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New sex games in the Alpine Panorama for the Royal playboy from Thailand?

Update: 18 October 2020         

Rama X. is already packing his bags again, while his people go out onto the streets the next day. The eccentric monarch leaves again on October, 20. On this day he wants to return to Germany. Enjoying the Bavarian country air. The protest movement is crushed by a massive police presence.

More sex games with his current concubines await the blue-blooded playboy in the Alpine panorama.

Meanwhile, a huge police force is formulating its brutal slaying against the protest movement.

Here are some scenes from the reality of Bangkok today: 





While the Thai people are starving and suffering, His Serene Highness is occupied with the different kinds of  his playmates. Every protest is considered an insult by the obvious psychopath Rama X.. This insult is punished with15 years in prison. Yesterday, demonstrators tried to storm the car of the shaking monarch. 

One wonders whether these brutal operations in Germany were planned in the pseudo-asylum of the royal torturer. If so, Rama X would be intolerable for Bavaria, for the Federal Republic of Germany, which he and his countless playmates are anyway. 



Update: 17 October 2020          

The unloved monarch should stay in Bangkok

In Thailand, the protests are raging. Rama X, the rich but ruthless monarch sees only his advantage and runs away from the protests. Where to? He flies back to Bavaria.

But now it was time to settle the business in Thailand as well, the whole family was flown to Thailand without further ado while nobody else could travel. Among them, as reported at the gala, is his 15-year-old son, Dipangkorn Rasmijoti, 15, with a jet of the Thai Air Force. 

The sexual escapades of the blue blood who puts his concubines in prison and otherwise interprets any criticism of his pompous behaviour as an insult to majesty are enough. Apparently, the king conducts his inhuman politics from German soil. The ambassador of Thailand has been summoned to the Foreign Office several times in this context.

Meanwhile, the torture monarch is also damaging Bavaria's reputation in the world, nothing more of understanding for the "Thai-Kini" living in filthy luxury. It is time to ask Rama X, who is apparently far removed from reality, to leave Germany. 





Historical freedom of jesters in Bavaria

Rama X, the Thai monarch, gradually becomes a nuisance in the Federal Republic of Germany. While everyone kept to the initial restrictions imposed by the government, the monarch flew back and forth. Once to fly to Thailand for festivities. Then again, he headed for various airports in the Federal Republic and practised the pilot manoeuvre of touch and go with his passenger plane to satisfy his urge to renew his flying licence instead of going for a walk in semi-domestic Bavaria. As if that wasn't enough, the comical king, who had a Boeing converted into a flying luxury palace for himself, obtained a special permit from the city of Garmisch-Partenkirchen when the exit restrictions were imposed. This allowed him to stay at the Hotel Sonnenbichl, despite having his residence in Bavaria. Why, was not clear even to the Court rapporteurs, who reported on the increasing number of absences of His Majesty.

Not only since yesterday has the bustling monarch from Bangkok become a filou. We recall that his Boeing was once chained to a pledge seal at Erding airport with unpaid debts, until His Serene Highness loosened more than 30 million euros. Maha Vajiralongkorn was still a prince at that time and had been living in a villa in Tutzing on Lake Starnberg for years.

He recently took the parade of his faithful at Munich's Erding airport with a barely belly-free top. Rumour has it that he had conveniently got rid of his tired girlfriend from the private sphere by simply having her arrested and giving her a whimsical story about an acid attack as justification. Before that, the man, now crowned king in gold panties, had dumped his three wives.


But the Free State of Bavaria has experience with blue-blooded troublemakers, as can be guessed from the story of Ludwig II.
Now, however, the comical king, who resides in Bavaria with his court, i.e. courtiers, lackeys and concubines, and who until now could only be described as a little odd, is mutating into a skilled torturer in diplomatic status.  This, however, only behind closed doors because the blue-blooded man mercilessly persecutes anyone who has anything to criticize about him and his white royal uniform jacket.


As one could gather from numerous well-informed circles, the strange king had numerous persons from his entourage flogged on the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany. This is said to have happened on the fourth floor of the picturesquely situated Hotel Sonnenbichl. Torture is forbidden even for kings in Bavaria! What sounds like a horror fairytale became reality during the Corona crisis in Germany. The brutal monarch with a penchant for eccentricity in protected status is to watch the films of courtly punishment for his own pleasure later on. But that is not all. According to a report by the British journalist Andrew Gregor Mc Marshall, the aristocrat who has fallen out of his role maintains a kind of torture prison in Thailand, where he has unpleasant characters tortured for a long time and then has the films shown in a kind of "best of" when he lives in his villa on his native Starnberg Lake.


All the circumstances of the monarch now call numerous human rights activists to the scene because Rama drives his royal fantasies of omnipotence too far. It seems that Rama maintains the Thai torture prison because of his palace in Bangkok, as new investigations now reveal.  Here the belly-free monarch is said to take particular pleasure in the suffering of arbitrarily imprisoned prisoners who are forced to drink urine, suffer from sleep deprivation and eat worms. While Rama appreciates the hearty Bavarian cuisine, there are countless prisoners who are literally gnawing at the hunger cloth.


Rama X. is certainly not as easy to stroke as Rama's name, and in recent years there have been increasing reports of royalty's failures in apparent exile. Rama is not squeamish with critics of his decadent courtly excesses. The man with the name Maha Vajiralongkorn, unpronounceable to Europeans, followed his father Bhumibol, who was very popular with the Thais, on the throne in a kind of fantasy costume garnished by a crown on his head. It is otherwise known about the bon vivant at the gates of Munich that he married his former bodyguard some time ago. Your Majesty will be merciless, as his master of ceremonies recently threatened in the social media if criticism of the ruler is made. A journalist was arrested when the monarch returned to Zurich from a trip to his old homeland.


The question is, what can be done about the king?


 Sources: PICTURE



               Andrew Gregor Mc Marshall

               own researches




The end comes closer- people of Belarus are marching in thousands against Lukashenko

Chains of the revolution

 Thousands of people march against the ruler Lukashenko and his toady lickers in Belarus.

Via the telegram group NEXTA Live the pictures from Belarus are coming in. Real pictures, not of a rotten and outdated system. There are independent reports from the whole country, which seems to be on its feet. 
The protests are still peaceful, and the state power is holding back.


Long chains of people are moving through the streets, with flags and flowers in their hands.

But the mood is aggressive, spread by the ruler Lukashenko.

Yesterday he demonstratively attended an army event, and the last dictator of Europe is telling stories when it comes to commenting on the grievances in his country.



For example, there are reports of a hostile attempt by the EU and NATO to overthrow the regime in Minsk.

Thank you, Nexta live for the picture material. Be brave.


Lukashenko's Subbotniks don't want any more lies


Lukashenko has managed, 25 years after the end of the Soviet Union, to install an evil-obsessed empire for some late-socialist concrete-headed communists by ruling with such a firm hand that no one dares to stand up against it.

That is now over.


Protests across #Belarus have continued today. These are the huge crowds in Brest #BelarusProtest pic.twitter.com/0NsylMO5YC

- Janek Lasocki (@JanekLasocki) August 15, 2020

The evil empire ruled by Lukashenko from the capital Minsk is increasingly becoming a focal point between the rebellious citizens and the security police, which is acting with extreme brutality against any form of resistance to a rigged election result. For him, the demonstrators are troublemakers in his concept of ruling as a monarch.

Lukashenko indeed claimed that he had received 80 per cent of the votes. It is impossible to understand exact election results.

Now there have been mass protests in Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko has meanwhile ordered paratroopers to be moved to the west of the country after more than 6,000 people were arrested on Sunday, as confirmed by the Ministry of the Interior in Minsk, for resisting the election results, some of whom were tortured, beaten and kicked in horrible ways. Lukashenko holds them responsible for their fate, as any miserable dictator would do at the end of his time. For him, those who demonstrate against him are criminals. And they are protesting not only for human rights violations but also for the living conditions in Belarus.

Not ordinary protesters, but criminals, some gangs that have joined together, that are controlled from abroad, the leadership in Minsk said. Stalinist views of an unreasonable and despot.  They all had a secret criminal background.


A country in Central Europe, where the death penalty is still carried out, is ruled by Lukashenko like a despot, acts against the freedom of the press, works against human rights, in that human rights do not apply as long as it does not concern him.

The Minsk car factory mobilised the workers on Friday; they show solidarity with the anti-Lukashenko protests. There are several large companies. There are said to be more than 20, including Grodno and the Minsk car factories.

Is a new escalation threatening with beatings for the criminal gangs who otherwise have to work as slaves for the almighty ruler in Minsk? The EU is preparing new sanctions against Belarus and is waiting for the protests that could set the regime in motion. Lukashenko still maintains excellent contacts with his former Communist brother states. Among them, North Korea.

It is the last dictatorship in Europe, where human life counts for nothing. But more and more police officers, soldiers and the citizens of the country are fraternising with each other. Opposing candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya had previously called in the media for further peaceful protests after she had been forced to leave the country at personal risk. Now Vladimir Putin does not want to interfere either. He will not give military aid, Moscow said.

The Belarusian long-term despot Lukashenko has almost reached the end of his life.

#Minsk #Belarus right now, hundreds of thousands if not over a million of people are out on the streets protesting for their freedom. A sight not seen since the collapse of Soviet Union. #LongLiveBelarus pic.twitter.com/EdBpeQca27 — Belarus Free Theatre (@BFreeTheatre) August 16, 2020 It gets lonely around him. 



The peasants’ protests continue with rallies – this time the Mercosur agreement

What’s going on with the farmers?

There will be another rally today. The tractors are rolling. So does that one of Susanne Strätker again, whom we have accompanied in the numerous episodes about the farmers’ displeasure since the beginning.

For months now, there have been repeated tractor demonstrations in which they make known their justified concerns. The situation is already alarming. The domestic dying out of farms will continue, although the farmers, too, for their part, stand up for the climate goals. The insanity of these days, made from the green table in ministries, is the Mercosur agreement.

Nobody seems to have thought the chain through. However, goals are set for domestic agriculture that no one can meet. The farmers are literally crushed by the flood of regulations.
Not only that with the EU-Latin America agreement, e.g. the neo-fascist Jair Bolsonaro and his corrupt environment from the EU can also achieve trade surpluses – no- but the domestic farm dying also becomes a compulsory programme.

While in Latin America other political foundations certainly not EU climate targets apply, in the future farmers will have to compete against the enemy in Brussels.

The Mercosur Agreement is an intolerable situation anyway, which, on the surface, initially offers more freedom in trade. Only on closer inspection are the consequences for consumers and farmers frightening. For in addition to the difference between laws in Latin America and Europe, there is the fact that no species-appropriate animal husbandry, senseless deforestation and slash-and-burn clearing of the rainforests to achieve higher profits, hormone-treated animals to make them grow faster, chlorine-treated chickens to keep them germ-free, etc., will be the order of the day.
How this is to be in line with the countless regulations on climate target policy is not understood by anyone involved in agriculture.

But Brussels and Berlin once put a trade agreement in place. Politicians cannot explain the treaties, nobody wants to talk about mediation any more. An entire professional group is being made the scapegoat for wrong policies.

The farmers have a direct concern: agricultural goods should be bought in the region so that they serve the climate goals and not distort competition and thus serve the regional farm dying alone.

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