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The Case of Anja Beggers

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The end for a political clown

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Further search for the identity of the Isdal woman (II) - Jugoslavijo, dobar dan 

Traces in the fog of one of the most mysterious murders in post-war history

The case of the Isdal woman becomes more exciting than it initially appeared, even after the newer investigations by the public prosecutor's office in Bergen in 2016. 

If you look at the case of the Isdal woman from the point of distance, it becomes clear that many documents from the police investigation from those days did not find their way to the Public Record Office in Bergen. These documents seem to have been withheld until today.

The reason is elementary; the purchasers of certain items would inevitably have to return them to their rightful owners. Other documents that were found in the suitcases of the unknown deceased, however, have already been published like the unfortunate matchbox from the Beate Uhse sex shop

Why documents disappeared is or was the case can certainly no longer be determined today. 

The Norwegian military intelligence service certainly did not cover itself with glory these days. 

The probability that the Isdal woman also had a stay in Hamburg is very high. The German goods could have come from the Kepa / Karstadt in Hamburg, which was within a stone's throw of the station at that time. In the assortment, the items were found at Isdal woman's luggage. Numerous prehistories and journalistic research can be found here. 




It is 50 years ago in fall that prosecutor Carl Halvor Aas took over the investigation on that misty November day in 1970.


An alleged suicide with 60 Fenemal pills in her stomach and carbon monoxide poisoning was ruled out. These tablets were not available in Norway. Even the investigators did not believe in suicide. 


Even after the fisherman's statement, one could have doubts about the completeness of the files. This statement is now in a different context. No espionage tools such as mini cameras etc. were found in the records of the unknown dead. Nevertheless, after meeting the two southern looking gentlemen on a forest path shortly before her death, which was observed by a witness, she was seen as a spy. The code she used in her diaries was simple and somewhat naive. Shoes and deodorant from Germany immediately pointed to a female spy. Besides, all signs had been removed from her clothes. 

The penguin missiles will not have played a role in this context. Even the later interrogated employee of the Israeli Mossad "Lillehammer Affair" did not know the name. Instead, the visit to the Hotel Bristol in Trondheim is more interesting - as Vera Jarle from Antwerp from November 6 to 8. Before that, she had stayed at the Hotel Neptun in Bergen from 30.10.1970 - 06.11.1970 under the name of Alexia Zarna-Merchez, born on 27.11.1943 in Ljubljana. 

According to the oxygen and strontium isotope analysis of the University of Canberra, the trail also led to the then internal border area between Serbia and Croatia. On an imaginary line between Užice and Sarajevo.   





The Isdal woman stated not only once that she was an antique dealer. This seems to be valid 50 years after the body was found in Isdal. The statement of the Italian photographer and the hotel report is available for this purpose. Apparently, she travelled again and again under false legends, but on several occasions, she also stated her profession as a decorator. She knew a lot about porcelain, the Italian photographer Giovanni Trimboli stated. Trimboli was a dubious figure who was said to have connections with the Mafia and smuggling, only long after his death it became public. Photographing him would only have been camouflage.

It was about art smuggling from the former Eastern Bloc

Border crossing point Helmstedt FRG/GDR 1969, kasaan media, 2020


100% Kona Coffee

East Berlin had since Aktion Licht (Action Light) in 1962, in which all the safe-deposit boxes in banks that had not been used since the war were opened by employees of the Ministry of State Security who had not reported in after the war.

The currency gorge of the GDR needed money. This "Aktion Licht" brought in more than 4 million DM at that time. Among them were countless works of art that were smuggled all over the world.

Incredibly valuable pieces (paintings, jewellery, antiques, etc.) were thus handed over to their owners in the respective countries by couriers. Only in February 1973, the KuA GmbH (Kunst und Antiquitäten GmbH) was founded in East Berlin. This company continued to operate as a "seller" via the former Yugoslavia until well into the 1980s. Years ago, a trace had already been revealed to an artist who lived at that time in Norway and in the south of France. 


To a certain Kjell Varvin, to whom the trail of the Isdal woman now led, also in other contexts.





Riksarkivet (National Archives of Norway) from Oslo, Norway - Vidkun Quisling og hans kone Maria.


Popular Domains for just 99 Cents at Namecheap!

Probably the henchmen had found clues to the legendary art treasure of Vidkun Quisling during "Operation Light" years earlier. Quisling, whose name today still stands for the greatest shame of Norway, was the governor of the Nazis in Norway and had built up a considerable art collection together with his Russian wife since the end of the 1930s, some of which disappeared in Eastern Germany after the war.


JUMPING OVER THE RAINBOW by Ronnie Van der Merwe

After IOL South Africa wrote about this excellent book, we didn't want to wait to ask the author for his own presentation.

The book is a prime example of modern South African literature, which is otherwise entirely unknown worldwide. 

Van der Merwe describes the life of homosexuality in an almost loving way.

Thirty years after the end of Apartheid he leaves a figurehead for the path of the following South African literature, which finally says goodbye to the ghosts of the past and sets off into a time that critically deals with modernity. It describes the path of real South African art.

Our recommendation: buy and enjoy reading. Here the link to the book


Jumping over the rainbow ....

By Ronnie van der Merwe

My book titled: JUMPING OVER THE RAINBOW by Ronnie Van der Merwe is my debut book.

It was released this year March 2020 and I have self- published it. I will describe it as; short, compact and interesting. Holding a book in my hand written by myself has always been a long-time dream of mine. Dreams were made to be realized and I decided to go ahead and do just. My motto in life is: We create our own experiences. I wanted to be an author, so I created that reality.

On the back cover of my book I wrote: A rainbow is synonymous with bravery, brightness, brilliance and vibrancy. In the bible it is a symbol of God’s faithfulness and mercy. My short memoir of only 41 pages is about my journey to self- acceptance and freedom. In my short memoir I write about how I had to go on an overseas trip to get the courage to accept myself and become comfortable in my own skin. However, this was not done deliberately.

I hid my sexual preferences before I went to Europe. In my book I talk about my homosexuality. My new surroundings abroad and my foreign encounters provided me with no choice but to change. This occurred very subtle. My au-pair experience was not always easy but in the end it paid off. It made my shell to crack open. I went to Europe as a very naïve and inexperienced young, black (in the closet) African man. I believed by going on this trip I jumped into the deep end of the pool and had to learn to swim very quickly. My book details all my experiences abroad and shows my vulnerabilities.

I decided to title my memoir- JUMPING OVER THE RAINBOW because I wanted readers of my book to see my desperation to get my freedom. I told my book cover designer that I wanted a vintage suitcase on a platform. The suitcase symbolises my love for travelling. I also wanted a rainbow in the colours of the gay flag which shows how proud I am of my sexual orientation. My book is about my life living in a foreign country and the challenges I faced. In it, I also write about the bad and the good times. I also speak about the beautiful friendships I formed.  I wrote this book mostly to make everybody who is different, like myself, realize that they are not alone in this world. I wanted my readers to see that adversities can be overcome and that we all have a place in this world irrespective of our differences. But, I also wanted to make them aware that there is not always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

In my memoir I talk about the few hardships I experienced with my host family. These challenges assisted me in becoming a stronger person. I want the readers of my book to see the importance of going out into the world and experiencing new things. I hope that my book will show my reader that ignorance can have a negative impact on your life. I believe that if I had been exposed to more opportunities   prior to my trip to Europe I might have had a different experience. In my book I do not try to point my host family as cruel, evil or cold because they were not. I just give an honest account of what I felt and how things seemed. I am just trying to showcase in my memoir that as humans we are different and that we all have our shortcomings.

Since it was released my book have mostly been criticised for being too short. People say it is so well written and interesting and that they don’t want it to end so soon.  However, I have also had people who welcomed the short book. These people said it is perfect for them since they want to read but don’t always get the time due to their busy work schedules. They therefore welcomed the quick, interesting read.  

This is my first book, and I was just testing the water. However, I also wanted the readers of my book to see my talent and make them look forward to my next lengthier, thicker and exhilarating and adventurous books.




JUMPING OVER THE RAINBOW by Ronnie Van der Merwe is available on Amazon in both paperback and e-book at $7.99. It is also available on Smashwords  and Goodreads. The book is also sold at Walmart. It retails for R120.00 on Loot.co.za online in South Africa. It is also available at bookshops like Protea bookshop for R150.00. Book site Africa in Cape Town, the largest book warehousing  and distribution facility to the South African book trade also have stock. Books can be ordered from Book site Africa via your local bookshop. The ISBN is 978-0-620-87091-7



Once again the crooks of World Business List (former EU Business Register) are on the move and want to collect 997 Euro per year using a prefabricated questionnaire, for which service remains completely open. Unfortunately, it looks like an official request from some government organization. Only that the contract is extended for the following three years. First, the unknown perpetrators find out that updates of whatever are processed free of charge. For this, an official Danish address is used by a Dutch mailbox company.

These days, millions of self-employed people receive these emails from an internationally active gang of crooks.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,

In order to have your domain(s) inserted in
the list of Global Businesses for the
2020/2021 edition: please print and complete
the attached form (wbl-F2B.jpg) and send it
to this address:

Postbox 34
3700 AA Zeist
The Netherlands

Fax: +31 303 100 126
or email it to the email address mentioned on the form.

Updates are free!

This form can also be used for your other
domain(s) and/or business(es).”


The “registerSite www.wbr20.live

The “register”

No one has to pay the grotesque requirements or fill out these forms. World Business List would prefer to receive the completed document by fax. Throw it straight into the digital trash can. It is not worth the paper.
Since the register, as you can see on the screenshot, does not exist.


The unknown perpetrators come from Romania. Contract law is applied from an island in the Caribbean Nevis. One of the addresses of the dubious crooks is located in a building in a Luxembourg business park. Only there, one knows nothing about the people.

Whoever fills out the form and sends it to the perpetrators can expect that a law firm Waldberg & Hirsch Global Collections Ltd. Herengracht 518, 1017 CC Amsterdam, The Netherlands, will be contacted immediately in the event of late payment. The Collectors feed on threats, blackmail and against any international law and numerous victims speak of brutal debt collection.

Previously, the perpetrators had already failed with countless other directories, which they maintained since 2009 and always made a profitable business for them with the help of the debt collection operators.


The end comes closer- people of Belarus are marching in thousands against Lukashenko

Chains of the revolution

 Thousands of people march against the ruler Lukashenko and his toady lickers in Belarus.

Via the telegram group NEXTA Live the pictures from Belarus are coming in. Real pictures, not of a rotten and outdated system. There are independent reports from the whole country, which seems to be on its feet. 
The protests are still peaceful, and the state power is holding back.


Long chains of people are moving through the streets, with flags and flowers in their hands.

But the mood is aggressive, spread by the ruler Lukashenko.

Yesterday he demonstratively attended an army event, and the last dictator of Europe is telling stories when it comes to commenting on the grievances in his country.



For example, there are reports of a hostile attempt by the EU and NATO to overthrow the regime in Minsk.

Thank you, Nexta live for the picture material. Be brave.


Lukashenko's Subbotniks don't want any more lies


Lukashenko has managed, 25 years after the end of the Soviet Union, to install an evil-obsessed empire for some late-socialist concrete-headed communists by ruling with such a firm hand that no one dares to stand up against it.

That is now over.


Protests across #Belarus have continued today. These are the huge crowds in Brest #BelarusProtest pic.twitter.com/0NsylMO5YC

- Janek Lasocki (@JanekLasocki) August 15, 2020

The evil empire ruled by Lukashenko from the capital Minsk is increasingly becoming a focal point between the rebellious citizens and the security police, which is acting with extreme brutality against any form of resistance to a rigged election result. For him, the demonstrators are troublemakers in his concept of ruling as a monarch.

Lukashenko indeed claimed that he had received 80 per cent of the votes. It is impossible to understand exact election results.

Now there have been mass protests in Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko has meanwhile ordered paratroopers to be moved to the west of the country after more than 6,000 people were arrested on Sunday, as confirmed by the Ministry of the Interior in Minsk, for resisting the election results, some of whom were tortured, beaten and kicked in horrible ways. Lukashenko holds them responsible for their fate, as any miserable dictator would do at the end of his time. For him, those who demonstrate against him are criminals. And they are protesting not only for human rights violations but also for the living conditions in Belarus.

Not ordinary protesters, but criminals, some gangs that have joined together, that are controlled from abroad, the leadership in Minsk said. Stalinist views of an unreasonable and despot.  They all had a secret criminal background.


A country in Central Europe, where the death penalty is still carried out, is ruled by Lukashenko like a despot, acts against the freedom of the press, works against human rights, in that human rights do not apply as long as it does not concern him.

The Minsk car factory mobilised the workers on Friday; they show solidarity with the anti-Lukashenko protests. There are several large companies. There are said to be more than 20, including Grodno and the Minsk car factories.

Is a new escalation threatening with beatings for the criminal gangs who otherwise have to work as slaves for the almighty ruler in Minsk? The EU is preparing new sanctions against Belarus and is waiting for the protests that could set the regime in motion. Lukashenko still maintains excellent contacts with his former Communist brother states. Among them, North Korea.

It is the last dictatorship in Europe, where human life counts for nothing. But more and more police officers, soldiers and the citizens of the country are fraternising with each other. Opposing candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya had previously called in the media for further peaceful protests after she had been forced to leave the country at personal risk. Now Vladimir Putin does not want to interfere either. He will not give military aid, Moscow said.

The Belarusian long-term despot Lukashenko has almost reached the end of his life.

#Minsk #Belarus right now, hundreds of thousands if not over a million of people are out on the streets protesting for their freedom. A sight not seen since the collapse of Soviet Union. #LongLiveBelarus pic.twitter.com/EdBpeQca27 — Belarus Free Theatre (@BFreeTheatre) August 16, 2020 It gets lonely around him. 



The Shame of Africa (Part 4)

Flexible response - one year after the Alina programme

This time "in the robe" of apple love

The ripper is on his way, so everyone is warned. Brutal scammers like Alina or Rebecca are once again on the timelines of the big social media providers. The Shame of Africa is marching again. It's all about money, but the romance scammers are willing to do everything in their power to make it happen. This time with a fake Brazilian mermaid for lonely men while the lockdown. But that's not all. They show that there's still room for improvement in terms of badness. 

The e-mail address of the pomme love already appeared in the program Alinas. Stolen pictures, stolen identities and "Morane is hungry", this is how the African gangs roamed the social networks. Brutal is still the friendliest word that points to the perpetrators.



Last summer, we told the story of Veith, who still hasn't recovered from Alina in terms of health. In the meantime, the public prosecutor's office is investigating the perpetrators, and fraud is only a marginal phenomenon in these proceedings. With their messages, they send links containing phishing programs, through which they later access the data of their victims. 

Today the brutal blackmailers from Africa's Ivory Coast operate under other identities, which they obtained after the collapse of the program Alina, to continue the profitable business. So Cornelius wrote to us yesterday, that the successors of Alina also contacted him. Immediately the unknown ones wanted his Whatsapp to start with the scammer terror.

Because they mistook Cornelius for a woman, they immediately wrote: Subject: How are you? I'm glad you answered my e-mail. I am Andreas. I hope I am not disturbing you; the mail came from the already very active mail address pomme liebe 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Attention: For women, greedy Africans have set up the Andreas programme. When Cornelius wrote that he did not know an Andreas, he got the flexible answer: I am a woman, my name is Andrea. Thanks a lot. If you don't mind that I can leave you my WhatsApp number, we can write to each other more easily. As in the case of Alina, the real goal was to get immediate access to the WhatsApp to be able to exercise control. For this purpose, the alleged Andrea gave her number, which is a fake. +33 7 56 84 51 05- plus the signature of the local time, which indicates the time difference. 

The perpetrator group operates via France and the Ivory Coast, Belgium and the Congo. Further traces lead to Morocco. In Germany, too, the group continues to expand. Unfortunately with a brutality that makes even experienced investigators freeze their blood in their veins. Those who do not pay are blackmailed. The trail to the head leads into the Congo, where he should not feel too safe. 

It is one of the dirtiest groups of scammers. Victims of the group were so demoralized that they thought about suicide when the perpetrators tried their hand at them. However, numerous measures are being taken in the background to stop the perpetrators. 

Until that happens, everyone should be warned to get involved with these people. 

It is essential: Never give the perpetrators personal data, no matter what they promise or how they threaten. In case of threats, contact the police immediately.


 Andrea "Fake Bikini Beauty", 2020


Buba bah – Impudent begging scam from Gambia

“One of the most common scams we currently see claims that a Gambian has lost his parents, is caring for younger siblings, and does not have money for school fees. The story is always extremely similar. The common elements are: Online soliciting of friend in developed country, parents supposedly dead, caring for younger siblings, has to drop out of school for lack of funds. These elements exploit the Western value of education, trustful nature, and sympathy for orphans. There is very little variation on the theme. It may be wise to ask why someone who has no funds for school and is allegedly caring for younger siblings can apparently spend a large amount of time and money in internet cafes searching for “friends” from wealthy countries online. Family networks in the region are usually extensive, so if a child’s parents die, then the many aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, and other extended family members take them in and provide for them.”

United States Embassy in Banjul, Kairaba Avenue, Fajara The Gambia


They come via the social networks and have nothing else to do on Twitter but beg.

The excuse is a four-month lockdown in the Gambia, the wicked president has announced it. The crux of the story is, the last one came just half an hour earlier and told us the same sad orphan story with heart-warming pictures.

The horrible thing about this situation is that this story has been told dozens of times before. They all come from BRIKAMA. It’s their story. The victims of life are always orphans and have a whole family to care for. In the course of the short and according to the same plan, the “beggars” working from Paris or London, try to put their victims under such moral pressure that the victim pays. The president would have ordered the lockdown; they would starve because of it.

Like a whole swarm, the perpetrators attack the victims. They hardly tweet at all but search instantly for victims by private contact. They pretend to be children and immediately want to communicate via WhatsApp. Video call to press the victims for pay. 

Because MoneyGram and Western Union are too well known, the perpetrators use the platform of another organization with the reference that they owe rent. It is almost impossible to get rid of these people on the respective timeline because they are pushy. Never give data about yourself, the perpetrators want a picture to blackmail the victim later. Twitter is powerless against such machinations. And the consequence of this is that the willingness of Europeans to donate for real need is declining. As an example, here the unbelievable chat, shortened by us.


The Rhosus - Ghost ship of the disaster in Beirut

A biblical catastrophe for the compatriots of Michel Aoun


One can only wish the Lebanese people strength in this catastrophe.

Lebanon has always helped, within the scope of its possibilities.

Now it is up to the international community to help Lebanon.

Without ifs or buts.

You can read about the events and the enormous damage caused by the explosion here in detail. (German)


Where is the ship? Where is the "Rhosus"?


The history of the ship that finally transported the disastrous cargo, ammonium nitrate, to Beirut, actually on its way from Georgia to Beira in Mozambique, is becoming increasingly ominous.

It is unclear what happened to the ship that was chained up in Beirut in 2013 after an out-of-inspection.  In this plot, which could not have been invented more excitingly by a screenwriter, the Rhosus looks like a message in a bottle of the later events that led to the catastrophe in the Lebanese capital. It is misjudged that the Rhosus was not at all designed to be loaded with such materials.   

The three-kiloton explosion with the devastating damage was one-fifth of the Hiroshima bomb. One can not imagine.

The shipping company of Igor Grechushkin

In 2013, a Russian named Igor Grechushkin ran a mailbox company, a shipping company in Cyprus, which maintained the Rhosus during the crossing from the Black Sea when it was wrecked with alleged engine damage. The shipowner was informed that the crew was without sufficient means of subsistence and pay in the port of Beirut. The shipowner made no contact, did not answer. He did not care about the ship. Apparently, the freight and the ship was written off, and shortly after that, the shipping company went bankrupt.

In the course of the Lebanese police investigation, numerous port authority employees were arrested.

Unfortunately, the whereabouts of the Rhosus has not yet been clarified. Some sources claim that the ship was in port shortly before the explosion and is still under the rubble. Others say that the ship was scrapped in Bangladesh. The third possibility is that the vessel is sailing under a different flag in the shores of Africa. There would also have been enough ammonium nitrate on board the ship to trigger the first explosion. Part of the raw material, which is essential for the production of fertilisers and explosives, would have been stored in the warehouse in Beirut. Another part would still have been on board the ship. Despite seven years of warnings about the bomb ticking in the harbour.

Now it had exploded because of welding work. Whether that's true or not, it's hard to understand.



Orient Queen

If you look at pictures of the harbour in Beirut, you can see on the right side a ship lying on the left side, two more ships sunk, of which you cannot know if they are destroyed or not. Meanwhile, the Orient Queen, a cruise ship has sunk.


غرق الباخرة السياحية Orient Queen pic.twitter.com/kdomynOYGf

— Cedar News - أخبار بلاد الأرز (@cedar_news) August 5, 2020



The story that is told about the Rhosus does not seem very credible. Allegedly, the ship should have been rescued from distress at sea in October 2013 due to engine damage. The captain would have explained that they were on their way to another country, not even Mozambique, loaded with ammonium nitrate when they ran out of supplies.  They would have liked to catch some supplies, and at the same time, there would have been a problem with the machine. The information is not trustworthy.

The Rhosus was then subjected to an inspection, and a whole series of problems were found, which the ship immediately revealed. At the time, the vessel was stranded in Beirut and only the captain, the chief engineer and the third engineer, and a Ukrainian, remained on board.  



Teto Shipping in Limassol was the shipping company based in Cyprus. Apparently, according to information from Lebanese state television, the owner was paid the insurance for the ship and cargo.  Boris Prokoshev, the captain, only saw it as necessary to bring the men home, not the freight worried him.  The Russian businessman Igor Grechushkin denied any responsibility in the newspaper "Izvestia". The former owner of the ship began blocking Russian journalists on social media. Igor Grechushkin loves to ride a motorcycle but does not want to comment on it. According to several reports from news agencies, his son studies computer science in Scotland.

The reasons are manifold because the Lebanese authorities did not want an abandoned ship to stay in the port, with a cargo that could explode at any time, the owner had to pay a fine. Whether this is true is doubtful. Especially since, according to reports, parts of the cargo were already missing before the explosion. Where did parts of the load go?

Last but not least, Cornelder, the operator of the port in Beira, told the Portuguese news agency, Lusa, on Wednesday that they were never informed that a ship, a ship carrying 2750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate was en route to Mozambique.


Idi Amin Dada, the clergyman and Western Union (Part one)

The inventiveness of the industrious scribes, traffickers, smugglers, con artists, seems to know no bounds.

Now we are opening a whole blog called scammer.news, which we are attaching to thekasaantimes.de and thekasaantimes.news to make the stories of these people public before this scammer mafia can make a profit or commit damage. The blog scammer.news is kept in English, as the scam is mostly sent in English. We now merge several blogs from the past into one. Since 2005 we have collected the stories of the scammers.

Apart from the madness that was communicated to many victims there, Sabina Joneh was one of the most successful programs of the scammers of Côte d’Ivoire, until the program Alina came. These are programs that the stations buy. Like at a market. The stories are written professionally and are adapted for each country, like Nigeria and Ghana, Ivory Coast, Rwanda etc. Often you run into the same programmes, but with different actors, from all the good Lord countries. Yes, the business of God is always started to explain the purity of the mob.

We publish the original mails, because, we do not want to alter any text.

From time to time, we will comment on the stories.

But the best stories of years, we have collected, we will bring in a book.

The Best Scammer Stories, Cover kasaan media, 2020

And suddenly another despot from Africa came to life. With so much money, you can also sometimes rise from the dead. Anytime.

Von Archives New Zealand, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=37372871

A lawyer named Idi Amin Dada recently wrote about an incredible amount of money, diamonds and real estate in a safe in Zurich, Switzerland, which he urgently needed to dissolve before a new law came into force in Switzerland. In the past, he freely admitted, he would have been a prizefighter and then gone into politics for a few years. Through the military, he would have enjoyed a good education. Which, remained in the dark. Probably a torturer and dictator.

A few days later, an alleged official of Interpol in Bern, who happened to have just arrested the “evil Idi Amin Dada”, wrote that he had confiscated a suitcase full of money and other effects, which he now wanted to share with us as a brother and sister. The suitcase must have been very, very heavy, as he demanded that we contribute to the costs of any transport. He groaned in numerous e-mails about his lousy salary, but he gave a hint to go to the nearest Western Union office to transfer 1,500 US$ to him from there. Later, the amount halved when we did not react after days. Then he threatened to take legal action against us.


He remarked that he could also inform his colleagues in Germany; after all, we would have agreed to the deal. Nobody had written such a thing.
After two months he gave up wholly unnerved.

For all the comedy in the stories of these people, one quickly forgets: these fraudsters pose a danger of financial loss and even physical damage. Usually, the lively exchange begins with an unsolicited e-mail communication from an unknown person who then pretends to be someone else or pretends to be a minister of a country that does not exist at all.

Advert, kasaan media, 2020

There one should donate for the liberation struggle. In return, one receives worthless shares in a fabulous gold mine, for example, from Indiana Jones or his widow after the victory over the terrible despot. Some of you may feel a little bit pissed at the assembled celebrities. The sometimes hilarious stories amused us.

Especially during the Christmas season, the friends crawled out of their holes and played with the loneliness of many people in our time.
Apart from that, these contemporaries have it in for the money from the rich industrial nations and nothing else, but already for visas to the Schengen area.

To get you in the mood, here is the mail of a particularly long-lived specimen, which has sent out hundreds of thousands of mails under different names for years. The structure of the story is always the same: poor girl captured by evil rebels during the war, in many different countries, she was looking for her Prince Charming. Probably one day she will be kissed awake by the Senegalese police…

Many Europeans, Americans and Asians fell for it.

Called Escape&Visa / Scam

From: Miss Sabina Joneh (alias Sary etc.)
To: undisclosed recipient
Sent on: Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at 08:45
Subject: Hi


I hope everything is good over there in your country. If it is, God is almighty. My name is Miss Sabinah Jonah, of the Mende tribe in BUAKE, Cote d’Ivoire. I am 22 years old. My father was the King of our tribe until his death, and also one of the richest, very reputable businessmen (a cocoa trader and supplier of agricultural materials) who did business in Abidjan, the capital of Côte d’Ivoire. It is sad to say that my father was poisoned by his business partners; the murderer was my uncle’s younger brother.

A main street of Bouaké Letsgoforward

The family plotted and poisoned him with the accusation that he was a big sponsor and supported the restoration of the democratically elected president LAURENT GBAGBO, the former president of Côte d’Ivoire. Before my father’s death, in February 2007 in a private hospital, in Abidjan, he secretly called me to his bed and told me that he had deposited the sum of five million, five hundred thousand US dollars (USD $ 5,500,000) in a bank in Abidjan. He used my name because I was the only child, as the following beneficiary, of the fund.

By Voice of America/M Motta – VOA News (US Government), Public Domain, Link

Now I have the deposit receipt and all important documents that the bank received from my late father when he deposited the money. I believe that the people who murdered my father are seriously after me. My father’s younger brother succeeded in claiming my late father’s landownership. I’ve been hiding all this because he’s still looking for me seriously. He believed according to our culture, because I am a woman, that I know exactly about my father’s landowners, because I am married by the family to another man. I really do not know what to do. This is because I have suffered a lot of setbacks. I flee from one place to another. Now I live in a remote village with a pastor of the Apostolic Church and his family. The death of my father actually brought sorrow into my life.

I am interested in your support. I beg you to help me to transfer this money to your country as soon as possible so that I can come to your country and continue my education there while you look for a very good deal for both of us so that the money will bring enough profit.

Now allow me to ask you these few questions: –

  1. can you honestly and gladly support me as your sister / daughter?
  2. can I trust you completely?
  3. what percentage of the total amount will be fair for you after the money is in your country?
  4. can you arrange for me to come to your country to further my education and secure a residence permit in your country for me?

Please consider this and contact me as soon as possible.

Miss Sabina Joneh"


Apart from the fact that there is neither the clergyman, he is a contact person in London, who only makes sure that the money comes in via WU, nor is there, of course, a deposit, only the intention to receive money and visas. One could almost suspect that smugglers and scammers got together in order to earn money on the visas.

The deposit papers are fake. But not the passports of the girls who are queuing up to come to Europe.

Note: The press department of the Senegalese embassy in the Federal Republic of Germany did not want to comment, just as the Senegalese government did not answer any e-mail. Neither did the cited telephone company.



Tristan Bruebach - more than 20 years after at the crime scene

Tristan Bruebach - more than 20 years after at the crime scene (June 27, 2020)
A miserable but never forgotten crime
Our guest author Sunny Beatz follows the traces of the last hours of Tristan Bruebach. Every reader can imagine the perpetrator's atrocities very clearly in this sequence.

We pay the author great respect.

The crime must never be forgotten. Here you can read the story of Tristan Bruebach.

In the afternoon, shortly after four o'clock, I started my journey from Frankfurt / Main - equipped with a city map and my camera - in the direction of Hoechst, to get a personal impression of the scene of the crime and its surroundings in the murder case "Tristan Bruebach".

After a short orientation phase in the entrance area of the station, I first decided to visit the Bruno-Asch-Anlage, which was located in the eastern direction of my position. According to the female witness, the last time Tristan was seen alive here was at 3:20 pm sitting on a park bench.


Bruno-Asch-Anlage | © SunnyBeatz

According to the information board, the plant was "overhauled" towards the end of autumn 2019.

So I had to assume that today's appearance is not the same as in 1998. However, a passer-by told me on my inquiry that "not much has changed here. The benches were renewed."

I first walked the path on the right to the end of the layout.


Bruno-Asch-Anlage | © SunnyBeatz

There is also an information board, as well as a smaller, paved square with a conspicuously large number of male alcohol drinkers.

When I observed these people, I immediately remembered the description of the above witness, who said that she saw "two foreign-looking, male persons" sitting on the bench with Tristan.

This description could have been a good 90% of the people present at the station and its surroundings on that day.

After his stay at the station, Tristan is said to have set off in a westerly direction to the Unterliederbach tunnel.

At the end of the layout, I went to the opposite side of the tunnel and went back towards the station.

Bruno-Asch-Anlage | © SunnyBeatz

The measured time to pass through the installation (directly, at average speed, measured about 3 minutes).

Tristan is said to have walked between 15:20 and 15:30 from the Bruno-Asch-Anlage to the south entrance of the tunnel. There he finally died.

For this walking distance, I measured the time of about 5 minutes. Depending on the walking speed, the time was reduced to about 4 ½ minutes.

(© OpenStreetMap contributors / License: ODbL, note: www.openstreetmap.org/copyright)

Back at the station building, it becomes immediately noticeable that the entrance area, as well as the immediate surroundings, are exceptionally well frequented. I met here apparent commuters, pausing construction workers, people who were in the various cafés and conveyance stores and countless young people who were loitering there.

Especially the young people seemed to watch the events at the station very closely.

To get to the southern entrance of the tunnel, I walked past the station building and the bus stop and then turned a little further right onto a smaller path.

I want to point out explicitly that the tunnel is by far not as fluctuating as the station area! It is much more isolated and can only be found today if you know the area.

Way to the place of the crime (southern entrance of the Liederbach tunnel) | © SunnyBeatz

After following the path mentioned above for a few meters, I first came across the trail mentioned above, from which the 12-year-old witness claims to have seen a man with a black cap and a blond, long ponytail crawling up the path shortly after Tristan's murder.

Path to the place of the crime (southern entrance to Liederbachtunnel) | © SunnyBeatz


The trail at the south entrance | © SunnyBeatz

Due to the high vegetation in the current season (end of June 2020) it is neither possible to reach the river bed in front of the entrance nor to have a view of the whole southern entrance.

Scene of crime (southern entrance of the Liederbach tunnel) | © SunnyBeatz


Scene of crime (southern entrance of Liederbach tunnel) | © SunnyBeatz

I then left the trail behind me on the right side and followed the path further on.

Surprisingly, a few steps further on, I found another path towards the river bed before the southern entrance.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to descend there either, as it was an extremely steep slope.

A few meters further on and turning right, I reached a place from where I could take more photos of the river bed in front of the southern entrance. Here I saw for the first time that some parts of the Liederbach were not dry, contrary to my expectations.


Riverbed in front of the southern entrance of the Liederbach tunnel | © SunnyBeatz

I looked around there for a while and then decided to go back the way I came and visit the north side of the tunnel.

If you go back the same way, you also pass a playground very close to the tunnel.

The playground near the south entrance of the Liederbach tunnel | © SunnyBeatz

To reach the northern entrance of the Liederbach tunnel, I entered the station building for the first time, which had to be crossed.


Entrance area Bahnhof Hoechst | © SunnyBeatz

After I entered the entrance area shown above through the right door (seen from the inside), the first thing I noticed was the red convenience store.

After a short comparison with the video recordings of Tristan at the station, it should have been taken from exactly this convenience store.

The wall phones should have been installed in the area next to this kiosk in 1998. Today they are located on the opposite side, next to the travel centre.

I then went through the building towards Adelonstraße, where I turned left at the end.

Station Hoechst /exit in the direction of Adelonstraße| © SunnyBeatz

If you follow the route to the northern entrance of the Liederbach tunnel, you will first pass a building of the GRC on the right side of the sidewalk and a little further on a playground, which is located directly at the Liederbach tunnel.


The path towards the north entrance / Unterliederbachtunnel| © SunnyBeatz

North entrance Unterliederbach tunnel / surroundings | © SunnyBeatz

I first looked at the immediate vicinity of the north entrance, where I noticed that there are relatively many places in the vicinity where (possibly) children are staying. On both sides of the tunnel, there is a children's playground less than two minutes' walk away, and the young people mentioned above also seemed to use these places.

After arriving at the north entrance of the tunnel, I noticed - as on the opposite side - that the gate was open.

Nobody seems to be bothered by the fact, as a passer-by later told me that this had probably been the case for quite a while.

"In the past, they used to close it again and again, although today it is sometimes open for weeks. I don't know when they do that either. I often walk by here with the dog. In the morning, at noon and in the evening I go for a walk, and if it was still open in the evening, it was suddenly closed in the morning with my first round. Do they do it overnight? Must be..."


Northern entrance Unterliederbachtunnel - Standing on the bridge | © SunnyBeatz


North entrance Unterliederbach tunnel - standing in the river bed | © SunnyBeatz


Unterliederbachtunnel - Standing behind the grid |  © SunnyBeatz


This is where my crime scene inspection ends.

I took some more pictures of the surroundings, talked to a few passers-by on my way back and then drove home - packed with impressions and emotions.

In the following article, I will report about these impressions and my findings.



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