’s “right hand” and is currently supposed to be in the Philippines. Unfortunately, nobody could be reached at the Wirecard press office. Whether Marsalek is the mastermind behind the countless forged documents can neither be denied nor affirmed.

At least Jan Marsalek or a trace of him is being sought there. Even the Minister of Justice of the Philippines commented on this; apparently, Wirecard has been declared a matter for the boss.

The Philippine Minister of Justice Menardo Guevarra stated that he had commissioned the authorities to investigate. The Southeast Asian state does not have an extradition agreement with the Federal Republic of Germany, which would possibly mean that Jan Marsalek would be exposed to the justice of the Duterte dictatorship. In a country in which human life counts for less than the whims of a dictator, Marsalek would be well advised to return to Germany and provide the authorities with information about the Wirecard Bank’s involvement.


What a coincidence to think that the busy family law expert Mark Tolentino is about to get new bank statements. Marsalek had already entered the country once in March for two days and is now back there. The Philippine authorities are also investigating the bank and are probably looking for the billions in the dictator Duterte’s empire. The Philippine Central Bank stated that the missing funds could not be found in the country’s financial system.

As the Board of Directors of the Philippine banks in Manila told the Manila Times, neither BDO Unibank Inc. (BDO) nor the Bank of the Philippines Islands (BPI) did not find the missing billions, whose name was only used to cover the traces, Governor Diokno said. It remains to be seen whether one can believe that. Another simple question is whether accounts of real customers were falsified to use their names for money laundering. In this context, the air bookings researched by the British “Financial Times”, which Wirecard is said to have carried out to make sales look higher, are said to have given a boost. These bookings were directed through various points. 


Thrillers in Manila and Singapore


Diokno added: “The head of the Central Bank noted that both banks had informed Ernst & Young, Wirecard’s external auditor, that the documents confirming the existence of the alleged funds were ‘false’.

He went on to say, according to the Manila Times:

“The document claiming the existence of a Wirecard account at BDO is a forged document and contains forged signatures of bank employees,” BDO said in a statement released over the weekend. And: “Your external auditor has presented us with a document claiming that they are customers. We have established that the document is false. We are continuing to investigate the matter. “

Meanwhile, the Straights Times in Singapore reports that it learned from an unspecified source, through the Reuters news agency, “that Wirecard is also considering selling or closing parts of its business, but that the creditor banks are not interested in an emergency sale, especially since litigation could deter buyers. Besides, Straights Times business editor Choo Yun Ting explained that the Singaporean public prosecutor’s office announced in March last year that eight Wirecard subsidiaries were under investigation as part of a criminal investigation for alleged counterfeiting, falsified documents, money laundering and the release of funds to support false transactions believed to have taken place between 2014 and 2018. Roundtripping involves the falsification of turnover and profit by sending money to a third party who then uses it to buy goods and services from the sender under the pretext of a genuine trade”.

Again, in connection with gambling and options, a programme of effective money laundering has been developed.


Wirecard - the biggest German bank scandal since Herstatt Bank, 1974

It is urgently necessary that the German BaFin prohibits Wirecard from doing any further business.

Former CFO Braun was arrested on suspicion of falsification of financial statements. On Monday evening he surrendered to the authorities in Munich after he learned that the Public Prosecutor's Office 1 in the Bavarian capital had applied for an arrest warrant against him that morning.  

Now, after the Herstatt Bank, 1974, one of the biggest financial scandals in German post-war history is unfolding.

If it is not the biggest, questions remain as to how it could be that a country like the Philippines could be involved in financial transactions of this magnitude, which maintains death squads and has killed thousands of innocent people as drug dealers and others.


Dictators and the Mafia


Currently, the busy corporate lawyer Mark Tolentino does not appear to be in Makati City. The former minister under the pseudo-ruler Duterte with a penchant for quick and plentiful executions had disappeared without a trace. Duterte had fired him some months ago. Where to go or with whose money, that is not yet clear. Meanwhile, he let it be known that he wanted to get new bank statements. 
Whether the dubious family lawyer is even able to prove the whereabouts of the money is not clear either.

In the streets of Andorra, people had known about the highly functional money-laundering opportunity Wirecard for a long time. In the alleys of Gibraltar, too, they had been aware of the convenient way of circumventing any laws against money laundering for many years.

There was the Banc de Binary, a dubious option company that promised daily increasing profits, and online casinos that gave Wirecard as an insider tip on money laundering. Some customers even claimed that it was only through Wirecard that they became victims of the machinations of Banc de Binary in the first place.

Thus, transactions with high returns, i.e. the purchase of non-existent goods with dirty money, became the hobby horse of many ex-brokers on the grey market. The linchpin -Wirecard. In February 2020, EFRI filed criminal charges against Banc de Binary for money laundering in more than 700 cases in connection with Wirecard. This seemed to be a marginal note these days. From here, traces reach as far as Cyprus.


Whiter than credit cards from a petrol station only Ariel washes

The shareholders of Wirecard Solution Ltd. are caught up in a complicated web of companies, mailbox and offshore solutions, apparently steered by Newcastle Upon Tyne.  How this escaped the German supervisory authority is a complete mystery. And this mystery will be even more challenging to solve than to search and find the missing billions.

Thus, among the directors of the English Wirecard group, another connection to the investment half-world emerges Thomas Michael, Richard Jennings. He owns Yar Ltd Afton Manor, Freshwater, Isle Of Wight, PO40 9TW. Behind this façade is supposed to be a consulting company, which was founded on February 14, 2002. A stately home is revealed under the address, which could have originated from a  heartache literature effusion—the ideal world of financiers and consultants.

It soon became evident through a lawyer specialising in commercial law, Jesse Douglas & Aaskells Solicitors, Room 1 Sigma Business Center, Harrow, Middlesex, HA1 1LJ, whose client had been advised to use a bank account issued by 'Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd' and operated by another company called 'Marq Millions Ltd', that something was rotten with the German start-up. That was 2018.

But who is Marq Millions Ltd.?

Wirecard Ltd.'s operations in Singapore, 2019, were tainted with announcements and the high art of forgery and deception. During the authorities' investigation of the Singapore office of the online payment service provider, the local police had found evidence pointing to "serious counterfeiting and fake accounts". As written, 2019, not last week when the family rights activist with a penchant for dictators was sought on the Philippines. Now Wirecard applied for a license in Singapore to continue the business. 


Mailboxes, offshore companies and money laundering facilities are said to have been the actual core business of the Aschheim-based company. One is astonished that this business was doing well for so long. Card Systems Middle East, based in Dubai, was just one of the strange business partners of the Aschheim start-up friends. In 2019, Bellenhaus still refused to reveal the identity of Al Alam Solutions FZ LLC. in Dubai, which was later closed due to damage to its reputation. The greed of the Wirecard people was unbearable. Years ago, one could already read in several forums that money disappeared without a trace and never reappeared. This issue seemed to be part of Wirecard's business model. 

At the time, the public prosecutor's office in Munich did not see any evidence for investigations.  

Part 2 Frayed Business


The awful clown: Kung Flu happened in Tulsa

More like a lying, lame duck

In front of partly empty seats, Donald Trump put together his tasteless Tulsa show. There, wherein 1921 round 300 people died in racial riots, racist Trump started his ridiculous election campaign. 

Scapegoats must be sought and found

He, the dictator of the USA, had a bad week. John Bolton is allowed to launch The Room Where It Happened on Tuesday. A judge had to rule on the start of the sale. A niece of Trump wants to score with the memories of the terribly nice family. The Trumps.

The Flodders would be really nice.

The despot, who did not say a word in Tulsa about the grievances in the USA, complaints against any publications.

George Floyd seems to be a hallucination of the Democrats. Trump didn't even mention him in his confusing speech. His deputy, Mike Pence, seemed like a ridiculous lackey who praised his boss like a pop star, but unfortunately forgot that the assembled could be infected by COVID-19, who chanted stereotypical sayings of Trump's campaign team with hoarse voices. Surrounded by MAGA singing, which came over like a dance around the golden calf, the US despot then stepped up to the podium.

An old, evil man.

Trump had learned from his former brother in the spirit, of Kim Jong-un, another cheeseburger lover and dictator, to applaud his person as he had done in the Pyongyang Politburo.

With an evil grin and a little stupid, without any real knowledge base, Trump then presented his political fairy tales, his alleged successes.  One of the strange stories was the abolition of the police in the USA by a Biden government.

Kung Flu 

The speech could only disgust a normal person.

Kung Flu was just about on Trump's level when he puzzled the SARS COVID-19 virus. He had still not understood the danger of the disease. He obviously lacked the intelligence to do so. Hurried again against the fake press, which he called the most dishonest people. He seemed to be his own propaganda minister, who had been looking for the victim before the comments about the pathetic speech. In the middle of the speech, Trump praised himself once again, what a handsome guy he was, his voice reminded of past despots.

He lied once again, claiming that he had greeted 600 times military, and at one of the last appearances the corpulent liar seemed weak. In a complete loss of reality, he then promised the best financial year in the history of the USA. Trump called the Boeing President, a son of a bitch. And presented himself as the hero of his own Air Force One on the loo. After that Germany got its fat off, Trump tried once again to extort money from Germany's NATO contribution.  Like an evil clown with the same mug, living and thriving in his own world, he tried to open a debt account that probably only he can understand. Like the soul of a shopkeeper, he opened the bill of the last 30 years and said Angela Merkel would be nice but would pay billions to Russia for the energy supply. 
After further side blows on the democrats followed his GRÖTAZ (Biggest Trump of all times) slogans, in which he pretended to have absolutely unrealistic economic data.

He liked to hear himself speak, the applause was restrained, which followed at the end of the bad Trump performance. How much he, the worst president of the USA since the foundation of the state, slandered his generals, he himself pretended: He claimed that Democrats would punish churchgoers in the future, but not those who set fire to churches.

The conflagration in society was caused by Trump himself. 

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