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Trump- a disinforming and scolding lout in the biggest crisis since the 2nd World War

He lies, he bullies, he looks for scapegoats. That's all Trump's got to offer. 


The American president has blocked payments to the WHO. He justifies this because Trump lies WHO failed at the beginning of the Corona crisis when the virus from China became a threat. 

The truth is: Trump himself has made the mistakes and is now looking for a compliant scapegoat whom he can hold responsible for the failure of his policies, for the ever lying and ever nagging self-promoter. He, Trump is intellectually completely overwhelmed and tries it in attack mode. 

America can no longer afford Trump.

The world can no longer tolerate him and his psychopathic nature. 

Trump is not a doer. He is just a harmful troublemaker who does not know how to deal with democracy and therefore treats the critical press as if it were a dictatorship.

Trump is no longer appropriate for the times. Under his incipient megalomania, he wants to become the US dictator of the 21st century. 

Trump is becoming such a great disgrace to the democratic apparatus of the United States that now even the governors of the US states are mutinying and no longer want to listen to his eternal self-praise sloppiness. Trump cannot do anything else. He is not capable of mastering a crisis. For him, money is the means of choice to overcome any crisis—money that doesn't belong to him, but on which he now wants his insignia printed. Just to show: "This is Donald Trump. I gave you the check, so vote for me too." He abuses the office of President of the United States every day to excess. 

Donald Trump is too simple-minded to see necessities but brutal enough to let his countrymen die for election victory. Trump develops more and more into a dictator far removed from American ideas and into a nationalist who only brings shame to the world and above all brings shame to his people. He is not able to interpret and satisfy the elementary needs of the American people during the Corona crisis. 


Trump is an insult to the United States.

Trump is a liar and a rabble-rouser, which he does best. He is a disinformation. Donald Trump obfuscates. He doesn't think twice when he can call innocent people names. Donald Trump is incapable of criticism when he gives his daily briefings to the world public, to which even the favourite radio station of the American despot no longer wants to listen. Fox News. Nobody wants to have anything to do with him. He, the centre of the world, is now once again the one who has to put up with questions about his presidential administration. He can't. He doesn't want to either. 

Just when you see Trump, you think you have a sick man in front of you, who doesn't think before he says something, but only starts yakking away, without any sense or reason. During a pandemic that threatens humanity, withdrawing money from the United Nations Organization shows just how stupid Donald Trump is. He is not a businessman, at best, an unfriendly lout. Trump is a simple failure. He is the biggest loser of the whole Corona crisis because the virus has exposed him unscrupulously and presented him for what he is: a simple liar and cheat on his people. 

America must quickly draw consequences against this president, who is not suitable for the people before American democracy is severely damaged by the brainless actions of its would-be president. 



Coronavirus - scary information related to bats - the origin of the Covid-19 virus leads to a cave in Kunming

Opaque braid

The SARS COVID-19 virus is still a mystery; it seems to have an incredible ability to adapt. China accused the US of having brought the mysterious virus from America. By this, China probably meant the funding of the program at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Disinformation campaigns from both sides are now commonplace. Trump, known as an absolute conspiracy theorist, fuelled the discussion. China by appointing Major General Chen Wei, who worked for many years in the Chinese People's Army's biological weapons programme, as the person responsible for combating the SARS COVID-19 virus in China.


What is the truth of this news first published in the Daily Mail?


It is evident in this context that bats have a high number of different viruses that can jump at any time in unhygienic conditions such as a wild animal market in Wuhan. However, this fact has been known not only since yesterday but also from the investigations into Ebola in the Congo. There, the virus was probably transmitted through wild animal markets, and again by captured bats. In early 2019, the Ebola virus was discovered in the long-winged bat of the species Miniopterus inflatus, which lives in caves and feeds on insects.

Project on bats funded by the Wuhan Institute of Virology laboratory experimented with captive bats from a cave in Yunnan, China. The animals were taken to a cave just over 1000 km from Wuhan, for whatever reason, were brought to Wuhan on behalf of whomever to experiment with these bats. The spicy thing is that the bats come from the cave where the SARS COVID-19 epidemic is said to have had its fatal beginning. This issue is what scientists claim to have discovered from the genome. This Wuhan Institute of Virology laboratory (a level four biosafety laboratory, which is said to be the highest level) is at the centre of many conspiracy theories about where the virus finally jumped over.  The laboratory is no longer funded by the US government, according to unnamed British government sources. Why did the United States of America research this virus via a laboratory in Wuhan in the People's Republic of China?


It is an absolute conspiracy theory that the Coronavirus was part of the People's Republic of China's biological weapons programme. The Washington Post already exposed this statement as fake news. The Chinese government should not be blamed in general. On January 26, 2020, however, the Washington Times wrote about documents that the laboratory in Wuhan would in one way or another stand by the Chinese biological weapons program. The newspaper probably referred to the testimony of former Israeli military intelligence officer Dany Shoham, who has been investigating China's bio-warfare, who said during an interview that the institute was linked to Beijing's covert biological weapons program.

So how can it be that the USA supported this laboratory?

So how did the virus escape, which has claimed more than 100,000 victims since the outbreak last November?

The most incredible statement in this context: "Bat samples were taken ten times at different seasons in their natural habitat at a single location (cave) in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China, from April 2011 to October 2015. Bats were captured, and faecal swabs were taken."


Who ordered these faecal swabs? The question is not answered or only partly explained. Allegedly, as the South China Morning Post reported on February 6, the scientists wanted to get a grip on the SARS virus.

In the laboratory about 20 kilometres from Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan. One possibility would be that laboratory staff were infected by blood from bats, which then transmitted the virus at the wild market in Wuhan. Or perhaps one or more bats by a stupid coincidence came to the market in Wuhan, where it then jumped over, probably to another farm animal, which then, however, transmitted the virus to humans. A scientific treatise from China in English.


The discovery of a gene pool of bat-SARS-related coronaviruses provided insights into the origin of the SARS coronavirus. So does this mean that the SARS coronavirus was already known in 2017? What was done with the virus, knowing that bats in Africa transmit the Ebola virus?


And: Did Donald John Trump know about a series of tests that the United States had allegedly funded with 4 million US dollars years earlier? Is that why Trump had received the intelligence reports at the beginning of the year that pointed to a pandemic? Was the American President informed by the secret services that the virus had been examined in the laboratory? And did he wait, because he did not want to close down the economy due to the reason he would possibly lose the 2020 elections?

Is there a connection between the Ebola virus and the current SARS COVID 19 virus? Has the virus mutated in such a way that it is recurrent and recurs, as in South Korea, when the patient has already produced antibodies?

Or is a virus that exists naturally in bats?

What exactly did the laboratory in Wuhan want to find out?

Countless questions remain unanswered in this context, which only those responsible can clarify. 


Sources: South China Morning Post

               The Daily Mail

               Washington Times

               Pengpai news


               US National Institutes of Health

               Washington Post

               own research


Corona - there is sheer horror in the world about the Covid-19 virus

The numbers are frightening


Statistics show that the death toll is currently rising

Even Donald Trump has understood that it is not a cold that goes away like this.

His press conference tonight was like a funeral.

In the United States, up to 250,000 deaths are expected.

The virus has been underestimated. In New York, the death toll of infected people is exceptionally high.

Trump swore in one of his usual speeches, in which he praised himself and his followers "over the green clover", the Americans for two very, very painful weeks. 

Spain has again suffered 849 victims within 24 hours, a total of 8,189 people have fallen victim to the COVID-19 epidemic. 

In Italy, the scapegoat has been identified by right-wing haters. agitator number 1, Matteo Salvini,  pointed at Germany.

The truth is different:

A comedian, Tullio Solenghi, had given him a good start with a downright hate speech against Germany. The frontman of the right-wing scum took this as an opportunity to demonstrate his political incompetence once again in the parliament in Rome.

The crisis does not end in Iran. The country, which is struggling with UN sanctions because of its controversial nuclear program, is asking for help from abroad. 


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