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October 2020
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Moon views of an armchair astronaut

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Missing: Where is Sergej Enns?

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Rama X. - a problem king!

Rama X. - a problem king!

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Trump's million march seems more like a two-bit frolic

Trump's million march seems more li…

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The Patch is the Attack

The Patch is the Attack

The Patch is the Attack ...

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October 2020

The American Election 2020 (1)

Donald Trump - a disgrace to humanity


MAGA "Make America Great Again" was the motto of the psychopath driven by political and confused hallucinations who for years led the white, racist America. In contempt for humanity, which at the end of the Covid-19 genocide, Trump worked just for his re-election, could only disgust a normal person. But Trump was known for his failures decades earlier. Everyone who voted for him knew what a narcissist he was. 





By U.S. Government - https://www.whitehouse.gov/featured-videos/video/2017/01/20/inauguration-45th-president-united-states, Public Domain,  


Already at his inauguration he saw what others did not see. His magnificence, framed by the Ku Klux Klan, went down in the history books in Washington. The speech itself was the weakest that was made in modern times. None of the promises were fulfilled by Trump. 








Trump even danced on stage during the election campaign, thousands of Americans were fighting for survival against the epidemic at that time. Humility did not suit him, but he chose the dance of the devil on the graves of the Covid-19 victims.  Victims who, through his unconditional will to be re-elected, had to give their lives. This was well known to the right-wing financial anarchist from the White House. 




An American president who should be held responsible for every dead person. Later in court. The American people must and should hold a dictator to account. They must stop the next despot, from the right or the left, from trampling democracy underfoot, as Trump did in all his political ugliness and disinformation. In fact, he did nothing else, except for the tirades on Twitter and the puppet theatre that gathered around the American autocrat.


He was always great, always to be found in the superlatives of his achievements. None of his deeds during his term of office could achieve anything. Except the rift through American society, which will not heal for decades. 


100% Kona Coffee




Trump hated Obama and everything that Obama had certainly done right in his time. The would-be dictator could not understand environmental and climate goals. He isolated America all over the world for a few more dollars, installed guys like Grenell in Germany, for example, who cynically presented American politics. 




A president who wants to break with the custom of taking power peacefully because anything that does not confirm his election must be fake. 


He made America small. Donald Trump managed to destroy the American dream. Of course, he did this not because he is simply a self-promoter and a right-wing hate criminal who never distanced himself from right-wing paramilitaries, but because it served him and his ailing companies. Trump was not the one who invented democracy, but the one who wanted to erase it from the American minds. 


The relationship with some dictators in this world improved, regardless of whether Trump was now perceived as repulsive by his other allies. NATO, an alliance that had lasted for decades, had become a carcass in recent years.


He wanted to exchange Puerto Rico for Greenland after a hate speech. Or sell it or buy it in addition. 


Some of what Trump said filled democrats of all nations with increasing nausea. 


The disdainful mammon


Money meant everything to Trump. In his day, financial interest was put above human rights. He caused millions of Americans to starve. His bizarre appearances in front of the White House and elsewhere were often reminiscent of those of a military junta in Latin American countries where civil war had broken out in the 1970s as a result of the despots of the time. Trump also promoted this in his country. Not tired of comparing his racist achievements with Lincoln's abolition of slavery, of classifying his dirty, perverted imagination as incomparably higher and of looking for a suitable rock on Mount Rushmore for himself to sculpt. He would have liked best to remove those that actually belonged to Rushmore. Trump certainly does not belong in the ranks of those who had to see the polarizing despot as their successor. He dismantled everything and led the USA as a Mafia family. 





The Cosa Nostra from Trump-Plaza and its Don


Anyone who elects Trump to office for another four years will have to accept that he will undermine democracy in the United States and vote for a lifetime dictatorship of the Trump clan. 


Donald Trump has proved in recent years as president that he is neither up to the job nor capable of understanding the simplest facts. He befriended dictators like the North Korean Kim Jong-un, a show without results. 



Trump cultivated a radical hatred of everything he was intellectually unable to process. And there was a lot of that. He, Donald John Trump, is responsible for the fact that the antifa and the radical left in the USA became so strong. With his stupid speeches, with his decrees via Twitter and his dance around the fountain of money. 


One cannot deny that Trump put the worst qualities a person can have at the top of his list of priorities. Out of sheer stupidity and greed, Trump decided to glorify Covid-19 against all warnings of a harmless cold. 


He wanted to build a wall against illegal refugees in the south of the USA to stop the storm. He did this not for political reasons, but for profit for one of his bankrupt companies, and for this he imprisoned children with publicity.



A commercial for Trump's Eternity, which he used in a kind of republican fascism. 


Part 2 : The difference between "Sleepy Joe" and Trump


The Brexit lie 1/8

  • Published in Brexit



In the beginning was REFCO! 


What reads like the part of a thriller that could have been written by a best-selling author took place in reality. In Europe since 1996. The consequences are still present today and are now more topical than ever. Nigel Farage has urged Boris Johnson to drop the Brexit plan before the new elections in Britain. It is the ridiculousness of an entire system that has not yet grasped that nationalism is outdated.  In the middle of the decade before last, the continent of Europe, which had just been pacified and united, was about to enter a new era-after the fall of the Iron Curtain.


Anti-Hero Farage


Twenty years later, however, one of the protagonists of the exit from the EU is undoubtedly Nigel Paul Farage, who is not at all embarrassed and always one lie ahead. A snobbish misinformer of the former UKIP movement, a ghost obviously blinded by his disinformation, he is the sad anti-hero of his stories.




It is not enough to walk around the constituency in a fine twist with a melon and umbrella. Like any nationalist, Farage has no prospects for the future. No supporting vision.


A coward and bon vivant who accepts the death of thousands of people, the demise of a state structure that has been built up over a thousand years to realise himself and make a little profit from the sting of hatred of British nationalists.



In 2017 Farage dared to attend an AfD event in Berlin-Spandau, of all places, where the German war criminals were once imprisoned.  Even the inviting Beatrix von Storch knew about the impact of the performance at this historic location. Her grandfather was the former Reich Minister of Finance under Hitler, Johann Ludwig Count Schwerin von Krosigk. In 1949, he was sentenced to ten years in prison as a war criminal in the Wilhelmstrasse trial, which was part of the Nuremberg Trials.




Farage knows how to provoke like any right-wing populist. That is what he does best.


Pekunia non olet

Sure, Farage had and is pursuing a goal. A conservative world view favouring his wallet. A stringent nationalism that corresponds to his pecuniary world view.




But what do Nigel Paul Farage and REFCO have to do with what follows, the Brexit?


Farage's life was marked by his belonging to right-wing sentiments. According to the British Independent, he is said to have sung out loud and publicly about National Socialist tendencies against Jews from his earliest youth. His abbreviation NF is said to be the abbreviation of the National Front, reported numerous serious British newspapers. And not just once. The Farage problem came with an announcement. From his person, from his hatred against Europe, from his greed motivated contempt for humanity resulted the decided Brexit campaign.



Already in 2013, articles about Farage's right-wing sentiments were published.




His political convictions are and were his personal affair. But Farage was looking for a way to denounce, like any right-wing populist. The best way was through propaganda. The freedom to abolish democracy and to enrich himself personally.




Like a painful parasite, Farage sat in the ivory tower of the European Parliament and could carve out his poisonous comments, which had nothing to do with the European idea or reality. Farage saw himself as an imitation of the former Nazi leader, hated and shunned, Oswald Mosley in the 1930s. He also played this role to the point of vomiting in the EU Parliament.






Farage during one of his inhuman and bizarre appearances in the EU Parliament


War chest of the brown henchmen


Before his dubious political career, Farage worked for one of the most cynical corporate networks in post-war history, Refco, nicknamed Raffco, which, as a broker for thousands of investment companies, officially left an airborne loss of $166 billion. The investors' money disappeared without a trace. This was intended to happen.


It was the second biggest bankruptcy in the history of the USA, but the biggest one is still to come. The United Kingdom. Or the pitiful remains of a kingdom from which even the capital London now wants to get out. Bizarre enough, it reminds one of the intrigues of the Tudors.


Uninhibited gambler

Farage comes from a generation of unscrupulous and uninhibited brokers, bankers, gamblers and disinformers. The Farage species had already gained a wealth of experience with Drexel Burnham Lambert, another bank that had been conducting air transactions since the 1980s. They sold the most worthless papers even in Europe, junk bonds from companies that had been set up overnight to sell these papers the next day, which the sellers knew nothing could ever be sold except for business in letterboxes. Except the profit for the brokers, of course.




The question must be allowed, what is or rather was with Farage Limited? Were funds from investment scams moved into Brexit associations?


King of the competition

Farage, a dependent lapdog of the nationalists, who did not get his will to make further windy brokerage deals, which would have only brought profits to the brokers, only losses to the investors. That was the plan. He rode the wave of big investments and bankruptcies from one company to another after the last one had gone bankrupt.




It's a bit like with the Brexit. Betting on the downfall.


It was only the tip of the iceberg: Farage knew, according to his statements, following the statements of countless "headliners" in the industry, already from 1996 onwards, that the business of his top bosses at Refco was not in order, that no money had been placed on the stock exchange. No cattle or sugar lots, no Nigerian oil, no gold options, no soya oil had been brokered. These goods simply existed only on paper, at prices that could not exist in a reasonable economic cycle. But billions disappeared, missing from the war chest of the then perplexed nationalists and political bigmouths. Billions evaporated into the accounts of those who now want to take over the economic system.


And yet everything was and still is fine for them and their followers.




The proven projector among the "Brexiteers", who sat in the European Parliament since 1999 and knew only one goal: The destruction of Europe for shabby nationalism. This and much more he must now take up the cause of having ruined his country as well through fascism and deliberate disinformation. Farage, the gambler, doesn't flinch because Refco's farm was already burning more often, and he didn't want to have known anything about it when his boss, Phillip Bennett, was in trouble in the USA after Refco went bankrupt.



Nasty account 1997- London Royal Dorchester Hotel


Sometime in the late summer of 1997, the crème de la crème of European investment fraudsters met in London's Royal Dorchester Hotel for their annual accounting. There, the richest fish trains were "having breakfast" with bloody roast beef and plenty of champagne. At the same tables in the ballroom where the royal family had sat years before.


Also, from the London shore party: William Pepper, David Coakley, Jimmy Dottington, Brian Maurice Cowley, Michael Eberlein, Russell La Rue, Jochen Abramcyk and numerous so-called brokers from Germany, representatives of Man Financial and LFG. All of them worked to Refco through countless detours.


Here or there, according to tradition, a murder was decided upon by one of those present and the criminal structure of the international option business was celebrated with a last good bottle from the richly sorted vaults. Eberlein had just landed another deal - First Futures Brokers Limited. Paul Matthew Atkins was of great help to him at the time.


Despite the bankruptcies of dozens of companies, the cut made that year was a good one. The one or other billion could be shifted to Panama or to Belize, to the Bahamas. There was a lot to talk about on this warm evening, 1997, in London. Via so-called founding agencies, thousands of these micro-brokers were to be created to skim off as much money as possible for the nationalists' war chest.


The favourite game of those who had gathered there at the tables in fine dinner jackets was, apart from the turkey with a wonderfully spicy stuffing served in the second course, racism, the lived contempt for humanity. Behind closed doors they talked about those who were to say goodbye to those who now wanted to take over the sceptre.


Dare round of the open violation of human rights


In the intimate circle, the penetrating mocking of the deceived clientèle was the good tone of the patheticness of a self-appointed Mafia class that feared only itself and the rising price of cocaine. Here millions of gratuities were handed out under the table in bulging envelopes, cash, which had previously been scammed on the grey capital market throughout Europe.



These deals were already going extremely well from the mid-1980s. Years earlier, investigators and unidentified persons working in this matter came across documents from the holdings of the Bremen company Contracta Futures Warentermin-Handels- und Beratungs-GmbH (plus Contracta Rohstoffhandel Beratungs- und Vermittlungs-GmbH) of a Volker Brüggemanns company, which had already expired at that time. Whole crowds of helpless investigators had been attacking the option traders. Brüggemann was on trial in 1995, and he also lost this battle. That evening, two years later, in London, no one took pity on him.




Brüggemann, who was once a Fleurop boy, had swung himself up to become a patron of TuS Walle in Bremen with a pretty gold chain around his neck. In women's handball he looked like a misplaced suburban pimp to the team.






There were one or two moles among the assembled at the Dorchester who kept the illustrious guest list for their use that evening and passed it on to an office in the French province just days later. Also, present was a representative of the European Business Bank LTD., which allegedly had its headquarters at Memduh Asaf Sokak No.11, Lefkosa, Kibris, Via Mersin 10, in the Turkish occupied part of Cyprus.


This man operated under different names which always sounded similar, and he called himself Karabatsziakis or Karambatziakis. The political division of Cyprus had made such an outgrowth possible. But this did not help him - the RK/ OK from the Federal Republic of Germany was after him. This bank had been set up for the sole purpose of money laundering and drug trafficking and for making payments to terrorists. It was a wholly owned subsidiary of one of the largest investment fraud firms in the Federal Republic and a bank for drug barons, such as the Indian Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar, one of the godfathers of Islamic terror, suspected of involvement in the 1993 attack in Bombay.


But Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar weaved the networks of terror out of money laundered from investment transactions in Europe. Only in 2015, when the bustling Indian was suspected in Pakistan, did an investigation by the US Congress reveal that Kaskar, who was already a fugitive at the time, had received money from brokers to forge a strategic alliance with Islamists of all stripes.


They needed terror and had lost the BCCI. Through their accounts, the trail led to banks and major brokers. Their accounts still existed at Safras Republic Bank of New York in Monaco, but one had to be more careful.


Back then, in 1997, nobody in Europe thought of Islamic terror. The nebulous structure was too far away.


The active and certainly hard-working official of the RK / OK in the Federal Republic Embassy in Nicosia certainly did everything to put an end to the hustle and bustle. Under the file note diary number 97/ Nic044 the lively money laundering in Cyprus could unfortunately not be ascertained. However, the accounts of numerous other investment fraud companies led in this direction. WBB International Limited laundered more than DM 14 billion of its own money through the accounts of EBB in Lefkosia, allegedly, if one trusts the unidentified persons who started investigating at that time. According to the Düsseldorf public prosecutor's office, the damage in Germany amounted to DM 6 billion, not including the damage caused by IBB Gesellschaft für Vermittlung von internationalen Termingeschäften mbH, Ambros, Phoenix Kapitaldienst. The companies were subsidiaries of WBB, which were initially nourished by churning.


Cyprus roof hatches


At the end of April 1997, a woman turned up in Cyprus asking for information about the bank. She checked into a hotel on the nearby Osmanpasa Cadessi as an English woman. The following night several people looked around the EBB's offices. The bank had no business operations and was represented by a secretary. The accounts led back to Monte Carlo to the then Republic Bank of New York, the empire of the seriously ill Mogul Edmond Jacob Safra, also Raphael Edmond Ezra Safra, just as he needed it. Even back then on the beautiful Côte d'Azur, people mumbled about possible connections to Arab terrorists. 15 years later the murmurings became facts. Again the name Refco was mentioned with the sinister financial transactions.






In the office in European Business Bank Ltd., the unknown British woman had come into possession of numerous papers from countless other brokers and banks. Astonishing were the copies from the German investigation files, the time from Hobson House, 155 Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BJ, which concerned Jochen Abramcyk and Michael Klausmeyer, Ulf Christof Zeretzke. Also through Zeretzke's other London firm, A.F.M., which has been linked to numerous other frauds. This also included documents from the files of the criminal investigation officers or prosecutors, plus documents from the Bermuda authorities there in a loose assortment of paper.


Düsseldorf nights are long


A list of what else happened in the Horten skyscraper at Berliner Allee 52 in Düsseldorf, where envelopes filled to the brim with money changed hands, was provided. Apparently someone at the public prosecutor's office in Düsseldorf had been bribed by a feeder, so the investigations that had been initiated were continued with a certain "official reluctance".


On several occasions, as the brokers at the time told , French investigators had mingled with the boar in the local companies, but had found rather pitiful evidence for bold theories. More and more investigations were also carried out for money laundering. There was also an informant at the Republic Bank of New York in Monaco, in the realm of Edmond Safra and his followers, and at HSBC in Geneva and New York.


מגדל HSBC, מנהטן, קבוצת נכסים ובניין.jpg
By קבוצת נכסים ובניין - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0Link







The information was enough for the unknown to dig up the whole scene all over Europe.








The Lebanese banker Safra, who later died under the most mysterious circumstances, was already an absolute risk from 1995 on, which the brokers tried to get rid of from their circles.


The considerably weakened right-wing populists, the dregs of human civilisation, needed a war to end the incipient freedom of mankind. Every day, more money came into the coffers of the sponsors, who, like Farage, washed guys to the surface.


Continue with part 2 of the Brexit Lie


Raspberry Sin

Raspberry Sin

Confidently, this question can be answered after enjoying this piece of cake with a clear yes.
It represents the finest pâtisserie art, pure luxury.

So much has be said in advance.

This palate enjoyment has been so exquisite that we want to share the recipe with all readers.

More than the ingredients and the approximate preparation we could not get out of the pastry chef, his helping hands. And that was very hard to do.


100 gr. Fresh raspberries

Mascarpone 4 spoons

3 ribs of black, very bitter chocolate


1 spoonful of bitter instant coffee

Half a spoonful of brown sugar

An ice cube


Mix the Mascarpone with the instant coffee and the ice cube to a cream, slowly add sugar. Form the viscous mass into an egg.
(Alternatively you can add cognac) Then cool, preferably in the deep freezer. Meanwhile, heat the chocolate in a pot until it melts creamy. Afterwards pour the mass over the prepared Mascarpone eggs- garnish with the raspberries and small balls of Mascarpone. Finally, sprinkle the pistachios over the finished dessert.

Exceptional it looks and tasts with small flacs of black chocolate.



New sex games in the Alpine Panorama for the Royal playboy from Thailand?

Update: 18 October 2020         

Rama X. is already packing his bags again, while his people go out onto the streets the next day. The eccentric monarch leaves again on October, 20. On this day he wants to return to Germany. Enjoying the Bavarian country air. The protest movement is crushed by a massive police presence.

More sex games with his current concubines await the blue-blooded playboy in the Alpine panorama.

Meanwhile, a huge police force is formulating its brutal slaying against the protest movement.

Here are some scenes from the reality of Bangkok today: 





While the Thai people are starving and suffering, His Serene Highness is occupied with the different kinds of  his playmates. Every protest is considered an insult by the obvious psychopath Rama X.. This insult is punished with15 years in prison. Yesterday, demonstrators tried to storm the car of the shaking monarch. 

One wonders whether these brutal operations in Germany were planned in the pseudo-asylum of the royal torturer. If so, Rama X would be intolerable for Bavaria, for the Federal Republic of Germany, which he and his countless playmates are anyway. 



Update: 17 October 2020          

The unloved monarch should stay in Bangkok

In Thailand, the protests are raging. Rama X, the rich but ruthless monarch sees only his advantage and runs away from the protests. Where to? He flies back to Bavaria.

But now it was time to settle the business in Thailand as well, the whole family was flown to Thailand without further ado while nobody else could travel. Among them, as reported at the gala, is his 15-year-old son, Dipangkorn Rasmijoti, 15, with a jet of the Thai Air Force. 

The sexual escapades of the blue blood who puts his concubines in prison and otherwise interprets any criticism of his pompous behaviour as an insult to majesty are enough. Apparently, the king conducts his inhuman politics from German soil. The ambassador of Thailand has been summoned to the Foreign Office several times in this context.

Meanwhile, the torture monarch is also damaging Bavaria's reputation in the world, nothing more of understanding for the "Thai-Kini" living in filthy luxury. It is time to ask Rama X, who is apparently far removed from reality, to leave Germany. 





Historical freedom of jesters in Bavaria

Rama X, the Thai monarch, gradually becomes a nuisance in the Federal Republic of Germany. While everyone kept to the initial restrictions imposed by the government, the monarch flew back and forth. Once to fly to Thailand for festivities. Then again, he headed for various airports in the Federal Republic and practised the pilot manoeuvre of touch and go with his passenger plane to satisfy his urge to renew his flying licence instead of going for a walk in semi-domestic Bavaria. As if that wasn't enough, the comical king, who had a Boeing converted into a flying luxury palace for himself, obtained a special permit from the city of Garmisch-Partenkirchen when the exit restrictions were imposed. This allowed him to stay at the Hotel Sonnenbichl, despite having his residence in Bavaria. Why, was not clear even to the Court rapporteurs, who reported on the increasing number of absences of His Majesty.

Not only since yesterday has the bustling monarch from Bangkok become a filou. We recall that his Boeing was once chained to a pledge seal at Erding airport with unpaid debts, until His Serene Highness loosened more than 30 million euros. Maha Vajiralongkorn was still a prince at that time and had been living in a villa in Tutzing on Lake Starnberg for years.

He recently took the parade of his faithful at Munich's Erding airport with a barely belly-free top. Rumour has it that he had conveniently got rid of his tired girlfriend from the private sphere by simply having her arrested and giving her a whimsical story about an acid attack as justification. Before that, the man, now crowned king in gold panties, had dumped his three wives.


But the Free State of Bavaria has experience with blue-blooded troublemakers, as can be guessed from the story of Ludwig II.
Now, however, the comical king, who resides in Bavaria with his court, i.e. courtiers, lackeys and concubines, and who until now could only be described as a little odd, is mutating into a skilled torturer in diplomatic status.  This, however, only behind closed doors because the blue-blooded man mercilessly persecutes anyone who has anything to criticize about him and his white royal uniform jacket.


As one could gather from numerous well-informed circles, the strange king had numerous persons from his entourage flogged on the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany. This is said to have happened on the fourth floor of the picturesquely situated Hotel Sonnenbichl. Torture is forbidden even for kings in Bavaria! What sounds like a horror fairytale became reality during the Corona crisis in Germany. The brutal monarch with a penchant for eccentricity in protected status is to watch the films of courtly punishment for his own pleasure later on. But that is not all. According to a report by the British journalist Andrew Gregor Mc Marshall, the aristocrat who has fallen out of his role maintains a kind of torture prison in Thailand, where he has unpleasant characters tortured for a long time and then has the films shown in a kind of "best of" when he lives in his villa on his native Starnberg Lake.


All the circumstances of the monarch now call numerous human rights activists to the scene because Rama drives his royal fantasies of omnipotence too far. It seems that Rama maintains the Thai torture prison because of his palace in Bangkok, as new investigations now reveal.  Here the belly-free monarch is said to take particular pleasure in the suffering of arbitrarily imprisoned prisoners who are forced to drink urine, suffer from sleep deprivation and eat worms. While Rama appreciates the hearty Bavarian cuisine, there are countless prisoners who are literally gnawing at the hunger cloth.


Rama X. is certainly not as easy to stroke as Rama's name, and in recent years there have been increasing reports of royalty's failures in apparent exile. Rama is not squeamish with critics of his decadent courtly excesses. The man with the name Maha Vajiralongkorn, unpronounceable to Europeans, followed his father Bhumibol, who was very popular with the Thais, on the throne in a kind of fantasy costume garnished by a crown on his head. It is otherwise known about the bon vivant at the gates of Munich that he married his former bodyguard some time ago. Your Majesty will be merciless, as his master of ceremonies recently threatened in the social media if criticism of the ruler is made. A journalist was arrested when the monarch returned to Zurich from a trip to his old homeland.


The question is, what can be done about the king?


 Sources: PICTURE



               Andrew Gregor Mc Marshall

               own researches




News from the unknown dead woman at the Plaza Hotel in Oslo - Jennifer Fergate

Spooky facts

On June 3, 1995, a Saturday, an emergency call was received by the police in Oslo at about 7.58 pm.

What initially looked like a routine operation turned out to be one of the most mysterious criminal cases in Scandinavia over the following years. The operation took the officers to the then noble hotel "Oslo Plaza" at the main station of the Norwegian capital.

A security guard claimed to have heard a shot from room 2805, on the 28th floor. Two people were allegedly in the room at the time.

 The circumstance was  important for later investigations. 

Someone other than the dead person found in the room on the night of arrival, probably used one of the room key cards. 

This happened at about 12:20 pm on the day of arrival. Two days before the events described here. After that, the woman who checked in under the name Jennifer Fergate was only seen twice. Once she gave a princely tip to room service, otherwise the "Do not disturb" sign was hanging on the door. However, the unknown woman must have left the room and also the hotel. When this happened, the records in the Plaza gave no answer.


Jennifer Fergate, Kriminal Politi Sentralen, Oslo, Norge

The room door had been secured from the inside. The plastic key cards were lying in the room.
On the bed, as described in the article "The mysterious death in Oslo Plaza", lay the body of "Jennifer Fergate". A young cultured person, as described by witnesses. The woman was lying on the bed to her left and staring up. A single bullet hole in her forehead. The room was dark. It was quickly established that she had registered under a false name, with a non-existent Belgian address, together with a companion, Lois Fairgate (Fergate). Only Lois Fairgate was missing, he had been seen once, checking in. He was described at about 1.85 m and at that time between 35-40 years.
The purpose of the visit of the stranger, who was in the room and who had been reminded several times to come to the reception, was not clear. She had failed to pay the bill (about 300 euro). The unknown woman had exceeded the credit limit. She had booked the room by telephone for the first time on May  22, 1995, and had rescheduled it for another date on  May 31, 1995. Flight list evaluations from these days gave no information about the unknown person.

Traces pointing towards terrorism in which the unknown person could have been involved were quickly discarded. A possible environmental action was also ruled out because of the then known Brent Spar, which was to be sunk off Norway by the oil company Shell.
During these years, the peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, from which Oslo I and Oslo II emerged, also took place under Norwegian mediation. It is hard to imagine that someone with such a weighty mission could, under these circumstances, stay in an Oslo hotel, have a meagre last meal and then be shot. By whomever.


A meagre last meal, Kriminal Politi Sentralen, Oslo, Norge

The only thing that remained was the intelligence gathering of information about the Bosnian war. Whole families had saved themselves to Norway. It was the first great wave of escape that had started during the siege of Sarajevo.
Only with what purpose, then, had she  travelled to Oslo on untraceable paths and in mysterious legend? The legend was so shaky that it could have been noticed at any time.
There were numerous other theories, but in this case, they could only be understood as working theories. The police in Oslo simply had too few starting points before the dead woman was buried in 1996.

Was the Plaza woman a drug courier? There was nothing to suggest that she was. Not even the luggage. According to her profile, the unknown woman was not a drug dealer who had brought goods to Scandinavia.
Was she a professional assassin or a contract killer? The whole situation would be grotesque, according to the later analysis from 2017, she was born around 1971.
Prostitution in the field of an internationally operating high-class play mate was also ruled out because the woman did not even have cosmetics. The handbag that she had with her when checking in was missing at the site inspection. Even her trousers or skirt were missing.


At that time, the death of the young stranger quickly became the archive of the "Isdal woman" and Kambomans added. What the investigators didn't intend to regard the death of Jane Doe from Plaza Hotel  suicide. Too much spoke against it, like removing all labels from the clothes, shoes, and any personal belongings, such as papers, wallet, make-up, from the possessions of the dead. However, the dead woman would have been wearing make-up, the newspapers reported at the time.
Also, the woman, in whose right hand a Belgian 9 mm Browning from Herstal was found, was missing any traces of blood and gunpowder, which would have been typical for such a situation if the woman had judged herself. The weapon was probably made in 1990 or 1991. The gun was fired once for test firing, probably by soundproofing it with a cushion, and then again when the fatal shot was fired.

Right hand, Jennifer Fergate, Kriminal Politi Sentralen, Oslo, Norge



Test shot, Jennifer Fergate, Kriminal Politi Sentralen, Oslo, Norge


How did she come into possession of the pistol and how did this pistol come with her to Norway?
It is also unclear whether the fingerprints of the dead were put into context in Germany.
It was interesting that the gun had been treated with caustic liquid to literally destroy the recognizability of the series.
Since World War II, there are only about 15 corpses that could not be identified in Norway. And only three of the cases seem somehow fatally connected.
The door was locked from the inside, and the key cards were in the room. Investigators only found clothes without labels, all name tags and tags on her clothes were removed, a men's perfume, (Ungaro Pour L'Homme 1 cologne) a travel bag and a briefcase with 32 shots of ammunition.
The woman, born around 1971, wore a Citizen Aqualand (model: CQ-1021-50, serial number: C022-088093 Y, 2010779, GN-4-S). This watch was made in January 1992 and required batteries of type 370 from the Swiss battery manufacturer Renata.

Diving watch Citizen Aqualand, Jennifer Fergate, Kriminal Politi Sentralen, Oslo, Norge
Punches on all batteries indicated that the batteries had been produced in December 1994. Renata explained that the batteries were delivered to shops between December 1994 and January 1995. The punch marks of the watchmaker were W395 (W/change/3/March/95/1995)

Batteries of Renata, stamps, Jennifer Fergate, Kriminal Politi Sentralen, Oslo, Norge

The batteries were probably sold in March 1995 at Hertie Hamburg, Barmbek. At that time it was common practice in this former department store, the "Klotz von Barmbek", to attach such a punch with a nail. It was certainly not the only watchmaker's shop that handled it in this way. However, it is a starting point.

In this context it is interesting whether the dead woman belonged to water sports or diving club.
A jacket of the German fashion brand René Lezard caught the investigators' eye. The Schwarzacher manufacturer René Lezard had just made the jackets more expensive in 1995, it is still not clear where and when this jacket was bought.
In the room the police also found a green-turquoise canvas bag of the German brand Travelite, which produced suitcases and travel accessories in Germany since 1949. Whether this bag was purchased from Hertie - especially for the trip to the Plaza in Oslo - cannot be clarified any more, but in 1995 suitcases and bags of this kind were sold in the Hamburg department store.

The black leather bag of the German brand Braun Büffel from Kirn testifies to the fact that the dead did not exactly vegetate impoverished during her lifetime. The briefcase was part of a collection produced in 1986-91. The gold ring, which the investigators could secure on the right middle finger of the dead woman, had been made in Germany. The quality of the ring (333/8k) was more likely to indicate that the ring had been purchased in a shopping centre, in a chain store at the time, than at a brand jeweller.


Who can remember the gold ring on the right hand of the unknown dead? Who sold this type of ring in the mid-1990s?



The small gold earring worn by the deceased could not be identified.
The unknown deceased must have lived in orderly circumstances. The work on her teeth had been done with porcelain and gold. This work of a dentist could also have been done in Switzerland, Belgium or the USA. She weighed about 67 kg and was 1.59 m tall, had blue eyes and dark hair, perhaps these were dyed.
Years later, after an enamel analysis, the trail led back to Germany.
"For us, the region around Berlin is interesting. Maybe the woman was born in the former GDR", one of the investigators told the Norwegian Gazette vg Nyheter in 2017, who examined the case again in detail. After 22 years the exhumation was ordered.

A dentist who has performed her numerous dental treatments?
Who can provide information about the clothes of the mysterious Jennifer Fergate? The bras could have been bought from C&A (Brenningmeyer) in 1994.



Jennifer Fergate, Kriminal Politi Sentralen, Oslo, Norge



Jennifer Fergate, Kriminal Politi Sentralen, Oslo, Norge
After further research, a completely different picture emerges.

The traces so far indicate whether the young age is after all the Kunst und Antiquitäten GmbH (KuA) Französische Str. 15; Berlin- the KuA GmbH of the HVA's main department I, embedded in the former empire of the commercial coordination of Dr. Alexander Schalck Golodkowski.

A trade in used goods of the special socialist kind. An almost unexplored exhibit of German history, allegedly closed down in 1990. But behind the scenes, there was more going on than those responsible could have been happy with. ZERV was almost helplessly at the mercy of the agile embargo criminals from East Berlin.

The privatization, respectively reorganization, of the state-owned enterprise ZERV was art trade from 1990 onwards. Research was carried out accordingly, but many of the looted goods no longer turned up. Many warehouses were still well stocked after reunification. Works of art and antiques were privately distributed by the remaining members of the KoKo.
At KuA GmbH, the antiques and works of art stolen by the Stasi in the early 1960s, which had been widely circulated in the GDR since Operation Light, were distributed to non-socialist countries. In the process, stolen paintings and coin and stamp collections were sold via western contacts of KuA GmbH with the knowledge of the then Minister Mielke if state security raids.
Many traces of Stasi stolen goods led to Scandinavia, including this case:
One of the examples is the Sophien treasure. On 20 September 1977, the "Sophienschatz", 58 golden grave goods worth approx. 3.0 million euros disappeared from a tank display case of the Dresden City Museum.
In 1999 38 pieces of the collection appeared in Oslo: In 1999 a coin dealer tried to sell 38 to auction off parts of the Sophien Treasure in Oslo. Parts of the loot turned up in England. The Oslo 
Coin dealer Gunnar Thesen had acquired the pieces in good faith from the Copenhagen-based dealer Arne Jacob Becker (†1983) from KuA GmbH. He acted for the KoKo in non-socialist foreign countries to raise urgently needed foreign currency.


Who can provide relevant information in this respect?
Did anyone with the appearance of Jennifer Fergate in 1995 work for a group of art connoisseurs who wanted to recover items stolen from the KoKo?
Does anyone know the woman from the art trade or real estate industry as a secretary?
You can write to us at any time, we would forward the news to the police in Oslo:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The life of the salmon

For R.


We want to open this article for everyone to post contributions in English language for the protection of wild salmon. The contributions can be sent as photos, film or simply as text. 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Write us what you think about farmed salmon. 

In a world we live in, no one should have to fear publishing their thoughts just because they face the power of lawyers, lawsuits or attempts at bribery.

Capital has had its day. There are people who dislike this form of power and who resist its use.

The Earth's heritage is more important than fast euros.

The salmon is only synonymous with the environmental sins we leave behind for the next generation. Not to mention the children of our children.

It is unacceptable that large international corporations torture the creature salmon and systematically poison the consumer throughout Europe.

A predatory fish cannot feed in cages on pesticides, antibiotics and cheap food made from plant ingredients. Without respect for the creature animal that must die for our food.
In addition, fish are threatened by epidemics, such as the infectious anaemia of salmon (highly contagious ISA virus) caused by keeping them in cages. Because salmon kept in aquacultures is so poisonous that it is inedible, it also kills wild salmon in the surrounding area. It also causes numerous diseases, such as diabetes mellitus.

What remains are underwater worlds in Chile, Norway and elsewhere that look like a poisoned desert.

When consumers protest, the EU sets pesticide levels high. No.

If you have money like hay, you should find ways to breed these fish naturally, not in dirty and miserable environments.

Big business should be obliged to repair the underwater damage at their expense. And they should do so quickly before further damage occurs.

Beneficiaries are a few who are only interested in money, but not in nature, health or even species protection.
Although they emphasize this fact time and again. Nobody believes the corporations any more.

Now consumers must act.
And us.

Next article
The track of the salmon leads to Hamburg



The German Armed Forces: The cover-up as the latest IT security tool

When the pink clouds are sold to us in the context of digitisation, we are happy to suppress the premises. Necessary network bandwidths, high availability, security requirements and above all risks. Everything must always be pink. Because only this colour stands for better.


Since at least some in the German Armed Forces have recognized that a lot of light also casts many shadows, the new CIR command (Cyber- and Information Rooms) has been so prudent to be able to better counter these very risks. Of course also to have options in the battle of bits against bytes. From a technical and financial point of view, this string even meets the factual reality. In terms of equipment, we are fighting in the middle of what we have identified as a threat anyway. Quasi drooling standing at the edge of the field. As a reserve of the main players.


And that's not all because then the new "Bundeswehr Space Command" was additionally staged in a populist and above all press-effective manner. Although not quite as beautiful as the US-Space Command, which has even made the Starship Enterprise emblem its emblem, at least in name. And consequently housed in a run-down barracks, so that claim and appearance are visually balanced...




But why so high up, if it doesn't work even on the simplest level? 

The DAU (the stupidest user to assume) has struck again and all processes, rules, regulations and binding reporting channels are failing?

They fail because opportunistic self-interest for individual career preservation is to be regarded as more important than the claim of the German armed forces and the Federal Republic of Germany to secure cyber and information spaces. No matter whether space-based or ground-based 1.0 and "wired".




Once again, the Pfullendorf site and the Army Training Command in Leipzig come into rehearse here. "To be an army means to be more", we were taught in the 80s. And so, it was clear that the Ground Forces Training Command in particular, as a pioneer of training in the army, could breed it's very own DAUs in large numbers. In addition to other experts and competent persons on topics such as sexual harassment, right-wing extremism and other fields. That was unsuitable, but it shows the tendency.




But now to the case itself. A case that could have affected any civil-economy company, any public authority and any other service. Probably even many have already been affected, but they do not even know it yet.



A good example of well-intentioned, much wanted, little known and therefore moronic.



Instead of being happy that the damage would have been manageable through the timely and proactive initiative of a few, those who noticed it were now persecuted.


For this very reason, the German Armed Forces has implemented reporting channels for IT security breaches in a way that reports of security incidents can also reach the next responsible department via other reporting channels. Away from the normal so-called official reporting channels. Precisely so that the human factor and its "individual career and protection needs" take a back seat to security for everyone. In theory, this is an excellent idea. Theoretically. 


But what does the practice look like?



Actually, the same as we are striving for Corona in the pandemic. And open network access and data access have the same pandemic effect as Covid-19, which is why many technical terms in IT security also have biological cousins from the field of virology.




Lieutenant Colonel L., Chief of the IV. Inspection at the training centre, wanted to create the possibility to work or have worked on exercise situations (scenarios to practice military operations) via home office in the lockdown. But, what a miracle, the German Armed Forces was not equipped for this. Similar to schools, where children were to be digitally trained from now on and many teachers first had to learn how to use the Internet. So, this was not an isolated incident. But the aforementioned lieutenant colonel did not use certified and therefore not approved means for this purpose: a NAS (data storage with its own operating system connected to a network, Network Attached Storage)! A data storage with principally open and unprotected lines with the possibility of external access. For a military application...

The commissioned soldiers were eventually to be able to access the private notebook in the superior's private flat from their home office via this memory, connected to the private notebook. A "protection" of the simplest kind was implemented. In the end, the officer could have started the whole thing via Facebook group...



This included training situations and regulations for recovery operations. These are military and very risky operations that always start when, for example, aircraft crews are shot down behind enemy lines and have to be recovered. Like in the movie "Bat-21" with Gene Hackman.


There are specific procedures for this, which have to be practised regularly by those to be rescued as well as by the rescuers. These are mostly NATO uniform, so that each nation can also rescue soldiers from other nations, and they know the procedure well enough not to endanger themselves and the rescuers. If the enemy knows these procedures, he can use them to use the person(s) to be rescued as bait for the fish and to lure the recovery team into a trap.


This has been a popular practice in Afghanistan, Vietnam and elsewhere.




And Lieutenant Colonel L. has now presented such a situation exercise with the corresponding procedure, classification VS-NfD (Top secret), to the exercise participants in an attic. A memory that allowed everyone to access via the Internet, if they only knew the simplest access possibilities. Here it is not only about the level of secrecy, which is kept as low as possible so that one can practise with it at all, but about the topic(!) of the exercise and the execution itself. - The possible mission hazard of recovery operations in the field.




Already during the installation of this network storage facility, two attentive sergeants noticed that there was a massive violation of internal IT security guidelines and sought the conversation with Mr. L. They could have reported this incident to the IT department of the location. They even had to!


But instead of seeing the error and asking for help "to pull the number out of the mud", the two sergeants were ordered to keep quiet. However, the German Armed Forces has created regulations for such cases to prevent something like this from happening EXACTLY!


Both NCOs reported dutifully and in accordance with regulations to the S6 officer (telecommunications and IT officer), who in turn prepared a report for the commander of the training centre in Pfullendorf. The latter, Colonel KK, probably passed the case on to his deputy, Lieutenant Colonel L1, especially since the latter brought a reserve officer before the Military Tribunal in a similar case. And this Lieutenant Colonel L1 did something? - Exactly: NOTHING! Better still, he weighed up the S6 officer's report for "not applicable".


Simultaneously, one of the sergeants was disciplinary investigated for "insubordination". Both sergeants received a disciplinary penalty for allegedly disobeying the official channels.


From such moments on, there is changing in troop units. Injustice has an effect and the case fell figuratively over the barracks fence. Via two intermediate stations he came to the author, who then made a few phone calls. Yes, in Pfullendorf there was "nowadays peace on the cemetery". The local staff council met, soldiers, including women, visited doctors because of psychological stress. The word bullying hung in the air and the anteroom lady of Lieutenant Colonel L., the person responsible for the crisis, also felt increasingly uncomfortable.


As we all know, competence and good leadership are often found in people concurrently. And so, what belongs together blossomed into new flowers.




So, the author decided to send a press enquiry with the explicit reference to a publication today. Once to the press officer in Pfullendorf (this is the personnel officer in personal union there) with questions about the commander Colonel KK. And then in a somewhat more precise form, peppered with details, to the Deputy Commander CIR, Major General Setzer, who is the German Armed Forces's highest ranking IT security officer. The Army's IT security officer was deliberately skipped.




It came as it had to come. General Setzer sensed the bear trap and sent a press release to CIR:

"The questions concern several topics and responsibilities. To answer the questions, it is first necessary to examine a number of framework conditions that are the responsibility of the Army. Against this background, we ask you to address this request to the Army Command, Army Press and Information Centre".




The CIR press centre functions in an exemplary manner. And in the author's view, it is a showcase for the German Armed Forces's press technology. Thus, the CIR created the opportunity for the last possible reporting office within the German Armed Forces to have a thumb on the matter itself to be able to make "adjustments" if necessary.


Of course the army was not interviewed, as the author knows from experience that the "small official channels" were now in place and the responsible persons were informed in advance with bcc-distributors (invisible parallel forwarding of mails to other recipients), which are so popular with the German Armed Forces, that "something is up.




It had been foreseeable that the commander in Pfullendorf would not answer. But neither Pfullendorf nor the CIR knew about the other press enquiry.




Meanwhile, one of the sergeants in Pfullendorf had realised that reporting past his superior in parallel to the next higher level complied with the regulations. He described the well documented case in writing to the IT security officer of the Army Command in Strausberg. He even received a confirmation of receipt. When asked by telephone, he was informed that the process of his report had been passed on to the training command in Leipzig, which in turn would coordinate with the subordinate office in Pfullendorf, since the commander in Pfullendorf would actually have to report this serious security breach. - Or should have reported...


And Pfullendorf has never done that before. But what people in Pfullendorf don't know is that they have already been explicitly informed of the incident in higher places. Also, that Pfullendorf has not reported a serious IT security incident here. And thus that time is running out. Expired. - Shut up, the monkey dead!




How the drama continues now, the future may show. What is certain is that the best promise of wanting to do more will fail on the "muddy level" if you don't also make sure that there is a feeling for IT security. Not as lip service, but in reality at work.




Everyone makes mistakes. The author has also experienced this in his active time as an officer. And when things got tight, you say that you A) messed up and ask B) for help. This was never denied. The "nonsense" was cleaned up, straightened and/or put on the right track and in the end you paid for the beer for the common "you-idiot-evening". After the final dressing-down with the boss / commander, who also got a beer. This is also sometimes called comradeship.




The case in Pfullendorf would not have had to boil up like this. It is also not the only incident. It could have been cleared up. Quick and clean. Write a report that something like this had been set up for a short time, but that you realised in time that it was not possible and wanted to report proactively. To avert a possible but unlikely damage. - Nothing would have happened! Nothing at all!


Instead, two attentive sergeants were and are harassed, reports are straightened out, reporting channels are actively blocked and damage is done to the Federal Armed Forces.




And in the field, cut off and alone, crouching in the dirt with the chasers on their heels, every soldier will now think twice before calling for help and risking that the comrades of the recovery team will be ambushed because of him. It is better to try to reach your troops on your own. Despite all odds to the contrary.



Stupidity happens. But it can be "caught" by comradeship. But narrow-minded arrogance with power thinking is beyond what one could still define as THAT. It is simply the grave for every network, for every database and for every effort to secure critical IT connections.



So instead of creating an "Enterprise Command" in a press-effective manner, Pfullendorf should reassess and finally provide the kind of forward-looking professionalism that the army needs in training. Also in digital training.

As is now generally known, home office and online learning can even save costs. Free up money. For urgently needed equipment.


Parasites Domain blackmailing - an extreme shame for the Peoples Republic of China

  • Published in Crime

 Zealous economic parasites

If you own a domain, you should read the following article very carefully. In our days, there is a nasty scam that some Chinese are currently trying to use to gain an advantage. Advantage means the money in China, nothing else. The offenders simply threaten to register the domain name in China and pretend to be a Chinese branch of the main company in Europe or the US. An alleged registrar then writes emails to blackmail the victims with price lists. With considerable threats, European and American companies are forced to buy the domain at many times the regular price. 
After many emails, the helpful registrar explains that he is happy to help support the name for the victim of this brutal method. This costs, of course. Otherwise, you have to live with the consequences. A woman who is supposed to be from one of the applicants that need the domain name in China for their business writes that she insists on buying the name.  

Unfortunately, the Embassy of the People's Republic of China was not available for comment. Still, the Department of the Ministry of Commerce in Beijing is being asked how the culprits are to be dealt with on Chinese soil. In principle, if you receive such an extortion email, go to the police immediately.
The perpetrators are ruthless because they believe they are safe in China. This is not so. We will continue to report on the particularly zealous economic parasites. 


Here the mails in original: 


"Dear Manager,

(Please forward this to your CEO, because this is urgent. Thanks!)
This is writing from a Network Service Company which mainly deal with the domain name registration in Shanghai, China. On September 28, 2020, we received an application from Leigo Holdings Ltd requested “xyz” as their internet keyword and China (CN) domain names( xyz.cn/ xyz.com.cn/ xyz.net.cn/ xyz.org.cn). After checking it on the internet, we found this name/trademark has been using by your company. So it will conflict with your name/trademark. In order to deal with this matter better, we send you email to confirm whether this company is your distributor or business partner in China or not?

Kind regards

Mr.Clark Lee | Services & Operating Manager
YGCHINA | Headquarters  | http://www.ygchina.org.cn
8008, Tianan Building, No. 1399 Jinqiao Road, Shanghai 200120, China
T: 0086-134-8281-9147 | Tel: 0086-21-6191-8696 | Fax: 0086-21-6191-8697
Warm prompt: If our email accidentally enters your spam mail-box, please add our email account as the trusted email for our normal and timely correspondence. Thank you.




To whom it concerns,


We will register the China domain names “xyz.cn”    

"xyz.com.cn"      "xyz.net.cn"  "xyz.org.cn" and internet keyword "xyz” and have submitted our application. We are waiting for Mr.Clark Lee approval and think these CN domains and internet keyword are very important for our business. Even though Mr.Clark Lee advises us to change another name, we will persist in this name.


Best Regards


Karla Ouyang


Dear Manager,

We have already advised them to choose another name, but they insist on this name as China domain names (xyz.cn/ xyz.com.cn/ xyz.net.cn/ xyz.org.cn) and internet keyword. In our opinion, maybe they do the similar business as your company then register it to promote his company.

As is known to all, domain name registration based on the international 
principle is opened to company and individual.
 Any company or individual have the right to register any domain name and internet keyword which are unregistered. Your company haven't registered this name as China domains and internet keyword, so anyone is able to obtain them by registration. But in order to avoid this conflict, the trademark or original name owner have priority to register China domain name and internet keyword during our review period. If your company is the original owner of this name and wants to register these China domain names (xyz.cn/ xyz.com.cn/
xyz.net.cn/ xyz.org.cn) and internet keyword to prevent anybody from using them, we can send you an application form with price list to help your company register these China domains and internet keyword during our review period.

Kind regards

Mr.Clark Lee | Services & Operating Manager
YGCHINA | Headquarters  | 
8008, Tianan Building, No. 1399 Jinqiao Road, Shanghai 200120, China
T: 0086-134-8281-9147 | Tel: 0086-21-6191-8696 | Fax: 0086-21-6191-8697
Warm prompt: If our email accidentally enters your spam mail-box, please add our email account as the trusted email for our normal and timely correspondence. Thank you."


30 years later - is German unity a model for success?

30 years later from a different perspective


Everyone remembers the momentous day of German reunification, October 3, 1990. The sea of flags in front of the Reichstag, at the Brandenburg Gate. No one will not remember the words of the then Unification Chancellor, Dr Kohl.



A year earlier, the resistance against the concrete-headed Communists in the Politburo in the former GDR had reached its peak. The people were braver than the thugs of the all-powerful Stasi and simply ran away from the state. That was a good thing. And the courage, the determination of the GDR citizens must never be forgotten, who brought the East Berlin regime to collapse. The scenes were very similar to the refugee crisis of our days; many people forget that they too were refugees. They were led by the help of those who helped the thousands.  

Was the reunification of Germany the best thing that could happen to the country? Certainly not, if you look back. Germany should have stayed with two German states. In a confederation of some kind, in which the respective states could have slowly got used to each other. But the DM was roaring and the consumption of capitalism. Attentive observers noticed that the longest queues were not caused by the banana boxes but by the so-called "welcome money". At that time, it was 100 DM per person.

In the days of the silent revolution, nobody saw the consequences of reunification in a trite way, which Kohl literally whipped through in the slipstream of the shattering Eastern Bloc. The chancellor was right: it was a unique moment in history that made the German reunification possible, that made the 2nd Berlin Republic possible. 


Someone in the GDR had supported the SED regime, which had come to an end. This circumstance was utterly forgotten in the exuberance of the times after the end of 1989. A revolution was underway. Kohl's ambition was to create the unity of a country that was no longer a "Unity of the Fatherland" and could not become one.  The henchmen around Honecker and his cruel apparatchiks, who could hardly be surpassed in dictatorial violence and who washed their hands in blood, did not entirely disappear overnight. The system of the FRG was simply imposed on the East.  Whether the citizens of the GDR wanted it or not. Nobody was asked or even thought about a pure referendum. There were critical voices even then. 

But Kohl made a mistake; he forgot that the communists in the East shaped the generation that once experienced the end of the war. Indeed, thirty years later one can say that one German confederation, two German states, of course without the wall and the order to shoot, without the machinations of the Stasi, would have been the model for success. States that could have come closer slowly, without the social explosives that the SED dictatorship had left behind. 

Kohl forgot the imprint left by the system. Now, 30 years later, the generation must bear the consequences of reunification. Those who did not like the democratic system of the Federal Republic, but who were quasi liberated with unification, want and are pushing for the abolition of democracy in Germany. In the present Federal Republic, a dangerous anti-democratic mood has formed in the ideological blocks of the SED successors and the nationalists. The European house conjured up by unification has cracks in it anyway, which are difficult to repair. Putin, who is doing everything he can to disintegrate Europe, the already repulsive Polish nationalism and the guarantors of freedom at the time, the Hungarians are sinking into another dictatorship. Indeed, another dictatorship is not the panacea for the problems of today. 

No, the October 3 may be a date in history that certainly brought about a turnaround, but whether for the better? That remains to be seen and left to other generations to judge. At the moment, it does not give the impression. 

To those who want to celebrate the memory of reunification, an excellent October 3!


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