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Desmond Tutu has passed away

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A dealer in the guise of the good socialist - Nicolás Maduro Moros (1)

  • Published in Crime


Not only since the contacts of the Venezuelan drug cartels started to search for their couriers - so-called Mulas; in the holiday resorts of the Dominican Republic, Maduro and his strange state are at the top of the list of suspects in the international drug business. The regime's advertisers gathered around the hotel complexes in Sosua and Puerto de la Playa. The local authorities reacted with considerable penalties, but are unable to stop the profitable business for couriers to Europe. The ban crate trick had not worked for a long time. Too often, massive quantities had been found in supermarkets, which then, by whatever means, were to be put into circulation in Germany and Europe.

Many a courier also lost their lives; fishers bring the parcels from Latin America to the Caribian Island and improve their meagre existence with each transport with about 10,000 US$. In neighbouring Haiti, drug trafficking is not an urgent problem that the state authorities want to resolve. From Santo Domingo, dozens of planes leave for Europe every day, carrying body packers who have smuggled just enough drugs to make a good cut. Often, parcels are simply smuggled into tourists' luggage, who then unwittingly take the cocaine with them to Europe. There are dozens of these varieties.




Dealer with socialist leanings

Even Maduro's predecessor; Hugo Chávez seemed to have financed his ailing state apparatus through cocaine deals.

Cocaine - this has a long tradition in Venezuela. But the fact that the entire state apparatus has now dedicated itself to dealing the white powder is astonishing. The charges brought against Maduro in New York may well have a political component. Still, even in the years before, the evidence became increasingly clear when it came to the fact that the coke packages that had been washed up on the Canary Islands came from Venezuela. Venezuela was not only a practical transit country for the coke cartels from Colombia but also the entertainer of numerous underground drug markets.

However, there had been indications for years that the Venezuelan state was being transformed into a semi-official drug cartel. The former bus driver Maduro knew something about infrastructure and logistics. Even if not much, but so much that cocaine became the most popular commodity of the Latin American state next to crude oil. Maduro was able to create his mafia. A nation whose content is the state terrorism and was for a long time. The people have been starving for years, while the rulers of the alleged socialist idea live well and enrich themselves wherever possible. Maduro refined the contact to the drug producers, since the death of Chavez and intensified the illegal export of cocaine to numerous international dummy companies. The military in Venezuela has worked for years as the helpful arm of the distribution ring.


Narcosobrinos arrest


Cilia Flores, almost entirely unknown in Europe, was only one manifestation of the drug cartels of the Venezuelan regime. She is the wife of Maduro and the aunt of the two men arrested in New York Effrain Antonio Campo Flores and Franqui Francisco Flores de Freitas who wanted to bring 800 kg of cocaine to the USA in 2015, by whatever means. 


Hugo Chávez y Cilia Flores (cropped)



However, the US Attorney General's indictment reveals a frightening picture: 



Source: Justice Department, USA


Source: Justice Department, USA

Part 2: Depleted banana republic and the underground drug market



10-year guarantee for Fake Breitling

Catch of African rackets on the Canary Islands

Always illegally on duty

(Santa Cruz) A moment ago the taxi driver was not yet a chauffeur, but delivered from his trunk on the Costa del Silencio - in one of the side streets - the goods for the numerous "flying dealers", collected the money. Countless inconspicuous packages changed hands.

 Multitalent major supplier for Breitling and Chauffeur




Copyright by kasaan media publishers,2017

In these packages: Breitling Fakes, Rolex imitations and other plagiarisms from the clothing industry. The Goods are sloppily processed, judging by the crates, from a backyard in China. Among Breitling watches, there are metal parts that can rip the wrist of an unsuspecting customer and quickly cause deep and heavily bleeding wounds. The Breitling costs 149 euros. The seller claims to have received the goods from the Swiss watch manufacturer. B Selling goods or old goods, he says and shows his vendor's tray full of counterfeit goods. A fake Breitling warranty certificate is available for this purpose. Stamped, of course. A ten-year guarantee on a more than cheap watch, which can undoubtedly be seen as a danger, promises the sellers, who are watched by an attendant from across the street. Of course, none of this is true.

 Seller of plagiarism sits at the table

All Copyrights by kasaan media publishers,2017


The Swiss watch manufacturers will certainly not be happy about this news.

Currently, the flying merchants on the Canary Islands are flooding the streets and beaches with boxes full of Breitling Fakes.


Tourists are warned. Not only because of the considerable risk of injury, but the authorities are blowing the African traders to storm. The shops on the islands had complained about the almost pushy nature of the sellers. It's been going on for months. Anyone with a watch like that

"caught", need not be surprised if he pays substantial fines, the watch is confiscated.

The same applies to "Lacoste" shirts and Calvin Klein bags and cheap sunglasses.

Probably, an insider tells us, the watches are landed with small boats, Africa is not far away. As well as the drugs come to the Canary Islands, he thinks.

Numerous checks have been carried out in recent months, but the flood of fake mobile phones and watches does not want to stop. The police always confiscate goods. But the vendors turn up in restaurants and cafés with new stock five minutes later.

Another problem, especially for tourists, are the illegal taxis, one can only advise against using such a vehicle, as they are partly not insured and registered. The drivers are pushy and impertinent. They threaten tourists here and there and show fake taxi licenses.

Africans are locked into strict hierarchies, some of them refugees who have to pay off the traffickers by selling plagiarisms.

Those who do not buy are aggressively mobbed or insulted. The flying merchants are under pressure; you can feel that in every place.

"The problem can only be overcome if the authorities in the Canary Islands take tough action," says one trader, and he is probably right.

Next episode: Loverboys and fake Rolex


Shabby handbag

kasaan media, 2017

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