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The end for a political clown

  • Published in Brexit
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's populist posturing is mutating into the biggest disaster in post-war British history, two years after the Brexit was completed. Numerous ministers and secretaries of state resigned, mocking the British recess clown in the House of Commons.
The days of Boris Johnson and his insane policies are numbered. Anyone who dealt with Johnson and the resulting disaster of inflation, deportation of foreigners to Rwanda, and the utter chaos of post-Brexit saw this crisis coming to Britain. While the British people had to go into lockdown, at the height of the Corona crisis, Johnson was having opulent parties with his closest confidants.
For Johnson, the law or even the hint of equality between people never counted, only the profit he could make from the suffering of the minorities brought into focus by the populists. So, it is not surprising that sexual assaults were covered up by individual MPs and simply not mentioned until a few days ago. It was the small mistakes that will ultimately cost Johnson his office, not the political circus that Johnson, for example, tried to wrest from the EU at the expense of the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland in complete ignorance of the situation.
The populist government around Johnson is an indictment of any government. "Get Brexit done" will go down in the British history books as one of the greatest disgraces of the UK, followed immediately by the impersonality of Johnson, who never managed to step out of his web of lies and establish his form of British dictatorship light for the money.
Now Scotland is also entering its second referendum on independence from London. Scotland can only be congratulated on this. Because who wants to be dragged into the abyss by such a central government? Johnson's mistakes of the Brexit, the many untruths, and the daily disinformation are breaking the United Kingdom and the party-goer Boris Johnson I have to ask how much stupidity one has to possess to destroy a state completely that has grown over a millennium within a few years. After all, some will do anything for money. Boris Johnson is undoubtedly part of the elite of this "I'll do anything for money!" society.

The Brexit lie 1/8

  • Published in Brexit



In the beginning was REFCO! 


What reads like the part of a thriller that could have been written by a best-selling author took place in reality. In Europe since 1996. The consequences are still present today and are now more topical than ever. Nigel Farage has urged Boris Johnson to drop the Brexit plan before the new elections in Britain. It is the ridiculousness of an entire system that has not yet grasped that nationalism is outdated.  In the middle of the decade before last, the continent of Europe, which had just been pacified and united, was about to enter a new era-after the fall of the Iron Curtain.


Anti-Hero Farage


Twenty years later, however, one of the protagonists of the exit from the EU is undoubtedly Nigel Paul Farage, who is not at all embarrassed and always one lie ahead. A snobbish misinformer of the former UKIP movement, a ghost obviously blinded by his disinformation, he is the sad anti-hero of his stories.




It is not enough to walk around the constituency in a fine twist with a melon and umbrella. Like any nationalist, Farage has no prospects for the future. No supporting vision.


A coward and bon vivant who accepts the death of thousands of people, the demise of a state structure that has been built up over a thousand years to realise himself and make a little profit from the sting of hatred of British nationalists.



In 2017 Farage dared to attend an AfD event in Berlin-Spandau, of all places, where the German war criminals were once imprisoned.  Even the inviting Beatrix von Storch knew about the impact of the performance at this historic location. Her grandfather was the former Reich Minister of Finance under Hitler, Johann Ludwig Count Schwerin von Krosigk. In 1949, he was sentenced to ten years in prison as a war criminal in the Wilhelmstrasse trial, which was part of the Nuremberg Trials.




Farage knows how to provoke like any right-wing populist. That is what he does best.


Pekunia non olet

Sure, Farage had and is pursuing a goal. A conservative world view favouring his wallet. A stringent nationalism that corresponds to his pecuniary world view.




But what do Nigel Paul Farage and REFCO have to do with what follows, the Brexit?


Farage's life was marked by his belonging to right-wing sentiments. According to the British Independent, he is said to have sung out loud and publicly about National Socialist tendencies against Jews from his earliest youth. His abbreviation NF is said to be the abbreviation of the National Front, reported numerous serious British newspapers. And not just once. The Farage problem came with an announcement. From his person, from his hatred against Europe, from his greed motivated contempt for humanity resulted the decided Brexit campaign.



Already in 2013, articles about Farage's right-wing sentiments were published.




His political convictions are and were his personal affair. But Farage was looking for a way to denounce, like any right-wing populist. The best way was through propaganda. The freedom to abolish democracy and to enrich himself personally.




Like a painful parasite, Farage sat in the ivory tower of the European Parliament and could carve out his poisonous comments, which had nothing to do with the European idea or reality. Farage saw himself as an imitation of the former Nazi leader, hated and shunned, Oswald Mosley in the 1930s. He also played this role to the point of vomiting in the EU Parliament.






Farage during one of his inhuman and bizarre appearances in the EU Parliament


War chest of the brown henchmen


Before his dubious political career, Farage worked for one of the most cynical corporate networks in post-war history, Refco, nicknamed Raffco, which, as a broker for thousands of investment companies, officially left an airborne loss of $166 billion. The investors' money disappeared without a trace. This was intended to happen.


It was the second biggest bankruptcy in the history of the USA, but the biggest one is still to come. The United Kingdom. Or the pitiful remains of a kingdom from which even the capital London now wants to get out. Bizarre enough, it reminds one of the intrigues of the Tudors.


Uninhibited gambler

Farage comes from a generation of unscrupulous and uninhibited brokers, bankers, gamblers and disinformers. The Farage species had already gained a wealth of experience with Drexel Burnham Lambert, another bank that had been conducting air transactions since the 1980s. They sold the most worthless papers even in Europe, junk bonds from companies that had been set up overnight to sell these papers the next day, which the sellers knew nothing could ever be sold except for business in letterboxes. Except the profit for the brokers, of course.




The question must be allowed, what is or rather was with Farage Limited? Were funds from investment scams moved into Brexit associations?


King of the competition

Farage, a dependent lapdog of the nationalists, who did not get his will to make further windy brokerage deals, which would have only brought profits to the brokers, only losses to the investors. That was the plan. He rode the wave of big investments and bankruptcies from one company to another after the last one had gone bankrupt.




It's a bit like with the Brexit. Betting on the downfall.


It was only the tip of the iceberg: Farage knew, according to his statements, following the statements of countless "headliners" in the industry, already from 1996 onwards, that the business of his top bosses at Refco was not in order, that no money had been placed on the stock exchange. No cattle or sugar lots, no Nigerian oil, no gold options, no soya oil had been brokered. These goods simply existed only on paper, at prices that could not exist in a reasonable economic cycle. But billions disappeared, missing from the war chest of the then perplexed nationalists and political bigmouths. Billions evaporated into the accounts of those who now want to take over the economic system.


And yet everything was and still is fine for them and their followers.




The proven projector among the "Brexiteers", who sat in the European Parliament since 1999 and knew only one goal: The destruction of Europe for shabby nationalism. This and much more he must now take up the cause of having ruined his country as well through fascism and deliberate disinformation. Farage, the gambler, doesn't flinch because Refco's farm was already burning more often, and he didn't want to have known anything about it when his boss, Phillip Bennett, was in trouble in the USA after Refco went bankrupt.



Nasty account 1997- London Royal Dorchester Hotel


Sometime in the late summer of 1997, the crème de la crème of European investment fraudsters met in London's Royal Dorchester Hotel for their annual accounting. There, the richest fish trains were "having breakfast" with bloody roast beef and plenty of champagne. At the same tables in the ballroom where the royal family had sat years before.


Also, from the London shore party: William Pepper, David Coakley, Jimmy Dottington, Brian Maurice Cowley, Michael Eberlein, Russell La Rue, Jochen Abramcyk and numerous so-called brokers from Germany, representatives of Man Financial and LFG. All of them worked to Refco through countless detours.


Here or there, according to tradition, a murder was decided upon by one of those present and the criminal structure of the international option business was celebrated with a last good bottle from the richly sorted vaults. Eberlein had just landed another deal - First Futures Brokers Limited. Paul Matthew Atkins was of great help to him at the time.


Despite the bankruptcies of dozens of companies, the cut made that year was a good one. The one or other billion could be shifted to Panama or to Belize, to the Bahamas. There was a lot to talk about on this warm evening, 1997, in London. Via so-called founding agencies, thousands of these micro-brokers were to be created to skim off as much money as possible for the nationalists' war chest.


The favourite game of those who had gathered there at the tables in fine dinner jackets was, apart from the turkey with a wonderfully spicy stuffing served in the second course, racism, the lived contempt for humanity. Behind closed doors they talked about those who were to say goodbye to those who now wanted to take over the sceptre.


Dare round of the open violation of human rights


In the intimate circle, the penetrating mocking of the deceived clientèle was the good tone of the patheticness of a self-appointed Mafia class that feared only itself and the rising price of cocaine. Here millions of gratuities were handed out under the table in bulging envelopes, cash, which had previously been scammed on the grey capital market throughout Europe.



These deals were already going extremely well from the mid-1980s. Years earlier, investigators and unidentified persons working in this matter came across documents from the holdings of the Bremen company Contracta Futures Warentermin-Handels- und Beratungs-GmbH (plus Contracta Rohstoffhandel Beratungs- und Vermittlungs-GmbH) of a Volker Brüggemanns company, which had already expired at that time. Whole crowds of helpless investigators had been attacking the option traders. Brüggemann was on trial in 1995, and he also lost this battle. That evening, two years later, in London, no one took pity on him.




Brüggemann, who was once a Fleurop boy, had swung himself up to become a patron of TuS Walle in Bremen with a pretty gold chain around his neck. In women's handball he looked like a misplaced suburban pimp to the team.






There were one or two moles among the assembled at the Dorchester who kept the illustrious guest list for their use that evening and passed it on to an office in the French province just days later. Also, present was a representative of the European Business Bank LTD., which allegedly had its headquarters at Memduh Asaf Sokak No.11, Lefkosa, Kibris, Via Mersin 10, in the Turkish occupied part of Cyprus.


This man operated under different names which always sounded similar, and he called himself Karabatsziakis or Karambatziakis. The political division of Cyprus had made such an outgrowth possible. But this did not help him - the RK/ OK from the Federal Republic of Germany was after him. This bank had been set up for the sole purpose of money laundering and drug trafficking and for making payments to terrorists. It was a wholly owned subsidiary of one of the largest investment fraud firms in the Federal Republic and a bank for drug barons, such as the Indian Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar, one of the godfathers of Islamic terror, suspected of involvement in the 1993 attack in Bombay.


But Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar weaved the networks of terror out of money laundered from investment transactions in Europe. Only in 2015, when the bustling Indian was suspected in Pakistan, did an investigation by the US Congress reveal that Kaskar, who was already a fugitive at the time, had received money from brokers to forge a strategic alliance with Islamists of all stripes.


They needed terror and had lost the BCCI. Through their accounts, the trail led to banks and major brokers. Their accounts still existed at Safras Republic Bank of New York in Monaco, but one had to be more careful.


Back then, in 1997, nobody in Europe thought of Islamic terror. The nebulous structure was too far away.


The active and certainly hard-working official of the RK / OK in the Federal Republic Embassy in Nicosia certainly did everything to put an end to the hustle and bustle. Under the file note diary number 97/ Nic044 the lively money laundering in Cyprus could unfortunately not be ascertained. However, the accounts of numerous other investment fraud companies led in this direction. WBB International Limited laundered more than DM 14 billion of its own money through the accounts of EBB in Lefkosia, allegedly, if one trusts the unidentified persons who started investigating at that time. According to the Düsseldorf public prosecutor's office, the damage in Germany amounted to DM 6 billion, not including the damage caused by IBB Gesellschaft für Vermittlung von internationalen Termingeschäften mbH, Ambros, Phoenix Kapitaldienst. The companies were subsidiaries of WBB, which were initially nourished by churning.


Cyprus roof hatches


At the end of April 1997, a woman turned up in Cyprus asking for information about the bank. She checked into a hotel on the nearby Osmanpasa Cadessi as an English woman. The following night several people looked around the EBB's offices. The bank had no business operations and was represented by a secretary. The accounts led back to Monte Carlo to the then Republic Bank of New York, the empire of the seriously ill Mogul Edmond Jacob Safra, also Raphael Edmond Ezra Safra, just as he needed it. Even back then on the beautiful Côte d'Azur, people mumbled about possible connections to Arab terrorists. 15 years later the murmurings became facts. Again the name Refco was mentioned with the sinister financial transactions.






In the office in European Business Bank Ltd., the unknown British woman had come into possession of numerous papers from countless other brokers and banks. Astonishing were the copies from the German investigation files, the time from Hobson House, 155 Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BJ, which concerned Jochen Abramcyk and Michael Klausmeyer, Ulf Christof Zeretzke. Also through Zeretzke's other London firm, A.F.M., which has been linked to numerous other frauds. This also included documents from the files of the criminal investigation officers or prosecutors, plus documents from the Bermuda authorities there in a loose assortment of paper.


Düsseldorf nights are long


A list of what else happened in the Horten skyscraper at Berliner Allee 52 in Düsseldorf, where envelopes filled to the brim with money changed hands, was provided. Apparently someone at the public prosecutor's office in Düsseldorf had been bribed by a feeder, so the investigations that had been initiated were continued with a certain "official reluctance".


On several occasions, as the brokers at the time told , French investigators had mingled with the boar in the local companies, but had found rather pitiful evidence for bold theories. More and more investigations were also carried out for money laundering. There was also an informant at the Republic Bank of New York in Monaco, in the realm of Edmond Safra and his followers, and at HSBC in Geneva and New York.


מגדל HSBC, מנהטן, קבוצת נכסים ובניין.jpg
By קבוצת נכסים ובניין - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0Link







The information was enough for the unknown to dig up the whole scene all over Europe.








The Lebanese banker Safra, who later died under the most mysterious circumstances, was already an absolute risk from 1995 on, which the brokers tried to get rid of from their circles.


The considerably weakened right-wing populists, the dregs of human civilisation, needed a war to end the incipient freedom of mankind. Every day, more money came into the coffers of the sponsors, who, like Farage, washed guys to the surface.


Continue with part 2 of the Brexit Lie


After the Brexit is before the Brexit


Cynicism doesn't suit Boris Johnson


For a moment, Boris Johnson could rejoice, but only for a brief moment when he, the servant of money and disinformation, gave a bizarre speech to his fellow countrymen.




Johnson managed in his demagogic way to mock the opponents of the Brexit. No one has any hope that the building made of lies by alleged nationalists has got a solid foundation.


One should not make the mistake of confusing Johnson with a conservative like the "Iron Lady" Magret Thatcher. Or with the charisma of Edward Heath. Heath led Britain into the EU.




Johnson declared the secession of Europe with his verbal bullying Jacob Rees-Mogg. Like a maladjusted sandman, Johnson lectured about the Brexit "Get Brexit done".
Let us not forget: the spoiled snobs of the British upper class are concerned with money and not with the welfare of the population. Johnson has no idea what he's doing to the British. There will be poverty and social destitution at the expense of those who voted against the Brexit in a worthless poll, 2016. The "milkmaid's reckoning" of the almost-couping Conservatives will not work out. It will not work if guys like Farage make false promises about the future. Britain's future destiny will hold in check all those who want to break away from Europe. The EU should not get involved. On the contrary, Johnson left without reason.




Strengthen Scotland and Ireland


But Boris Johnson has done his calculations without Nicola Sturgeon. While things were already getting restless in Ireland days before the British withdrew from the EU, the first minister from Scotland is calling for another independence referendum. She said that "grief is tinged with anger and the Scots are striving for independence". A recent poll agrees with the Scottish head of government. Fifty-one per cent of voters would vote for independence and support a return to the EU. So Boris Johnson could only rejoice for a few hours. He didn't deserve any better. Ireland and Northern Ireland are striving for reunification, which should under all circumstances, be supported from Brussels. And so Boris Johnson will have the last laugh.


A treaty with Brussels should, therefore, be carefully considered so that the successors of the British Kingdom are not rewarded for their political incompetence and greed.

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