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The American Election 2020 (1)

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Once upon a time on Sicily


For Generations


Italy and the Mafia- an almost endless history of entanglement between politics and organized crime.

It is not just since yesterday that the Italian courts have been trying to prosecute the countless Mafia families on Sicily who have spread like a serious illness all over the world.

After the senseless murder of the Mafia hunter Falcone in 1992, interest in the families seemed to be waning in other parts of Italy as well.

The Mafía, though always different, stays a miserable parasite in all its actions. Brutal, dangerous and rigorous in asserting one's own interests still today and back then 1980.

Bologna 1980

Anni di piombo

Was it the Mafia who wanted to distract from a bloody war in the South of Italy, which gave the assassins of Bologna the opportunity to commit this attack at all?

Back then, there had already been interweaving between the Mafia and right-wing paramilitaries, including links to the alleged stay-behind network of an organization called Gladio.

The revelations of former Prime Minister Andreotti, which he made 1990, after the collapse of the Warsaw Pact, sound still today almost unbelievable in this context. Whether the underground organization had used the Mafia was never officially mentioned. It was always suspected. But today there is evidence.

A significant role in the days played the Masonic Lodge P2, which had been infiltrated by the Mafia, and the head of military intelligence service of Italy, General Giuseppe Santovitos, SISMI. The Masonic Lodge P2 had very interesting members such as Silvio Berlusconi
There were dislocations between all the groups involved. Persons were attributed to the Sicilian families who were in the Masonic Lodge and equally in the Military Intelligence. The SISMI was placed under the direct order of Gladio's operations in Europe whilst the Cold War

Absurdly, two SISMI officials were sentenced in 1995 for obstructing the investigation into the Strage di Bologna.

The year 1980 started very bad for Italy. The President of the Regional Chamber of Sicily, Piersanti Mattarella, was killed in an attack of the Cosa Nostra or 'Ndrangetha.

Connection to Spain

Even today, former mafiosi who live on Tenerife are speaking with awe of the connections of Cosa Nostra, 'Ndrangetha at the time- and again and again, it is the Banda della Magliana was funded by the SISMI. Old mafiosi on Tenerife explain that the protagonist, Franco Giuseppucci, who was a member of the Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari received direct orders before he was killed - after he installed a network of criminals in Italy.

Today the 'Ndrangetha is mainly active in drugs and human trafficking on the Canary Islands. In addition, many millions in dubious construction projects on the Island washed profits of illegal business.

A self funding group who could be used for any job to terminate Italy in the early days of 1980 was the plan of Gladio. The organisation feared the takeover of Communists in Italy. The Mafia would have been in a very tricky situation, crime wouldn't be possible any longer. So Mafia and Gladio had common goals. Even today, the circles of the ex mafiosi are talking about why the Italian Republic did not want the perpetrators caught.

Too short before, the murder of Aldo Moro had happened. Recently, as an ageing Mafioso admitted, thanks to his contacts into the underworld, the Campanian and the Calabrian mafia, who provided the terrorists (Brigate Rosse) with weapons and money, it was possible for the terrorists to commit this heinous act on the unforgotten Prime Minister of Italy.

Raffaele Cutolo explained that the Brigate Rosse, a left-wing, equally dangerous terrorist organization, committed the murder.

But many intellectuals commented on the events surrounding Aldo Moro's kidnapping and murder and many of them sought out the Prime Minister's cowardly murderers in the right corner, in the same line with Gladio.

The perpetrators were never investigated and the grisly crime could not be resolved until today, almost 39 years later.

Was Aldo Moro, with his ideas, to conclude a historic compromise with the Communists of Enrico Berlinguer, in the way of P2's intentions?

On Tenerife one speaks of the connections of the secret P2 and the countless actions, which ran under "white flag".

One man was the symbolic place holder for the key events that were related to this attack in Bologna, Licio Gelli

Gelli was, according to investigations, the linchpin between the 'Ndrangetha and the right-wing terrorist movement of Ordine Nuovo, which was to maintain the internal tension in Italy. That was the goal of the Gladio strategy.

Gelli used in every situation his connection to the Mafia and even fled to Latin America, after a coup attempt in 1970 failed in Italy.

The link between the bombers of Bologna and the Mafia, in the end as well the link to Gladio.

Strage di Bologna

Strage di bologna 010
(Bombing at Bologna: August 2nd 1980 Beppe Briguglio, Patrizia Pulga, Medardo Pedrini, Marco Vaccari)

The attack killed 85 people from different nations and injured more than 200 people after the explosion of a bomb placed in a suitcase in the station of Bologna.

Thanks to the fearless citizens of Bologna, Italy's brave civil society, many of the victims survived. The honour will always remain connected with the citizens of the city and its history.

Although the Italian police endeavoured to portray the cowardly plot in the period after the incident  as an accident, the track quickly led to neo-fascists of Ordine Nuovo,(Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari (NAR)) banned since 1973.

These Nazi group had committed numerous attacks since 1969, including the bomb on the Night express train Rome-Munich, 1974.

According to the investigation of the prosecutor also accomplices of Carlos, an internationally wanted terrorist in Bologna, at the time of the assassination.

It was never proofed Carlos or his "terror siblings" were involved in the attack in Bologna.

In years after in Italy it was possible to buy the own truth. PM Cossiga pointed the finger of suspicion at the far left "Red Brigades"

The most realistic traces led to former Nazis in Spain, to which one of the later main accused had contact.
Francesca Mambro und Giusva Fioravanti were sentenced after 15 years to life in prison.

Parts of the mafia structures emigrated from Sicily to Tenerife in the 1970s and in the 1980s. From there the exiled Mafioso took intensive contact to the Francoists.


Moreover, during the 1980s investigation in Italy, it emerged that the principal connections of the then Italian fascists led to the simultaneous running Operation Condor in Latin America.
The Operation Condor was the same strategy of tension like Gladio, made by the CIA.


News from the Gang of Brabant

Update 2020/06/17
In the most mysterious serial murder case in Belgian criminal history there is movement again after 38 years.  The deeds of the "Gang of the Brabant" are sufficiently described in the lower section of this article. 

In this context, the Belgian police ask:
Who is this man?
Can anyone give any information about this man?
(Perhaps also in connection with paramilitary groups in South Africa (Transvaal) or the Congo (Katanga) in the 1980s?)
This person holds in the photo a double-action rifle (pump/semi-auto) of the Italian brand Franchi type Spas 12 - calibre 12. 

Released by the order of the Magistrate Mrs Michel in Charleroi

If you recognize this man, please contact the investigators on the free phone 0800/30 300 or from abroad 00 32 2 554.44.88 



update 12/17/2018

Who recognizes these number plates or vehicles?


Rijkswacht Belgie

Who remembers these objects, or knows someone who has owned them?

Checks from the Delhaize van Aalst, found in "large de Fauquez". Rijkswacht Belgie


Fast, brutal force, 28 dead and pink ballets 

In the first half of the 1980s, the province of Brabant was plagued by a group of robbers.

During raids, they took little money, but they left 28 dead and, according to estimates at the time, more than 20 injured.


The group's militarily targeted action was already frightening back then, in 1985, after the last robbery of a Delhaize supermarket in Aalst. During the attack, the phantoms captured a few thousand Belgian francs, still valid at the time, but left eight dead and nine injured.

Afterwards, the series ended abruptly.

The investigators already suspected the perpetrators in their ranks, many leads led nowhere and to the Belgian Gladio group, which was years later exposed.

Also, into a kind of nationally and internationally working child molester ring, which is the Pink Ballet. The main person mentioned in connection with this Pink Ballet, a particular Brussels doctor, André Pinon, had left for Portugal at the beginning of the millennium. During his divorce proceedings, he was repeatedly placed in the context of child sex and drug parties that took place in the highest circles of Belgian society.

The entanglement of the Brabant gang with Belgian right-wing radicals was also evident, in the connection between Paul Latinus, the head of the Westland New Post and a former South African policeman of Belgian origin, Jean-Philippe van Engeland. The latter had left for Paraguay to join Stroessner in 1982.


Le geant or the invisible giant

Somewhat strange business partners


At the Rand Show in April 1987 in Johannesburg, South Africa, strange things happened. Not only the business downturn, due to international sanctions, which could be avoided by conferencing with the consultant of a company from Seychelles, but also other things.

Nothing was going on at the formerly flourishing trade fair in the South African metropolis. At best, the beer was flowing.

In South Africa's everyday life, one had arrived in the reality of UN sanctions.


Dark chocolates - chocolates with filling


Two Belgians, who not only ate dark chocolates at the booths but were also otherwise gladly arrested in the mercenary business, offered their services at the fair, along with machines and hydraulics. They lived in Waver in Brabant and preferred to chat at the Castle Lager at the long buffet of the Holiday Inn in Johannesburg's city centre about the gang that was still keeping Belgium on tenterhooks at the time.


They knew simply everything about the Brabant gang and were friends with van Engeland, according to their statements. At first, the German businessman thought he had been put on the spinning wheel to sell his hydraulics. It soon became clear that the two Brabanters knew considerably more than the Belgian press.


In the evening, in the bar on the 10th floor of the hotel in Johannesburg, they announced that the gangsters who had judged harmless passers-by and supermarket visitors were from the ranks of the police. They had allegedly learned this from their friend, van Engeland, who is sympathetic to the now-disbanded Westland New Post, far to the right. Latinus had died in April 1984. That's where the Brabant gang's trail led in later investigations.


In August 1987 the three negotiating partners wanted to meet again, this time in Waver near Brussels in Belgium. It was about hydraulic systems for weirs.

At the first meeting this worked out excellently, and the potential profit for the small company in Germany made him travel to the next meeting after the barbecue with the friendly Belgians and their friends.

Back to Waver. It was in the summer of 1987.

But, to make matters worse, the house was now occupied by a couple who had returned home from the Congo and couldn't make sense of what they had said. But the German businessman was unlucky; his Belgian business partners seemed to have vanished into thin air.

The telephone number he called was one of the Belgian couples from Waver. They had already informed the police and filed a report for burglary.

He had to leave again without having achieved anything. He never heard from the ominous business partners again and wondered how the business partners might have known about the real culprits years ago.

The German businessman, who made his misfortune known at every party, only connected the episode with the events of the time years later.


New findings


Two years ago, in 2015, one of the people involved in the deathbed at the time, "Le Geant", is said to have told on the deathbed about his murders and confessed man was the long-sought giant. Piquantly, the giant was a former elite police officer.

Were there any connections between Jean Michel Nihoul and the Brabant gang?

Did the Pink Ballet exist and were the raids staged by the Gang of Brabant just the prelude to a whole series of acts that followed?


Fifty-two girls disappeared without a trace during this period, without the Belgian authorities being able to clarify their fate in any lasting way.

Were Dutroux and his accomplices, including his ex-wife, the primary school teacher M. Martin, really just the procurers for a whole network of paedophiles? In the Dutroux case, numerous witnesses were murdered, and Jean Michel Nihoul often spoke vaguely about his role in the Dutroux case.

He was also responsible for drugs, which would again refer to the Pink Ballet.

The Special Police Unit, in which the late Giant worked, is attributed to Gladio, NATO's underground network during the Cold War.

Did officials from the Belgian judicial system cover the so-called Pink Ballet, as well as the Special Police Unit?

It would prove that the Belgian public was right to march 300,000 through Brussels city centre when there was a near-rebellion in Belgium. Back when the gruesome murders were uncovered after the deliberate abduction of the girls.

Are gang members of the Brabant gangsters behind the deaths of the witnesses in the Dutroux trial?

If you hear the opinion, not the rumours, that the ordinary citizens in Nivelles are behind the hand more than 30 years after the deeds, it must be so. Twenty-eight dead people speak their language, who stood in the environment of Dutroux and the gang of Brabant.

That is likely.

It is also supported by the fact that the former investigator Eddy Vos, who was the lion's share of the investigation into the Brabant gang, asked to be transferred at his request and was subsequently threatened most severely.

Under Belgian law, the deeds are now time-barred unless the remaining members of the Brabant robbers can be shown to have been involved in the murder of witnesses in the Dutroux case. The only connection to these secret Pink Ballets and a trace that the Brabant robbers allegedly shot participants of these "events" while raiding the markets.

Only this fact would prove that Brabant's gang did not just break up, but was active until very recently.

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