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Putin invades Ukraine- heavy explosions in Kiev, Mariupol and Odessa

Update 11.02 h

While the Western world reacts partly angrily and with speechlessness, "the most massive sanctions" are being prepared against Russia, according to the German Foreign Office.

President Volodymyr Selensky spoke of a war of aggression, "The world must force Russia to make peace", he said, according to the Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform.

In addition, Kamianka-Dniprovska and Mykolaiv and the Kulbakinsky airfield were shelled. People were injured and a shop and three houses were destroyed.
The Ukrainian army is unexpectedly strong, and Putin's Soldateska has to fear the partisans formed from citizens. The Russians concede that about 50 soldiers of the aggressors have been killed.

Consideration is being given to bringing Vladimir Putin and his entourage before an international war crimes tribunal.

The front can currently only be traced by Russian military columns that have crossed the borders at Kharkiv, Luhansk and Chernihiv. The Belarusian army is in tow. After the brutal bombardment of civilian targets in Kharkiv, the Russian news agency Interfax has a suitable excuse at hand.

Alexander Lukashenko, according to Belta, wants to act as an angel of peace and let Putin's troops through, and in the height of cynicism, he wants to prevent bloodshed and massacres. For the latter, he is the specialist. Not to forget, Belarusian forces attacked Ukraine at dawn.

To companies on the scene: evacuations via Manager SOS

Update 06.05 h

Vladimir Putin has sounded the attack. During the night, he attacked cities in Ukraine. There are no reports of deaths or injuries so far.

Mariupol is reported to be under heavy fire. In the recordings from the night, bright flashes and heavy explosions can be seen. Another emergency meeting of the UN Security Council has been held in New York.

Putin's soldiery marched into the neighbouring country without reason and without foreseeing the consequences, to create facts that fit the world view of those in power in the Kremlin.




Update: Enormous accusations against Erdogan-refugees stuck for the second night at the border

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Enormous accusations against Erdogan

The Greek TV station Mega Channel put it in a nutshell. Erdogan had provided free transport to the border and threatened soon to send millions of refugees to the Greek border. According to Mega Channel, these are people who have nothing to do with Syria. According to Mega Channel, chemicals are dropped from drones. In the meantime, the action of Erdogan seems like a siege of Greece. According to various sources, Erdogan is using the refugees, some of whom, according to sources, have been brought to Turkey by Turkish smugglers from Bangladesh, Pakistan and other countries, as henchmen for his bizarre policy.


Source: Mega Channel

Meanwhile, the situation on Lesbos escalates, here are several reports about it.


Erdogan's cynical games

Overnight thousands of refugees had to spend the night on the ground, with temperatures around 0 degrees Celsius. Erdogan's cynical tactics seem to be working. Some film clips on this.


How could a man like Erdogan be given such power?

It was known that Erdogan is brutal in the assertion of his interests. Those who do not acknowledge this should reconsider the events surrounding the attempted coup in 2016. Erdogan's role in this game was to dismantle the opposition. There are quite a few claims that he perpetrated the coup to establish his dictatorship, which is similar to a sultanate.

Because Erdogan treats the refugees as hostages and not as refugees, he is personally responsible. He should be treated as such. Even if the refugees were encouraged to drive to the border, throwing stones and burning woods, as the Greek Mega channel reported. Apparently, according to a video, Turkish military vehicles accompany the refugees' march to the border.

Seventy-three refugees were detained on Saturday and arrested afterwards.

The refugees came from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia. Not from Syria. So far, breakthrough attempts have been prevented.

According to the semi-state Greek news agency ANA-MPA SA, a large group of youths tried a breakthrough in the Kastanies woods, where there are no border security installations, at about2 p.m local time today.

Now Europe is trapped. The policy of appeasement with a cunning dictator like Erdogan was wrong.

There will either be a humanitarian disaster or Erdogan will get his way. The NATO defence case in Syria and billions of euros for his ailing dictatorship-ridden economy. How are the refugees carted to the border between Greece and the EU supposed to protect themselves from cold and hunger in the open countryside? In the case of under-age children, Europe should make an exception for humanitarian reasons. The children should be handed over to the International Red Cross, which can also stay in no-man's-land between Turkey and the EU.

All those who thought that Erdogan was a stroke of luck now see that such a Turkey does not belong in the EU and cannot be a negotiating partner. Nor is it because Erdogan has accepted the calculation of the weakest border, the obvious 212 kilometres of the border.

Moreover, his henchmen in the Aegean are watching boats crossing over to Lesbos.

The bitter thing is that, in the end, Brussels will have to give in so as not to betray its human rights standards.



Koran nightingale


Erdogan has made on his long-announced threat to real and had thousands of refugees transported to the border, allegedly from the embattled area around Idlib in Syria. It is not clear to observers on the ground whether the refugees come from Syria.  The Greek border posts are remaining closed. 



The Turk Erdogan in Istanbul said: "We have opened the gates", but Erdogan was not interested in what could happen. In his addiction to grandeur, he, who was once called a "Koran nightingale" because of his religious attitude, is trying to blackmail the EU.  It is not entirely clear what he wants since Erdogan only stated that the EU had not kept to the refugee deal. Erdogan continues to play his poker game, which he has long lost.

Erdogan has completely lost face in Idlib. Now he is dismantling his character to the refugees, who are told that if they got on the buses, they could cross the border to the EU, as independent Turkish sources testify. 

Meanwhile, dramatic scenes take place on the Greek-Turkish border, i.e. on the eastern border of the European Union. After refugees threw stones at border police officers, Greek border guards used tear gas. Independent Turkish media and Greek sources report that about 50,000 people are said to have arrived at the various border crossings. Few were able to cross them and were immediately arrested. This issue was reported by Greek News. There is considerable violence, and the refugees are rioting if they are not allowed to cross the border. 



The Turks in front of Idlib


Since the bombing of Idlib, nothing is the same as it once was in the war country Syria. The Sultan by his grace, Erdogan, has played poker and lost. He is personally responsible for the consequences, neither NATO, after which he is downright noisy, nor the EU. Tens of thousands of Syrians are on the run and in his simple-mindedness, Erdogan now, after the death of his soldiers, wants to resort to the NATO alliance case, which would result in a confrontation with Assad's ally, Russia.

Heaps of buses drive from Istanbul to the Macedonian border. There is nothing left of the refugee deal, except the threat potential of Erdogan - that he takes a few more hostages to get a better deal for him.

Erdogan is a cardsharper, a man who has outgrown the power he has seized. He should not, in his almost childish commander's manner, be given a chance to set Europe on fire. Erdogan has waged a war of aggression in Syria. Now he must answer for the consequences. At the Greek-Turkish border, thousands are trying to cross the demarcation line to flee to Europe. Greece reacts with tear gas. Dramatic scenes take place. Therefore, to maintain its internal peace, Europe must close its external borders.


Back in the summer of 1955

Still dreaming



Something extraordinary for the new year. A journey through time of the remarkable kind. It is the year 1955, or more precisely the summer of 1955, when Cornelia (Conny) Froboess toothed the German hit of the years "Pack die Badehose ein". Aunt Erna, already known to us, took it literally, took her partner and a couple of friends and drove to the Côte d'Azur.

Then on to the Italian Riviera.



Segeln 1954, Berlin Wannsee, kasaan media, 2019


Sailing 1954, Berlin Wannsee, kasaan media, 2019 

Aunt Erna probably had enough of the Wannsee bath and the sailing boat from the war years in Berlin. One year after the events in Berne, winning the World Cup they went to South of France. There are also pictures from Austria that month. Probably in June 1955, because from July 1, 1955, the black license plates became invalid. Today you have to be astonished because the journey across the Alps required courage. The roads were not as developed as decades later. They went via Austria with the camping trailer over the Alps to Italy. In this camping trailer was everything you needed for a holiday at that time. It was the longing of those days, also due to the music of the time, for palm trees and Bella Italia. For warmth and southern flair. Afterwards, one wanted to go to the coast to Monaco and further on to a camping site that was located near Mandelieu-la-Napoule. Along the Massif de l'Esterel. The Berliners photographed even rocks because they were so strange for them in those days.  







Irgendwo in Tirol, kasaan media, 2019

Somewhere in Tyrol, kasaan media, 2019 


Büssing in Nauders in Österreich, kasaan media, 2019


Büssing in Nauders in Austria, kasaan media, 2019


Hoch in den Alpen 1955, kasaan media, 2019



In the Alps 1955, kasaan media, 2019 

In den Alpen Österreichs, kasaan media, 2019


In the Alps in Austria, kasaan media, 2019


Turm im See 1955, kasaan media, 2019


Tower in the Sea, 1955, kasaan media, 2019 

It was undoubtedly the reward for the lean years that the National Socialist dictatorship under Hitler had also left behind in Germany. The Nazi era had also demanded unprecedented sacrifices from the Germans. The Airlift period, as well as the division of the city, had taken a further toll. What has survived are pictures that are 65 years old, which are no longer perfect, but reflect the colour of the time.  Many things can no longer be reconstructed on the Agfa's, but they still show the joy of those who at that time went on the much longed-for holidays to the south.
It was long before mass tourism, just with a trailer and VW Beetle convertible. 
The publisher prohibits reprinting without express permission. The pictures are from private property and should only serve the pleasure of the readers. 

 Ungewohnte Umgebung, kasaan media, 2019


Unusual environment, kasaan media, 2019 


Abends in Südfrankreich 1955, kasaan media,2019


Evening in the South of France 1955, kasaan media,2019 


Camping anno dazumal, 1955, kasaan media, 2019


Camping in the old days, 1955, kasaan media, 2019 


Der erste Kaffee unter Palmen, kasaan media, 2019

The first coffee under palm trees, kasaan media, 2019 

Auf dem Campingplatz in Südfrankreich, kasaan media, 2019

At the camp site in the south of France, kasaan media, 2019 


Das Zelt,kasaan media, 2019


The Tent, kasaan media, 2019 


Bei Mandelieu la Napoule, 1955, kasaan media, 2019


Close to Mandelieu la Napoule, 1955, kasaan media, 2019


Straßenszenen in Bella Italia 1955, kasaan media, 2019


Bella Italia 1955, kasaan media, 2019 

Straße in San Remo 1955, kasaan media, 2019


Streets in San Remo 1955, kasaan media, 2019


Strada, 1955, kasaan media, 2019

Strada, 1955, kasaan media, 2019

Sonnenanbeterin,kasaan media, 2019


Sunbather, kasaan media, 2019

San Remo 1955, kasaan media, 2019


San Remo 1955, kasaan media, 2019

Markttag 1955, kasaan media, 2019

At the market 1955, kasaan media, 2019

Markt in Italien anno 1955, kasaan media, 2019

Market in Italien 1955, kasaan media, 2019 

Grazien unter Palmen anno 1955, kasaan media, 2019

Graces under palm trees 1955, kasaan media, 2019

Das Meer 1955 , kasaan media, 2019

The Seaside 1955, kasaan media, 2019


An der Promenade 1955, kasaan media, 2019

Promenade 1955, kasaan media, 2019 


Am Strand in Italien, 1955, kasaan media, 2019


Beach in Italy, 1955, kasaan media, 2019 


Bella, bella Italia, kasaan media, 2019

Bella, bella Italia, kasaan media, 2019 

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