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February 2021
The end for a political clown

The end for a political clown

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Putin invades Ukraine- heavy explosions in Kiev, Mariupol and Odessa

Putin invades Ukraine- heavy explos…

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Ukraine live-blog as tension grows

Ukraine live-blog as tension grows

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Street scenes from London - 1976

Street scenes from London - 1976

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Imagine it is war and nobody will go there....

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Desmond Tutu has passed away

Desmond Tutu has passed away

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Merry, peaceful, healthy and reflective Christmas

Merry, peaceful, healthy and reflec…

This is what we wish our ...

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February 2021

Moon views of an armchair astronaut


The present photos, which were used by one of the most famous portals for the analysis of lunar and Martian images, AlienArtTV, for the clip, are from Apollo 8, NASA's exploration mission before NASA dared to land on the moon, in 1969.


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The pictures were taken by the crew, Borman, Lovell and Anders, with a Hasselblad camera. The three men were the first people in a deep exploration of space.

There is no doubt about the authenticity of the present photographs, as they have also been personally confirmed by the astronauts. Also, the images were not changed later, but scanned in, just like the films that the astronauts had brought with them were developed. The cover picture is the original picture, a screenshot of it is provided by NASA on their official pages.


Well, this time the structures can be seen obviously, especially since even amateur astronomers could spot them with their equipment. Anyone can download the image, find the structures there, store it with filters or get a reasonably good telescope and use it to look at, study and think about the structures that certainly did not form on their own.


Gerardus Matthijs van Vuuren is writing his story about the moon with countless, outstanding clips on YouTube that raise questions that NASA apparently doesn't want to answer. Why, remains in the dark. But it is worth watching this videos. 


No one can tell what it is.

Certainly, not a paradise or a delusion.

NASA was not prepared to comment.


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Missing: Where is Sergej Enns?

No news and listless Greek authorities
Update 27.02.2021

There is no news in the matter of Sergej Enns.

After a phone call in last July (2020) with the sister of the missing Sergej Enns, Natalie Eisenbraun, it is clear, there is nothing new. The whole case remains mysterious.

The missing person seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth.

The last supposed sign of life was a day after his disappearance the signal of his cell phone, which logged in three to five kilometres from the beach where he disappeared. It is necessary to know that a more precise location is not possible because in Rhodes, the radio masts are further apart.



The location is at the intersection Athinon Kon / Nou Tsaldari on Rhodes with a radius of 3-5 km, as Natalie Eisenbraun writes.

Deployed man trailer dogs lost the trail in Rodini Park in Rhodes. These trained dogs track the dander of a human, not clothes, as was oracularized in many places.

How Sergej Enns should have gotten there is unclear, especially since the park should not be very visited, as Natalie Eisenbraun explained in a phone call, remains in the dark of this case.  

For the first few months, Ms. Eisenbraun was constantly on-site, flying to Rhodes nine times. It would be interesting to see if any tourists might have made observations during the time in question, staying at the nearby Alpha Beach or Emerald Hotel in August 2016. 

Sergej Enns also did not go swimming on that fateful day of departure. Nor did he "run away" to Russia, as rumours had it. The Russian authorities have also been informed about the disappearance. Sergej Enns had no or very little connection to Russia after more than 20 years. He lived in Germany. 





Natalie Eisenbraun - brave woman with hope and energy, unfortunately without help of local authorities

The Greek police is helpless and largely inactive. It seems that simultaneously the missing person case has turned into a criminal case. What the Greeks found out remains also in the dark. It seems as if they want to "keep the ball flat". Unfortunately, this does not bring any insights that could clarify the fate of the Detmold man in any way. 

In Rhodes, people live from tourism, not from the tourists who disappear. Under these aspects, the search for the truth suffers.  At that time, in August 2016, there were very many refugees on the island. Of course, he could have crossed by boat inside the islands, but why would he do that? He had fought for his existence in Germany. He was not a diabetic, nor was he a drug addict. These are fairy tales that were attributed to the missing man. 



Completely bizarre and terrible for the family are the oracle stories from numerous forums in which people ponder whether Enns went into hiding voluntarily or perhaps fell into the hands of the organ mafia.

Before you write something like that, you should think about what you are writing.

Enns was not kidnapped by narcotics traffickers either. It is not known what happened on the beach. And whether anything happened at all. Or, how the cell phone later came as a find to the Egyptian on the beach. 

The colleagues from the Greek Alpha TV had traced the events again.



An Egyptian had found the cell phone shortly after the disappearance, this was confiscated by the Greek police and the data was returned to the family after evaluation by the local authorities. At the beginning of 2017, a report was broadcast again on Greek television, after which nothing more was heard about the fate of the Detmold man. 





So, anyone who can provide any information about the missing man at the time in question, even those that may at first glance have nothing to do with the actual disappearance, should contact Ms. Eisenbraun. Here is the mail address: 





He has been missing for almost a year now

Since August 21, family man Sergej Enns has disappeared without a trace in Rhodes. 
The 34-year-old family man spent the vacation with his wife and children on the Greek vacation island, before he wanted to return on the last day, the shells and stones that his children had collected on the beach.

Since then, there has been no trace of the man from Bielefeld, who has Russian and German citizenship and suffers from a metabolic disease.


According to the German BILD, the wanted man, who was wearing only Nike sneakers, T-shirt and shorts, was seen together with dealers and is said to have appeared to be intoxicated of drugs.

Here is the link to the chronology and phone numbers in English.



Snakes on Ceres?

  • Published in Space

Snakes on Ceres?

What is it? 

Like giant "snakes" attracted to the spot on the dwarf planet Ceres. It's probably an entrance to a subterranean ocean on Ceres. 

An ocean is thought to exist beneath the surface of Ceres, and at one of the apparent exit points in the eternal ice are these snake-like objects. The images come from NASA's Dawn probe, which passed by the dwarf planet in 2015.  One can only marvel. Especially since Ceres otherwise has a dusty but not particularly rocky environment that fades into ice below the surface. 

The freshwater reserves on the dwarf planet are probably six times those on Earth. At least that's what a study says, based on findings from the Herschel space telescope. 

These "objects" only occur at the outlet. 


Occator crater in perspective Image credits: NASA / JPL-Caltech / UCLA / MPS / DLR / IDA



Wirecard Connection - what does the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia have to do with Wirecard?

Long, long ago -The collapse of an ailing system - New Economy Market 


Back then, shortly before the beginning of the millennium, anything was possible despite the collapse of the New Economy market. The so-called 4 D printer was already on offer at that time - at this investment blossom the then already attentive observer could only marvel.

Here stood Captain Janeway and the Voyager godfathers.

Anything was possible and organized crime was on the rise. They could place millions in former East Germany, acquire land and buildings after money had been laundered. This required a bank that promised high profits and systematic concealment.

Even the rumour of a digital currency, almost unthinkable at the time, was served.

At the time, infeasible visions of the future were sold as a means of investment.


However, Wirecard was a deliberate washing plant for all money from porn, betting and gambling, due to the entanglement between organized crime and politics.

Anyone who asked stupid questions as an investor in those days that were not conducive to the grey eminences who had orchestrated Wirecard as precisely this later excellently functioning concept of various Mafia groups was quickly silenced. Neither by slander nor by threats. Everyone who had experienced this knew there was something fishy about it.

Only no one dared to say anything against the hyper-dynamic Jan Marsalek. It would have been the end of existence.

Later, the connection to the 'Ndrangheta turned out to be more and more obvious, who had collected money all over Europe on the New Economy market - the war chest with various investment firms.

It was not until 2017 that the Italian police intervened when they arrested Francesco Martiradonna, the alleged owner of Centurionbet. Malta suspended Centurionbet's gambling licence. But Centurionbet was just one of the many mailboxes served by Jan Marsalek's system, not Wirecard Bank's. 

Whether it was later Benedetto Bacchi, the head of Phoenix International Ltd, who was arrested in the Palermo region as part of the 2018 "Game Over" anti-mafia operation, Wirecard set up numerous "dead letter boxes" in Gibraltar to provide them for money laundering. For online roulette and poker, companies were set up, located in Main Street or Marinas Bay, shops, consignors and others.

Neither Finance Control nor the later responsible Minister Olaf Scholz can have been unaware of these circumstances. When Gibraltar was no longer sufficient, they turned to other places, the powers-that-be did not want to make it so obvious after all. The letterbox batteries in the British community of Consett and the resulting letterbox companies were part of the concept of Marsalek, who was not too dirty for anything. "Brinken Merchant Incorporation" was just one of dozens of style flowers of the time.

From Gibraltar to Malta- what does the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia have to do with Wirecard?

More than 20 years ago, the trail already led back from Gibraltar to the tax haven Malta, where it was easy to launder the profits from poker rounds on the Internet and disgusting porn for good. Whether the Mafia had something to do with the later assassination of the journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia because the initiators were swamped with cases, was never to be clarified.


The journalist was on her way to describe money laundering in Malta for the Mafia, which could not please Marsalek's backers. By the time the blogger died in a car bomb attack, Marsalek was already steering the fortunes of the corrupt Wirecard money laundering operation through Dubai. Police in Malta arrested a businessman named Yorgen Fenech, who was involved with the Dubai Wirecard empire of gamblers through various channels, as a person of interest in the murder of the journalist.  In the whole list of Marsalek's pseudo-secret activities, silencing opponents also fitted in. 

With lax oversight in Malta and Germany, the trail leads directly to alleged frauds such as Wirecard and Paytah respectively. Like Wirecard Paytah, a brand of MFSA-regulated Phoenix Payments Ltd enabled the fraud in the first place, which involved hundreds if not thousands of EU consumers. Onisac was another example of money laundering. Coincidentally, also in Dubai again.


Another Poker round with the Mafia

2001 - In La Línea de la Concepción, the sparrows were whistling from the rooftops. The abandoned casino in Gibraltar had been given a worthy successor in the form of a simple letterbox and a trustee, who made considerably more turnover than the honourable casino in Europa Road. The casino was simply rusting away.

Casino Gibraltar, 2000,kasaan media, 2021


There was a rumour going through the offices of the Gibraltar Trustees that was hard to believe when you first heard it. A certain Jan Marsalek had made a deal with Russians and other Mafioso half a year after hiring Wirecard, which was supposed to bring porn and illegal gambling on the internet to the forefront. The money was simply to be laundered through various stations.

Gibraltar was the El Dorado of tax havens in Europe these days. Those who did not ask any questions could go to one of the trusts and have the money laundered there, which they were now supposed to legally reintroduce into the economic cycle. The diversions followed a certain pattern, ending in the enclave in front of locked doors or cleared out abandoned offices.

Trustee of the Wirecard, 2002,kasaan media, 2021

But that's not all - traces from Marbella, neighbouring Gibraltar, already led to the South of France at the beginning of the millennium and would have made the Wirecard scandal impossible if those responsible had taken an interest. But nobody really wanted that, the natural antipodes of organized crime and politics were too intertwined.


Marsalek's invisible trail


The enduring mystery of the Kambo Mannen- some news

Nearly 34 years...

After more than 33 years the Kambo Mannen is not identified.

What happened in this September days 1987, when a conductor found the human remains of the later so-called Kambo Mannen besides the former train line between Kambo and Moss?

Whom the unknown stranger met before he was deadly injured by a train?

Two of his limbs had been severed, an arm and a foot. He had not been drinking alcohol prior his death and was killed by the train. 

Who took his identification card, his papers, his passport?  And his funds?

It was not clear for the train operator who saw something at first he thought it was a plastic bag on the rails, to see a human remains in front of his traction engine. 

Today the train line it’s a pass for tracking and the trains are running through a tunnel which was built a few years ago. Long after the incidents with the Kambo Mannen. In all these years the mystery grew even bigger about the unknown alien. 

Some newer information were revealed after a recent newspaper article in 2017 by the Norwegian tv2 nyheter in Oslo. But nobody could reveal what the person wanted in this specific area close to a radar station in the Cold War against the former Soviet Union. He had no camera with him or other tools for espionage.  Maybe the Kambo Mannen was one of the spies of the military intelligence of the existing so-called Warsaw Treaty Organization. But this reason is unlikely.

The Warsaw Pact states sent plenty of secret scouts to the scene with foreign number plated cars in this specific area.

Yes, and there were many suicides in these days along train lines in Norway. But this is even more unreal with the Kambo Mannen. 

What seems today some sort of bizarre game- were in those days in the two systems a common method to find needed information. In 2017, it revealed that the police forbid foreign number plates in the area close to the Gylderåsen station in Våler of the NATO Nike system of the Norwegian army.

If he had been a spy, at least a vehicle would have been found nearby. Keys that would have pointed to the vehicle. The Norwegian police these days experienced in these particular cases would have checked the circumstance and surroundings. 

But it but this was not the only case of mystery and unidentified people in Norway in the last 50 years. It started with the most mystery case of the unknown stranger from the Isdal, who used multiple identities while she was in Norway, 1970.

Last traces led to former Tito Yugoslavia

The woman with the strange code was mystified and certainly the target of the military intelligence of the Norwegian government. They had all reason to look for her luggage which was discovered by police in the train station in Bergen a few days after her death.

Exotic Circumstances

They were around about 15 people in  Norway which could be identified and  three cases led to Germany and the former East German hemisphere. 

The last one to leave a strange mystery was the dead woman in the Plaza Hotel in Oslo in 1995. Jennifer Fergate.

But the Kambo Mannen came under different circumstances, which showed that he was searched before his death. 

Someone could, of course, claim that the unknown person somehow came to Norway like a stowaway, then decided to commit suicide at short notice next to the railway line and buried his belongings somewhere along the way. Anyone reading this already knows that it does not sound realistic. 

The trail of the later investigation to the German vessel- the MS Edelgard- was just a manoeuvre to mislead the real investigations which ended again on this railroad in autumn 1987. 

Well, there were large smuggling rings that brought goods into Norway and shipped them into the country at previously spotted points. Alcohol and art smuggling were big business there. This sounds more realistic. First part of Kambo Mannen

Kambo Mannen's traces

His cloth could have been from a German second hand delivery to East Germany- different finds and numbers could not be explained and files about how it was delivered and to whom it was delivered would be destroyed by now. Second hand shops in the FRG were not so common and so popular.

Plenty of files of the East German former state security are destroyed or brought to a place where the government cannot gain any information any more.  Funny enough files were found in a mine tunnel shortly after reunification. 

Other files are still shredded pieces of the former East German State security HVA. It will take years to put them together again in painstaking detail, like a puzzle.

The Kambo Mannen did not reveal where he received the packet of Camel filter cigarettes which were solely produced with this specific tobacco for the Eastern Block market. 

This leaves only the clothing, which has posed even more mysteries since the first day of the investigation than these exhibits have revealed.

The 55-60 year old man was wearing the following when he was found dead on the train line: 

We have explained long before the Norwegians in tv2 in our first article the connection to some clothes. We refer to the first part.

A grey blouse jacket / military jacket -so called "Schimanski jacket". An item of clothing made famous by the television series Schimanski, the Duisburg fictional(!) "Crime scene", which was very fashionable at the time and was worn by the actor Götz George in each of these episodes. 
One pair of blue jeans
A white shirt with dark, thin stripes
Two medical stockings with three blue stripes on top and open toe.
A yellow machine knitted jumper with a square pattern.
One white vest
One pair of Elan Body panties
A handkerchief with brown stripes in a square pattern.
A black belt made of artificial material.
A red Victorinox Swiss Army pocket knife of the model "Climber".
A soft pack of Camel cigarettes. Produced in the West for the Eastern European market.

Sources: Kripos  Norge

It was common practice at the time to ship clothes collected by aid organizations in West Germany to the East. That meant to Poland or the former GDR. It was also customary for the German Red Cross, for example, to provide clothing to late settlers arriving from the East. This also applied to special prisoner from East Germany from the former GDR, which are little known in the world. Also, not in Norway. 

These clothes were compulsorily catalogued.

Most of the labels were also cut out of them and, for example, plasters with numbers were affixed to shoes. This explains the discovery of the plaster in the shoe only now because at that time in the clothing depots one had to be able to match the shoes to each other in large quantity. 

Another aspect is the sole insert, which was only studied a few years ago. This indicates that the sole was subsequently adapted to the shoe because it does not belong to the shoe and this in turn explains the second-hand clothes thesis.

Did the man come with an order from the GDR via the main access camp Friedland?

Bundesarchiv B 145 Bild-F079036-0029, Lager Friedland, Straße mit Unterkünften.jpg
Von Bundesarchiv, B 145 Bild-F079036-0029 / CC-BY-SA 3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0 de, Link


Are there any documents about the dead man still to be found here?

The former GDR smuggled its snitches to the West directly. In any case, the number is not a secret code, but comes from a clothing store. 

More to read in the second part in March 2021







Silence upon the heather

(The links and the films are in German language)

Very silent

What became of the Kurt-Werner Wichmann case and the pieces of evidence that the Lunenburg police (Lower Saxon) presented to the completely shocked public worldwide more than a year ago?

Among them personal objects of people that Wichmann had buried before his suicide. From which years do the curiosities that Wichmann buried, along with an almost new Ford Probe, date? 

What became of the case? The sensational cases?

Ilse Gerkens and the Ulrike Burmester case?

The Gerkens case has been open since April 11, 1968. Although Wichmann was only 18 years old at the time, he is associated with what happened.

The mother of an eleven-year-old daughter was shot off her bicycle with four bullets virtually after shopping. 

The Ulrike Burmester case took place on May 14, 1969, when the 14-year-old schoolgirl from Lunenburg was reported missing by her relatives.

Her body was recovered from the Elbe River at the end of May 1969.

She had probably been sexually abused and then strangled. She had been dumped in the Elbe with a stone.

It is interesting that the accomplices are still at large and that the situation in which Ulrike Burmester was found is almost similar to that of the Schulze couple case and their daughter. The father died under the most mysterious circumstances, nearly on the same place as Mario Schulze dumped with a stone. After the last report, Schulze dumped himself.  

Mother and daughter have not been found to date.

The tracks of the mother and daughter Schulze end at a lake a few kilometres away and only those of the father led away. However, no one can explain where the bodies of the mother and daughter are supposed to be. The police searched the entire area with a large contingent, including man trailer dogs. 

Until now, it was assumed that this was an extended suicide. Incredibly, this suicide took place where Wichmann and his henchmen presumably committed the deeds. 

What is clear, however, is that Wichmann acted not alone. A disturbing conclusion after many years. 


Years later, the couple Ursula and Peter Reinhold from Hamburg-Bergedorf were found in the Goehrde forest after six weeks. On July 12, 1989, hikers found the badly decomposed and stripped bodies. Most of the Reinholds had already been skeletonized by animals and decomposition.

The cause of death could never be determined. Curiously, the couple's car was found at the railway station in nearby Winsen at Luhe.


Ever since lead investigator Juergen Schubbert was retired and also failed in court with his suit for continued employment beyond retirement age, many observers have been wondering whether the case should go to rest altogether.

Then, a few weeks ago, German media heard that the investigators would also pursue the trail of a paid killer, Wichmann. It may well be that the passionate cemetery gardener also received money for his misdeeds. 

The Goehrde murders and the murder of the sister Birgit Meier of the then LKA (State Criminal Investigation Office)  chief Wolfgang Sielaff were staged in a sensational film documentary.


After years of searching for his missing sister, the latter succeeded in discovering the mortal remains in an assembly pit in the former home of Wichmann, who took his life in 1993 in a different custodial context.

Up to the time Sielaff found his sister's remains, the ex-husband of those killed was the target of the investigation, although the prosecution knew he was innocent, they continued to investigate and never apologized. 


Germany was flabbergasted. 

But what was behind Wichmann's connections to the right-wing extremist scene in the Lunenburg Heath? 

Not far away, a gigantic weapons depot was dug up after the attack on the Munich Oktoberfest in 1980. This weapons depot was attributed to the alleged NATO Stay Behind Network Gladio undertaken by a Forrester.

But is it true that this is where Wichmann obtained the weapons for his deeds?

Is it simply the time for heather to grow over the case?



What do whales have to do with the 'Ndrangheta?

Strong contrasts

Wonderful pictures, whose rarity is getting bigger.

Firstly, through the systematic pollution of the world's oceans from which the whales also suffer.

Plastic waste from all over the world collects through the currents of the seas in the Southern Ocean and the North Atlantic.

You wonder what they're thinking while dumping the plastic waste.

From the Mediterranean region one hears disturbing stories about dumped waste, which is said to be highly toxic, even radioactive. Off the shores of Libya, the human catastrophe is particularly exploited. Unfortunately, enough ships sink there.


Where do the barrels that are loaded onto ships in the south of Italy come from?


One does not want to believe at all that the barrels will then be sunk in the Mediterranean together with the ship.

It's true, though.

The "Metauros" action in Reggio Calabria in October 2017 saw the excavation of numerous members of the Mafia group "'Ndrangheta", who seem to be playing "sinking ships" in the countryside.

According to the federal government, the problem of illegal waste disposal by Mafia clans is well known. This is clear from a small question from the Greens to the Federal Government, or rather from the answer of the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

However: "The phenomenon of illegal waste disposal, committed by groups of Italian organized crime, is known to the federal government. No investigations have yet been conducted in Germany in this regard."

Why should it?

It's only the Mediterranean Sea that is being contaminated, from where the Mafia rubbish is pouring into the world's oceans.

Nobody seems to like the preservation of our ecosystems. There will be silence, as always, or as more and more often.

The Mafia enjoys a free ride anyway, everywhere and nowhere. If you read the sobering words from the printed matter of the German Bundestag, a reader can only get sick.

Numerous informants estimate that the number of ships sunk more than doubled. And it is not only in the Mediterranean that the Mafia is supposed to dump the rubbish for good money, but also in other places in the world.


By <a href="//commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=User:Wranzl&amp;action=edit&amp;redlink=1" class="new" title="User:Wranzl (page does not exist)">user:Wranzl</a> - <span class="int-own-work" lang="en">Own work</span>, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link


Where do these ships come from, are the tracks to Hamburg in Germany and Chittagong in Bangladesh correct?

How does the Eurogate Group fit into this game with all our health? What does this have to do with the operator of the port at Gioia Tauro MCT, which belongs to the Eurogate Group?

Who cares if the barges to be scrapped are not refloated for the Mafia?

The whale soon doesn't know where to dive. He is still hunted by the Norwegians and Japanese. Supposedly for scientific purposes. Nobody believes that any more.

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