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Deserted Russian pilot Kuzminov found dead in Spain

Deserted Russian pilot Kuzminov fou…

  Former Russian milita...

What has Wikileaks to do with the French Revolution?

What has Wikileaks to do with the F…

We republish this artic...

Mutilated bodies found in Antalya

Mutilated bodies found in Antalya

Cover image: Example imag...

A shame for Germany - meeting of the Neo Nazi movement on the Lehnitzsee

A shame for Germany - meeting of th…

Cover photo: Villa Adlon ...

Resistance against him is mandatory - Björn Höcke and the National Socialist dictatorship

Resistance against him is mandatory…

Cover photo: Höcke at a ...

Is a NATO-Russia war even realistic?

Is a NATO-Russia war even realistic…

Tensions between Russia a...

An unsolved case - 1977 in Arnsberg - the murder of Heinrich Brüggemann

An unsolved case - 1977 in Arnsberg…

This may also concern the...

Cry Melissa Lonjawon Sereno, Cry Jessa Jane Lugagay

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The mysterious fate of missing young German Nick Frischke comes to light

The mysterious fate of missing youn…

The, to say the least, my...

Terror sex spammer from the Netherlands

Terror sex spammer from the Netherl…

The company Casual B.V. o...

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Deserted Russian pilot Kuzminov found dead in Spain


Former Russian military pilot Maxim Kuzminov, who deserted and hijacked a helicopter in Ukraine in 2023, was found shot.

Kusiminov is said to have been murdered with several shots in a parking garage in the town of La Villajoyosa near Alicante.

The Spanish police are still investigating the background to the crime and the perpetrators, especially since burned-out vehicles play a key role in the case. .


What has Wikileaks to do with the French Revolution?

We republish this article.

This article also appeared on Wikileaks itself in French, in August 2012, at the "Le Grand Soir" in Paris and in numerous other French publications.

Time travel

The current, daily more bizarre international situation, however, how absurd it may sound, is comparable to the days and the weeks, the years before French Revolution.

A desperate financial crisis, which was self-made, knitted, an always deferred reform, some sort a blockade, not only on the life worthy issue of incumbent climate changes of the world, this progress could have served all people.

And all, what is already bitter enough, history has repeated, this time, in our days. However, the smug, greedy bankers, shady business leaders, strange political, some of the Constitution completely indifferent currents, an all-dominant intelligence, an uncontrollable power gadget, which acts apparently out of a never-ending, infinite resource against a hostile, every day potentiating crisis.

Once it is the digital spirit of Osama bin-Laden, his invisible terrorist assessed successor, El-Kaida. Then suddenly, because they can get hold of one, new, sudden enemy.

The US-Administration, who distracts from other problems that affect us all, found the foe: Julian Paul Assange and his organization Wikileaks. Now Julian Paul Assange, who is declared a public enemy number 1, only because he and his organization published true exhibits, for all the people, made them accessible to many nations. This time it's not the French people, that once so hated Marie-Antoinette. But it's the same situation, only more than 200 years later.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau quoted, not without self-interest, in his autobiography "The Confessions" (from the French original text) :

« Je me rappelai le pis d'une grande princesse-all à qui l'on disait que les paysans n'avaient pas de pain, et qui répondit: qu'il mangent de la brioche. »

Translation: "Finally I remembered the makeshift of a great princess, the people said, they have had no bread, and she answered: Let them eat cakes!"

Normally, one would be attempted to believe, that even the powerful leader of this world would have learned something of all its ineffable authority, no, it's how it was. How it used to be.

Also, in the Bastille in Paris they were quite happy to torture extensively, the same in the many outposts all over France in those days. Mainly people, who opened their mouth, rebelled against the autocratic system of that time, degenerate royalist lords, the usual inhabitants of Versailles. Many people on this wide, wonderful world, even in the years of growing pluralism, are still fed instead of bread with weapons, fear and hopelessness, with death and disease.

Probably this is the "cake" of the 21st century.

It's never about the good-hearted people of the American, for what they gave to the world. These many nations, that have been created with sweat and blood to one. The GIs liberated Germany from the Nazis, they gave them hope by JFK, "I am a Berliner ". Everyone knows. The spirit of liberty, who flew to the moon, proved pioneering spirit.


America gave us so many things, not only chewing gum, large automotive dreams, Hollywood, Hamburger culture, the joy of swing, rock and roll were only a few of those.

For many the new home, Ellis Island, the Empire-State Building, New York, San Francisco, cities, settlements of superlatives were created.

People, great personalities were produced in America. However, Wikileaks and their founder Julian Paul Assange, stormed as in a contemporary avatar of the modern history the new Bastille, the U.S. Government, all the evil, dictator thoughts, sometimes even ridiculous manic minutes of the oh-so-usual-eloquent diplomats.

Now, Americans should ask: Why is that?

Lived the displaced, forgotten problems. Someone must do so, without doubt. Back to the people, to the genuine nations in power. It was long enough the people of this world, the incumbent, closed-class used own made policies for the financial, senseless wars, for further environmental destruction for the very personal goals of the installed disgusting satellites.

Plenty of willing vassals, an inscrutable network of secret diplomacy, abductions, torture, murder, intrigue and life in apparently undemocratic manners. Everything in the disguise of higher goals that many, most people on this planet, could not understand anymore. There occurred a certain, even some 30 years ago, unthinkable mechanism, which has now thrown the world in an undeclared cyber war by some organization called Anonymous.

They can ´t stop by militant attacks, like in cyber guerrilla warfare, the incredible criminalization of Paul Julian Assange, just show the front, allow all involved parties to proceed further. Radical U.S. politicians, or those who think they are, autocratic self-actors, the mislead American dream of prosecutor, judge and executioner in one focused person.

The hatred is a paralyzing, serves unconditionally not to all the people of the world. It is time that America takes position, not in front of the politicians, however to the people of this earth.
For others, such as sadists, Assange already is one, who is walking the green mile, towards to the rooms of their so ugly executions. Solved by now in the closed, political world. Assange seems to be on the tube of lethal injection. The making of is just made now. Julian Paul Assange is the worldwide martyrs. Now, even that he has not earned. Not yet. Systematically, all in years, decades exploited mature channels are used to stop the truth, which Assange published on Wikileaks. To cover up. What shall be prevented or what should be avoided?

Does anyone in the United States fear the political meltdown?

The steady moral slump of the former superpower, the former living and giving democracy in a meaningless international community which declined by some hateful operators, a system, that was installed after 9/11. A war government that sought their own questionable authority.
Has Wikileaks papers or documents that tell a different, but much more logical, credible truth about the following, to this day occurred events?

The question is: why the superpower is still at war? Why the spirit in a bottle, bin Laden, has not been presented a regular court?

He may comment on the allegations.

Why not?

A state, that clearly has the smartest military in the world, the god-like CIA and other servants is surely enabled to find, locate an Osama- bin- Laden. The policy of the last decade, the United States moves to a post-modern, semiroyalistic, even in seemingly embedded democracy, dictatorship, which is pursuing its secrets for good, stubborn reason. As in a monarchical absolutism, which develops like a bolt down. But begin to insulate the allies. Reported good friends of the Americans, the Swedes know no further: Obviously, the prosecutor Marianne Ny made the bill without an emerging new generation of thinking men worldwide. At least she has become famous, what her future career certainly does not hurt. At first it was resumed a depraved process, because the whole description of the rape of the very strict Swedish law was to steer in any direction and it is still. Sadly, enough all over the world. Undoubtedly the investigating prosecutor would not complain after. The general awareness of a strange, but well-known gut feeling, the coherent interference by political forces against Assange have become may be active. But that would be rude to Mrs Ny and influence on the process of the Swedish judiciary. But the rumor mill says: it was before stopped, because of lack of evidence.

Assange has mutated into a global, growing morale with his arrest. Although he and Wikileaks wistleblowed on the disclosure of extraterrestrial flying devices, the imagination of ordinary citizens of this world is not ready for this further story,which cannot be proved right or wrong anyway.

But while it seems, also feels, like the previously agreed delivery of Assange, even with the total forget of the usually competent US authorities and their own, yet so precious Constitution of the wise fathers of America, Assange and his ideas of a better world is running out of time. But deliveries happened more frequently in recent years, with apparent system, like we all, sadly enough know. Suspects were flown in own jets of the linked secret machinery. Some, a few, not the American people, installed this ugly system. But Assange found the way to a united, notwithstanding, very rough revolution in which he, day in and day out turns to the tragic hero of his own. Some previous actions were not well considered. He certainly is not the founder of a secret service of the people. Of these much-publicized ideas one must separate, but he is the pioneer in a new and different time. Back, when the French declared the revolution, agreed some few wordings of certain inviolable rights. These apply to Assange and Wikileaks. These are the guiding principles of modern democracies, these are the genuine model of all human and democratic principles. The following articles are the work of the French Revolution, were never as current, everywhere, anybody from Jefferson to Obama so respected guiding principles, which applied to our time and the different actors in these moments. Just to remind the original French text as well:

«Les hommes naissent et demeurent libres et égaux en droits. Les distinctions sociales ne peuvent être fondées que sur l'utilité commune. »

People are born free and equal, in rights and will remain so. Social distinctions may be founded only upon the general good.

«Le but de toute association politique est la conservation des droits naturels et de l'homme imprescriptibles. Ces droits sont la liberté, la propriété, la sāreté et la résistance à l'oppression. »

The aim of every political association is the preservation of the natural and inalienable human rights. These are the right to liberty, the right to property, the right to security and the right to resist oppression. Why shouldn’t Wikileaks been entitled to a political, internationally operating organization, that justified their existence by having the transparency of the documents, not their own procurement proven? As those, who claim, that information so vehemently, because those, who must fear for the power, strike out wildly. Julian Assange is made modern super-spy against the confrontational American. That would be too much honor for both sides. He is a journalist with an unusual claim, has broken new ground in terms of the amount of the data. Also for the Wikileaks Sympathizers the law of resistance against oppression in modern feudalism is active. If it remains non-violent. It is a cynical, especially to compare Assange with bin-Laden. Ultimately, the ideas of Assange to publish the papers are existing, evidential, usually in the U.S. living human rights. The very normal freedom of press.

»Le principe de toute souveraineté réside essentiellement dans la nation, nul corps, nul individu ne peut exercer d'autorité qui n'en émane expressément. »

The source of all sovereignty resides essentially in the Nation. Nobody and no individual may exercise any authority which does not emanate expressly from it.

All power comes from all of us, not from an established sort. But from the peoples of the earth, which is probably already forgotten, this extraordinary little something for the sovereignty of the people. Otherwise no one would invest time and power in a despicable hunt for the, made by some lawless, Assange and his fellow co.’s at Wikileaks.

« La liberté consiste à faire tout ce qui ne nuit pas à autrui: ainsi l'exercice des droits naturels dede chaque homme n'a de bornes que celles qui assurent aux autres membres de la société la jouissance de ces mêmes droits. Ces bornes ne peuvent être déterminées que par la loi. »

The freedom must do anything that does not harm others: the exercise of the natural rights of each man has no limits, except those, which assure to the other members of society enjoy the same rights. These limits can only be determined by the law.

Effectively, Assange with Wikileaks, tried only to give the other members of society their natural rights back. Information of all kind must be acknowledged openly. It can’t be, that there is information restricted to only a few on this planet.

»La loi n'a le droit de les actions que défendre nuisible à la société. Tout ce qui n'est pas par la loi, loi ne peut défendu être empêché, et nul ne peut être contraint à faire ce qu'elle n'ordonne pas. »

The law cannot prohibit only those acts which are harmful to society. Everything that is not prohibited by law, must not be prevented, and no one can be forced to do what does not command it.

»La loi est l'expression de la volonté générale. Tous les citoyens ont droit de concourir personnelle ment, ou par leurs Représentants, à sa formation. Elle doit être la même pour tous, soit soit qu'elle protégé, qu'elle soit punisse. Tous les citoyens, étant à ses yeux Egaux, sont également à toutes admissibles dignité, places et emplois publics, selon leurs capacités et sans autre distinction que celle de leurs vertus et de leurs talents. »

The law is the expression of general will. All citizens have the right to participate personally or through their representatives in its design. It must be the same for all, whether it protects or punishes. All citizens are equal before him, they are alike, according to their ability, and without other distinction than that of their virtues and talents to all public, registered offices and positions.

The careful observer must now reckon with a subsequent "Lex Assange" so that confirms the view which is so vehemently demanded for his punishment for the most natural things in the world. The sharing of power with citizens, with the people. With us, with everyone.

«Nul homme ne peut être accusé, arrêté ni détenu que dans les cas déterminés par la loi, et selon les formes qu'elle a prescrites. Ceux qui sollicitent, expédient, exécutent ou font exécuter desdes ordres arbitraires, doivent être punis; mais tout citoyen appelé ou saisi en vertu de la loi doitdoit obéir à l'instant; il se rend coupable par la résistance. »

No one shall be accused, arrested or imprisoned except in the cases specified by law and only in the forms prescribed by him. Who requires arbitrary orders, issues, carry out or can be punished, but any citizen summoned or arrested by law to obey, immediately, by resistance makes it an offence.

A better example can’t be in a few words, if we all understand calls we receive from America now. But these words have been said more than 200 years before. Not created yesterday, but so well known. Also stated proudly in the U.S. Constitution.

» La loi ne doit établir que des peines strictement et évidemment nécessaires, et nul ne peut être puni qu'en vertu d'une loi établie et promulguée antérieurement au délit et légalement appliquée. »

The law was to prescribe only the punishments that are strictly and evidently necessary, and no one can help but be convicted of a law adopted prior to the commission of the offence proclaimed and legally applied.

America's policy is to find a way to continue to criminalize Assange´s idea, to correctified the embarrassing situation on Americas policy.

» Tout homme étant présumé innocent jusqu’à ce qu’il ait été déclaré coupable, s’il est jugé indispensable de l’arrêter, toute rigueur qui ne sera pas nécessaire pour s’assurer de sa personne doit être sévèrement réprimée par la loi. »

If every man is presumed innocent until he was found guilty, must, should be considered necessary to arrest him, any hardship that is not necessary to ensure his person must be severely curbed by law.

The concluding is apparently for Assange, he is not guilty without having committed a crime.

At least the officials have yet to knit evidence together, finally to close all those ideas, streams who demand progress, evolution of democracy. It is most likely that the administration wants to take any opportunity to refuse, eliminate the influence on future leaders. Accordingly, the grandiose, human and honest American Declaration of Independence of 1776, the necessary civil war to abolish slavery, would have been enormous crimes. Has anyone ever ventured to the marvelous Abraham Lincoln or to the model of freedom, George Washington, treason, espionage or other acts of absurd crimes. Just because these great ideals of a new, coming time, the living truth was to spread in their times?

« Nul ne doit être inquiété pour ses opinions, même religieuses, pourvu que leur manifestation nénai trouble pas l'ordre public établi par la loi. »

No one should be prosecuted for his opinions, even religious, provided their manifestation does not interfere with the established Law and Order.

It appears again, it is time to point out, that we all have the right, the ability to comment on the needs, to actively participate to make this public a growing democracy, this wonderful creature of democratic manners must be taken care of. Where Assange has disturbed the law? He tried to restore it.

« La libre communication des pensées et des opinions est un des droits les plus précieux de l’homme : tout citoyen peut donc parler, écrire, imprimer librement, sauf à répondre de l'abus dede cette liberté, dans les cas déterminés par la loi. »

The free communication of ideas and opinions is one of the most precious human rights, every citizen may therefore speak, write, and print, subject to his responsibility for the abuse of this freedom in cases specified by law.

This can be explained well by itself, but the law is just disturbed, because America feels the war is more important than peace is. It's about a war which is unwinnable, which was lost, before it began.

« La garantie des droits de l'homme et du citoyen nécessite une force publique : cette force est donc instituée pour l'avantage de tous et non pour l'utilité particulière de ceux auxquels elle est confiée. »

The safeguarding of human and civil rights requires a public force, which violence is used to benefit all and not for the benefit of those to whom it is entrusted.

The problem of America to exploit the bitter violence for years for their own political goals. Therefore, Assange has become known at all. What has happened to the human rights in Abu Garhib, in the occupied territories of the war, in the war zone itself? In Guantanamo? From special civil rights, someone does not want to talk, they do not exist in this context. At least not in the structure with the U.S. Strategy and its declared enemies. A war needs to find a natural end. It's bad enough that it started.

» Pour l'entretien de la force publique et pour les dépenses d'administration, une contribution commune est indispensable. Elle doit être également répartie entre tous les citoyens, en raison dede leurs facultés. »

For the activity of the public authorities and for administrative costs, a general tax is essential and must to all citizens, be in accordance with their ability to spread evenly.

For each child it is now clear, that the war did cost money, the public sector in the United States needed more than was. So now all be affected. It is therefore reasonable as Assange plans to publish on the banks, what people would otherwise never see. We do not need all war profiteers.

» Chaque citoyen a le droit, par lui-même ou par ses représentants, de constater la nécessité de la contribution publique, de la consentir librement, d'en suivre l'emploi et d'en déterminer la quotité, l'assiette, le recouvrement et la durée. »

All citizens have the right to own or through their representatives, the need to establish a public tax, to consent freely to monitor their use and to determine its proportion, basis, collection and duration.

We all pay the price against an enemy, whose brutal face we know only by the devastating images of 9/11, against whom or what is being fought? Assange has made this more transparent, an apparently useless, huge war that has come completely out of control.

» La société a le droit de demander compte à tout agent public de son administration. »

The society has the right to ask a public official accountable for his administration.

This did Assange, Wikileaks for so many people in this world, because all this is forgotten, the leaders were too good for the truthful answer of so many questions.

« Toute société dans laquelle la garantie des droits n´est pas assurée, ni la séparation des pouvoirs déterminée, n'a pas de Constitution. »

A society in which backed the guarantee of rights and not the separation of powers is not defined, has no constitution.

Assange just wanted to restore, because it seems, he has only informed publication surely, he did not to make any profit. We all require, adore Wikileaks, we take all this progress. We all were to big cowards to take out the first step of a peaceful revolution. Julian Paul Assange opened our eyes. Not with the documents, but with the procedures followed. We also do not need any U.S. Administration, which would run in critical situations against their own constitution. No one has the right for censorship. This has been confirmed by the UN Human Rights Commission. Assange should go as a free man to Sweden. Also, this skirmish of America should come to an end. In Sweden, the allegations should be addressed, if there are any. Not how an individual makes a revolution, even we all know the model. It is enough if we understand the experience and wisdom of the most popular revolt today and act accordingly.


Mutilated bodies found in Antalya

Cover image: Example image of the beach in Side, Türkiye

The mysterious body discoveries on the beaches of Antalya are causing a stir.

According to various media reports, four bodies, two of them mutilated, have washed up in recent days. The police are wondering where the dead came from and how they died.


It is unclear whether they came from the sea or were victims of crimes in the coastal area. The residents of Antalya are shocked and wondering what is going on in their popular holiday region.

An official government statement on the bodies found in Antalya is still pending. However, Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya has announced that he will personally look into the case. He promised to conduct the investigation as a top priority and to inform the public about the results.


Antalya Governor Ersin Yazıcı stated that the safety of citizens and tourists is guaranteed and that there is no reason to panic. He emphasized that Antalya remains an attractive travel destination and that the authorities would do everything possible to clarify the cause of the body discoveries.

Source: Cumhuriyet


A shame for Germany - meeting of the Neo Nazi movement on the Lehnitzsee

Cover photo: Villa Adlon Norhei – Own workLand Brandenburg; Potsdam district. Neu Fahrland, Am Lehnitzsee 1. Monument: Villa Adlon

A secret meeting in November 2023 in a hotel near Potsdam arouses disgust, and ordinary citizens wonder what comes next.

High-ranking AfD politicians, neo-Nazis and financially strong supporters of the right-wing scene are said to have discussed a migration policy master plan. Part of this plan should be the deportation and expulsion of millions of people from Germany, regardless of their nationality. This also includes Germans who do not suit the tastes of the conference participants. The conference location was only about 10 km from the site of the Wannsee Conference, where a conference on the expulsion and extermination of millions was held during the Nazi era

Journalists from Correctiv and Greenpeace uncovered the secret meeting.

They were able to obtain documents, pics, and videos from the meeting and speak to several sources close to the participants.

The AfD parliamentary group leader Ulrich Siegmund, the AfD member of the Bundestag Gerrit Huy, the personal assistant to party leader Alice Weidel, Roland Hartwig, the former co-owner of the bakery chain “Backwerk”, Hans Christian Limmer, and the Austrian right-wing extremist Martin Sellner are said to have taken part in the conference.

The meeting was met with outrage and criticism from both politicians from other parties and civil society organizations.

They accused the AfD of having anti-democratic and racist goals and of joining forces with violent extremists.


Resistance against him is mandatory - Björn Höcke and the National Socialist dictatorship

Cover photo: Höcke at a rally for the 2019 state election PantheraLeo1359531 – Own work

Björn Höcke is a German politician from the right-wing extremist Alternative for Germany (AfD).

With everything Höcke says and does, one might get the idea that he is supporting Russia and Vladimir Putin in their human rights crimes.


Many people deny Höcke's maturity to be in politics. He wants to introduce a mandate after the state elections in Thuringia and a National Socialist federal state. Unfortunately, voters follow him like the supporters who followed the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

It has now become a nightmare incarnate in Germany. His rhetoric hardly differs from that of Goebbels and Co. He uses the words of convicted war criminals and draws the same meaning from them. He stands for miserable National Socialism.

Höcke led the internal party group The Wing, which was classified as right-wing extremist by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, until 2020.

Höcke is known for his nationalist, racist and historical revisionist statements, which are often based on the language and ideas of National Socialism. In doing so, he wants to promote the eternal. Höcke and his henchmen want to shatter the soul of multicultural Germany and establish a Nazi state. It's unacceptable to use any means to do this.


Historical revision is the attempt to falsify or deny historical truth to achieve political goals. Björn Höcke is a well-known historical revisionist who stands for the trivialization and relativization of the crimes of National Socialism.

He described the Holocaust memorial in Berlin as a “monument of shame” and called for a “ 180 degree U-turn in remembrance policy .” He also questioned Germany's guilt in the Second World War.

The Allies wanted to “re-educate” the Germans. Höcke represents an ethnic-nationalist ideology that contradicts the pluralistic and democratic society. He abuses history to mobilize his supporters and defame his opponents. This is not only disgusting and offensive, but also a danger to social peace and the rule of law. That's exactly what he wants to achieve in order to gain power.

The AfD has so far failed to clearly distance itself from Höcke's statements. Some AfD politicians defended Höcke or adopted his positions, such as the concept of remigration, i.e. returning migrants to their countries of origin.


Others distanced themselves from him or expressed criticism, such as former federal chairman Jörg Meuthen, who described Höcke as a “burden” for the party. The AfD is divided within its own ranks about how to deal with Höcke and his right-wing extremist views.

There is currently an online petition calling for Höcke to be deprived of certain basic rights, such as the right to freedom of expression or the right to assembly, because he is misusing them to combat the free-democratic basic order. The petition, which invokes Article 18 of the Basic Law, which provides for the forfeiture of fundamental rights, has already collected more than a million signatures (as of January 17, 2024). The decision lies with the Federal Constitutional Court.


Is a NATO-Russia war even realistic?

Tensions between Russia and NATO have increased in recent years, particularly because of the war in Ukraine that has been ongoing since 2022. Russia supports the separatists in eastern Ukraine, fighting against the pro-Western government in Kyiv.

NATO has pledged military and political assistance to Ukraine to help the country defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Some experts are warning of the danger of a direct war between Russia and NATO, which could also affect Germany. They argue that Russia could seek to provoke or divide NATO by attacking parts of NATO territory or threatening attacks on critical infrastructure.

Russia has a large arsenal of conventional and nuclear weapons that it could use to pressure or blackmail NATO.


According to other experts, a war between Russia and NATO is unlikely, if not impossible. They point out that Russia is inferior to NATO both militarily and economically and that a war would have catastrophic consequences for both sides. Russia is more interested in peaceful coexistence with NATO, but also in its own interests and spheres of influence.

Whether there will be a war between Russia and NATO depends on many factors: the further course of the conflict in Ukraine, the attitude of the USA and the European states, the willingness for dialogue and diplomacy, the role of international organizations and of public opinion.

It is important that all sides strive to find a peaceful solution to the existing conflicts and avoid escalation.


An unsolved case - 1977 in Arnsberg - the murder of Heinrich Brüggemann

This may also concern the former foreign troops in the Soest area.

This case dates back over 45 years: in 1977,  was found dead in his flat in Arnsberg/Germany. The 37-year-old was found in his bathroom with numerous stab wounds and cuts. It can be assumed that the perpetrator and the victim knew each other.

The landlord, who was often simply called "Heino", was homosexual. Investigators found a condom in his apartment with the alleged perpetrator's DNA on it. However, there was still no match in the database.

The innkeeper's daily earnings and a revolver were stolen by unknown persons after the crime. The investigation has not yet led to the arrest of the perpetrator.

We are on the lookout for a young man who was around 17-18 years old at the time of the crime. He is described as having black hair and possibly missing something.

In the restaurant "Sternkeller" in Arnsberg, the suspect and the victim met.

There the man showed a letter of dismissal from his training company and brandished a 20 cm long knife. Heinrich Brüggemann left the restaurant with the young man that day and went with him to the victim's “Capri Bar”.

Witnesses who may be able to provide information about the case are asked to contact the Dortmund criminal investigation department on tel: +49231/132-7441.


Cry Melissa Lonjawon Sereno, Cry Jessa Jane Lugagay

A Filipino prostitute and her pimp Jessa Jane Lugagay have apparently succeeded in defrauding men from the USA and Europe of substantial sums of money over a period of years.

Sereno is said to be part of a larger gang of romance scammers who run their business from a call center in Mindanao. Sereno used to work in a club involved in this business and made up stories that merged and were passed on in different shifts from the call center.

After the first article, countless victims came forward and confirmed that they had similar problems. Among them was a man who she also tried to extort loans from, in parallel with other victims. Sereno repeatedly emphasized that she only wanted to borrow the money she stole from the victims.

In the film shown below, she cries her eyes out because she was supposed to go to prison and quickly needed several hundred euros for an alleged bail. However, it could also be another scam in which she was questioned by the authorities.

Apparently, the gang is travelling all over the Philippines to pick up men from Europe and America. In this context, it is suspected that she and her pimp have literally poisoned their victims with a benzodiazepine. The gang's radius of action extends across the whole of Asia.


She is now practicing presenting herself as a victim. She never received any money. Furthermore, she has done nothing wrong.

Now she is practicing portraying herself as a victim. She never got any money. She did nothing wrong.
One of our German readers, whom we would like to call Otto in this context, told us this story, which is hard to believe if you haven't seen the documents.

The behavior of the gang around Melissa Lonjawon Sereno, who managed to defraud a German of a fortune within a year, is becoming increasingly obvious. But the nice Mrs. Sereno has also victimized other Germans.

Merciless parasite

When asked, Sereno became cheeky. Apparently, call centers based in Davao and their employees around Jessa Jane Lungagay were responsible for the calls on the phone and in the chat.

There were stories that would have immediately struck a normal person as fraudulent, when poor Melissa was supposed to pay, allegedly had to go to prison. The little pizza stand of the tattooed girl with the braces, fires, underlaid with pictures from television in recent years, the army, shootings, the daily typhoons and again and again: "Can I borrow this and that?".

She, a declared supporter of Ferdinand Marcos, was happy to accept the money.

She is now practicing presenting herself as a victim. Furthermore, she never received any money. She has done nothing wrong.

Lungagay had truly monitored the conversations during the Germans' stay in the Philippines, she had filmed everything and is probably also responsible for the images that were taken from the normal television programme to prove the content of the conversations.
Now Otto has filed a criminal complaint in the Philippines, and the beautiful and always eloquent Melissa remains silent.

We have asked her for a statement after she has relieved Otto of more than 80,000 euros within a year.

"It's true you don't love me even a little???? because me 100 percent I do love you verry much???? I wish you all the best in life mahal I hope you can find the right one for you who will love you unconditionally and take good care of you.... I wish that's me but will never happen anymore,????thank you so much that I feel how special I am and respect me,, thank you for being good to me in for 16.months thank you so much..I am sorry if I always message you even you don't like to hear from me.... I wish you can give me a second chance????I will do my best that your trust and love will be back ???? mahal you can make me a slave a maid I will do everything to you just to be with you ???I really love you."

How and if she wants to pay back the money is not known.

Like all scammers, she said: Bye-bye, baby.

Singing pretzel stand

With ever new stories that she invented to get money. In fact, there was one encounter that particularly appealed to the enamored Otto. But Melissa, who was always sitting bored on the sofa and engrossed in TikTok, didn't miss the opportunity to play her role in this play, which she mastered perfectly.

But Melissa, who was always sitting bored on the sofa and engrossed in her TikTok, couldn't resist playing her part in this play, which she mastered perfectly.

Driven by hatred of LGBTs, driven by a never-ending greed for money and ever new stories. When she convinced Otto that she had never been to Malta and that her house was not haunted, the romance ended abruptly. Otto had paid a lot of money for it.

Jessa, who always had her camera to hand to shoot films for the next victims, enjoyed herself in her XXL body.

Of course, like Richelle or Angel, she was a brutal perpetrator who only let Otto come to the Philippines to do business. To be able to sell the films and pictures with Otto so that someone else would fall in love with the likeable man and cash in again.

The setting was perfect, tropical palm trees, the sea, exotic scenery. She wanted to marry him. When he drove away, the farewell song was loud (Our Daddy is going home), the lying Melissa was still shedding tears.

We want to publish the whole lying chat with this person and show the emotional wounds she inflicted on her victim.

Just as a warning to others, of course. That is why we are anonymizing the scam.

There will be a long article about it, but we wanted to report on it now so that the space that has become available is not taken up by someone who might fall for the scammer.

It is also important to know who knows the people in the scammer context?
Who has experienced similar things with these people?



The mysterious fate of missing young German Nick Frischke comes to light

The, to say the least, mysterious fate of missing young German Nick Frischke seems to be coming to light. South African police have arrested three suspects, one of whom has confessed to stabbing the 22-year-old German to death.

Whether he killed him to get his money and credit card is still unclear, but Frischke has been reported missing in Karbonkelberg, just outside Cape Town, and it is highly likely that he will be found dead in the area.

The three suspects were reportedly brought before a South African investigating magistrate today. The circumstances of the crime are unclear, as it is not known if the perpetrators ambushed the German or if he was a random victim.

In general, South Africa has an extremely high crime rate, but attacks like the one on the 22-year-old are extremely rare, even by South African standards, as the perpetrators must have acted with extreme cold-bloodedness and contempt for human life. It is now up to the South African police to find the body of the German in the confusing terrain of the Karbonkelberg. The trail also leads to a stranded platform near the metropolis of Cape Town.


It is highly unlikely that the victim is still alive and will be found in this condition. But the search continues, according to IOL South Africa and News24.com.

Since the end of apartheid, South Africa has had a history of extreme violence and countless unsolved murders. It is the reluctance of the ruling ANC, which as a party and organization is eaten up by corruption and promises no signs of domestic political change, to keep such acts as quiet as possible because of the negative image they have on the tourism industry. South Africa is urged to eradicate such crimes in the future. The perpetrators will be brought to justice, but the range of sentences provided by the law is ridiculous for an act such as this, where a young man's life is at stake.



The search continued on Thursday for the 22-year-old German tourist who disappeared without a trace after leaving an Airbnb in Cape Town on Valentine's Day.

It emerged that a Visa card belonging to him was found among suspected stolen goods during a search of a house in Hangberg near Cape Town, the SAPS in Cape Town said.

Nick Frischke arrived in South Africa on 6 February and was staying at an Airbnb in Pinelands, Cape Town.

He left the Airbnb on foot on 14 February. He was wearing blue denim shorts with white takkies, a beige T-shirt and a backpack, police spokesperson Joseph Swartbooi said.

A major search operation was conducted this week on the Hill Trail between Hout Bay and Sandy Bay. Unfortunately, unsuccessfully.

The police were assisted by the National Water Rescue, Mountain Rescue, search dogs, Provincial Rescue drones and police divers. Nothing more could be done as it was thought to be a possible accident.

The People's Post newspaper reported on Thursday that a credit card belonging to Nick Frischke was also listed in a logbook of stolen and confiscated property kept by the Hout Bay police.

While the SAPS had said it was a possible accident, it is now likely that foul play was involved.

Western Cape Provincial Police spokesperson Colonel André Traut told Times LIVE on Thursday that three suspects had been arrested and charged with possession of the previously identified stolen property.

However, what happened to Nick Frischke is still unclear.

German tourists who may have witnessed anything are urged to contact Detective Sergeant Daluxolo Mhlauli on 076 609 0764. This could be the chance to find the missing man alive. Alternatively, people can call the following number SA Police Service (Saps) Crime Stop number 08600 10111.


SAPS, South African Police Service

Suid-Afrikaanse Uitsaaikorporasie (SAUK)

Times Live

People's Post

Own research




Terror sex spammer from the Netherlands

The company Casual B.V. offers all kinds of sex and partnership meeting places in the digital world. Chats and real meetings, as promised by this construct with thousands of names.

But there is a catch: fake profiles are created, and an invoice is generated with these profiles. One of our readers asked us to take a closer look at the creation of profiles.

The only thing that is frivolous is the subscription that the casual user tries to force by creating false profiles. Whole armies of lawyers are already dealing with the problem. It seems that the Dutch authorities are a bit sluggish when it comes to closing down this conglomerate.

The platforms where you can end your loneliness even reach Australia. Fake profiles are created there. It seems that address databases are bought, and then a profile is created, as in the case of our reader who could no longer resist the letters. Every hour, he received an email telling him how much his profile was loved by the other profiles. A playground for romance scammers and others who want to prey on the unsuspecting.

If you look at the forums and the reviews, you will see that these are fake profiles being offered for sale. For 39.00 euros a month, just like on the other sites owned by this internet octopus. Lightly dressed ladies offer themselves for sale in an outdated image of women. Chats and other opportunities are highly praised and then staged.

The octopus is said to belong to a certain Petronella Gerritsen, who operates from Frans Erensstraat 14 A in Venlo. One cannot help but get the impression that a juggernaut has been created here in an apparent legal vacuum, which is confirmed by the countless violations of data protection.

If you wanted to stop the letters, you could only cancel the 'contract' that Fremdgehen69.com had made for a false profile. Only the contract in the subscription trap cannot be cancelled against one's will, then another involuntary profile is created, and the game starts all over again.

Notifying support is just as pointless as trying to find a way to move the constant emails to the spam filter.

After receiving hundreds of emails, our reader filed a complaint against the company for identity theft.

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