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Scammer (4)

Is the financial service provider Western Union involved in Benin Scam?



We refer to yesterday's first article about the IMF Scam. We wanted to know what was going on and wrote the perpetrators under a legend. The perpetrator group had contacted us yesterday concerning the IMF. Today, the notable drawback came, with which the perpetrators earn money. 

Some tax and some fee, which of course only exists in the plans of the perpetrators. Neither the actual amount nor the person exists. 

A subculture has formed in the West African states, which nauseatingly charges Europeans and Americans, Asians and Latino's. Indeed, about God and how capable the perpetrators are. They are dangerous criminals, who, if you pass on your data to them, are taking the mischief. This goes so far as to manipulate or falsify the portals of Western Union. Western Union and MoneyGram should reconsider their involvement in Africa, or the EU, the USA and Latin America, as well as Asia, should ban the two payment service providers. 
You run the risk that with your name, your data, new crimes even trafficking human beings, drug trafficking and money laundering are pursued. 
The initiators stop at nothing. They do not care about human life at all. They exploit the information to the point of excess and forge official documents and blackmail wherever possible. In Benin, they seem to see things differently. The police do not care about such excesses. The same applies to Congo, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Ghana and increasingly for Côte d'Ivoire.  They seem to live on scamming. Corona increases the action of the scammers. 

What is new, however, is that the portals of Western Union are forged.  Apparently you are redirected to a fake site of Western Union. 


"Dear customer,



I am still waiting for the payment information. If possible, do send the payment receipt for record purposes.



Due to the limited time for this transaction and other security reasons, I will advise you not to disclose this transaction to a third party until your total fund is transferred to you. This security measure is because the amount involved is a huge amount of money, to avoid much hitches.


Attached is  a photo of my family. I will like to know if you will be able to send the fee through WORLD REMIT."



The forgery became obvious and the perpetrators did not want Western Union to be questioned about the truth. They quickly wanted money via World Remit, another financial service provider. This group of perpetrators attracted attention in connection with the Love Scam of the "Alina programme" and the subsequent money laundering. It is clear that the operations of this group in West Africa extend as far as the Congo. 


The identity papers of Western Union employees



Even the passport is a complete forgery.


Western Union has done too little to control the West African mobsters. Profit is the key, not the normal course of events. Whether African employees of Western Union are involved in the scam cannot be confirmed at present but it is most likely.



Here the second mail: 

"Dear esteemed customer,


Firstly, we want to assure you that this is not one of the fraud/scam messages you receives promising you for millions of dollars. Be rest assured that this is your compensation because your email address is on the scam victim's list.


After receiving your message, we instantly sent the first payment of $5,000   to your given name.  As I was trying to email you the payment information for you to go and pick up the payment in your country, I got a call from the Western Union Headquarters in Colorado, United States, and they brought to my attention that the $5,000   we sent to you has been  CANCELLED and the remaining $995,000.00 has been placed on hold by them (THE WESTERN UNION HEADQUARTERS) through our network.

I asked them why, and they said that the Inland Revenue Tax Authority here in  Benin  Republic  reported to them that we are transferring such amount of money without the Non-Resident Tax Clearance Certificate of the beneficiary.


So, after I cut off the conversation with the head office, I called the Inland Revenue Tax Authority here to know how the clearance could be obtained from them and the cost of obtaining it. They said that it will cost $88 only to obtain the certificate and it will take only 1 – 2 hours for the clearance certificate to be ready.


I later called the head office back and asked them if there is any other thing to do after the clearance is obtained, and they assured me that once the clearance certificate is forwarded to them, they will instantly release the funds without any delay.


The information of the payment we made today is enclosed.


MTCN #--------------------------353-933-6012

Sender's name-----------------Mark James

City-------------------------------- Cotonou

Country--------------------------- Benin  republic

Text question--------------------When

Text answer---------------------Today



For self-confirmation, you can track this payment online with Western Union official website, copy this link and paste on your browser after filling the information, click Continue.  Note; if you track this payment, the status will show you that the payment has been Cancelled.  Note that you can NEVER be able to pick up this payment in your country until the fund is released by the head office.


Due to the urgency this required, we tried to deduct the fee from your fund but it was unsuccessful because your fund is currently on hold. However, you are advised to go ahead and send the Non Resident Tax Clearance fee of $880 via MONEY GRAM or WESTERN UNION so that we will assist you and obtain the certificate from the office. Here is the information you will use to send the $880.


Receiver name;.......SERAPHIN AKODJINOU

City................ Cotonou

Country;............ Benin  republic

Test question; Trust

Answer; God

Amount; $880


Do send us the payment information as soon as you made the payment. If you can send the fee today, you will pick up the first payment and we will send you another $5,000 today as the clearance certificate is the only thing holding the transfer. Note: you have to try and send the clearance fee as a matter of urgency because the head office will confiscate your fund and divert it to the government treasury if you did not comply urgently.


Remember, we were instructed by the IMF to return any unclaimed payment file after 72 hours if the beneficiary did not comply to claim his/her funds.  So, if you will send the fee but you can not send it within 72 hours, let us know so that we will report to the IMF that you are complying so that they will not ask for the return of your own payment files.


Meanwhile, we will be waiting for the fee of $880 and under 30 minutes to 1 hour of confirming the payment, you will receive the first payment slip in your inbox.


The management of Western Union Money Transfer, Benin Republic Office.


For more details/inquiry, call/Whatsapp +229-9806-4444



Mr. Mark James

Western Union® Money Transfer"


Ms Jodie D. Williams - Super scam with the war in Syria



A few days ago, we found one of the below published mails in our box. We wrote "HOAX" back to stop further mailings. It was immediately clear to us that scammers were on the way again. It is the story of the terminally ill woman who wants to give away her fortune to someone else as a last good deed. 
Where the pictures of the sick woman were stolen, we do not know. We publish the images to warn everyone. It is a crude and evil mixture of actual events and a story script on the bazaar for scammers in Nigeria. The attack in Syria happened, although the numbers are entirely exaggerated.  The story, including pictures, costs about 200 US$ and a 15% share of the "profit". The scammers are using the international crisis to promote their cause, and the concept of the God-fearing seriously ill is particularly useful.  The money in Malaysia does not exist. The danger is that you can't tell whether it is a pure scam or international money laundering in this context. Based on the letter, it can be assumed that it is organized. 
Hands off, don't pay any "notary fees, hospital costs or something like this. Do not give anybody your data. The perpetrators would then commit further crimes or blackmail you- even with the threat to curse you if you do not pay. 

You should put the mail into the digital garbage can with the numerous other mails, which we publish further down in a selection. 


"Good Morning 

I'm Jodie, I send my love and greetings to you, Hoping that you are safe in this Covid19.
Please pardon me as I am aware that this is Not a conventional way of relating such an
important message to you, I did try without success to locate either your contact Address
and I resorted in contacting you via email. Not withstanding, I know quite well that Recently,
there are so many ''HOAX'' going on via internet and it is difficult to trust but i don't know
why my spirit still accepted me to send this message to you out of few email addresses i got
from the internet in search of trust and transparency. This is a true life situation & it
happened to me.

However, this communication will be a great benefit to you & your family, I know quite well that
we have not met before, but God works Miraculously and re-uniting his people through his own will
and great atone of faith. I will tell you everything & how it happened as soon as i receive your

Jodie D. Williams

I received your message just now and I'm replying to it. First and
foremost I want to thank you for your prompt and immediate response, I
am more than happy when I saw your mail. After receiving your mail I
felt it is important to let you know more about the details of my
communication and it's origin as this will guide you and also repose
some confidence in you about what you are doing. After my fasting and
prayers I made a search on the internet and I got your email contact.
Please accept this proposal as God's doing because God's ways are
mysterious. Yes it is true that we do not know each other but God has
a way of accomplishing his Work through his own.

I am an Australian Citizen and i left when i was very young & small. I
got married to a Syrian born in Australia by name James Williams, we
both relocated from Australia to Malaysia where he based. He died two
years ago, along with our two Children when he visited his sick
brother in Syria. All my family died the same day tears......., as a
result of Chemical weapon used by SYRIAN GOVERNMENT 2 years ago, which
United Nations and United States of America are still investigating
about the brutal killings of about 1,500 people with Chemical gas
missile by the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.  My late husband
Executed a contract in Malaysia few years ago. It was just last week
that Malaysian new government approved their Contract Payment. I
needed someone who lives outside Malaysia to be a place holder for me
so that the Contract Funds will be paid to you directly as my place

This process is 100% risk free, you & your family will benefit
immensely from this assignment & all the relevant documents are intact
to back you up in your Country against Money-laundering activities. Do
not be afraid that you don't know the history of the Contract because
he has already submitted all the contract completion papers and he has
also signed all the payment papers, you are not going to be involved
in any agreement signing exercise. All i needed is to give you the
Contract completion certificate and documents and the bank will
transfer the funds to you directly without any difficulties and there
is no TAX or VAT to pay. This assignment will not disturb your
business activities /appointments  or the work  you do, it does not
require your presence in Malaysia, I will send you the full details as
soon as i receive your acceptance/consent response, then i will give
you the full prerequisites for the proof. Let me know your decision.

FUTURE ENDEAVORS. I'm a lonely heart and in pains of agony for
terminal cancer diseases, I have (Pharyngeal cancer) or simply known
as throat & Mouth Cancer. It's very painful for a widow that sat on a
wheel chair for 2 months in the hospital without moving anywhere, at
least give me hope now that I'm hopeless in my sickness bed. May God
almighty bless you and your family with good health and never to be in
my condition, Amen.

TAKE NOTE: To clear that fear in you, find attached my pics at the
hospital, so that you will see the woman you were communicating with,
I'm in pains but God knows the best, i love you all.

Ms Jodie D. Williams


This is not scam but a true life situation and it happened to me. It
was not what you thought in your mind. Life is just like flowing water
which has no end, but above all is too short and no one knows tomorrow
and it's possession.

I will not wish you Bad in life because God did not wish us dead or
bad in his infinity mercies and love he has for we human. May God
bless you. So, if you are interested to proceed with me kindly let me
know urgently.

Have a nice day.






The Donald Trump Scam

Donald Trump Scam

These days, many of these mails arrive in the mailboxes of Internet providers. It is again the attempt of a group of unscrupulous crooks to exploit the Corona crisis. Not without an end in itself, the perpetrators mention the ruler of the White House.

Many readers respect the "President" of the USA. However, you should be careful what you trade with Trump after Atlantic City. Now this writer uses the instruction of Donald Trump, which of course does not exist. 

This time even Trump is probably clueless.

Trump's tall tales and fake news make these scams possible at all. 

No one in his right mind can overlook the mistakes and contradictions that result from the nonsense. 
This payment does not exist, the address as well as the name comes from an identity theft. The number is probably from Google Hangouts and serves the perpetrators as a "serious paint". 
Hands off, never transfer address data. The perpetrators would use this information unscrupulously for further scams. Move the mail into the digital trash can. 





214 Broadway, New York,
NY 10038, United States.
Unclaimed Asset/Assets Re-united,
USA International Remittance Department
Tel: +1 (650) 300-8647
Fax: +1 (646) 805-9453
Our Ref: JPMCB/CTB/6x780/19.

Attention Beneficiary
In fight against corruption in the Banking system and in pursuit to re-build a good relationship with foreigners by the President of the United States of America.
We wish to inform you that every files and reports concerning international payment of all the foreign beneficiaries was brought to my office in the Order and instruction of the U.S Department of States and U.S Department of Treasury.
I must confess that i shared tears after seeing your unclaimed and uncompleted transactions, It was a national slap and a disgrace to this Country after noticing that your have paid for all the fee to receive your fund but your funds never got to your bank account because of the selfish interest of the banks and Individuals mandated to transfer and release your fund to your bank account.
The U.S Department of States and U.S Department of Treasury has approved a compensation payment of US$4,500,000.00 in your name which shall be transfer to your bank account through an online, We will create an online bank in your name and you will transfer your fund by yourself through our online to your bank account.
We chose to transfer your fund through an online banking so that no Agency will notice or stop your fund. Sir, you shall receive this compensation fund within 3 working day, if you comply with our instructions and adhere to our directives.
Get back to us with your information as listed below.
Your Full Name:
Phone number:
Age and Occupation:
Next of Kin:
Scan Copy of your identification
Thank you for your mutual understanding and cooperation as we wait to read from you soonest
Yours Faithfully,
Dr. Harold Williams
Tel: +1 (650) 300-8647
Foreign Remittance Department"


Code Ref: NOR/2354X2/09

While others are fighting for survival worldwide, others are making a fake lottery to make a good profit on the Corona crisis

Extremely dissocial elements use the corona crisis to enforce their idea of profit. From Johannesburg comes the last exhibit of an alleged lottery from Norway, which of course does not exist. The scammers want personal data to commit other crimes. What a construction company in the Western Cape is supposed to have to do with the Norwegian lottery is marked in the stars. Even here it is identity theft. 
Straight into the electronic trash bin,  even if the perpetrators flood the mailboxes this time too.

Don't answer, don't disclose any data

Here the opener of the scammer gang:


This is to inform you that you have been
selected for a cash prize of €3,000,000
(EUR) held on the 30th of March 2020 in Oslo (Norway)
The selection process was carried out through
random selection in Our computerized email
selection system (ESS) Oslo Norway. Fill the

1.Full Name
2.Full Address
3.Marital Status
8.Country Of Residence
9.Telephone Number

Send the filling details back to me, using the below email for quicker

Agent Name: Mr. Garrett Morris
Tel: +47024091949
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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