The American Election 2020 (1)

The American Election 2020 (1)

Donald Trump - a disgrace...

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The Brexit lie 1/8

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News from the unknown dead woman at the Plaza Hotel in Oslo - Jennifer Fergate

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The life of the salmon

The life of the salmon

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The German Armed Forces: The cover-up as the latest IT security tool

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Parasites Domain blackmailing - an extreme shame for the Peoples Republic of China

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30 years later - is German unity a model for success?

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Fake Bank - Fake Lawyers- Fake Story

Fake Bank - Fake Lawyers- Fake Stor…

It started with the Wing-...

Berlin, August 29 th, 2020

Berlin, August 29 th, 2020

Berlin: Demonstration of ...

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June 2020

Scammer-Greetings from the closet

Published with kasaan shop in August 2020 for Euro 9.99  for the ebook

A new completely brainless story of a certain John Suger circulates through the social networks and is sent unsolicited by e-mail as a letter of compensation from a powerful sounding organization.

Nothing about this email is true, do not answer it.

Do not disclose your personal data.

The data would be used to facilitate further crimes. If in doubt, contact the police.  This is the original mail from the probable West-African scammer: 


"Greetings Sir/Madam,

This is to acquaint you on the outcome of our meeting with U.N International Financial Investigation Unit and the Association of Better Business Bureau to compensate scam victims upon due verification, we have jointly approved US$1.5m (One million, Five hundred thousand United States Dollars) for every confirmed victim. Your E-mail address was generated through the computer ballot system as one of the selected victim to receive this compensation.

However, adequate arrangement has been put in place and approved to transfer your fund through a telegraphic wire transfer in anywhere in the world.

Finally; for the purpose of proper verification of your claims, it is imperative that you furnish us with the following of your details necessary to process release/remittance of your payment:

Your Name:
Your Residential Address:
Country of Origin :
Direct Mobile Phone Number:
Copy of you Identity Card:

You are expected to forward the above information to the Authorized Payment Center.

Thank you.

Yours in service,

Mr. John Suger"


Wirecard - the biggest German bank scandal since Herstatt Bank, 1974

It is urgently necessary that the German BaFin prohibits Wirecard from doing any further business.

Former CFO Braun was arrested on suspicion of falsification of financial statements. On Monday evening he surrendered to the authorities in Munich after he learned that the Public Prosecutor's Office 1 in the Bavarian capital had applied for an arrest warrant against him that morning.  

Now, after the Herstatt Bank, 1974, one of the biggest financial scandals in German post-war history is unfolding.

If it is not the biggest, questions remain as to how it could be that a country like the Philippines could be involved in financial transactions of this magnitude, which maintains death squads and has killed thousands of innocent people as drug dealers and others.


Dictators and the Mafia


Currently, the busy corporate lawyer Mark Tolentino does not appear to be in Makati City. The former minister under the pseudo-ruler Duterte with a penchant for quick and plentiful executions had disappeared without a trace. Duterte had fired him some months ago. Where to go or with whose money, that is not yet clear. Meanwhile, he let it be known that he wanted to get new bank statements. 
Whether the dubious family lawyer is even able to prove the whereabouts of the money is not clear either.

In the streets of Andorra, people had known about the highly functional money-laundering opportunity Wirecard for a long time. In the alleys of Gibraltar, too, they had been aware of the convenient way of circumventing any laws against money laundering for many years.

There was the Banc de Binary, a dubious option company that promised daily increasing profits, and online casinos that gave Wirecard as an insider tip on money laundering. Some customers even claimed that it was only through Wirecard that they became victims of the machinations of Banc de Binary in the first place.

Thus, transactions with high returns, i.e. the purchase of non-existent goods with dirty money, became the hobby horse of many ex-brokers on the grey market. The linchpin -Wirecard. In February 2020, EFRI filed criminal charges against Banc de Binary for money laundering in more than 700 cases in connection with Wirecard. This seemed to be a marginal note these days. From here, traces reach as far as Cyprus.


Whiter than credit cards from a petrol station only Ariel washes

The shareholders of Wirecard Solution Ltd. are caught up in a complicated web of companies, mailbox and offshore solutions, apparently steered by Newcastle Upon Tyne.  How this escaped the German supervisory authority is a complete mystery. And this mystery will be even more challenging to solve than to search and find the missing billions.

Thus, among the directors of the English Wirecard group, another connection to the investment half-world emerges Thomas Michael, Richard Jennings. He owns Yar Ltd Afton Manor, Freshwater, Isle Of Wight, PO40 9TW. Behind this façade is supposed to be a consulting company, which was founded on February 14, 2002. A stately home is revealed under the address, which could have originated from a  heartache literature effusion—the ideal world of financiers and consultants.

It soon became evident through a lawyer specialising in commercial law, Jesse Douglas & Aaskells Solicitors, Room 1 Sigma Business Center, Harrow, Middlesex, HA1 1LJ, whose client had been advised to use a bank account issued by 'Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd' and operated by another company called 'Marq Millions Ltd', that something was rotten with the German start-up. That was 2018.

But who is Marq Millions Ltd.?

Wirecard Ltd.'s operations in Singapore, 2019, were tainted with announcements and the high art of forgery and deception. During the authorities' investigation of the Singapore office of the online payment service provider, the local police had found evidence pointing to "serious counterfeiting and fake accounts". As written, 2019, not last week when the family rights activist with a penchant for dictators was sought on the Philippines. Now Wirecard applied for a license in Singapore to continue the business. 


Mailboxes, offshore companies and money laundering facilities are said to have been the actual core business of the Aschheim-based company. One is astonished that this business was doing well for so long. Card Systems Middle East, based in Dubai, was just one of the strange business partners of the Aschheim start-up friends. In 2019, Bellenhaus still refused to reveal the identity of Al Alam Solutions FZ LLC. in Dubai, which was later closed due to damage to its reputation. The greed of the Wirecard people was unbearable. Years ago, one could already read in several forums that money disappeared without a trace and never reappeared. This issue seemed to be part of Wirecard's business model. 

At the time, the public prosecutor's office in Munich did not see any evidence for investigations.  

Part 2 Frayed Business


The awful clown: Kung Flu happened in Tulsa

  • Published in USA

More like a lying, lame duck

In front of partly empty seats, Donald Trump put together his tasteless Tulsa show. There, wherein 1921 round 300 people died in racial riots, racist Trump started his ridiculous election campaign. 

Scapegoats must be sought and found

He, the dictator of the USA, had a bad week. John Bolton is allowed to launch The Room Where It Happened on Tuesday. A judge had to rule on the start of the sale. A niece of Trump wants to score with the memories of the terribly nice family. The Trumps.

The Flodders would be really nice.

The despot, who did not say a word in Tulsa about the grievances in the USA, complaints against any publications.

George Floyd seems to be a hallucination of the Democrats. Trump didn't even mention him in his confusing speech. His deputy, Mike Pence, seemed like a ridiculous lackey who praised his boss like a pop star, but unfortunately forgot that the assembled could be infected by COVID-19, who chanted stereotypical sayings of Trump's campaign team with hoarse voices. Surrounded by MAGA singing, which came over like a dance around the golden calf, the US despot then stepped up to the podium.

An old, evil man.

Trump had learned from his former brother in the spirit, of Kim Jong-un, another cheeseburger lover and dictator, to applaud his person as he had done in the Pyongyang Politburo.

With an evil grin and a little stupid, without any real knowledge base, Trump then presented his political fairy tales, his alleged successes.  One of the strange stories was the abolition of the police in the USA by a Biden government.

Kung Flu 

The speech could only disgust a normal person.

Kung Flu was just about on Trump's level when he puzzled the SARS COVID-19 virus. He had still not understood the danger of the disease. He obviously lacked the intelligence to do so. Hurried again against the fake press, which he called the most dishonest people. He seemed to be his own propaganda minister, who had been looking for the victim before the comments about the pathetic speech. In the middle of the speech, Trump praised himself once again, what a handsome guy he was, his voice reminded of past despots.

He lied once again, claiming that he had greeted 600 times military, and at one of the last appearances the corpulent liar seemed weak. In a complete loss of reality, he then promised the best financial year in the history of the USA. Trump called the Boeing President, a son of a bitch. And presented himself as the hero of his own Air Force One on the loo. After that Germany got its fat off, Trump tried once again to extort money from Germany's NATO contribution.  Like an evil clown with the same mug, living and thriving in his own world, he tried to open a debt account that probably only he can understand. Like the soul of a shopkeeper, he opened the bill of the last 30 years and said Angela Merkel would be nice but would pay billions to Russia for the energy supply. 
After further side blows on the democrats followed his GRÖTAZ (Biggest Trump of all times) slogans, in which he pretended to have absolutely unrealistic economic data.

He liked to hear himself speak, the applause was restrained, which followed at the end of the bad Trump performance. How much he, the worst president of the USA since the foundation of the state, slandered his generals, he himself pretended: He claimed that Democrats would punish churchgoers in the future, but not those who set fire to churches.

The conflagration in society was caused by Trump himself. 


The Shaft Frankenholz

Bringing life into the past


Admittedly, Frankenholz is not the navel of the world. Bexbach certainly isn't either. Very few people know these places. 


But in mining, the two places were once world leaders. That was a long time ago. 

What remained are the ruins of the compressor house, the skeleton of a company-owned filling station, supply lines and parts of former shaft superstructures and much other debris. These onces served many masters who, in the course of history, went through the ages to extract the "Saar-Gold" from the depths and are now left to decay. The villas of the then administrators are now already sought-after residential buildings. 

But now Andreas Kroth is planning in cooperation with the Frankenholz-Gewerbecenter (Frankenholz commercial centre), to rebuild the compressor hall of the former Frankenholz mine, around which a road is to be laid. This stake is where the new Frankenholz centre is to be built. Not only for culture but also to stimulate social interaction. 

Along this access road, numerous single-family houses are to be built on the current wasteland. Full of enthusiasm, the civil engineer Andreas Kroth describes his many ideas in the understanding of history and the cultural context. What matters is the integration of the remaining buildings into a new settlement. No efforts are spared to implement the idea. A survey was launched via Facebook to find out what the citizens of Bexbach would like to see. This questioning resulted in numerous suggestions, which Kroth now describes as his plan.


A further waiting would give the ruins, which have been exposed to the weather and decay for years, "the rest", only to be unable even to preserve the gutted façade. The walls show signs of decay and weather-related mould growth. 

Hence, the sensible considerations come at the right time. Urban development plans that combine environmental protection and design and create jobs that are urgently needed in this area of the Saarland. Of course, the planner is aware that it is an investment of millions that has to be made. But it is worth it. 


An extraordinary mirror of Saar history


The compressor house, which was once used to supply oxygen underground, still has its unusual and light-flooded roof construction, which extends almost over its entire length. The walls show much of their former splendour, which has been lying fallow since 1959. With the handover of the Saar by the civil administration of the French occupying power, the operation of the Frankenholz/Saar shafts was finally stopped.


An eventful history accompanied the area around the former Frankenholz mine. Frankenholz was a mirror of Saar's history, and it has always been one of the most important.

Since 1729 the industrial extraction of coal in the Frankenholz pit was attempted. At the beginning of the century, the density of methane gas underground led to the use of an underground gas storage facility to use the gas to heat the mine's boiler plant. It was unique. 


In 1919, following the unification of the Treaty of Versailles, the Republic of France became the owner of all mines in Saar. In 1923, a 100-day strike broke out at the mine, but it affected the entire Saar region. This strike was not only due to the partly inhuman working conditions but also to the political situation. At that time, more than 2800 people were working in the mine. In 1930, the highest output was reached, with over 480,000 tonnes of coal extracted. Thus, the mine became one of the most historically significant industrial sites in the Saarland.  

Frankenholz Mine, 1931, from the "Saarbruecken Miners' Calendar


On January 2, 1941, there was a firedamp explosion in which 41 miners lost their lives. It was a black day for the coal in Saar.  On January 1 there was heavy fire at level 10 of the colliery. As a consequence of the war, there was a disturbance in the Homburg power plant, and the remedial measures had to be omitted on this day. However, as the coal had to be extracted, a devastating firedamp explosion occurred shortly before midnight on January 2, 1941. After the accident, work in the mine was stopped entirely. Jules Baumann, a charismatic administrator, took over the shaft after the war and for a while coal could be extracted again. At that time, horses were still used to pull the lorry's underground. This practice came to an end in 1960, at a time when the Saarland was undergoing the most significant upheaval in its history.


It would be an unspeakable loss to let the industrial culture, which was once the hard-earned income for many Saarland families, fall into disrepair. But there is still the civil engineer Kroth, who moved here from the Ruhr area and who has dedicated himself with skin and hair to the extensive redevelopment of the former territory of the Frankenholz mine. These are more than dreams that Kroth conveys; they are plans that only need to be implemented.


The planner and all his comrades-in-arms would welcome it if the state government in Saarbrücken would support the efforts to restore this property. Europe, the EU, too, will undoubtedly be interested in the eventful history of this building, because it was and is a piece of German-French history. 


Construction engineer Kroth has precise ideas and knows how to realize them. No one has any doubt about that,- he cultivates what has been forgotten since 1959.


Kroth is someone who tackles things, who wants to preserve what has remained of the pride of the Saarland mines and transfer it to modern times.

What is the outlook? How should the project be implemented?

Many concepts are conceivable; Bexbach has a mining museum. For example, the historically valuable compressor hall could be turned into a meeting place that also represents the concerns of the former occupying forces and the long-standing friendship between Germans and French. But Kroth has many other ideas that he would like to present. The building has two basements, which in its actual use had the advantage that supply shafts and pipes could be led under the surface. Now it could become a discotheque or a bowling alley. There has been a long tradition of bowling in Bexbach, which can look back on history in the so-called Bundesliga. 


A flexible event hall, which could also be used as an exhibition space, is one of the ideas that electrifies Kroth. Children can be left virtually downstairs, while the adults pursue their interests, the youngsters are looked after downstairs. An excellent concept that could be viable during this time. Regional gastronomy is also being considered. There is still a little time left before the starting signal is given. 



As Andreas Kroth emphasized in the interview, the intention is to create a homepage soon on which the concerns and ideas of the citizens are received. The website is to accompany the development of the entire area.  If you don't want to wait for the homepage, you are welcome to write to us; we will forward the mails: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.















With the penguins at the Cape of Good Hope

In South Africa, just around Cape Town, there is a lot to see. Here is an aspect that even fascinates locals.

In Simons Town, named after former Cape Governor Simon van der Stel, there are whole colonies of African penguins that attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Tourists come from all over the world to see the approximately 2500 penguins at the rounded granite rock.

Here a picture from the helicopter, from about 500 meters in height, so that one can imagine the area, the beaches, here at all. We would like to show the picture sheet of the cape.

Have fun with it!

 Helicopter - Picture, Cape, wm, kasaan media, 2020


 Penguins seeking shelter in the bushes, wm, kasaan media, 2020


The "owl of the sea" sits very close to the stone and rests, wm, kasaan media, 2020   


They always run in groups and always one after the other, wm, kasaan media, 2020  


 But also going on a discovery tour alone, wm, kasaan media, 2020 



 Living in the colony is easier, wm, kasaan media, 2020


 The young also want to be provided for, wm, kasaan media, 2020 


The famous penguin dance, wm, kasaan media, 2020 


Update: Case Maddie McCann: Friedrich Fuelscher and Johann Schwenn take over the defense for Christian B.

Update June, 11th, 2020

Maddie McCann - The most severe child-abduction since the Lindbergh Baby

Christian B. was taken on yesterday by one of Germany's best barristers after his defence lawyers had resigned their mandates.  Johann Schwenn together with his colleague from Kiel, Friedrich Fuelscher. Christian B. was transferred to a solitary cell in prison in Kiel. The prison management fears that other prisoners might attack the suspect. Friedrich Fuelscher said in an interview (German) that he wants to take criminal and civil action against anyone who allegedly spreads statements. Half the world would accuse his client of the most horrible deeds. His client would feel bad.

Christian B. cannot defend himself right now. He is incarcerated. 


It seems incomprehensible how it can be that all the facts that led to Christian B. being considered as the possible perpetrator are only now becoming known. Everybody knew something, and now everybody wants to talk about his personal experiences with the suspected perpetrator. In the process, many lose their grip on the rule of law, which guarantees the presumption of innocence even for the worst crimes. Many don't notice that Christian B. cannot have committed all the crimes, at least not alone.  He must have had accomplices if any. 
It would be an absolute disaster if, due to the public statements, the background of the events could no longer be revealed. Perhaps this would mean that one would forgive oneself any possibility, if at all, of finding the children still alive somewhere. This issue cannot be the intension of the case. 

Update June, 10th, 2020

The questions are becoming even more pertinent. 

How could the First Prosecutor of Braunschweig, Mr Wolter, have known that Madeleine was dead, maybe the girls were sold. 
Is there such an organization that kidnaps children... 
What did they do to the children?
There is a proof on video, as Christian B. also used to film the misdemeanour with the 72-year-old American in Portugal. Or did this video or the evidence of Maddie McCann's death appear in any other context?
Did Christian B. have any accomplices who assisted him in these known crimes?

In this context, the Sun reports that Christian B. probably announced to his then British partner on the day before the abduction of Maddie that he would leave the following day, according to the Sun:  So the whole affair was already known, since 2007.
 "It's a horrible job, but I have to do it, and it's going to change my life. You won't see me for a while", as far as the quote of the main suspect, reported by Sun and RTL. 
 The cryptic comment of Christian B. pointed out that he kidnapped Maddie on behalf of whoever. 
According to RTL, this former girlfriend also knew about Christian B. had abducted Maddie. She approached him about it in 2010. She didn't think he was capable of such an act, but he told her, according to the Sun, not to go to the place.
Meanwhile, the impression is growing that Christian B. had accomplices. Is there an organization of child molesters who carefully prepared their deeds? 

Is Christian B. also connected with the disappearance of Hilal Ercan, who disappeared in Hamburg on January 27, 1999? Or with Katrin Konert, who vanished without a trace from a bus stop on January 1, 2001. An unknown woman with a Polish accent who called her sister, later claimed that she had got into a vehicle bearing Berlin license plates. 
What about Inga Gehricke, who disappeared without a trace in a forest in 2015? 
If all cases were real, it would be the worst series of murders, except the Göhrde murderer, since the end of the war in Germany. 


Update June, 9th, 2020

Is this actually about a German paedophile ring?

In the meantime, Christian B., who has served a large part of his prison sentence for drug dealing, has applied for release from prison.

In the Maddie McCann murder case, the court in Braunschweig has not yet issued an arrest warrant. Senior Public Prosecutor Wolter from Braunschweig does not, however, have enough evidence to file charges.

In other cases, such as Carola Titze, who was murdered in the De Haan area of Belgium in 1996, investigations are ongoing.

In the case of Rene Hasee, who disappeared without a trace in the Algarve that same year, no initial suspicion could be found. But Christian B. is also under investigation for another mysterious murder case in recent decades, involving Peggy Knobloch. The girl's remains were only discovered by chance in July 2016 by a mushroom picker, after the girl disappeared on her way to school in 2001. Initially, the innocent Ulvi K., who is mentally handicapped, had been sentenced to years in prison as the perpetrator.

The case also moved into the interest of the investigators when the NSU was discovered, because, from the beginning, there was suspicion that the Nazi underground movement was financed by child abuse and child porn.

Besides bank robberies and other crimes.

Also, one of the perpetrators, Uwe Böhnhardt, had already been suspected of being involved in the murder of a child.


Bernd B. who disappeared without a trace in 1993 on the river Saale. Whether there was a connection between Böhnhardt and Christian B. cannot be clarified. Böhnhardt died in a suicide attempt after a bank robbery in Eisenach in 2011. According to the British Sun, Christian B. is said to have appeared in deeds under different aliases Fraenkel and Meisser.

It is said to be an association of paedophiles from Germany.



This suspicion has been known before in connection with the NSU. According to a report by the Guardian in London, a Hazel Behan who was abused in 2004 asked to have her case re-examined. She lived not far from the former temporary waiter Christian B. in Portugal.

As the BILD newspaper reported, Christian B.'s former partner in the Algarve was looking after children who were difficult to bring up, for whom she received 4000 Euro per child per month. It is not clear when Christian B. separated from his girlfriend. She is not supposed to have taken care of the children, other girls are said to have come back pregnant.

But if Attorney General Wolter had evidence that Maddie McCann was no longer alive, he said in an interview with Sky. In addition to the suspect's horrible remarks, it has now become known that he declared that "pigs can eat human flesh and a person could disappear completely", an unknown source is quoted as saying. The body of Maddie McCann is being searched intensively as more and more details are received through countless leads. It is probably about the properties in East Germany and Portugal. Whether Madeleine McCann was still alive after the kidnapping is unknown, but witnesses have explained this fact. There was no chance trace Maddie live.




How many more children like Maddie McCann have fallen victim to this cruel fate caused by Christian B.?


Christian B. is the prime suspect of having committed these acts. However, did he commit these acts alone?


Is Christian B. only a part of a network that specialists have feared for years, but nobody wanted to admit it really exists? It was reported that the rape and robbery of the 72-year-old American women were filmed 1 1/2 years after the disappearance of Maddie McCann on the Algarve Coast in Portugal.


By whom or rather how? For this crime, the Regional Court of Braunschweig (Lower Saxonia) Germany sentenced him to seven years imprisonment on December 16, 2019. The sentence is not yet final, but remand has been ordered. 

Did Christian B. shoot the film for himself as a trophy of the crime or for a "wider audience" that "enjoys" such or similar acts on commercial sites on the internet? 

Was the disappearance of Maddie filmed by the second man whom witnesses claim to have seen on the night of the crime according to the Portuguese media?

Presumably, Christian B. burgled into the McCann's holiday apartment on the night of the crime, to search it for something valuable, but then decided to change his mind and "stole" Maddie. The case led to a vast worldwide media response within weeks in 2007. Witness statements from that night are consistent with what the police have painstakingly collected across all borders. 


But what happened after Maddie McCann was abducted? 

A witness had allegedly seen the girl get into the vehicle of a man with German license plates a few weeks after her mysterious disappearance. Whether she did so willingly or unwillingly, the witness was unable to say more. According to the Daily Mail, these incidents are described in the investigation file of the police in Portugal. As another witness saw, Maddie allegedly left a restaurant in the Spanish coastal town of Alcossebre before getting into a man's van. How did the girl get from the Algarve to the seaside village near Castellón de la Plana, almost 800 km away? The statement is now considered very credible. 

What happened after the kidnapping, which was re-enacted by Rudi Cerne, was shown on the German Police File programme on June 3,2020 and caused an incredible media response?

Did Christian B. have international connections in the child molester scene? Or is he part of such a network. 


That's a good point:


The latest leads lead to a crime in Belgium, but so far, the police, in this case, had no points.

As reported by the Belga news agency, it is about the violent death of Carola Titze from Vechta, Germany, who was raped and murdered in 1996, when she was 16 years old. Her body was found in the Belgian seaside resort close to De Haan in July 1996. The girl was on holiday with her parents. She went missing after taking a walk on the beach—the night before she had met a young German who had bragged about his intense criminal activities. The two had spent the night before together. According to Belga, the public prosecutor in Bruges wants to reopen the investigation. In this context, Dutroux and even Fourniret had been investigated as perpetrators without results. Now the 1996 phantom picture of the Belgian Rikswacht shows considerable similarity to Christian B.. Marines had found the horribly mutilated body of the young woman in Duinbossen, only 200 metres from the holiday resort where she was on holiday, 14 days after her disappearance. 


Rijkswacht Belgium, 1996


If you know anything what can be useful to the public prosecutor, you are asked to contact the numbers behind this link



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