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North Korea
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North Korea's propaganda channel portrays the country as an outpost of the Garden of Eden

Strange propaganda channel

For those who didn't know, North Korea has found an instrument of international self-promotion. In YouTube.

The unknown beauty from the channel, depicting the horribly distorted life in North Korea, portrays the country like a branch of paradise. 

None of the insane video shoots correspond to the lived truth in Kim's socialism and the sectarian structure of the Juche, the state doctrine in North Korea. 

Of course, this channel completely misses the realities and does not show the concentration camps, the hunger, the oppression, but simply the delusion of the regime in Pyongyang. Human rights are trampled on in the country just to ensure the possibility of survival for the Juche and its vile officials. 

Here are some of the Echo of Truth videos that one can only marvel at. 



The Rosebeds of the Hangman's Wife of Pyongyang

Early December 2010

A Swiss with U.S. roots called Williams, an employee of an international aid organisation was presented in the course of the smouldering new Korean crisis to the executioner. However, there is more behind the story: Pyongyang still gambles, as usually, pokers, for more aid shipments threatens with the further aggressive escalation in the uncontrollable conflict.

While the international government delegations are agreeing on a renewed concession to prevent the conflagration of war, the tortured and starving man is answering questions in the form of strange self-critics to his executioner. This context leads to the ex-wife of the chief- executioner of Pyongyang. The all-powerful state security in Pyongyang accuses the former wife that in the garden of the cottage where she lives red roses are growing as a cross. Suddenly it becomes clear that the fates of those present, who had been interwoven, with each other, for the past decades. This is reason enough to pick up the woman to hand as well as the executioner. The daughters have placed in a "reeducation facility".

Furthermore, Williams speaks on the gallows about his emotions in a few months in North Korea. The officers of the executioner are so horrified, that they hang the man, although the North-Korean government had already pardoned him. They execute him in a barbaric act because they do not or cannot believe the impressions and the in-depth inside knowledge of the so-called "American" about their own incredibly bad shape situated country...


eBook with buecher.de for 1.99 Euro in 2019 edition ISBN:9788829547760


Enough! The conspiracy theories surrounding Corona are intolerable

  • Published in World

Crude theories on a serious topic

A thousand theories, but no explanation... conspiracy theorists are fabricating.

Some people will leave nothing behind when it comes to stirring up fear, to get some profit out of that fear. Mostly it's right-wing wackos who blame the refugee crisis for the virus outbreak.




What gain, we can't say. At present, it is highly regarded that the virus was created in a laboratory by some political or criminal madmen.

In researching this article, we found that the real troublemakers are doing everything they can to exacerbate the crisis and create fear in the population. Countless theories about the coronavirus are being spun in the social networks.

In social media, it is circulated that the countries most affected, China, Iran, probably North Korea, are the enemies of the United States. This issue is entirely absurd, as is the claim that the virus was exposed by use of banknotes on the market in Wuhan.
The conspiracy theorists should bear in mind that such a spread of viruses would also affect the person who exposed them. Apart from that, it would be an unprecedented crime.
In this connection, it has been claimed that the euro and the US dollar were currency at the fish market in Wuhan. No, it was the renminbi yuan—the currency used in China.
Nor are there any slaughtered rats sold on the market, or even snails that are grown on rubbish heaps.

Banknotes - this outrageous rumour probably originated from the Chinese decision to disinfect the notes. This precaution can only be reasonable.

Baba Wanga, a home and court prophet for conspiracy theorists were posthumously sought. She had claimed in one of her unbearable visions that after the use of biological weapons, Europe would be deserted. But this was attributed to strategists of a Muslim terrorist group that the world has not yet heard of.
For example, the virus was crossed with the lung anthrax pathogen because it is biphasic. It may be that the virus is particularly insidious because the transmission route has not yet been identified.
But who knows? Scientists, this time reputable ones, certainly not.

Of course, since the SARS virus of 2002-2003, every effort has been made to contain the threat. The search has included laboratory experiments with these viruses to produce a vaccine. It is logical and has been common practice in medicine for many decades.
No, these are not the first signs of the apocalypse either, which have been handed down in the biblical revelations - the virus and at the same time a terrible plague of locusts which has spread in Arabia. No, the sky will not be dark, and the horsemen will not come either. At least not right away.

It also has nothing to do with the epidemics of past centuries. Like 1919/20, for example, the "Spanish flu", which killed millions after World War I. Decades after the plague had subsided, there was still the Russian flu in 1978 and 1979 and later the related swine flu. At the moment, scientists and doctors can only be concerned with breaking the chains of infection, not with fighting conspiracy theories and panic-mongering during an epidemic.

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