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Ukraine live-blog as tension grows

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Maybe hell starts right next to the Vatican - the case of Emanuela Orlandi

The story of Emanuela Orlandi sounds like a crook story from the Vatican. 

And she comes from a place that seems like a dictatorship, if you look at the structure of the Vatican.

The Roman Catholic Church has been following a course for decades that, as in any dictatorship, only supplies the top of the food chain. Water is preached and wine is drunk.

Now the church in Rome is a 2000-year-old ship that is difficult to steer in another direction.

But what happened in the case of Emanuela Orlandi is indicative of the criticism that keeps hitting the Vatican.

One might assume that God's representatives on earth are diligent not only to impart the faith, but also to live according to God's commandments.

Yes, the church has skeletons in its closet.

The mysterious disappearance of the then 15-year-old girl in 1983 has been one of the most hotly debated criminal cases in the Italian Republic for 36 years.

One thinks of the other right-wing clubs that could form in the Vatican's bacon belt.

Not only was the morality of theology lost through the fall of Emanuela Orlandi, but the foundations of the Church in Rome were also shaken. It is obvious that the Vatican knows more about the case of Orlandi and that of Mirella Gregori, who was missing a few weeks earlier.

On several occasions, coffins were opened in investigations conducted rather carelessly by the Vatican authorities. Mortal remains of Emanuela Orlandi were not found at any of the openings.

One preferred to pray rather than investigate.

The Vatican did everything possible to cover up the case. Which does not reflect well on the popes since. The brother, of the missing girl has been looking for 36 years, never gave up searching for his sister. Even an Italian examining magistrate, who was by no means one of the sellers of early fake news, thought that Orlandi, who was once seen again in a BMW after the crime, was in the clutches of secret services of the former Warsaw Pact.

It was a Cold War era.

Until now, however, it has not been clarified whether the two girls knew each other. Emanuela was a Vatican citizen, which did not prevent the Vatican from doing nothing but pious sayings on the matter. It is not enough even for the Church to say that "Emanuela is in heaven", said Pope Francis a few months ago.

Especially since it was clear initially that mafia-like structures within the church were to be covered, which extended as far as the scandal banker Roberto Calvi, who had been found hanged under a bridge in London in 1982, and who had excellent relations with the head of the Vatican Bank, Paul Marcinkus, and who had served him in the management of the phantom banks in the Bahamas for many years. Marcinkus was a professional in laying fake tracks that led nowhere.

Mirella Gregori disappeared not far away, under almost the same circumstances as Emanuela Orlandi. Since then, there have been countless rumours. One thought Emanuela was in a monastery in Belgium, then again in Turkey or Iraq.

The girl could not be considered as blackmailing goods for the papal offender either.

So, where are the girls who were apparently kidnapped in connection with the circumstances of the Vatican Bank.

There were countless leads in this case, including Opus Dei, the dreaded secret lodge of the Vatican, the Mafia and a gang operating in Rome, which at the time was making the streets of the Italian capital unsafe.

Similarly, the Bulgarian Secret Service was suspected because of the papal assassin Mehmet Ali Ağca, who carried out an assassination attempt on the newly elected John Paul II in St. Peter's Square in early 1981. The assassin had already murdered the editor-in-chief of the Turkish newspaper Milliyet, Abdi Ipekçi, in his radical right-wing views. This circumstance was completely lost in the investigation.

In addition, a committee of inquiry of the Italian parliament found out that Ali A?ca, who gave contradictory information about his motive, was arrested at the behest of the then CPSU chairman Brezhnev, with the help of the GRU, its East German counterpart Stasi and the Bulgarian Intelligence. Shortly after the mysterious death of Pope John Paul I, the first rumours of a connection to the then unbalanced Vatican Bank emerged.



YouTube video

Monstrous scandal

John Paul I. was already found dead in mysterious circumstances and the voices never wanted to silence that the pontiff was murdered. Here, too, traces of the Vatican's dirty money transactions have been found in connection with the drug mafia and Paul Macinkus. Macinkus is said to have given the order, according to a witness from the 1980s, Emanuela Orlandi. Whether this happened because of the Vatican banking business or because the girl was involved in sex parties cannot be traced any more. Witnesses testified immediately after the young woman's disappearance that she was taken to a vehicle. Macinkus, one of the puppet masters in the Vatican, died in the USA in 2006. He was never brought to justice.

It was only later that documents in the form of a 14-year statement of account from 1983-1997, which testified to costs of about 250,000 euros for the disappeared Emanuela, appeared in a vault in the Vatican.

At first, it was not clear whether these documents were not a fake for money laundering or a complete forgery, but the accounts speak a language of their own, with 25,000 euros allegedly referring to the "final act", the death of the girl.

Only after this time did the Vatican reluctantly want to start an investigation into the girl, who has now been missing for more than 36 years. There is no interest in this. In these days another grave is to be opened at the German cemetery in Rome, where the girl is suspected. It will again be a gruelling wrong track, suspect journalists who have been observing events in Rome for years.

The Vatican must first prove its truthfulness and reveal the girl's story before the parties involved remain silent for further decades.


In the streets of St.Georg


Rosa's death 



Photograph / LKA HH

The case of Maria Ngui shocks beyond all measure, the misery around Hansaplatz in Hamburg and the prostitution associated with it has been horrifying for decades again and again.



First, it is most disturbing that a woman comes to Germany illegally, living in a small room with an acquaintance, to pursue prostitution to finance her life in Spain.


It  affects the human suffering of the African woman.

Second, this killer has not committed such an act for the first time. 

Are there several perpetrators who have excellent local knowledge?

What happened on August 1, 2017, around 2 pm in the surroundings of Hansa Platz?

The last place where Maria Ngui was seen was the Hansa Platz, direction Bremer Reihe.  


Here again the course of the crime from the viewpoint of the investigators at the German Police file "xy unknown":

Ms Ngui was last seen in the Bremer Reihe on August 1, 2017, at around 2 pm, probably in the company of her murderer, who was carrying a transparent plastic bag with VHS video cassettes.

This previously unknown person, who, according to the police file, wore blue outdoor clothing and headgear, is said to have been a 50 to  55-year-old man who visited Maria Ngui as a client. Only a little later, drifters on the banks of the river Elbe discovered the first body parts.

Between the first and second week of August 2017, parts of Maria Ngui's body, packed in blue garbage bags, appeared in distant places in the waters around Hamburg.

The homicide squad hopes for clues to the location of the body parts in the suburbs of Billbrook, Winterhude, Rothenburgsort and Horn.

The TV program also dealt with the fact that in the evening two witnesses saw a vehicle and at the Wittenberge pier suspicious noises during the night, possibly related to the crime, which came from the perpetrator when he let body parts, slide into the Elbe, which were later washed up.

The witnesses noticed that a white van with a windowless loading area stood in an adjacent parking lot.

It is unlikely that the perpetrator or perpetrators dismembered the body unseen in the van, if this white van, designated by the police, was part of the crime in the first place and not just parked there.

The police assume that the perpetrator has anatomical knowledge and explained that the dismemberment of the body might have lasted several hours. Ngui, who came from Equatorial Guinea, had black dreadlocks, a large tattoo on her right lower leg and at the time of her mysterious disappearance she was dressed in a colourful dress, as well as red-and-white-striped sweaters and flip-flops. She was carrying a brown handbag.

Photograph / LKA HH

Who can provide information about the crime or observations related to the environment in St. Georg that could be in connection to the crime?

It would also be conceivable that the perpetrator has already attempted such a crime before. Who can provide information on this?

For information leading to the clarification of the offence and the investigation or apprehension of the perpetrator, the Hamburg public prosecutor's office will grant a reward in the amount of

5000 Euro (in words: five thousand Euro).

The reward is intended exclusively for private individuals and not for civil servants whose professional duties include the prosecution of criminal offences.

Relevant information can be obtained from all police stations, from the Hamburg police hotline on +49 40 / 4286 56789 or from

State Criminal Police Office 41

Homicide -

Bruno-Georges-Platz 1, 22297 Hamburg

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


A very bad and stupid blackmailer

Brutal scam


At the moment, some group of spammers trying to hide behind there BTC wallet. Thousands receive these messages in our days from a mail address in China, but the real offenders are in Paris in France. One should not react because they just wait until you communicate. Many companies are now affected by a blackmailer who makes it his business to send such emails. The best one can do to see the police, as soon as it is possible for further steps. 

The Bitcoin Wallet is well known to international investigators. The Ransome mail is conveyed with a malware program which one should not open. 



Here the text for warning purpose: 


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An unknown fate - 31 July 2001, Frankfurt-Nied

Dead girl from the Main, July 31 2001, BKA- Wiesbaden, 2019

There are criminal cases that are so horrible even years after they have become known that they burn themselves into the memory of everyone.

One of these still unsolved cases is that of the girl who was fished out of the Main by passers-by on July 31 2001, shortly before three o'clock in the afternoon, in Frankfurt-Nied, at the level of a local recreation area.

The female corpse was wrapped in a leopard pattern duvet cover, weighted down with a parasol stand.


Picture Girl FFM, parasol stand, BKA, 2019 Girl FFM, Nalas, BKA, 2019

Leopard skin duvet cover, a girl from the Main, BKA, 2019

The umbrella stand of the ELFE with the type designation 505KE was distributed in the Federal Republic of Germany by various DIY stores, including, as the publication of the BKA showed, by OBI, HORNBACH and Praktiker.

The only good traces were the nalas, knots that are used to ponder bloomers, which pointed to the region in the Pakistan -Pakistani-Afghan border area.

Who knows the young woman?


Did she perhaps live in the vicinity of the Afghan embassy in Bonn at the time?  It remained a mystery how she had entered the country.

Can anyone provide details of an honour killing in this context?

Or maybe someone noticed this girl in connection with a purchase. She was very skinny and was only 1.57 tall when she was found. Two rib fractures caused by blunt force injuring the lungs and spleen were fatal.

The criminals assume that the unknown woman has been severely maltreated for years. The cauliflower ear also pointed this out. Numerous burn scars all over the body, partly reminding of cigarette burns.

Who can give information about the Nalas, who recognizes the knots? One of the ribbons is white; the second ribbon is striped along with purple and white.

The young woman, who was born around 1985, was repeatedly the victim of massive violence during her lifetime and, during the following autopsy, showed numerous bone fractures that had never been treated.

Police officers paid for the funeral back then.

The homicide group "Leopard" is no longer available. If you know anything, please contact the administrative office:

Police Headquarters Frankfurt/M.

Technical commission 11

Homicide 3

Phone: +49 (0)69 755-51108 or +49 (0)69 755-53131


Once in Johannesburg - the disappearance of the jeweller Friedrich Fritz Heisler

Bitter aftertaste

Herbert Hanetseder and Gerhard Ebner, two Salzburg policemen were honoured for their meticulous

investigation into the Friedrich Heisler case. However, the proceedings against the main defendant were dropped in 2012, as the investigating public prosecutor Anton Lohneis of the Coburg senior public prosecutor's office announced. It was dropped for lack of evidence.

Friedrich Fritz Heisler remained missing. To this day. Was he dissolved in a barrel of acid?


August 2007, Johannesburg, Transvaal - Gauteng

The unequal couple looked back on a common history that began in 2006. He, the down-to-earth jeweller, she the baroness, who had once worked for the Ministry of State Security, had met over the Internet.

Did the noblewoman from her Stasi days have connections to South Africa? The Stasi was very active in South Africa in the 1980s.

What happened to Hotel Zulu Nyala Country Manor in the Johannesburg suburb of Chartwell on 3rd Street?

Was the death of the retired jeweler planned long ago?

The SMSs that the noblewoman received while still in South Africa speak volumes. There is much to be said for it.

Previously, the active noblewoman had swindled 835,000 euros from the missing person. The defense attorney, on the other hand, demanded an acquittal in the fraud trial that had already been conducted in Austria after the disappearance of the jeweler.

The whole fraud charge was allegedly based on conjecture, explained the Austrian defence lawyer, who, however, was unable to prevent a prison sentence in 2009 against his client. Neither did the subsequent extradition to Germany, where the trial against the baroness L., who was dealing with the strange disappearance of the jeweler from Zell, continued. In the end, L. was acquitted because the evidence was missing.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of the jeweller from Zell, please contact the Ministry of the Interior in Vienna:

Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Jens Soering in Hamburg - he wants to celebrate Christmas in the South



Let's start a new life!

Jens Soering landed yesterday, contrary to the statement of the ICE, with a plane of the AA in Frankfurt. Here he was received by friends, gave a short report for the press and, according to the BILD, travelled on to Hamburg in the afternoon: the 53-year-old German was happy to see the joy. Earlier, while still in deportation custody, he had given an interview to Radio IQ, the journalist Sandy Hausman, who accompanied him for ten years in his prison. Now he wants to go on holiday over Christmas and then do PTSD therapy.


Homecoming without return

The end of the infamous case involving the diplomat's son Jens Söring will take place on Monday. Jens Soering is to be deported to Germany in a AA aircraft, as the US immigration authority ICE calls for an end to the case. A replacement passport is available, and Söring will be able to take the flight to Frankfurt am Main without security.


As the news magazine FOCUS now reports, Soering is scheduled for deportation on Monday evening.

The Soering case has been making waves since the 1980s. The ex of the also convicted Elizabeth Haysom served 33 years for the alleged murder of his girlfriend's parents.

The couples had been brutally murdered in their home in the US state of Virginia in 1985.

In return, Soering, who had fled with Haysom to Great Britain months after the crime, was later deported and was sentenced to two life sentences in the USA. Soering's guilt could not be proven, and he revoked his confession, which he had only made to save Haysom from the death penalty.


Elizabeth Haysom had a pronounced sexual relationship with her mother, as revealed by cross-examination during the trial. Haysom was under a kind of psychotic delusion to kill her parents with "black magic" or "voodoo". She used Soering for her act. But he lied for her and took the deed upon himself, mistakenly thinking that as a diplomat's son he would enjoy immunity. Who committed the crime was never clarified, but the US judiciary had a scapegoat, in this case, Soering.




There was never any proof that Soering was involved in the crime; only unknown DNA traces were found at the scene. Söring has now been released on probation. Contrary to expectations, the German was not pardoned. Haysom kept silent all these years. The born Canadian will be deported to her home country from the USA in the next few weeks.




History of the Cube Houses

The idea of Piet Blom

[mc/red-mcvth /scdt]

The cube-shaped houses, also known as "treehouses", were designed by the Dutch architect Piet Blom - he developed cube-shaped structures for a test phase in Helmond from 1975 and years later for Rotterdam. The residential units were understood by the designer Piet Blom as a "forest".
In Blom's imagination, they were several building complexes that were assembled from hexagonal bodies to form a trunk and a treetop. The idea for this was born in 1972 as a precursor of self-sufficient architecture in urban planning functionality. In Rotterdam, the first projects were completed in 1984. Even today, you can visit this site and see one of these fantastic living bodies.


The best design proposals were built in 1973/74, after four houses were understood as "trees" and the residential units as "treetops", in a sensible division of the hexagonal design, consisting of three reinforced concrete steles assembled with block stones. In addition to external stairs leading to the entrance, there was a staircase inside the hexagonal structure from the ground floor, where one moved past the storeroom.

The lower end of the imaginary tree was used to house shops or restaurants. A school, business premises and promenades formed an urban ensemble.

The living space of the three-storey houses was about 140 square metres and was fed from a central supply of heat and water. Several of these cubes, chained together, looked like pyramids and offered a very individual style of living.


Cube house, mc, kasaan media, 2018 

Cube house, mc, kasaan media, 2018


 Cube house, mc, kasaan media, 2018  Cube house, mc, kasaan media, 2018  Cube house, mc, kasaan media, 2018   Cube house, mc, kasaan media, 2018   Cube house, mc, kasaan media, 2018  Cube house, mc, kasaan media, 2018  Cube house, mc, kasaan media, 2018


A journey to the culinary delights of Thailand

On the culinary path to Laos

It's the little friends that make a trip worthwhile. To discover what others never see. You can tell about these pleasures later at home. In Asia there are many places where you can discover things that are closed to the ordinary European. Here are the sensual delights of what is available as food in the countless small markets and mini-restaurants. Bold are the sauces and the soups, in hot yet sweet spices.



58584e5e ec56 4ba1 b810 affa45587384


Fish soup with herbs and pepperoni, sweet and sour, kasaan media, 2019




af83747f 13dd 441d b47f ccf01d1867dc


Octopus in spicy sauce with fresh herbs, kasaan media, 2019



68163330 e8bd 49b5 a89d 80e68e4a7b2e


Fried chicken in spicy breading, kasaan media, 2019


13f259d8 ef58 4476 b532 df9af820d377


Fried fish sweet-sour with different sauce (Attention: extremely hot!), kasaan media, 2019


46d34d97 3e8d 4a23 83c7 911e5f2e1769


 King prawns for 100 Bath, kasaan media, 2019


55d1bedb ce4d 43eb a75e 3d55b3d4b2f1


Stuffed dumplings, kasaan media, 2019


3d8b3122 cde0 4e43 8e6d 421be24047fe


Kebabs with meat and fish, kasaan media, 2019





Inside Amazon

The giant without taxes and brains


The 1990s, when it was convenient to propagate avarice, are over. During this time, however, the book mail-order company Amazon grew into an international corporation that invaded the existing structures, which had been functioning for years, like a grasshopper, or in other words, covered itself over like a shroud.

The former bookseller Jeff Bezos has become an international group whose expansion seems never-ending. In the meantime to the considerable disadvantage of the clientele.


Where are the antitrust authorities?


Which tax authority provides information about Amazon's business in Europe? (Tax models in Luxembourg ("Luxleaks")

What agreements did the EU or Jean-Claude Juncker conclude with Amazon before the Internet giant settled in the Grand Duchy?


Why is it that people in Luxembourg, without exception, are silent when it comes to Amazon?


Allegedly Amazon is making high losses but has tremendous growth rates in sales.

A marginal note here is that Amazon does not pay any or insufficient sales tax. According to a report by the Federal Ministry of Finance, which is headed by Federal Minister Scholz, hundreds of millions of euros are thus lost to the tax authorities every year.

Tax CDs are bought up for a lot of money. Nobody dares to go near Amazon.

Where is the EU, which should stand in front of the retailers in the single European market so as not to destroy more jobs?

Where does the globalization of a system, a structure, come to an end?

Amazon introduces insurance, Amazon fresh, even recently with sandwiches, and other industries that have nothing to do with the actual work of the company.


The first thing the Commission should ban would be the alleged informer "Alexa", handy and trained to store anything that the consumer might need to offer it for sale. Nobody needs Alexa! Alexa is an intruder, not a media centre or something the catalogue has to report about the diffuser device. What other functions does "Alexa" actually have? Where has someone dealt with Alexa who can provide information about all the functions of the domestic helper?


Who controls this?


It is astonishing what this new resident can do if you use him then: Pick out train tickets, Alexa creates shopping lists, Alexa oversees the household and security of the property while the residents probably pick up the next Amazon package. Soon, this will be done by robots that can fly or drive. Alexa also cares about the health of the owner. Amazon is presumably collecting data from people to

set up branches of business. You have to pay a lot for a superficially seen loudspeaker. Alexa talks and the data with the update of the program will surely be passed on.


So, who's in charge of security?


Today Amazon is a network of companies that the average consumer no longer understands. There are numerous tributaries of this network, which hide from the customer who is actually behind it. Amazon also appears under third-party brands.

Amazon has mercilessly ruined the book trade in the German-speaking world, which was perceived as competition. Sustainable. And still blames the victims of his system for the mass death of the bookstores.

It is a shame how the book market after the bankruptcy of knv finally fell into the hands of Amazon. Where do you think politics will intervene when the largest German book wholesaler goes bankrupt? Amazon has saved easy play and enough taxes everywhere to make the debris of knv their own.

For an appeal and an egg, to strengthen the publishing division so that no one can ever again compete with Amazon.

One wonders how it can be that this group does not pay taxes and then cleaning ladies, packing helpers and other servant spirits that Amazon can afford to have to fight for bare survival every month. The company is playing with its power in a big way, fending off the unions that have been protesting for years. Employees suffer under the rigid working conditions that the shipping giant is determined to enforce with extreme ambition. According to verdi, it sounds like this: "The sickness rate is on some days sometimes up to 20% and more. Muscle and Skeletal disorders and mental illness are predominant. .... Each of our work steps is monitored. Everyone should be above average if possible, but that is mathematically impossible!" People or their fates are not interested in the fact that the monopolist of the near future will squeeze every last Euro out of potential customers.

Writers, no matter who, are trapped by the Kindle system, here in the flat rate and online. Writers degenerate into writing machines that have nothing more to report except to deliver more titles that Amazon pays only moderately or almost nothing. The Group calculates the royalties nicely per page read.

Since the Internet giant does not feel itself to be linked to the book price-fixing, it sells the goods as best it can via its authorised dealers. Amazon has already infiltrated the system to such an extent that dubious dealers sell books from letterbox batteries to third countries for moon prices to harm the writers. Amazon links the sale to a credit card. Not because Amazon now wants to enter the banking business, but to spy on customer behaviour.

Not only  Amazon's Marketplace opens the door to criminals, but also to review blackmailers who demand money for a previously bad review. So that it can be deleted again. Even from pirate copiers, Amazon publishes reviews, unrestrainedly they are further presented. Whole sectors of the economy have shifted to the profitable review capitalization.

At Marketplace, other things are also sold, which are not supposed to be for sale, the refugee children outfits were the annoyance of carnival two years ago. It is only one of many examples.

The question is, who is going to stop the online giant?

One cannot or should not expect anything from politics.


What do whales have to do with the 'Ndrangheta?

Strong contrasts

Wonderful pictures, whose rarity is getting bigger.

Firstly, through the systematic pollution of the world's oceans from which the whales also suffer.

Plastic waste from all over the world collects through the currents of the seas in the Southern Ocean and the North Atlantic.

You wonder what they're thinking while dumping the plastic waste.

From the Mediterranean region one hears disturbing stories about dumped waste, which is said to be highly toxic, even radioactive. Off the shores of Libya, the human catastrophe is particularly exploited. Unfortunately, enough ships sink there.


Where do the barrels that are loaded onto ships in the south of Italy come from?


One does not want to believe at all that the barrels will then be sunk in the Mediterranean together with the ship.

It's true, though.

The "Metauros" action in Reggio Calabria in October 2017 saw the excavation of numerous members of the Mafia group "'Ndrangheta", who seem to be playing "sinking ships" in the countryside.

According to the federal government, the problem of illegal waste disposal by Mafia clans is well known. This is clear from a small question from the Greens to the Federal Government, or rather from the answer of the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

However: "The phenomenon of illegal waste disposal, committed by groups of Italian organized crime, is known to the federal government. No investigations have yet been conducted in Germany in this regard."

Why should it?

It's only the Mediterranean Sea that is being contaminated, from where the Mafia rubbish is pouring into the world's oceans.

Nobody seems to like the preservation of our ecosystems. There will be silence, as always, or as more and more often.

The Mafia enjoys a free ride anyway, everywhere and nowhere. If you read the sobering words from the printed matter of the German Bundestag, a reader can only get sick.

Numerous informants estimate that the number of ships sunk more than doubled. And it is not only in the Mediterranean that the Mafia is supposed to dump the rubbish for good money, but also in other places in the world.


By <a href="//commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=User:Wranzl&amp;action=edit&amp;redlink=1" class="new" title="User:Wranzl (page does not exist)">user:Wranzl</a> - <span class="int-own-work" lang="en">Own work</span>, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link


Where do these ships come from, are the tracks to Hamburg in Germany and Chittagong in Bangladesh correct?

How does the Eurogate Group fit into this game with all our health? What does this have to do with the operator of the port at Gioia Tauro MCT, which belongs to the Eurogate Group?

Who cares if the barges to be scrapped are not refloated for the Mafia?

The whale soon doesn't know where to dive. He is still hunted by the Norwegians and Japanese. Supposedly for scientific purposes. Nobody believes that any more.

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