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The mysterious fate of missing young German Nick Frischke comes to light

The mysterious fate of missing youn…

The, to say the least, my...

Terror sex spammer from the Netherlands

Terror sex spammer from the Netherl…

The company Casual B.V. o...

"Deadman's Hand" - there was the Western, the Italo Western and now the Norge Western

"Deadman's Hand" - there …

  The first Norge Weste...

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has ordered Canadian and US fighter jets to shoot down an unidentified flying object

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trud…

  According to a report...

Coup planning in Germany by right wing

Coup planning in Germany by right w…

One might think that ever...

The Case of Anja Beggers

The Case of Anja Beggers

Tonight, the murder case ...

Last act of material terrorism - Monet painting desecrated

Last act of material terrorism - Mo…

The climate protection ac...

Who has an interest in sabotaging the Nordstream 1 and 2 pipelines?

Who has an interest in sabotaging t…

Now the Nordstream pipeli...

The mysterious disappearance of William Bradford Bishop Jr.

The mysterious disappearance of Wil…

William Bradford Bishop J...

The end for a political clown

The end for a political clown

British Prime Minister Bo...

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The mysterious fate of missing young German Nick Frischke comes to light

The, to say the least, mysterious fate of missing young German Nick Frischke seems to be coming to light. South African police have arrested three suspects, one of whom has confessed to stabbing the 22-year-old German to death.

Whether he killed him to get his money and credit card is still unclear, but Frischke has been reported missing in Karbonkelberg, just outside Cape Town, and it is highly likely that he will be found dead in the area.

The three suspects were reportedly brought before a South African investigating magistrate today. The circumstances of the crime are unclear, as it is not known if the perpetrators ambushed the German or if he was a random victim.

In general, South Africa has an extremely high crime rate, but attacks like the one on the 22-year-old are extremely rare, even by South African standards, as the perpetrators must have acted with extreme cold-bloodedness and contempt for human life. It is now up to the South African police to find the body of the German in the confusing terrain of the Karbonkelberg. The trail also leads to a stranded platform near the metropolis of Cape Town.


It is highly unlikely that the victim is still alive and will be found in this condition. But the search continues, according to IOL South Africa and News24.com.

Since the end of apartheid, South Africa has had a history of extreme violence and countless unsolved murders. It is the reluctance of the ruling ANC, which as a party and organization is eaten up by corruption and promises no signs of domestic political change, to keep such acts as quiet as possible because of the negative image they have on the tourism industry. South Africa is urged to eradicate such crimes in the future. The perpetrators will be brought to justice, but the range of sentences provided by the law is ridiculous for an act such as this, where a young man's life is at stake.



The search continued on Thursday for the 22-year-old German tourist who disappeared without a trace after leaving an Airbnb in Cape Town on Valentine's Day.

It emerged that a Visa card belonging to him was found among suspected stolen goods during a search of a house in Hangberg near Cape Town, the SAPS in Cape Town said.

Nick Frischke arrived in South Africa on 6 February and was staying at an Airbnb in Pinelands, Cape Town.

He left the Airbnb on foot on 14 February. He was wearing blue denim shorts with white takkies, a beige T-shirt and a backpack, police spokesperson Joseph Swartbooi said.

A major search operation was conducted this week on the Hill Trail between Hout Bay and Sandy Bay. Unfortunately, unsuccessfully.

The police were assisted by the National Water Rescue, Mountain Rescue, search dogs, Provincial Rescue drones and police divers. Nothing more could be done as it was thought to be a possible accident.

The People's Post newspaper reported on Thursday that a credit card belonging to Nick Frischke was also listed in a logbook of stolen and confiscated property kept by the Hout Bay police.

While the SAPS had said it was a possible accident, it is now likely that foul play was involved.

Western Cape Provincial Police spokesperson Colonel André Traut told Times LIVE on Thursday that three suspects had been arrested and charged with possession of the previously identified stolen property.

However, what happened to Nick Frischke is still unclear.

German tourists who may have witnessed anything are urged to contact Detective Sergeant Daluxolo Mhlauli on 076 609 0764. This could be the chance to find the missing man alive. Alternatively, people can call the following number SA Police Service (Saps) Crime Stop number 08600 10111.


SAPS, South African Police Service

Suid-Afrikaanse Uitsaaikorporasie (SAUK)

Times Live

People's Post

Own research




Terror sex spammer from the Netherlands

The company Casual B.V. offers all kinds of sex and partnership meeting places in the digital world. Chats and real meetings, as promised by this construct with thousands of names.

But there is a catch: fake profiles are created, and an invoice is generated with these profiles. One of our readers asked us to take a closer look at the creation of profiles.

The only thing that is frivolous is the subscription that the casual user tries to force by creating false profiles. Whole armies of lawyers are already dealing with the problem. It seems that the Dutch authorities are a bit sluggish when it comes to closing down this conglomerate.

The platforms where you can end your loneliness even reach Australia. Fake profiles are created there. It seems that address databases are bought, and then a profile is created, as in the case of our reader who could no longer resist the letters. Every hour, he received an email telling him how much his profile was loved by the other profiles. A playground for romance scammers and others who want to prey on the unsuspecting.

If you look at the forums and the reviews, you will see that these are fake profiles being offered for sale. For 39.00 euros a month, just like on the other sites owned by this internet octopus. Lightly dressed ladies offer themselves for sale in an outdated image of women. Chats and other opportunities are highly praised and then staged.

The octopus is said to belong to a certain Petronella Gerritsen, who operates from Frans Erensstraat 14 A in Venlo. One cannot help but get the impression that a juggernaut has been created here in an apparent legal vacuum, which is confirmed by the countless violations of data protection.

If you wanted to stop the letters, you could only cancel the 'contract' that Fremdgehen69.com had made for a false profile. Only the contract in the subscription trap cannot be cancelled against one's will, then another involuntary profile is created, and the game starts all over again.

Notifying support is just as pointless as trying to find a way to move the constant emails to the spam filter.

After receiving hundreds of emails, our reader filed a complaint against the company for identity theft.


"Deadman's Hand" - there was the Western, the Italo Western and now the Norge Western


The first Norge Western emerged from a project by students at a media college, Tiller VGS in Trondheim.

Filmed in a bar, a poker player shoots a fellow player after they have been drinking heavily.

"Deadman's Hand" is a classic western story that shines with the simplicity of means in six minutes in a modern-day setting.

Colin Westfield is portrayed by the screenwriter in this affair, Kasper Maul, and Silas Glover by Emil Rovik.


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has ordered Canadian and US fighter jets to shoot down an unidentified flying object


According to a report in the Toronto Star, recovery operations are underway in the Canadian province of Yukon after an unidentified flying object was shot down.

Defence Minister Anita Anand described the object as "cylindrical", possibly similar to the balloon the U.S. Air force is believed to have shot down last week.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed he had given the order to shoot it down after the object entered Canadian airspace.

This is the third incident of its kind in a week.

The object was spotted by the North American Aerospace Command (NORAD) on Friday evening. Anand said the flying object was shot down at 3:41 a.m. (EST) at an altitude of about 40,000 feet (12,000 m) over the central Yukon because of fears it could pose a threat to civilians.


Coup planning in Germany by right wing

One might think that everything concerning a coup in Germany is a funny event organized by a clown from the right-wing scene. But the deliberations are anything but a funny opera.

What sounds like the plot of a James Bond film has become reality?

Apart from that, the protagonists of this plot are a disgrace to Germany.

A washed-up prince who would have liked to become the Emperor of Germany. A cynical, vicious conspiracy theorist who would have liked to become Minister of Justice in the imperial soup cabinet. Would have.

If it weren't the Attorney General.

A bloodbath in the Reichstag and weapons under a castle in Thuringia. Well.

Quite the flavour of those who always spit cheeky tones when it comes to democracy in Germany. Judge Birgit Malsack-Winkemann came from their midst.

And the judge Birgit Malsack-Winkemann was a member of this Bundestag and drove her brown comrades to finally let the coup take place.

With soldiers who had sworn allegiance to the constitution of this state, accepting a bloodbath with many dead. As one may hear, the decision-makers of the state were to be eliminated down to the district level. Whereby the right-wing crooks of the conspiratorial scene hid behind Nazi language.

Weapons are said to be under the hunting lodge of the aristocratic real estate agent.

The real estate company of the nobleman Heinrich XIII Reußen, so one hears from well-informed circles, is said to have been a money laundering plant and various objects of this company were misused as a meeting place or storage place for arms.

Where did the money come from for the explosives that were to bring about civil war in the Federal Republic? Where is it?

Who supplied the explosives for the intended destruction of the infrastructure?

As is now known from police circles, the preparations for a coup d'état were well advanced.

For example, the power supply was to be interrupted by terrorist acts so that "civil war-like conditions" would arise in the Federal Republic. It was also planned to storm the Bundestag and restore the old order of 1871 or 1918. Members of parliament should be executed in a trial like in Nuremberg, so-called Nuremberg 2.0



A nationwide raid was carried out during the night as the German Reichsbürger scene planned a violent overthrow of the system. According to investigators, about 140 properties were searched. Initially, 3,000 officers were deployed. It is the largest raid in the history of the FRG against right-wing radicals after May 8,1945 who wanted to reintroduce the German Reich of 1871.

Since the early hours of the morning, officers of the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) and special units such as the GSG 9, as well as several SEKs, have been taking nationwide action against the so-called Reichsbürger scene. The Corona denier scene and neo-Nazi groups in Germany were also targeted, although the boundaries between these organizations are fluid.

The "Schatten" (Shade) task force has searched 137 properties belonging to 52 suspects for clues to the background of the planned coup d'état. So far, 25 arrests have been made. In 50 (!) occasions, arms were found. 

Special forces stormed a house in Berlin-Wannsee at 6 am. Minutes later, a raid was carried out on the hunting lodge Waidmannsheil in Bad Lobenstein (Thuringia). It is said to belong to a Reußen descendant. The list of persons to be attributed to the disputed Prince Henry XIII includes the following names: R. (71) and the former AfD member of the Bundestag and Berlin judge Birgit M.-W. (58) formed.

Investigators from the State Criminal Police Office in Berlin unearthed the secret alliance by convicting a man from Hesse. According to information received by the Office of the Attorney General at the end of August 2022, there was suspicion of an "anti-constitutional group".

The Federal Prosecutor General, who was then called in, determined in the proceedings "that the accused belong to a terrorist organization founded at the latest by the end of November 2021, which aims to overcome the existing state order in Germany and to replace it with its own form of state, which has already been worked out in outline."

Meanwhile, officers searched properties in Baden-Wurttemberg, as well as a car repair shop and a carpentry workshop in the Erz Mountains (Saxony), the German BILD- Online reported. The investigators also searched other federal states, Hesse, Lower Saxony, Austria (Kitzbühel) and Italy (Perugia).

Reservists and former members of the Federal Armed Forces are also said to be involved in the planning of the coup.


The Case of Anja Beggers

Tonight, the murder case of Anja Beggers and the other girls who disappeared in the Cuxhaven area between 1977 and 1987 will appear for the third time on XY Unsolved. (German Police File)

What happened to the girls?

Eduard Zimmermann had already been the subject of three cases in XY -Unsolved in December 1979. Unfortunately, the public broadcaster ZDF considered its own copyrights more important than supporting the search for the perpetrator, so the film clip from the programme at the time was deleted from YouTube.

Bodies or mortal remains were only found in a few cases.

The majority of German citizens who followed the daily events in the 1970s still remember the eerie series, in which a total of 13 girls are presumed to have perished between 1977 and 1987.

According to the authorities, seven of the missing girls in the Cuxhaven-Bremen area have not reappeared until now.

Chronologically, the following girls have disappeared without a trace:

Anja Beggers, (†16), from Midlum, disappeared after visiting a disco in Bremerhaven on 7 October 1977.

Angelika Kielmann disappeared without a trace on 7 June 1978 after a visit to a disco.

Anke Streckenbach († 19) from Cuxhaven. She disappeared on 16 May 1979 after attending a disco.

Andrea Martin, (†19), from Garlstedt, disappeared on 30 November 1980 after a visit to the US barracks.

Christina Bühl (†15), from Heerstedt, disappeared on 14 August 1982 after a visit to a disco.

Ute Flemming (†10) from Osterholz-Scharmbeck disappeared on 3 July 1985 when she wanted to go to her friend's house.

Jutta Schneefuß (†23), who hitchhiked from Loxstedt to Bremerhaven on 13 June 1986, was never seen again. She left behind a daughter.

(Irene Warnke (19 years old, from Ringstedt) Her remains were discovered in the Entengrütze ditch in Bederkesa on 3 September 1986. She had been raped).

There were speculations about a serial killer in the Cuxhaven-Bremen area at that time who had been up to mischief.

A triangle could be drawn on the map by the places where the murders were committed and found, as well as the places of disappearance.

The police cannot confirm the theory, nor do they have any other clues that clarify the facts of the case today.

The case of the then 16-year-old Anja Beggers from Midlum near Cuxhaven has impressed itself on the public consciousness.

On 7 October 1977, the then 14-year-old girl disappeared without a trace after visiting a disco in the "Moustache" in Bremerhaven and has not been found since.

The television programme Aktenzeichen XY of 7 December 1979 revealed that the unknown person had called her mother several times and claimed that Anja was still alive. Once even that she was living in Berlin and had a child, as the gazettes of the day reported.

In March 1978, a strange piece of paper with supposed calls for help from an Anja was discovered by a boy from Lüneburg in a paper towel box at a motorway service station in Hamburg-Stillhorn. This is how the identity card turned up in a Munich sex shop a few years later when a group of teenagers is checked by a saleswoman. Today, Beggers would be 61 years old.

With a typical black and white photo from those days, she was even searched for on the Interpol site. So far, everything has come to nothing.

Likewise, Angelika Kielmann, then 19 years old, from Cuxhaven, was standing at the junction Westerwischweg/ Abendrothstraße after a visit to the Cuxhaven discotheque "Container" 7 June 1978 and has been missing since last seen. Anke Streckenbach, (then 19) had also last been in the same discotheque. Since that day, 15 May 1979, she has disappeared without a trace.

For a long time, it was probably assumed that some of the girls had fallen victim to a murderer who sought his victims in the discotheques in the 1970s.

This is contradicted by the fact that Beggers' identity card turned up again. Also, the girls were thought to be involved in the drug scene at the time because discos were frowned upon. Rumours that Anja Beggers had been in the former Colonia Dignidad in Chile and had fallen into the hands of a cult at that time can neither be verified nor do they seem to be true.

Thus, rumours also arose that Beggers had fallen into the hands of Göhrde's murderer and his suspected accomplice.

This was also true for the other girls who were probably murdered. The only striking thing in these cases was that the series ended suddenly. Because the murderer was in prison, or dead, or had simply turned to a new field? Any questions could not be answered.

At the time, investigations were conducted in all directions, kidnapping by a gang of white slavers was not ruled out, even the Dutch police got involved in the mysterious case. But, to no avail.

If you have any information: Please contact the Cuxhaven police or any local police station.

Cuxhaven CID Address: Werner-Kammann-Straße 8, 27472 Cuxhaven Phone: +49 4721 5730


Last act of material terrorism - Monet painting desecrated

The climate protection activists of the "Last Generation" have splashed a work painted by Claude Monet in Potsdam's Museum Barberini. The painting from the series "Getreideschober" hung in the permanent exhibition of the Museum Barberini from the collection of the founder and multi-billionaire Hasso Plattner. 

This painting was auctioned at Sotheby's in 2019 for around 111 million euros. The pair is suspected of burglary and damage to property. A painting from the series "Les Meules" (Stacks of Grain) was splattered with a viscous substance on Sunday.

It is said to be mashed potatoes. They allegedly poured a liquid over the painting at 3pm and stuck themselves to it. Museum spokeswoman Stranz said the painting still needs to be checked to see if any damage has been done to it. The action was carried out by four people.

A police spokesman said two people had been arrested at the museum. 

A week ago, environmental activists in London threw tomato soup at Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh's painting "Sunflowers." The frame was damaged.

The environmental group immediately had a fitting response, destroy cultural property. 


Who has an interest in sabotaging the Nordstream 1 and 2 pipelines?

Now the Nordstream pipelines are badly damaged and there is talk of sabotage, on all sides.
Of course, Russia has a fundamental interest in sabotaging the West in any way it can. But why the last functioning pipeline?
Can Moscow see in it an opportunity to create even more discord among the population than through the propaganda of an evil campaign?
Or does Moscow intend to distract?
From what?
The bomb with which the actors in the Kremlin are constantly threatening.
Almost daily, the Kremlin regime's claqueurs threatened with the nuclear bomb. At present, sham referendums are being held to annex the territories covered by the war of aggression to the Kremlin regime. Referenda for the artificial veneer of a forced annexation à la Hitler.
But there are other suspects who are likely to profit from the situation if Germany no longer receives gas. Meanwhile, the line itself has been destroyed at the height of Sweden and Denmark, at Bornholm. Even Ria Novosti wrote that people in Moscow are worried. The Americans, foremost because they could sell the gas from their own stock to Germany. Nordstream had been a thorn in the Americans' side for years.
Furthermore, the US has the technology to commit such an act—and the divers. The American side can only be happy about the sabotage because it now has one less problem in the Baltic Sea. Even the Kremlin expressed concern, but what does that mean when the boss in the Kremlin sees war crimes as the daily norm? However, the Wagner group is also suspected of being capable of causing such an explosion with the infrastructure of the Russian navy. There are said to be leaks of 190 metres to 1 km, which were photographically documented in the two strings of Nordstream 1 and 2 by Danish fighter pilots.
They had probably been able to observe bubbles rising from the air. It is also quite conceivable that Vladimir Putin asked his “political bosom friend” Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus to deploy Belarusian forces.
The Belarusian dictator is not above doing damage and leaving no trace. He knows his fate is too closely linked to that of Vladimir Putin. But: Ukraine is behaving like an angry child in many ways, and there are certainly forces there that want to do everything in their power to prevent Europe from continuing to get gas from Russia.
Remember that the Ukrainian navy was able to inflict considerable damage on opposing Russian ships in Crimea, and would certainly be capable of such an act of sabotage. Of course, it is also hardly possible that this considerable destruction to the pipelines could have been carried out without the use of naval divers and submarines.
Moreover, conceivable is revenge for the blocking of Nordstream 1 and 2 or the further escalation in the Baltic Sea. The Swedish Navy's press release clearly states that it was not an earthquake, but explosions, indicating 2.2 on magnitude. It is inconceivable that the Polish or German navy caused this damage. How the pipelines at that depth can be repaired at all is unknown.
It does not help to speculate, but the act is somewhat reminiscent of the raid on the Gleiwitz station that started the Second World War.

The mysterious disappearance of William Bradford Bishop Jr.

William Bradford Bishop Jr. adorned FBI wanted posters for decades and was wanted worldwide. 46 years have passed since those fateful days in March 1976. William Bradford Bishop Jr. must now have reached the age of 86.


It's a gripping story, the kind of story fables are made of! Bradford Bishop loved scotch and wine, and he preferred peanuts and spicy food, according to his file with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington.

Over the years, the reputation of the fugitive Bradford Bishop became a legend, much like D.B. Cooper or the Isdal woman. There's even a song about him- "The Ballad of Bradford Bishop" composed by the group Coup de Grass from Charlottesville, Virginia.

Back in 2018, the FBI removed him from the ranks of the ten most wanted. Nothing had become of the case, and the FBI found no resolution. Neither did the local authorities in Maryland.  After all these years, clues are still coming into the FBI's Baltimore office.

The disappearance of the crime suspect is a complete mystery and several authorities over the years have come to believe that they inadvertently enabled Bradford Bishop to escape by issuing legend documents. The FBI is realistic about this case. "Even for seasoned travellers, it can be difficult to maintain a new identity in a foreign country," said Steve Vogt, special agent in charge of the Baltimore division. "If you are a US citizen, it is usually easier to hide in this country," he explained. "Americans overseas tend to stand out."

In the meantime-this was October 2014- police even thought they had found Bradford Bishop with the exhumation of the decomposed remains of one John Doe, a hitchhiker who was killed by a car outside a restaurant in Scottsboro, Alabama in 1981 and buried anonymously in a pauper's grave. But the genetic test came back negative, even though the two men looked alike.


In the Washington Post in 2014, the FBI described Bradford Bishop as " ... a seasoned world traveller fluent in five languages - as smart, savvy and able to blend in and build a new life in the United States or abroad."

It is likely that Bradford Bishop lives or lived in Europe. A further possibility is that he returned to California, where he was born.

Bradford Bishop was actually a normal guy who, according to the FBI, was a "hiker and camper who enjoyed canoeing, skiing and motorcycling".

Other sources believe that he went into hiding in the former Yugoslavia during the civil war from 1991 to 1995. However, according to a call from an anonymous tipster, there was also the possibility that Bradford Bishop had been taken to a consulate in New York.  This call was made two years after the actual event.

What had actually happened?

Bradford Bishop was linguistically a highly gifted person who in his younger years had served in the US Army in Germany from 1961 to 1963, then worked for the American State Department. Rumour has is he also worked for the CIA in countries such as Botswana in the Gaborone branch, which was at the time exotic. It is documented that he worked for the army's intelligence service in Italy. According to the FBI's in-depth analysis, there had been a security problem with Bradford Bishop in 1967 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Since his Army days, he had a clearance for top secret matters. But the CIA announced during 1976 that Bradford was too small a fish to have been the target of foreign agents.  He spoke Serbo-Croatian, Italian, French, Spanish and several other languages, which were then very useful to him during his probable escape.

Bradford Bishop is still wanted today for the murders of his wife, mother and children. He probably committed in the between the first and the 2 of March 1976 at their house at 8103 Lilly Stone Drive, Carderock Springs, Bethesda, Maryland.

The victims were Brad, 14; Brenton, 10; and Geoffrey, 5; Bishop's mother Lobelia, 68, and his wife Annette, an ex-cheerleader.

The exact timing of the murders is unclear. Witnesses at the subsequent inquest said they would investigate Bradford Bishop's involvement in intelligence activities in detail.

This is also the story of the famous ballet dancer Jacques d'Amboise, a soloist in George Balanchine's New York City Ballet. D'Amboise wrote in his memoirs that he almost walked into the drama that night in 1976. He and his wife had been invited to see the man he had known and respected for decades: Bradford Bishop.

In all the years before the crime, Bradford Bishop had been in and out of psychiatric therapy for treatment of depression. Otherwise, according to the investigating officers, there was no motive to be found for this grisly act. There was no evidence of infidelity towards his wife, no evidence of financial or professional problems. It became clear how wrong this statement was, when in 2017 the fugitive's daughter, Kathy Gillcrist was identified. She was an adopted child, of which she was aware. But Gillcrist did not know that her biological father- Bradford Bishop- was such a well-known man. Since then, the FBI has also been looking into the years Bradford Bishop was at Yale University, from 1957-1960. Perhaps a motive for the events of 1976 could be found in his years at Yale. He was prone to violent emotional outbursts, irascibility and took strong antidepressants. In 2014, it was revealed that he was bankrupt.

In March 2000 Lorene Klepacki of Asheboro, N.C., paid $38 at a flea market at the Greensboro Coliseum for an old diary. Inside the notebook was written, "Bradford Bishop Diary." A relative read about the Bradford Bishop case on the internet and called the Montgomery County Sheriff's office. The diary, which spanned the six years from October 1965 to October 1971, spoke volumes about Bradford Bishop. The name "Sonny" appeared in the diary and became the subject of much speculation as to whether she might have been the mysterious dark-skinned woman witnesses had seen in connection with the dumping of the bodies.

The trail peters out

Bradford Bishop murdered his family and then drove their dead bodies in a red Chevrolet station wagon to the area of Columbia, North Carolina, about 450 km from the actual crime scene in his native Maryland. He tried to set their corpses on fire in a previously dug hole. This was done with gasoline and other accelerants that Bishop had bought in Montgomery County.

He tried as best he could to cover his tracks. But at this point he was seen by a witness out with his dog and later probably in the company of a dark-skinned woman.

It was not until the 8th of March 1976, more than a week after the suspected crime, that a neighbour who had not seen the family for some time informed the police. One of the officers found blood, human bones, tissue, fibres and hair on the landing between the veranda and the front door, then on the floor and walls of the entrance hall, then all over the house.

The bodies of the family members, already found on the 2d of March 1976, were identified by means of the dental chart. The bodies were "overkilled", as the coroner recalled years later.

The car Bradford Bishop had used was found a few days later in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, near the Great Smokie Mountains, about 640 km from where the family had been found.

A witness testified that the car was parked there between the 5th and 7th of March 1976.A

After that, Bradford Bishop disappeared, with the exception that he was said to have been seen in a good dozen countries in Europe.

Three sightings were particularly interesting because they were apparently people who knew him from before or recognised him, such as a colleague who was with him on a business trip to Ethiopia.

Another witness recognised him in a park in Stockholm twice within a week.  She was absolutely certain, she stated to the FBI, that the man was Bradford Bishop.

She had not contacted the police because she did not know he was wanted for murder in the US. This all took place in July 1978, more than two years after the crime in Maryland.

In January 1979, Bishop was personally approached by a colleague in a public restroom in Sorrento, Italy. It is important to know that the witness, a certain Roy Alwin Harell Jr, knew Bradford Bishop very well and had spoken to him on the afternoon of his disappearance, according to the FBI files.

"Hi, you're Bradford Bishop?" And the man replied in a familiar American accent that he was not, and then fled into a busy city square in a literal downpour. He was poorly dressed, the witness stated.

On the 19th of September 1994, Bishop was standing a few meters away from a former acquaintance of the family, at the railway station in Basel, and she testified that he had got into a vehicle. Where he had travelled to, she could not say.

In 2010, authorities believed Bradford Bishop was living in Switzerland, Italy or a neighbouring state. It even came out that he had been in contact with a murderer at the state prison in Marion, Illinois, before the 1976 crime. Why, it was never clarified. Ken A. Bankston, as the man was called, died of cancer in prison in 1983, and he never revealed the secret of the correspondence.


State Department, USA


Washington Post

New York Times


The end for a political clown

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's populist posturing is mutating into the biggest disaster in post-war British history, two years after the Brexit was completed. Numerous ministers and secretaries of state resigned, mocking the British recess clown in the House of Commons.
The days of Boris Johnson and his insane policies are numbered. Anyone who dealt with Johnson and the resulting disaster of inflation, deportation of foreigners to Rwanda, and the utter chaos of post-Brexit saw this crisis coming to Britain. While the British people had to go into lockdown, at the height of the Corona crisis, Johnson was having opulent parties with his closest confidants.
For Johnson, the law or even the hint of equality between people never counted, only the profit he could make from the suffering of the minorities brought into focus by the populists. So, it is not surprising that sexual assaults were covered up by individual MPs and simply not mentioned until a few days ago. It was the small mistakes that will ultimately cost Johnson his office, not the political circus that Johnson, for example, tried to wrest from the EU at the expense of the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland in complete ignorance of the situation.
The populist government around Johnson is an indictment of any government. "Get Brexit done" will go down in the British history books as one of the greatest disgraces of the UK, followed immediately by the impersonality of Johnson, who never managed to step out of his web of lies and establish his form of British dictatorship light for the money.
Now Scotland is also entering its second referendum on independence from London. Scotland can only be congratulated on this. Because who wants to be dragged into the abyss by such a central government? Johnson's mistakes of the Brexit, the many untruths, and the daily disinformation are breaking the United Kingdom and the party-goer Boris Johnson I have to ask how much stupidity one has to possess to destroy a state completely that has grown over a millennium within a few years. After all, some will do anything for money. Boris Johnson is undoubtedly part of the elite of this "I'll do anything for money!" society.
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