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The Case of Anja Beggers

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Ukraine live-blog as tension grows

Ukraine live-blog as tension grows

Latest news from the tens...

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Trump, the bible and "heavily armed soldiers"

Trump never tires of oppressing his United States. Now he threatens with military action, as in a Latin American banana dictatorship, which he previously supported. He had peaceful demonstrators beaten to the side with tear gas and truncheons to put on a show in front of the church.  Even the last doubter should realize that Trump is a brutal dictator. He threatens with heavily armed soldiers, who are supposed to shoot at the oppressed coloured Americans, who are hated by Trump. 

Meanwhile, the violence continues. On the contrary, it is intensifying. 









The events got out of control

In Minneapolis, a tanker truck drove into the crowd of protesters. It was not clear whether the driver deliberately drove into the crowd. He was arrested, and police vehicles are repeatedly seen driving into large crowds nationwide. 

According to correspondents' reports, the murder of George Floyd is causing anger nationwide in the USA. 

But it is not only the murder of Floyd, but also the Lord in the White House that is attracting the unrestrained fury of the protesters. Trump blames the Antifa for the looting and fires. He himself is hiding in a government security bunker. Therefore, Trump is called Bunkerboy and BunkerDon in the social networks. He is no longer master of the situation. 

Here are some reports from the USA via video: 







Minneapolis burns 



 The protests following the murder of George Floyd in the USA are getting out of hand. Looting is taking place everywhere. Donald Trump has been taken to a secure bunker. 






Trump is the most significant part of the problem

With dictators or those who want to become dictators, one must not mince matters.

This issue is not just about George Floyd. It's about the outcry that police violence is causing against Afro-Americans. It's about the incredible violence that is spreading across the United States like wildfire.

After the act of an insane policeman who arrested George Floyd for a dubious crime. 

When the police violence, which the world could see because of the film of the 17-year-old schoolgirl, became visible, the barrel overflowed in the USA. But it is not George Floyd. Trump instrumentalises the dead to act as the mild dictator he certainly is not.

It's the general treatment of the African-American population in the USA, and this crisis has been smouldering for a long time.

Donald Trump is poison to American politics. He is mendacious. He is a political good-for-nothing, he is solely dividing a grown nation to the point where violent riots are now occurring.

Trump, a born loser. Think of Atlantic City or the Trump Organisation, which now has to fight off more than 900 million dollars in debt that Donald Trump took on at Deutsche Bank for unrealisable projects. One can no longer service the instalments. Trump doesn't care. 

Over the years, Trump fuelled racism from the very beginning.

Remember that when he was sworn in, the Ku Klux Klan roamed the streets of Washington; think of Bannon and the right-wing agitators. Trump looks for victims, not political opponents because he is not up to them. Since Twitter at the latest, we know that he has a problematic relationship with his environment. He behaves like an ambivalent being. A love-hate relationship with Twitter, which a psycho disturbed American President, who incites against everything of democratic structures, such as the World Health Organisation in the United States, cultivated for years.

Trump alone is responsible for the fact that the job and economic miracle did not happen, but that 41 million unemployed people are on the streets because he completely underestimated Corona. After all, he was incapable of understanding Corona at all. He is also incapable of understanding that Afro-Americans cannot deal with such a President and do not want to fall back into the era of slavery. Trump needs to be re-elected. Otherwise, he is the biggest loser in American history; for him, it's all about survival, so he rushes against the Hispanics and the Afro-Americans. He slandered them, insulted them and everyone else who was alive and did not share his confused opinions.

While America goes up in flames...

Extraordinary confrontations have been in Detroit, Richmond and all of California. While governors and mayors try to defuse the situation, Trump talks about the political, weak opponent. The political opponent, the Democrats in the US, are much more reliable than the Republicans. After all, they have got a reason because they act reasonably. Because they try to smooth out what Trump has done in the USA, namely to breed systemic hatred against everything that is not conservative and right-wing extremist opinion. That is why Trump hates his opponents.

The American break-clown is for Twitter, which he uses as a mouthpiece against demonstrators, journalists and political opponents when it comes to civil rights, he invokes freedom of expression. Still, the latter himself is trampling underfoot, has become intolerable not for the USA but the international community. One wonders why Twitter does not directly block the account.

But that's easy: Twitter needs the eternal clown Donald Trump for more tweets and fears that maybe 200-300,000 followers will go with him, bringing in Twitter sales. It's all about money and business.

It's not about hosting a hate tweet. A man is trying to play the President of the United States of America. If you think of Donald Trump in the role of Charlie Chaplin's Great Dictator, which was shot about Hitler, the protagonists Hister and Marshal Hering have found their reincarnation in Trump. Twitter leads the broken clown at the nose ring through the arena. And that's right, and that's a good thing.

The police officer, who is now accused of 3rd-degree murder, is a product of Trump and his politics. 

Derek Chauvin is the figure of the spawn of this American policy that has brought Donald Trump like a harmful virus over the country. Even worse than Corona can ever be.


Only this time no disinfectant will help, but only the systematic legal reappraisal of a corrupt class, which the USA wanted to "react" to. Now, you could read yesterday that Trump intends to let vicious dogs off the leash and use terrible weapons. The only vicious dog is himself and the yes-man pack surrounding him. Trump instead went to the rocket launch of SpaceX than to take care of the problems in his country. He's a bad actor with bad hair and the pronunciation of a pubescent boor.

He is not the President America deserves. Trump is the cause of all the evils, the race riots and the most significant domestic political crisis of his term of office and many years before. It is reminiscent of the 1960s in Detroit when the streets burned when people would not stop fighting for their rights.

The world should join in John Brown's song and side with those to whom the US-Constitution enshrined the pursuit of happiness as a fundamental right. The great Abraham Lincoln fought for this, and he would only be ashamed of Trump's creature.




Crime helter-skelter

Crime subculture organized in the bunker


A press conference was held yesterday as part of the charges brought by the General Prosecutor's Office in Koblenz against the operators and managers of the bunker in Traben-Trarbach. The shelter had been taken up last September. In the process, 403 servers, 57 mobile phones, 412 individual hard disks, 61 computers or laptops, 65 USB storage media, 16 SD cards and various CDs and floppy disks with a total data stock of more than two petabytes (over 2 million gigabytes) were seized. The operation was carried out by GSG 9 (Special unit) and mobile task forces, as well as hundreds of police officers.

Documents available to the editors speak their own language. Profit at any price and the ruthless pursuit of those who wanted to dry up the "bulletproof host" system. Besides, the collaboration with other groups of perpetrators who were not mentioned in the context of the current indictment, such as the operators of the so-called "southern cocaine route", as well as the many small "water carriers" of the "Bulletproof-Host" system, who nested in the slipstream of the bunker on the Moselle, which was procured by a Dutchman in 2013.

It has to be said that some of the servers could not be evaluated so far because the data is encrypted. 

Now, eight accused persons have been charged by the Landeszentralstelle Cybercrime (LZC) of the General Prosecutor's Office in Koblenz at the Regional Court in Trier, including the Juvenile Criminal Court, as some of the accused still fall under juvenile criminal law.  For reasons of procedural economy, only a few offences were charged. 


Pseudo E-Bay for darknet cave newts


The explanations were very detailed for the fact that the judiciary in Koblenz is entering uncharted legal territory by accusing the accused in the sense of a criminal association, and by mutually attributing the acts to the participants, which made it possible for the perpetrators to commit the acts at all. Drug trafficking, counterfeit money deals, data theft, child porn, computer sabotage, murder orders, bodily injury, cyber-attacks, extortion and money laundering were the business model of the heroes of the digital underground.

Everything was contained in the "colourful bouquet of products" of the men from the bunker.

Like cave newts, they formed the interface to all darkness dealers of the internet. The aggressive advertising caught not only the eye of the knowledgeable observer but also the "Trojanisation" of legal products on the internet, which were then also traded in the legal part of the internet, partly via mailboxes, by affiliated dealers. However, entire shops were also hosted, which, like "Cannabis Road", only existed for a few months and then disappeared from the market, as is usual in the industry. But the cut was made. One example was the Darknet marketplace "Wall Street Market", an invariably profitable market where drugs were traded in the kg range. Other business areas were not limited to drug trafficking from China, but also included fraudulent Bitcoin lotteries, Darknet marketplaces for weapons, counterfeit money, murder orders and child pornography, and identity theft.  This operation was carried out via, according to the LKA and the public prosecutor's office, 6,581(!) Darknet websites. Own distribution rings, organized through the "Bulletproof Host", were directed out of the bunker.  Serious assault on order and an interface to scammers, such as drug and medicine dealers of self-sufficient dealers, were also coordinated from here. 


Not to mention the countless people-smugglers and money launderers, blackmailers. Everything illegal was allowed. The bunker was run according to the latest management and market profitability criteria. Investigators still erroneously assume that "only" drug markets were formed in the darknet or botnets in the digital underground. To reach further groups of buyers, the operators, mainly from the Netherlands, decided early on to enter the Clearnet. Parts of the Clearnet of the network should still exist. 

Data was also collected here against possible opponents of the "bulletproof host" and affiliated shops, for which orders were then placed to silence the people concerned.


Since 2016 there were various hints on the bunker, but they were not seen in context. 


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