Perhaps Trump sets the execution method for himself - The legacy of Donald Trump (1)

Perhaps Trump sets the execution me…

Trump's whimsical legacy ...

Trump falsifies the presidential election in front of everyone

Trump falsifies the presidential el…

Update  November 4th...

The American Election 2020 (1)

The American Election 2020 (1)

Donald Trump - a disgrace...

The Brexit lie 1/8

The Brexit lie 1/8

(AmcC/BAlR/MCvtH/HvM) ...

New sex games in the Alpine Panorama for the Royal playboy from Thailand?

New sex games in the Alpine Panoram…

Update: 18 October 2020&n...

News from the unknown dead woman at the Plaza Hotel in Oslo - Jennifer Fergate

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The life of the salmon

The life of the salmon

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Parasites Domain blackmailing - an extreme shame for the Peoples Republic of China

Parasites Domain blackmailing - an …

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30 years later - is German unity a model for success?

30 years later - is German unity a …

30 years later from a dif...

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The Shame of Africa (Part 4)

Flexible response - one year after the Alina programme

This time "in the robe" of apple love

The ripper is on his way, so everyone is warned. Brutal scammers like Alina or Rebecca are once again on the timelines of the big social media providers. The Shame of Africa is marching again. It's all about money, but the romance scammers are willing to do everything in their power to make it happen. This time with a fake Brazilian mermaid for lonely men while the lockdown. But that's not all. They show that there's still room for improvement in terms of badness. 

The e-mail address of the pomme love already appeared in the program Alinas. Stolen pictures, stolen identities and "Morane is hungry", this is how the African gangs roamed the social networks. Brutal is still the friendliest word that points to the perpetrators.



Last summer, we told the story of Veith, who still hasn't recovered from Alina in terms of health. In the meantime, the public prosecutor's office is investigating the perpetrators, and fraud is only a marginal phenomenon in these proceedings. With their messages, they send links containing phishing programs, through which they later access the data of their victims. 

Today the brutal blackmailers from Africa's Ivory Coast operate under other identities, which they obtained after the collapse of the program Alina, to continue the profitable business. So Cornelius wrote to us yesterday, that the successors of Alina also contacted him. Immediately the unknown ones wanted his Whatsapp to start with the scammer terror.

Because they mistook Cornelius for a woman, they immediately wrote: Subject: How are you? I'm glad you answered my e-mail. I am Andreas. I hope I am not disturbing you; the mail came from the already very active mail address pomme liebe 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Attention: For women, greedy Africans have set up the Andreas programme. When Cornelius wrote that he did not know an Andreas, he got the flexible answer: I am a woman, my name is Andrea. Thanks a lot. If you don't mind that I can leave you my WhatsApp number, we can write to each other more easily. As in the case of Alina, the real goal was to get immediate access to the WhatsApp to be able to exercise control. For this purpose, the alleged Andrea gave her number, which is a fake. +33 7 56 84 51 05- plus the signature of the local time, which indicates the time difference. 

The perpetrator group operates via France and the Ivory Coast, Belgium and the Congo. Further traces lead to Morocco. In Germany, too, the group continues to expand. Unfortunately with a brutality that makes even experienced investigators freeze their blood in their veins. Those who do not pay are blackmailed. The trail to the head leads into the Congo, where he should not feel too safe. 

It is one of the dirtiest groups of scammers. Victims of the group were so demoralized that they thought about suicide when the perpetrators tried their hand at them. However, numerous measures are being taken in the background to stop the perpetrators. 

Until that happens, everyone should be warned to get involved with these people. 

It is essential: Never give the perpetrators personal data, no matter what they promise or how they threaten. In case of threats, contact the police immediately.


 Andrea "Fake Bikini Beauty", 2020


Son et Lumière - a French success story


What was first tried out at Chambord Castle in 1952 has since become very popular not only in other regions of France but also worldwide: the illumination of historical monuments utilizing special lighting effects and often combined with background music or storytelling. The sound and light show at the pyramids of Giza, for example, is very well known.

Extraordinary illuminations can be seen at various locations in Lorraine. Different cities use the most modern media technology to offer a spectacle to guests and locals alike, but also to draw attention to buildings and the exciting history of the region in an entertaining and sophisticated way. In summer, for example, there is video mapping at Metz Cathedral, a sound and light show at Toul Cathedral or the illumination at Lunéville Castle.


Hotel de Ville during the illumination, rm, kasaan media, 2019

But one of the most impressive is undoubted "Son et Lumière" on Place Stanislas in Nancy.


Duke Stanislas, former King of Poland, lived in France as Duke of Lorraine between 1733 and 1766. Through his building activities and ideas, he had a decisive influence on the present appearance of Nancy. The Place Stanislas, which was built according to his plans, is an architectural gem due to its uniform baroque architecture and is rightly considered one of the most beautiful squares in Europe. This square, which has also been included in the Unesco World Heritage List or, to put it correctly, the buildings around the square have been providing the canvas for spectacular illumination since 2007. Once only thrown onto the façade of the Town Hall, the show now comprises a total of five buildings, including the Opera House, the Grand Hotel and the Museum of Art.

  Stanislas 1

Nancy Opera on the Place Stanislas, rm, kasaan media, 2019 

Between 15 June and 15 September 2019, anyone can experience the 20-minute event, which is free of charge to viewers, on the square at 10.45 p.m. in the evening, or 10.00 p.m. since 16 August. A warm summer evening with a good meal in one of the many street restaurants and then a spectacle of the extra class. The technology is realised via eight projectors and seven media servers. About eight kilometres of cable had to be laid for this. But an effort that is enjoying increasing popularity. In 2019, around 900,000 visitors were expected to come to Place Stanislas in the evening.  

Scenes from the history of Lorraine are presented in eleven individual sequences and reminded of prominent personalities from the region, including the famous astronomer Charles Messier, who came from Lorraine.   

A particular focus in 2019 will be on a homage to the opera of Nancy, which celebrates its 100th anniversary.

And as the crowning finale to the opera, the Queen of the Night.


Year after year, some of the sequences are exchanged so that a visit is always worthwhile.

Lorraine and the city of Nancy are worth a visit - especially in summer.


Son et Lumière, kasaan media, 2019


Nîmes - the magic of Southern France

  • Published in France

Nîmes is undoubtedly the pearl of southern France, located in the region of Occitania. Nîmes incredible history is still evident today in the urban development and lifestyle of the more than 2000-year-old metropolis.

Street café near the station, kasaan media, 2019



Nîmes was once a Roman settlement with today the only amphitheatre in the world still preserved in its original form.


Nîmes railway station, kasaan media, 2019

Nîmes is a city of extraordinary beauty, with Napoleonic and neoclassical buildings lining its streets. Here, too, the last few years have seen high levels of social dislocation, which began with the wave of refugees from Africa.



Amphitheatre forecourt, kasaan media, 2019


But Nîmes is also the starting point for fans of French bullfighting. Like a shining jewel, the former Roman arena in the centre of the city stands out almost majestically from all the other buildings.

Front yard, kasaan media, 2019


A visit to this 2000-year-old building is a must to do. At present, it is being restored. At the cash desk, you can get a recorder, which informs you about the eventful history of this monument. The view in the arena is breathtaking. One feels deeply connected with history. It is the breath of the journey through time. The Roman arena has lost nothing of its charm. Museums of Roman history complete the picture.

Street in Nîmes, kasaan media, 2019

Countless cafés and restaurants offer visitors the cuisine of Southern France. Here you can feast to your heart's content, enjoy a bottle of red wine and let your soul dangle.

Prefecture in Nîmes, kasaan media, 2019


Nîmes is on the edge of the Camargue, which stretches from there like a headland to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. One can observe wild horses and flamingos in the Étang. Nîmes is exciting, captivating for the visitor because it is here that antiquity meets modernity and has developed a flair that cannot be found anywhere else in France or the South.

Prefecture in Nîmes, kasaan media, 2019


Promenades are the order of the day on the wide boulevards and desired, the history of the houses is told on numerous buildings - like here at the residence of a famous writer.

Side Boulevard Victor Hugo, kasaan media, 2019

Nîmes is léger and always offers a surprise. In the heart of the city, there is a park that blends in with the otherwise modern city centre. Hotels are a dime a dozen in Nîmes.

Bullfighting Monument, Boulevard Victor Hugo, kasaan media, 2019

But we recommend the Hotel Campanile in Mas-Carbonnel. The rooms are simple but practical. We recommend the hotel for the friendliness of the staff and the restaurant. There is a daily changing buffet for small money and main courses that are very tasty. With a glass of wine from Languedoc-Roussillon and the "savoir-vivre" is perfect.



La Cathédrale Notre-Dame-et-Saint-Castor, kasaan media, 2019



Amphitheater, kasaan media, 2019



At the Amphitheater, kasaan media, 2019


Amphitheater, kasaan media, 2019


Amphitheater Nîmes, kasaan media, 2019

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