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Update: Strange leads to Gibraltar - Wirecard involved in money laundering in international narcotic deals?

Money laundering professionals at work?


Again, the trail leads to Gibraltar through many mistakes and confusion of whole mailbox batteries.

Did the managers of Wirecard prepare the money laundering of the international narcotic trade and the darknet for different crypto-currencies?

Did Wirecard already launder money for the international drug mafia via the Dubai branch?

Oliver Bellenhaus, who seems to be involved in a whole network of unrelated companies via various British firms (we reported) could provide excellent information on this. After he arrived in the Federal Republic of Germany, he too is in custody on remand. In 2010 and 2015, Wirecard came under investigation by the Munich public prosecutor's office on suspicion of money laundering. Nothing happened of it.

 Now, however, things look different.

The US authorities are currently accusing Ruben W. of having installed fake sites via such a "complex network" of letterbox companies and online payment service providers and of having found a way to sell marijuana illegally in violation of the SAFE BANK Act throughout the United States, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. 

When Ruben W., who lived in Luxembourg, was arrested and people close to Wirecard tried to get the fallen star of the Californian marijuana scene out on bail, numerous institutions listened carefully. Once again, the traces lead to well-known trusts in Gibraltar, as one can hear from the scene.


Various investigators are currently investigating the question in the USA, Singapore and the Philippines.


End of a time travel

Now the Management Board of Wirecard must have decided to file for insolvency proceedings given the threat of insolvency. No journalist can see through Wirecard’s corporate network, which is designed like a bulwark, and no one can say what happened on the Philippines, in Singapore and Dubai’s letterbox batteries. 

Investors are amazed at the rapid decline in the price of the shares, which allegedly arrived at Zero. Billions in assets have been burned. The Bank of America lowered its outlook to $1 per share, which would mean that the stock would soon reach the penny-stock range. However, the stock isn’t worth that much more. EY, as an auditor, assumes that Wirecard was involved in large-scale fraud. The brutal and partly inhuman suppression of investigative journalism towards the Financial Times by the German BaFin speaks volumes about the understanding of subjecting Wirecard to state control. The despicable lucre justified every transaction that was supposed to make investors richer. It did not matter whether Rami El Obeidi, the “secret service chief” of the Libyan National Transitional Council after Gaddafi was involved in strange financial flows. In this context, it became known that Wirecard also started to spy on critics. 

According to information from several agencies, Jan Marsalek, who is now wanted with an arrest warrant, intends to turn himself into the authorities in Munich. Marsalek is also speculating on a deal with the public prosecutor’s office to escape a possibly long period of detention. Meanwhile, Marsalek, who acts as a phantom, is said to be in China. 


Watching with history

Meanwhile, the omissions of recent years are becoming increasingly evident. It is impossible to explain to any of the investors why no action was taken when the connection to Wirecard became apparent in 2017 in the “Paradise Papers”. Even back then, it was all about illegal online casinos, offshore gambling providers and the trail into the darkest corners of the Internet. In 2008, Markus Braun had to vehemently advocate that the balance sheets were in order, as rumours were growing that something was wrong with the Aschheim-based company.


Wirecard was the brutal, unbridled capitalism of the dotcom awakening, which was able to make the most of financial slaves such as Gibraltar and Andorra or Liechtenstein. Wirecard developed into an economic system within the financial apparatus. In the beginning, it was only about the billing of pornography, which was downloadable in 1999, and the beginning of online gaming, which boomed from the end of 2004. In the streets of Gibraltar, the company founders and trustees recommended Wirecard as a solution for any profit maximization. 

It was no secret that falsely registered prepaid credit cards from gas stations were also used for criminal business. Wirecard did not care about this fact. Thus, bundles of cards loaded with 100 euros from the gas station could be used for transactions that made Wirecard rich. 


Those who spoke against this were quickly brought into Wirecard’s reality, into a vacuum without laws. That was tolerated. Or those that the former KPMG manager Markus Braun had made his own. Big questions about where the investment of the foundation of the DAX group came from were wiped away or suppressed. Nobody had anything to want. Over the months and the following years, many journalists realized that money had been provided for the initial business from gloomy sources. 

Since then, twelve long years have passed. Nothing happened, at some point, the scene calmed down. The trail already led to Gibraltar. Braun was able to wipe away the pressure that was weighing on him in 2008 with a memorable interview.

But now it looks different.

However, one wonders how it could have come to the point where the prepaid card broker Wirecard was able to lead Commerzbank and Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW), the Dutch ABN Amro and the Dutch ING by the nose. In this context, Wirecard today looks like any other pyramid game.


Questions about questions remain

Have funds been laundered via cryptocurrencies from offshore paradises?

Also, Crypto.com, where you could allegedly pay your credit card bill with Bitcoin, as well as TenX, will have big problems. 

We remember that the trail of Julian Hop’s TenX led to the trustee densely populated mailbox paradise at the southern tip of Spain: In early 2018, the company WaveCrest, which managed the VISA license in Gibraltar, collapsed. TenX was without a permit. What ultimately led to a cooperation with Wirecard is not clear.


 It is unusual in this context that the first official measures against Wirecard were taken in Singapore. People did not sleep there.

Here, too, the question remains, was money laundering carried out via BitCoins and the celebrated BitCoin card trick?

Why the people of Aschheim embellished, their balance sheets can only be explained by money laundering. Wirecard was a Trojan horse without reins.


Jan Marsalek is wanted


Marsalek was Braun’s “right hand” and is currently supposed to be in the Philippines. Unfortunately, nobody could be reached at the Wirecard press office. Whether Marsalek is the mastermind behind the countless forged documents can neither be denied nor affirmed.

At least Jan Marsalek or a trace of him is being sought there. Even the Minister of Justice of the Philippines commented on this; apparently, Wirecard has been declared a matter for the boss.

The Philippine Minister of Justice Menardo Guevarra stated that he had commissioned the authorities to investigate. The Southeast Asian state does not have an extradition agreement with the Federal Republic of Germany, which would possibly mean that Jan Marsalek would be exposed to the justice of the Duterte dictatorship. In a country in which human life counts for less than the whims of a dictator, Marsalek would be well advised to return to Germany and provide the authorities with information about the Wirecard Bank’s involvement.


What a coincidence to think that the busy family law expert Mark Tolentino is about to get new bank statements. Marsalek had already entered the country once in March for two days and is now back there. The Philippine authorities are also investigating the bank and are probably looking for the billions in the dictator Duterte’s empire. The Philippine Central Bank stated that the missing funds could not be found in the country’s financial system.

As the Board of Directors of the Philippine banks in Manila told the Manila Times, neither BDO Unibank Inc. (BDO) nor the Bank of the Philippines Islands (BPI) did not find the missing billions, whose name was only used to cover the traces, Governor Diokno said. It remains to be seen whether one can believe that. Another simple question is whether accounts of real customers were falsified to use their names for money laundering. In this context, the air bookings researched by the British “Financial Times”, which Wirecard is said to have carried out to make sales look higher, are said to have given a boost. These bookings were directed through various points. 


Thrillers in Manila and Singapore


Diokno added: “The head of the Central Bank noted that both banks had informed Ernst & Young, Wirecard’s external auditor, that the documents confirming the existence of the alleged funds were ‘false’.

He went on to say, according to the Manila Times:

“The document claiming the existence of a Wirecard account at BDO is a forged document and contains forged signatures of bank employees,” BDO said in a statement released over the weekend. And: “Your external auditor has presented us with a document claiming that they are customers. We have established that the document is false. We are continuing to investigate the matter. “

Meanwhile, the Straights Times in Singapore reports that it learned from an unspecified source, through the Reuters news agency, “that Wirecard is also considering selling or closing parts of its business, but that the creditor banks are not interested in an emergency sale, especially since litigation could deter buyers. Besides, Straights Times business editor Choo Yun Ting explained that the Singaporean public prosecutor’s office announced in March last year that eight Wirecard subsidiaries were under investigation as part of a criminal investigation for alleged counterfeiting, falsified documents, money laundering and the release of funds to support false transactions believed to have taken place between 2014 and 2018. Roundtripping involves the falsification of turnover and profit by sending money to a third party who then uses it to buy goods and services from the sender under the pretext of a genuine trade”.

Again, in connection with gambling and options, a programme of effective money laundering has been developed.


Was the cryptoqueen Dr Ruya Ignatova murdered? 

Substantial bounties and indictments from all over the world

Now Dr Ignatova has been almost two and a half years gone from the face of the earth. First, the woman who was not pregnant went on maternity leave and never returned. She ran the pyramid game OneCoin until she disappeared at the end of 2017.

There are also no longer any pictures that show the former fiery-eyed, always heavily made-up beauty, who went to school in Schramberg in the Black Forest, Germany, in more recent times.  


Her brother Konstantin Ignatov, nicknamed Konsti Keks, was arrested at the Los Angeles airport about a year ago after he had taken over the company from his sister in 2017. The US justice here the district attorney Cyrus Vance from New York has written a lengthy indictment against the Ignatov Clan.


"Konsti (Keks) cookie" in better days, screenshot Konstantin Ignatov Facebook

Billions are missing. Supposedly between 6 and 12 billion euros. No one was ambitious with millions.  It is these funds that are being sought, not the snobbish egocentric who suddenly disappeared into thin air in 2017, after she was apparently arrested at Munich airport, but was deported to Bulgaria days later. Until her disappearance, she was the ideal tool of the mafia.

The question is, is the public face of OneCoin still alive?


Probably not. The pressure is and has been very high internationally. It was suspected that Dr Ruja Ignatova could move freely within Europe with a Ukrainian passport. This passport is now attributed to a double. Even the rumour that she was taken in by a Russian oligarch was probably just a ruse that she was pulling when she could still act in public. The fact that she would sail across the oceans on her yacht Davina is also not actual. The luxury boat is anchored in Sozopol on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. According to the employees, it is rusting there. The Sunseeker yacht is said to be for sale. 


The news of death need not be accurate, but manifold traces led back then already into the milieu, which does not talk long but acts very fast. Her brother testified that since 2017 he had no contact with his sister, who was then under the protection of a wealthy Russian. She had fled via Austria to Greece. After that, the trace of the cryptogoddess vanished near the mountain of Olympus. 


Early justified critics of the system were aware of constant death threats, which had to be taken seriously. Investors heard warnings straight from the mafia's maw. As it looks today, the Bulgarian, Italian and African mafia, led by the Russian mafia, joined forces to launder billions easily. At last, there was a consensus. Dr Ruja Ignatova was only the executive force, a puppet whose idea was perhaps adopted by the mafiosos. That's all it took with the Bulgarian woman. 

A frontwoman was needed. But the girl with the initially doll-like face, who was already extremely unpopular at school in Schramberg, was good for that. The underworld, genuinely enthusiastic about so much effort, just had to wait to legalize their formerly criminal machinations. The Blockchain was only the Trojan that triggered an unexpected hype. Probably even the initiators were overwhelmed with success. Quickly came the descent of the fairy tale princess, who for a time was the hope of millions of Blockchain disciples. At the end of 2018, it became too delicate even for the company's sales agent in Belize, when the US Federal Police FBI was already investigating the backers of the supposed digital currency after even the otherwise sluggish authorities of Belize had issued a warning supported by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC). Consequence: Mr Santiago Gonzalez resigned.


As in any pyramid game, OneCoin was licensed to print and launder money. This time it was a blockchain, but it was founded for other purposes. Outwardly, the increasingly chubby woman looked like the leader of a financial sect, as seen in her 2016 appearance at Wembley, where thousands of followers cheered her on, and she chanted the crypto goddess. 

Her life sounded in the public performance of OneCoin.eu like the path of Cinderella, who escaped from late socialism, to become the Crypto Princess. "She grew up in Bulgaria until she moved to Germany at the age of 10. For a young, hard-working foreigner, the transition was not easy, and Dr Ignatova had to learn a new language and begin to prove herself. She lived in Germany both as a student and later as a businesswoman, where she developed her entrepreneurial spirit. She received her doctorate in law from the University of Konstanz, completed her law studies at the University of Oxford (M.Jur.) and obtained a master's degree in law at the University of Konstanz and a master's degree in economics at the Fernuniversität Hagen. Before founding OneCoin, Dr Ignatova was an Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company and managed one of the largest asset management funds in Bulgaria, CSIF, where she managed more than €250 million. Dr Ignatova was named "Businesswoman of the Year" in Bulgaria in 2014 by Lord Evgeni Minchev and "International Businesswoman of the Year" in 2012. Described by some as the "Crypto Queen", Dr Ignatova has become one of the world's leading cryptocurrency experts and visionaries".


OneCoin was founded in 2014 by Dr Ruja Ignatova in Sofia, Bulgaria, together with other people apparently from the Mafia society, such as the Swede Sebastian Greenwood. Many believe that Greenwood is the one who belonged to the mafia and should have the best connections to the Bulgarian government. Sebastian Greenwood was extradited from Thailand to the USA in 2018.  Any clear-thinking investor could have realized that Dr Ruja Ignatova, who holds a doctorate in law, had not invented the Blockchain, only the pyramid game that was attached to it by countless companies and dubious brokers.

Detached, Sebastian Greenwood with his former boss, Screenshot Facebook Greenwood

Quickly numerous offshore companies were established, such as through AMS Company Management Limited Suite 16, Block 5, Watergardens PO Box 417 Gibraltar, (which together with the parent company, Veska Ignatova, Pegaron Invest Limited, Sofia) offered an international platform for money laundering for drug and darknet shops, human trafficking etc. These services were provided on numerous underground platforms. On 27 March 2014 the absurd branch office was established in an offshore office service provider, here in the building in Watergardens in Gibraltar.


After that the Bulgarians were still listed in Sovereign Trust (Gibraltar) Ltd - Trust & Company Managers Suite 2B, 143 Main Street. This place was the last known address in the English enclave in Spain. There, where also the "exceptional Chris", who we edited in some articles, has or had his mailbox domicile. On 26 August 2016, Veska Ignatova applied to remove OneCoin Limited from the Gibraltar register of companies.

Main Street Gibraltar, kasaan media, 2019

But the rise of the Crypto Princess or the later Crypto Queen was like something out of a script: Hollywood could not have written the dialogues better for the frontwoman, who seemed more and more like a matron from another time. From the performance on OneCoin.eu "Dr Ruja Ignatova is the founder of OneCoin, the OneLife network and the OneAcademy. Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Dr Ignatova today manages a company that is represented in almost all countries and on six continents."  Even probably in Antarctica, to make the penguins OneCoin tasty. The attentive observer should have already understood that. Besides, for all underprivileged people, there was the necessary foundation: OneWorldFoundation.eu It is not possible to say what extent the foundation developed, but it is said that considerable amounts of money were laundered here as well. Even Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Ben Bernanke and other celebrities had to be godfathers.


Screenshot OneCoin Instagram


2nd part The tracks lead to Gibraltar and Monaco


New York District Attorney's Office

Companies House Gibraltar

International Financial Services Commission (IFSC)

Gerlach Report

Black Forest messenger 


Trade journal


Bank of Ireland


own research




Inside Amazon

The giant without taxes and brains


The 1990s, when it was convenient to propagate avarice, are over. During this time, however, the book mail-order company Amazon grew into an international corporation that invaded the existing structures, which had been functioning for years, like a grasshopper, or in other words, covered itself over like a shroud.

The former bookseller Jeff Bezos has become an international group whose expansion seems never-ending. In the meantime to the considerable disadvantage of the clientele.


Where are the antitrust authorities?


Which tax authority provides information about Amazon's business in Europe? (Tax models in Luxembourg ("Luxleaks")

What agreements did the EU or Jean-Claude Juncker conclude with Amazon before the Internet giant settled in the Grand Duchy?


Why is it that people in Luxembourg, without exception, are silent when it comes to Amazon?


Allegedly Amazon is making high losses but has tremendous growth rates in sales.

A marginal note here is that Amazon does not pay any or insufficient sales tax. According to a report by the Federal Ministry of Finance, which is headed by Federal Minister Scholz, hundreds of millions of euros are thus lost to the tax authorities every year.

Tax CDs are bought up for a lot of money. Nobody dares to go near Amazon.

Where is the EU, which should stand in front of the retailers in the single European market so as not to destroy more jobs?

Where does the globalization of a system, a structure, come to an end?

Amazon introduces insurance, Amazon fresh, even recently with sandwiches, and other industries that have nothing to do with the actual work of the company.


The first thing the Commission should ban would be the alleged informer "Alexa", handy and trained to store anything that the consumer might need to offer it for sale. Nobody needs Alexa! Alexa is an intruder, not a media centre or something the catalogue has to report about the diffuser device. What other functions does "Alexa" actually have? Where has someone dealt with Alexa who can provide information about all the functions of the domestic helper?


Who controls this?


It is astonishing what this new resident can do if you use him then: Pick out train tickets, Alexa creates shopping lists, Alexa oversees the household and security of the property while the residents probably pick up the next Amazon package. Soon, this will be done by robots that can fly or drive. Alexa also cares about the health of the owner. Amazon is presumably collecting data from people to

set up branches of business. You have to pay a lot for a superficially seen loudspeaker. Alexa talks and the data with the update of the program will surely be passed on.


So, who's in charge of security?


Today Amazon is a network of companies that the average consumer no longer understands. There are numerous tributaries of this network, which hide from the customer who is actually behind it. Amazon also appears under third-party brands.

Amazon has mercilessly ruined the book trade in the German-speaking world, which was perceived as competition. Sustainable. And still blames the victims of his system for the mass death of the bookstores.

It is a shame how the book market after the bankruptcy of knv finally fell into the hands of Amazon. Where do you think politics will intervene when the largest German book wholesaler goes bankrupt? Amazon has saved easy play and enough taxes everywhere to make the debris of knv their own.

For an appeal and an egg, to strengthen the publishing division so that no one can ever again compete with Amazon.

One wonders how it can be that this group does not pay taxes and then cleaning ladies, packing helpers and other servant spirits that Amazon can afford to have to fight for bare survival every month. The company is playing with its power in a big way, fending off the unions that have been protesting for years. Employees suffer under the rigid working conditions that the shipping giant is determined to enforce with extreme ambition. According to verdi, it sounds like this: "The sickness rate is on some days sometimes up to 20% and more. Muscle and Skeletal disorders and mental illness are predominant. .... Each of our work steps is monitored. Everyone should be above average if possible, but that is mathematically impossible!" People or their fates are not interested in the fact that the monopolist of the near future will squeeze every last Euro out of potential customers.

Writers, no matter who, are trapped by the Kindle system, here in the flat rate and online. Writers degenerate into writing machines that have nothing more to report except to deliver more titles that Amazon pays only moderately or almost nothing. The Group calculates the royalties nicely per page read.

Since the Internet giant does not feel itself to be linked to the book price-fixing, it sells the goods as best it can via its authorised dealers. Amazon has already infiltrated the system to such an extent that dubious dealers sell books from letterbox batteries to third countries for moon prices to harm the writers. Amazon links the sale to a credit card. Not because Amazon now wants to enter the banking business, but to spy on customer behaviour.

Not only  Amazon's Marketplace opens the door to criminals, but also to review blackmailers who demand money for a previously bad review. So that it can be deleted again. Even from pirate copiers, Amazon publishes reviews, unrestrainedly they are further presented. Whole sectors of the economy have shifted to the profitable review capitalization.

At Marketplace, other things are also sold, which are not supposed to be for sale, the refugee children outfits were the annoyance of carnival two years ago. It is only one of many examples.

The question is, who is going to stop the online giant?

One cannot or should not expect anything from politics.

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