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Executions in Arizona in the future with Nazi gas?

Executions in Arizona in the future…

The Republicans and the h...

Ceuta- a problem with an agenda

Ceuta- a problem with an agenda

The international press a...

Own section for bloggers and journalists from Myanmar

Own section for bloggers and journa…

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Executions in Arizona in the future with Nazi gas?

The Republicans and the horror of the death penalty.

In Arizona, probably out of a mixture of brutality and terrible stupidity, they do not shy away from Zyklon B to execute delinquents. 


Zyklon B was used in the industrial extermination of the Jewish people in concentration camps.

Zyklon B labels.jpg
By USHMM, courtesy of National Archives - <a rel="nofollow" class="external free" href="http://digitalassets.ushmm.org/photoarchives/detail.aspx?id=1069557">http://digitalassets.ushmm.org/photoarchives/detail.aspx?id=1069557</a>, Public Domain, Link


The gas chamber is to be used when the substances for lethal injection are not available. 

The death penalty is dying a slow death in the U.S. after Trump's orgy of executions in the final weeks of his regime. 

Arizona now feels called, as needed drugs and substances for lethal injections are running out because of the embargo of the European producers, to carry out the punishment requirement with the precursor of lethal injection, the gas chamber.

To this end, Arizona's gas chamber has been brought back into service after years and even refurbished. That is, the rubbers that had become brittle around the windows and doors over the decades were replaced and reinserted. Inside the chamber, a candle was then used to test whether it would go out when a fan was turned on. It seemed like the tests of dilettantes who order experimental series, as agencies described.

The mechanics of the gas chamber were changed to Zyklon B, which killed millions of people in WW2.

The deputies could not express their need to carry out the death penalty in a more inhumane way.

Arizona buys for a lot of money the chemicals, which are necessary for the execution with Zyklon B.

Developed by the Degesch Company in 1922, under the direction of chemist Fritz Haber, the biocide brings cellular respiration to a halt and causes slow internal asphyxiation.

One thing is clear: Arizona's executioners join the criminal machinations of the SS guards at Auschwitz-Birkenau, such as SS Obersturmbannführer Mulka, who was handed out after the war in the so-called "Auschwitz trial".

For some time now, there has been a rumour going around the Arizona Department of Corrections that they were stocking up on illegal substances for expensive money all over the world, in part to execute innocent delinquents.

It is a populist and nauseating goal to now use Zyklon B for execution!

Significantly, the inventor of the lethal injection and the lethal injection execution machine, Fred Leuchter, was convicted for denying the Holocaust and denying the mass industrial killing by Zyklon B.

His statements resulted in the so-called Leuchter Report, which provoked a storm of protest worldwide when it was published in the 1990s. In the Nuremberg Trials, Zyklon B was repeatedly referred to as the devil's weapon and has since been considered equally outlawed.

As was also the case in the "IG Farben trial". This was truth for the defendants after World War II. It should also apply to Arizona's politicians and executioners today.

The free world and Europe should consider whether those who barbarically tread on the memory of the victims of Nazi murder should not themselves be sanctioned or punished.

The Republicans in Arizona do not speak a different language, a troop of avenging angels and anti-democrats incited by Donald Trump, whose contempt for humanity cannot be surpassed by anything. Significantly, the Nazis and the Arizona Republicans share almost the same mindset, which they now want to try on people.

One can only hope that the Republicans in Arizona will also suffer significant legal damage for their contempt for humanity towards millions of victims of the Nazi murder machinery.

It is not clear who is to be the first delinquent tied to the metal chair in the centre of the gas chamber; it is likely to be Frank Atwood and Clarence Dixon.

Frank Atwood, Department of Corrections in Arizona

In a short telephone interview with the Department of Corrections in Arizona, a lot of bad music was played after the main press officer didn't feel like answering the questions, but that's how you keep the probing ethical questions at bay. Literally, this time. An e-mail came back. Even for a spokesman serving in conservative Arizona, this is an embarrassment beyond compare. In Arizona, they already have experience with gas, as they proudly point out on the page that is all about the death penalty. 

Robert Dunham, director of the renowned Death Penalty Information Center in Washington, said in a short telephone statement, as he had done earlier in the Guardian: "You want to avoid believing that in 2021 people will be killed in a U.S. state with a drug that was used in our Holocaust. Have they learned nothing from the Holocaust?"

It is not about what atrocities the perpetrators committed, but about never putting oneself on the same level and cruelly torturing people to death. But apparently this is desired in Arizona. A spectacle to the liking of Donald Trump and his sleazy minions.  Although Trump attacked  Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich as a self-promoter on TV after losing the election, as Newsweek reported. After all, Brnovich's office is giving convicts a choice of injection or gas, the administration pointed out. 

What a choice!

Ceuta- a problem with an agenda

The international press agencies report that thousands of refugees swam into the territory of the Spanish enclave of Ceuta in North Africa during the night. They are now straying in the streets of Ceuta.

All we hear from Morocco is that the police have observed the refugees swimming, but have done nothing to stem the flow of refugees. Morocco has long tolerated the wild camping of refugees in the forests and valleys behind Ceuta. 

For years, the EU's external border there has not been secured. At first, refugees coming from all over Africa tried to climb the fence that the Spanish authorities had built there. In the process, border guards were soiled with urine and faeces. Now the Africans were trying to reach the shore of the EU by swimming. 

Back in 2015, we wrote that it could only be a matter of time before thousands of refugees from the back land would make their way to Europe's external border on the African continent to enter the EU. At the time, the good partnership with Morocco, a kingdom where the monarch God enjoys similar status, was invoked. There, where tourists are pushed around the markets for a few euros. There, where contempt for women is the order of the day. Not to mention the lackey-like relationship of the Moroccan people to their police, crown and the non-observance of laws. 

A few kilometres to Ceuta, kasaan media,2015

It must come to an end!

In Europe, since the first refugee crisis, the social distortions are so high that whole grown states are struggling with this problem. On the one hand, Africans have quite understandable interests to come to Europe but on the other hand Europeans are not ready for further refugee crises.

There is no point in creating further incentives for even more protection seekers by forwarding those who have now fled. On the contrary, Europe must avert the formation of right-wing dictatorships in the states, states within states, and Africa must get a grip on its problems. To this end, a "Marshall Plan" for Africa has been discussed for years, but apart from working groups and declarations of intent, nothing has come of it so far. 




Own section for bloggers and journalists from Myanmar

Words do not come easy

If there is no freedom for journalists and citizens under the military rulers in Myanmar, we must all resist. Also in the western world.

Journalists are still being held prisoner under the most dubious circumstances. Like the Japanese journalist held by the Generals of the coup.

Europe has ties to Myanmar which cannot be broken even by governments.

That's exactly why. The people count.

Anyone can act in resistance. Even us here. You there.

When there is no longer any hope that freedom of the press will be restored, we understood it for what it really is:

We must all open a door to freedom.

Do not show solidarity with the Junta in Myanmar.

For this to happen, much will have to change in Rangoon.

Insulting dictators is pointless. You know we don't like them.

We will open our door to anyone who has to fear prison, judgments for freedom of expression or for writing.

Anything else would be absurd and a cowardly gesture, with which one cannot act against a dictatorship of the regime under dubious Generals. It is not meant against the wonderful people of Myanmar.

We trust in God and in freedom. What is talked about is not the point, what is done is more important for us.

No matter whether the attempted coup was justified or not. We cannot judge it, but the time after that made us suspicious.

Evidence for the coup d'état remains abstract and in the dark.

In this context, I pay respect to freedom and democracy and respect for faith to all who need it against dictators.

Any Myanmar colleague who does not wish to be named can publish here.

We check the article for plausibility and truthfulness. No one need fear that someone will come after him or her.

Every little detail of the regime needs to be shown. No democratic apparatus goes over to mass arrests, and all newspapers cannot be in the line of the cruel military rulers line.

The former Reich Minister of Propaganda Dr. Joseph Goebbels in Germany while Hitler called it "Gleichschaltung" (synchronization). The dictatorship in Myanmar will certainly put it differently. It's just as horrible. We fight against political behaviour like this.

You are welcome in dark times, just then and now.

A democratic Myanmar would not need to control human rights activists from abroad or journalists.

Specify what you want to write in English or German, French and Dutch in the following

Anyone who would like to write to a post office box:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Regarding colleagues imprisoned in the labyrinth of disorder in Myanmar:

We demand their freedom.

Freedom of the press is a human right. And we exist for this.

They are back - Team World Business Registration

"Data Control" 

They are back.

We dealt with the financial wizardry of the World Business Registration complex once before. 

A whole network of domains, not companies(!), is now again sending out the semi-official looking forms to advertise worthless business lists that nobody is interested in any way. It is apparently an international network of bogus companies that are using ready-made forms to dupe companies.

This has been going on for years.

In addition, there are numerous indications that the initiators are involved in other scams. The entry in the register allegedly costs 995 euros per year and in the small large print there is a note that the subscription for the meaningless entry has to be paid for three years in advance, otherwise Waldberg & Hirsch Global Collections Ltd, another subsidiary of the internationally operating list-suckers, will come. 

Mhr K van Ruler, probably a clumsy identity thief of a well-known professor in the Netherlands, or a beautiful Helena from wherever, is rapidly dunning the money. Here it is an office in Madrid. 

Also, other links lead into circles of scammers and other rip-off artists.

Here, neither Waldberg & Hirsch Global Collections Ltd. nor the actual company is shy away from threatening the alleged debtors with physical and psychological violence.  Based on false claims, the alleged debtors then receive bad credit reports in the UK, the Netherlands, the Nevis - West Indies and Romania, where the subsidiaries of the aforementioned are located. A company is said to have been founded in Romania in 2005 with the same claim. 

For years, the theatre has been dealing with an obscure company defined by a post office box in the beautiful Netherlands. In the otherwise beautiful Zeist.

In semi-official-looking letters, entry in the Business Register is requested.

A register without substance.

Who is behind it is not clear.

Unfortunately, there is no address, or even a basic data protection regulation, on the worthless page of entries. The authorities seem to have rather forgotten that such an international network reeks of mafia structures.

The domain was bought via a US-hoster in 2012. A trade register extract from the English archives leads to Slovakia.

However, the company has been wound up. It is not clear whether the name is identical or whether the company behind it has a stake in World Business Registration. Also, the senders lead to false domains, like this one. An advertising site for leisure activities in the Asian region. 

The trail of money led to Spain

Unicaja Banco S.A. was not the house bank of the company World Business List, but of a SEO Marketing SL. Its managing director Cornelis Boot worked on the orders from a flat in Malaga. According to the junta in Malaga, this person was connected to a lawyer GARCIA FAJARDO PALACIOS RAFAEL. The junta and the court responsible for this gave the information that both had been directors since 2015

Since 2015, the letters of the World Business List and EU Business Services Ltd. are identical and the trail leads to Utrecht in the Netherlands. The company then moved to Banco Popular Espanol S.A.after which the agency traded as WBM at a bank in Sofia in Bulgaria. Piraeus Bank Bulgaria AD.

In this context, the scam of Waldberg & Hirsch Global Collections Ltd. debt collectors, who apparently have the money sent to an account of Caixabank.S.A, also stands out. Targobank and a bank in Gibraltar, a stone's throw from Malaga, are also among the banks that have come to light recently. Also UNICREDIT BULBANK, Sofia, Bulgaria. 

Apparently, however, the business that is conducted in this context is no longer so united. The trick with the forms is said to bring in only 2,000,000 euros a year.   

It also gives the impression that the business registers use the addresses and industries for further crimes against the victims.  

Waldberg & Hirsch Global Collections Ltd. at Herengracht 518, 1017 CC Amsterdam, the Netherlands, published the last new news in 2013, 8 years ago.

The attentive observer will not fail to notice that Global Collectors is apparently a dummy company. They are not known in the Herengracht.

In later years, another address appears, not as dignified, but still, at Hoogoorddreef 9,1101 Amsterdam. In the so-called Africa Tower, offices can be registered for a few hours. The Global Collectors are said to have been on the market for over thirty years. The trail leads to Düsseldorf these days, to Graf Adolf Strasse, in 1985. We were unable to find an excerpt from the commercial register despite the most careful research. 

If you receive such a notice, you should destroy it. Don't fill it out, don't reply, simply delete it. However, if one is being pressured by the operators or by the debt collectors, one should immediately contact the nearest competent police station. 

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